The second part of the epilogue in Edward's POV. I'm so sad it's actually over. I wish I could write this Edward and Bella forever. They're so different than anything I've ever tried in the past, and honestly they were so easy. Like these two characters were made for each other. And they were, for sure. I hope you have as much fun with Edward's POV as I did, and if you haven't checked out my other story, In the Weeds, please feel free!

Thanks for all the love and support 3

I wish I had counted the hours, the minutes, I spent with Bella, but even knowing, the answer would never be enough.


That's what I need, and even that wouldn't be enough. I glide my finger down the soft curve of her arm, watching the way hair stands at attention for me. Bella, the most beautiful creature on this earth, snores softly by my side. Her arm moves and she pushes her bottom back into me, making a soft whimper. It's just after dawn, and Bella is, and never has been, a morning person.

I listen to her gentle sighs as my fingertips smooth their way down her side, into the dip of her very curvy waist, and over her rounded hips.

We're in our twenties now, and it's nearly nine months since Alice went from Alice Cullen to Alice Hale. The tiny lines around her eyes and the years of happiness etched gently into the curve of her smile are the only signs that time has moved on since she graduated high school.

Bella is still my fun-loving, soft-spoken, rambunctious, heart of fucking gold wife. The gold ring around my finger pulls a smile from my own lips and I think back to the day 6 months ago when she wore that elegant, satin, or whatever-the-fuck material she called it, gown that plunged down and hugged her beautiful figure. That day when I cried in front of every fucking one. That day, as I looked down the aisle, my beautiful bride next to her teary-eyed father. Our closest loved ones watch us with love and tears and devotion in their eyes. That day when Mr. and Mrs. Swan told me, "we love you". That day when Alice and Jasper hugged each other through all of their history. That day when Bella vowed to love me, cherish me, accept me as I am, forever and then some.

"For infinity," she whispered.

"For infinity," I whispered back.

Bella groans into the pillow when the alarm goes off. She throws the blanket off and kicks her legs out and over the side of the bed.

"Careful," I tell her.

She looks over her shoulder and rolls her eyes. Bella stands stiffly and turns to the side. Inside her belly grows our child. Half of each of us.

My swollen wife walks around the room, bending slowly to pick up the towel she tossed on the floor yesterday to use for today's shower. She shimmies out of her shorts and throws her top at me.

"What are you waiting for?" she asks irritably.

I try to hide the smirk but can't. She's abso-fucking-lutely insatiable while pregnant, and I love it.

In the shower, she presses herself against me. My fingers graze her puffy, hard nipples. They're rose brown and less pink but still incredible. No more nipple piercings, but that's okay. She moans and rests her head on my shoulder as my fingers coast over her belly and into her folds.

After years of being together, I still know how to make her come. I know what to say, how to pet her pussy, when to rub my dick on her ass cheeks to get her going. Sometimes I make her beg. Other times I give it to her willingly. Lately, she's earned it. I'd go down on her 24 hours a day if she wanted me to. I'd eat her pussy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if I could.

One hand rests protectively against her belly, and the other holds my wrist as she feels my fingers play her clit like an instrument.

I make her come slowly, powerfully, and then before she can ask, I tip her forward and give her my cock.

We both sigh as the tip brushes the bottom of her cervix.

"Fuck," I hiss. The pressure of pregnancy seems to have shortened the length of her… I don't know… pussy tunnel… and when I give it to her hard and fast, the way my girl likes, it hurts my dick. Bella fucking loves it though. She creams all over my cock when I stick it in and grind against her.

"Oh, shit," she hisses, pushing back against me. "Right there," she whines.

"Right here, Baby?" I ask

"Don't stop, Edward," she moans, reaching back to grip my forearm.

"Never," I promise.

I pull out and thrust deep and hard. I can feel the contractions start. Her pussy walls milk my cock and I'm not going to last much longer, so I pull one of her favorite moves.

I reach around and grab the front of her biceps, lifting her up before placing my grip with the gentlest pressure against her neck.

"Come, Isabella," I tell her sternly as I angle back and fuck her.

I feel her swallow against my palm and her walls spasm, gripping my cock as she explodes around me.

"Fuck, yes!" she screams.

My girl loves to lose control, and I eat it up willingly.

I finish quickly behind her and kneel to help her clean up.

"I love you," I whisper, kissing her knees, the two freckles on her right thigh, and the white scar on her left. "And I love you," I tell her belly, kissing her cute belly button and every stretch mark she's earned during this pregnancy.


