AN - This entire story is a piece of unedited trash. I'm just writing this for fun. The characters are probs all a little bit OOC, but it won't be a clichè 'Demigods At High School' story. But anyway. Hope you enjoy. Also, I'm not the best at writing fluff and relationships, more humor, so the story will probably be more focused on humor stuff.

Annabeth POV

"What the Hades, Chiron?" Percy yelled as the toilets exploded.

Our beloved mentor had just dropped the bomb that we, the Seven + Calypso (AN: cause Caleo is my OTP), would be attending high school.

High School.

My experiences with school had not been the most enjoyable, to say the least. I had always been different from the other students and was bullied because of it. I knew some of the other demigods had had it worse. Percy had been expelled from every school he attended, except for Goode.

Yet here we were, being told that this year, we would all be going to Goode with Percy.

"Percy," Chiron chided. "Fix the plumbing."

With a groan, he waved his hand and the toilets stopped spraying water everywhere.

The rest of the demigods (and Calypso, I guess she's not really a demigod) looked disgruntled, but not totally dismissive of the idea.

"Where would we be staying?" asked Jason.

"The gods graciously rented you all an apartment a couple of blocks from the school. It contains everything you will need in your day-to-day lives, as well as school supplies."

"Well, okay, I guess," Jason said. "It sounds kinda fun. And we all could do with a bit o normal after the Giant War."

The rest of the demigods nodded, and I was becoming more inclined to the idea. I would be with my friends, at least.

Percy still looked irritated.

"Do we have to?" he whined. 'I barely had any friends at Goode, especially after Rachel left to go to Clarion. And a lot of people didn't like me."

"Come on, Seaweed Brain," I said. "You'll have us now."

He smiled. "Okay, I guess I'll try."

Chiron coughed loudly, making us glance up.

"Argus is waiting at the top of the hill. You don't need to bring anything, everything you will need is in your apartment."

"Well, we better get going," said Piper.

The rest of the seven, Calypso, and I left the Big House feeling a mixture of excitement, wonder, and nervousness at what this new opportunity could bring.

Will hopefully update soon. Next chapter they will check out their apartment, which WON'T be some huge mansion in the sky with like ten pools, because the gods aren't nice.

Okay well goodbye because Zeus is gonna smite me.

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