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Jason POV (RIP… He will live forever in our hearts… and in weird 'The 7 Are Immortal' Fanfictions)

Percy led us down the hall to where our lockers were located. Mine was two away from Piper's, and three away from Frank's. Hazel's and Annabeth's were next to each other, and Leo's, Percy's and Calypso's were further down the hall.

I dumped my stuff in my locker and walked over to the others, who were watching Percy and Leo fail to close their lockers. Just then, a screaming blur ran up to Percy and tackled him to the ground.

I immediately got into a fighting stance. Was it another monster? But I stopped, confused, as Percy got up off the ground and high-fived the blur, which turned out to be another guy.

"Oh, guys! This is Oscar. He was my only friend at this school, apart from Rachel." said Percy.


Percy looked sheepish. "I'll tell you later," he said.

"Oh ok. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE!" he said, pointing at us.

I was shook (lol). This kid looked kinda crazy. He had a look in his eyes that reminded me of Leo, or even worse, the Stoll brothers, that made you want to check your wallet.

"They're my friends from camp," answered Percy. "Annabeth (my girlfriend), Piper, Jason, Frank, Hazel, Leo and Calypso."

"Ok. Wassup?" he grinned.

Oscar had scruffy short hair that was either brown or blonde, I couldn't really tell, and brownish-green eyes. He was wearing a light blue t-shirt with 'YEET' emblazoned on the front, and jeans that looked like they'd just been through the trash incinerator.

"He also has ADHD, like all of us," grinned Percy.

Frank coughed. "Except me."

"And me," added Calypso.

"COOL!" yelled Oscar.

I smiled, but inside I was thinking rapidly. Could Oscar be a demigod? With his ADHD and similar facial shape to the Stolls, he could definitely be a child of Mercury. Maybe that's why Percy had befriended him. I looked over at Annabeth. She was laughing, but when I met her eyes I saw that she, too, was studying this kid.

She coughed. "Well, we better get to class."

As we walked down the hall, I pulled Percy to the back of the group.

"What is it, man?"

"Is Oscar a… one of us?" I asked pointedly.

He sighed. "I don't know, man. He could be, but I haven't encountered many monsters here at all, and none that talked of another demigod. He could just be a kid clone of Leo. That's partly why I agreed to this school thing. I thought maybe all eight of us could figure it out."

I nodded. "It's worth a try."

"What are you guys talking about?"

It was Oscar.

"We're here, you know," he said, staring up at me.

And with that, he walked into the Math Room.

The rest of the day was a blur.

Oscar and Leo really hit it off, as expected, even pulling a prank on a teacher together that involved glitter, Leo's mechanical skills, and Oscar screaming 'YEET!' and diving at the teacher's legs.

They both got detention.

The rest of the school didn't seem to recognise Percy back from when he'd attended Goode (apart from Oscar). I mean, he had changed a lot. But still, this random girl, who Percy told me was Yasmin, the school's resident Drew, came up to him and asked him on a DATE. Right in front of Annabeth.

Let's just say she won't be talking to Percy anytime soon.

When it was finally time to go home, Oscar walked with us a few blocks, saying his apartment was pretty close to ours.

I still didn't know what I thought of the kid. He was nice, sure, and reminded me of Leo, as well as Percy's satyr friend Grover. For the life of me, couldn't figure out if he was mortal, or a half-blood.

I was distracted from my thoughts as a hellhound jumped out from an alleyway and tackled Frank, who immediately turned into another hellhound and tackled it back.

Well, my plea had been answered. We would find out exactly what Oscar was.

Okay, I have to say something.

Please don't stop reading this story cause you don't like my OC.

I PROMISE he won't turn out to be some crazy 'blessed by all the gods' idiot OR another child of the big three (he might not even be a half-blood, jeez). I hate that kind of stuff. He also DEFINITELY won't be dating any of the demigods, I love my canon ships too much.

And I did say in the description it wouldn't be FOCUSED on popular kids trying to break up the demigods. It still will be mentioned, but won't be as big of an issue, as seriously, they've been through a lot together. It would take more than stupid sassy high school kids to break them up.

Hope you enjoyed. Will hopefully update soon.