"Mr. Cullen?" my paralegal calls.

"Hm?" I respond, finishing an email to a client.

"It's your sister."

I roll my eyes. She knows not to call me at work.

"Send her through. I'll grab it in a minute."

I take my time reviewing the case, finishing the email, looking over four weeks-worth of loss of wages for this client before answering her call.

"Edward, it could've been an emergency!" Alice hisses into the phone.

"Is it?"

"Well, no, but—"

"What do you want, Alice?"

Al and Jas recently moved from Los Angeles to Seattle after she was offered a job at the hospital up here. She's finishing her OB/GYN residency, and don't even get me started on the fact that she regularly looks at my wife's pussy.

"Wow, you either do some serious kegels or Edward's dick is tiny," she said at their first appointment.

"Oh, jesus," I groan.

"Well, you know it's not the latter," Bella quips back. Atta girl I think, throwing her a wink.

Alice laughs. "I know, just kidding. All this shit is genetic. That means your mom's—"

"Okay, that's enough," Bella says, clamping her legs shut.

Luckily we had Alice though. She saw some issues with Bella's uterus being too high, or too low, or too something. Not typical is all that I heard. We had to take precautions, and she was on bed rest starting at 7 weeks when she randomly began bleeding. I thought we lost it.


Whatever it is.

Mine. My baby.


I thought we lost our baby.

Bella cried into my shoulder and while I tried to be strong for her, she lifted her head and rubbed my cheek.

"It's okay to be sad," she tells me tearfully.

I haven't cried that hard since Jasper overdosed when we were teens. I grip Bella so fucking hard I think I bruise her. But she lets me. Because we absorb each other's pain.

But we didn't lose it.

It's still safe inside my wife's belly. By 16 weeks, Alice asks if we want to know that sex.

"Because I do," Alice says.

"No," Bella shakes her head.

"I mean, I know what it is," Alice bounces and smiles and squeals so loud I think my ears are bleeding.

We told her no, we want it to be a surprise, and Alice begrudgingly let it go.

"How's our Bella?" my sister asks, pulling me out of my thoughts.

"Tired, pregnant, swollen," I answer, loosening the tie around my neck.

"Well, she is due any day now. Did you do what I said?"

"Yes, Alice."

"She ate the pineapple?"


"The buffalo wings?"


"And you gave her an orgasm—"

"Jesus, Alice. I did everything. The baby will come when it comes."


"I can't believe you guys could last nine whole months and not find out the sex."

I smile and nod because I get it. I'm dying to know, too. "We'll find out soon enough," I tell my sister. "How's Jas?"

"Busy. Hangin' in there. He hates the city."

Jasper has done incredibly well. No relapses since he left us in Forks. He almost relapsed once though, when he was living on the ranch and Alice was in school. It destroyed everyone. He only thought about it, and then he got help. Well, my sister forced him to. She threatened to end everything if he didn't grow up, get a sponsor, and move in with her. He shaped up real quick.

All Jasper needed was for Alice to grow up and realize his happiness isn't dependent on her happiness.

"You know, I read this one sex position can trigger contractions. It's where you put her legs behind—" Alice starts but I cut her off.

"I'm getting another call, Al, talk to you later," I laugh as I hang up.

Back at home, Bella lounges on the couch. She works from home as a therapist, and she's only part time before she goes on maternity leave.

"Hi, Pretty," I say, greeting the most beautiful person I've ever seen.

Her hair is thrown up in a messy bun, wayward strands hang around her face, and she's wearing my stained gray tee and a pair of black leggings.

The second she looks at me, the waterworks start.

I walk over to her and pull her to me. "What's wrong, Bella?"

"I'm fat, and ugly, and so uncomfortable, Edward," she cries.

I let her cry against me, rocking her gently until she stops. "You're beautiful—"

"My whole body is covered in stretch marks. My boobs are ginormous. My ass is—"

But Bella stops mid-sentence with a gasp. She reaches down to grip her belly. I feel too.

"It's hard as a rock," she notes.

"Our son or daughter doesn't like hearing you talk badly about yourself. Are they kicking?" I ask, reaching over to feel. It's the weirdest thing to feel a human inside another human.

"No, in fact, I haven't felt it move all day. Do you think something's wrong?"

I shake my head. I'm sure it's normal, right? I call Alice just in case.

"See how I pick up on the first couple of rings? You should try it," she says snarkily.

"Bella's belly is really hard."

"Any contractions?"

"No," Bella answers. "But I haven't felt the baby all day."

