Professor Dumbledore was having a hard time processing the fact that Harry had been chosen as the fourth champion in the Tri-Wizard Tournament. He was a little ashamed for actually thinking that the boy had actually had a hand in his selection. Harry was very humble and would never had done anything to garner attention like that and besides, there was no way he would have passed through that age line which he had constructed himself. No student would, only himself, the Ministry delegations and a handful of Professors could have hoodwinked the Goblet of fire. After pacing back and forth in his office he finally sat down and pressed his fingers against his temple.

"I don't know what to do fawkes." He spoke to his phoenix, "The Goblet of fire has a binding magical contract attached to it and if Harry won't compete he loses his magic."

The phoenix trilled a song on its perch making him drop his hands and look at it. "I also cannot interfere lest word reach out to Tom that my relationship to the boy is much more intimate as opposed to that which is expected of a headmaster to monitor his student from a great distance."

The lights in Dumbledore's office began to flicker and he felt a sudden rush of magic flooding inside the circular room. Standing up with speed not expected of a man his age he held his wand with a face that showed great alertness expecting an attack.

Was this some kind of attack from Tom? And if so, he was clearly more stupid than he had expected. Attacking him at his home were had greater advantage. Dumbledore held all the wards in the palm of his hands and not to mention the other castle's defence forces. If he was here to start up a fight with him he would lose miserably and he knew it.

Another flick made him narrow his eyes and he began to channel magic from the depth of his core and felt the Death Stick vibrate in his palm ready to strike at the intruder with its loud canon blast. Voldemort was going to be very sorry indeed if he showed up.

Another flash and Dumbledore felt the person ready to appear in his presence. His mind held a spell which was intending to use but when the person showed up he didn't cast it but instead held it temporarily.

"Hello Professor."

Dumbledore blinked at the person before him but still held his wand up in case it was an imposter. She was a girl with curly dirty blonde hair probably fourteen or fifteen years old considering her frame make-up. She was about 5'5'', had striking blue eyes an elven face and apparently dressed up in muggle regalia.

"You do know who I am right?" She questioned blinking as she stared at the wand pointed directly at her chest.

Dumbledore for the life of him didn't know who she was. He'd never met her before in his entire life. He tried legilimency to get a read on her but hit a stone wall of protection.

"Please do not do that." The female said lifting her face to glare at him.

For a teenager she had occlumency shields that rivalled his own. She had to be an imposter impersonating the girl.

"Who are you?"

She blinked again but in surprise this time at the line of questioning before her eyes widened in recognition. "I am not on poly-juice potion professor if that's what you are getting at." She said but Dumbledore didn't buy it one bit.

"If we are going to play this game then fine, my name is Madeline Mikaelson and I am in Slytherin house. Harry Potter and I had just apprehended Peter Pettigrew also known as worm-tail and brought him to your office in order to get Sirius freed. The Minister for Magic of course tried to deny the fact that Black was innocent and so Harry and I blackmailed him into giving him a trial or lose his job in a matter of days once we had gone public on his stance for imprisoning a man without due process with proof at hand of his innocence." She said.

Dumbledore's wand didn't falter for a second at the story he had heard. The girl claimed to be a Slytherin and Harry was one too. Either she was insane or from a different universe. Sirius's innocence and Pettigrew's capture on the other hand made him conclude that the latter thought was definitely more plausible than the former. But the question that now remained was how had she arrived in his office because he was still certain of the fact that no one was able to apparate in and out of Hogwarts. "What happened next."

"The Minister agreed to give Sirius a trial and I remembered buckbeak's plight. So I borrowed Hermione's time-turner to go back in time to try and rescue him whist you and Harry went to the Ministry. The object worked fine and I saved the hippogriff but before I could remove it from around my neck it began to spin out of control and re-appeared in your office."

Her tale made sense. Time was after all a very tricky thing to deal with as he had witnessed many times with the unspeakables in the time room at the Department of Mysteries.

"I believe you." He lowered his wand to his side. "But there seem to be a few key points with your story that coincide with what occurred here."

Madeline frowned and asked for him to elaborate.

"Please take a sit Miss Mikaeslson."

Once they had both sat down Dumbledore began his tale. "First of all you aren't in your universe but a different one were Madeline Mikaelson never existed. . ."

. . .

Shock was the prevalent expression stuck on the lovely girl's face after what the Headmaster had told her. It felt so surreal to be in a different universe. The Harry of this universe was way too different from the one back home.

"Perhaps I should have you sorted and send you to quarters after all it is late." Dumbledore clapped his hands as got up to fetch the sorting hat bringing her back to the present.

She accepted the old hat and placed it on her head.

Dumbledore observed silently and widened his eyes slightly in surprise when it started laughing raucously which had never happened before.

"You truly are enigma Miss Mikaelson." It said still chuckling. "GRYFFINDOR!"

"Well that's settled then." Dumbledore spoke jovially. Today had been a very trying day and he could now take small comfort in the fact that the girl could aid Harry in his dangerous endeavour whilst he tried to find a way to send her back to her universe. He was no fool as to no recognize how resourceful she was. She was powerful and from the little he told her of Harry's dealings with the irksome dark lord her impression of the boy made him wonder if the Slytherin Boy Who Lived was as powerful as her if not more.

A knock on the door interrupted him. "Come in."

A very furious looking Professor McGonagall strolled forward making him sigh. She was still probably angry at the fact that he had doubted his abilities in front of the delegation.

"Hello Professor McGonagall." Madeline greeted bringing the beginnings of her tirade to a halt.

The deputy headmistress stared at the girl looking quite stumped. She blinked a few times before speaking. "I've never seen you before in my life."

"Ah splendid, Minerva, meet Madeline Mikaelson our inter-dimensional traveller." Dumbledore introduced the girl enthusiastically as though he was broadcasting the weather. "She's been sorted into your house."

McGonagall stared at the man as though he had lost his marbles before speaking, "What do you mean by inter-dimensional traveller Albus?"

"Just that Professor." He said his eyes twinkling. "She had a mishap with a time turner in her dimension and ended up here so I decided to let her stay whilst I tried to find a solution to send her back."

Minerva really didn't know what to say to that. When dealing with Dumbledore sometimes it was just best to go with the flow as some of the muggleborns put it. She sighed deeply, "What year?"

Dumbledore beamed. "Forth Year will suffice I think."

Minerva blinked and narrowed her eyes. "She will need to write up her third year exams."

"I will Professor, just notify me where and when." Madeline said getting up to her feet.

"Very well. I suppose I should lead you to the Gryffindor common room then not that you need my assistance." Minerva said.

"On the contrary Professor I do need your assistance since I was in Slytherin house after all and so is Harry from my universe." The girl headed for the door not noticing the shock plastered on the woman's face.

. . .

The Gryffindor common room was still celebrating at having Harry being selected as their champion.


Fred and George had snuck off to the kitchens and returned back with fresh drinks. The quidditch team and most students participated in the toasts made to their champion.

Harry however sat on the chair which turned away from all of the excitement as he gazed into the flames emanating from the fire place. Someone had placed his name in the cup and he didn't know who. All the previous years his life had been threatened in some way by the DADA Professors but this year he didn't suspect that Moody was behind it. The guy was a renowned ex-auror who'd spent most of his entire life putting dark wizards behind bars. He went out of his way to get his job done and lost some of his limbs in the process. There literally was no way he was about to switch sides now which would be really stupid. So who then? He doubted any student will have the power to do it. Hoodwinking Dumbledore's age line was one thing but to fool The goblet which was centuries years old was ridiculous. It had to be an adult, someone who works at the Ministry. Someone with the knowledge of the cup. Someone like Barty Crouch. But it still seemed unlikely that he was behind it which brought him back to square one.

The common room door opened. "That will do!"

A Scottish accent made everyone silent. Harry stood up from his sit to see the headmistress staring at goblets of drinks in Fred and George's hands.

"Fifty points from Gryffindor." She said entering the room but everyone's eyes focused on the girl that followed behind her.

"I would like you all to welcome Madeline Mikaelson. She is a fourth year student and has been sorted into Gryffindor house. She was home schooled till now."

"Welcome." Fred said

"To Gryffindor house." George finished.

The Gryffindor's applauded whilst she nodded in thanks looking at everyone. Her gaze lingered momentarily at Harry before moving on to the next person.

"I will show you to your quarters." A female prefect said as she led the way.

. . .