Alice says it could be the start of labor and wants her to come in to be checked tomorrow.

So that's what we do.

With God knows how many fingers inside my wife, Alice announces Bella's two centimeters dilated, fully effaced, some other bullshit that I have no idea what it means.

"But she's only 38 weeks, right?" I ask in panic. I thought women go to like 40, 41 weeks. I should have read the fucking books Bella gave me.

"Maybe we got the date of conception wrong. I mean, you guys have sex like everyday… that would be an easy mistake," Alice teases. Neither of us laugh. "Your water hasn't broken. You're not having contractions. You're not in active labor, guys. Go home, chill out. Your little prince or princess will be here soon, but not tonight. Okay?"

Over the next few days, Bella starts to have contractions very inconsistently. And then one day, when she stands up from the bed to go pee, it happens.

We call Alice who meets us at the hospital.

Twelve hours later, Elizabeth Mae Cullen enters our world, and I'll never be the same.

The first year, we didn't sleep a wink, and not because we didn't want to. Trust me, we wanted to… But Elizabeth didn't. Up all night, up all day. This girl never slept, but she was so happy. Her smile, and that full head of dark hair like her mom.

I've never been more in love with my wife than I am as I watch her sleeping peacefully with our daughter against her chest. My heart is so full in these moments I think it might burst.

Sometimes I watch Bella play with, hold, or sing to our daughter, and I'm crying like a fucking baby. Fatherhood has really softened me in the best way possible.

Elizabeth's eyes turn a raging blue, and I know she got them from me, but everything else is all her mom. The attitude, the compassion, the kindness. But mostly the attitude.

On her first birthday, Elizabeth walks around with the help of her mom, squealing and laughing, jumping and babbling.

"Best feeling in the world, isn't it?" Charlie says next to me.

I nod softly. "Sometimes I can't even believe they're mine," I admit, watching Bella hold our little girl while my mom plays peek-a-boo with her.

"Let me tell you, kid… time flies. One minute they're sweet as pie on their first birthday, the next minute they're sixteen and in love with the neighbor kid."

I glance over with a smirk. "I'll break his fucking legs."

Charlie grins and we clink the necks of our beer bottles together. He slaps me on the back and runs over to his granddaughter.

A picture perfect moment.


Seven years, three kids, and two dogs later, I pour Bella and myself a glass of wine and settle in to ring in the new year. Alice, Jas, and their sons are here. Oliver sits beside me with one of my law books. He's got Jasper's hair and his mom's eyes.

"Happy New Year, Ollie," I tell him.

"Happy New Year, Uncle Edward," he mumbles back.

"Happy New Year, daddy," Bella says for our six week old daughter as she sits beside us.

"Happy New Year," I tell my family, kissing Elizabeth, our oldest, Finley, our son, and Claire, our newest. I save my wife for last. Her hair is cut to below her shoulders, curled softly, and her eyes are so bright in love that it makes my heart surge.

I offer Jas a beer which he declines. "I'm driving," he answers.

Alice takes me up on my offer and downs half in her first sip. The last seven years haven't always treated Alice kindly.

Jasper has a possible relapse just before Oliver is born. It was a really rough time for everyone, especially my pregnant sister. She went from heartbroken to calling me about filing divorce papers in the span of an hour.

"Woah, slow down, Al. What's going on?" I ask, looking at the clock. It's a quarter after two in the morning.

"Call dad," she cries before hanging up, so I do.

"What's wrong?" I ask him groggily.

"Jasper needs help," my dad says. Turns out, he went to a dealer's house and bought pills.

When I call Jas, he's hysterical.

"I don't want to," he says. "I don't know why I did it."

"Did you take them?"

"No, but they're in my pocket. They're burning my fucking leg. I can feel them, Edward."

He's crying into the phone. I text his sponsor fourteen fucking times before he responds.

Bella pulls the phone the from me and locks herself in the bathroom.

I text his sponsor 911 to let him know it's not a fucking drill.

Twenty minutes later, Bella comes out of the bathroom and hands me the phone. Her cheeks are tear streaked sad and swollen.

My heart sinks. "Did he?"

She shakes her head. "No. He wants to talk to you."

I put the phone back to my ear and Jasper's sniffles make my heart leak into my stomach. It's a battery acid, emotion filled night that I never want to live again.

"Why the fuck am I like this, man?" he asks, defeated.

"We all have our addictions," I explain simply. "Dad's a workaholic. I'm a sexaholic. You're a recovering drug abuser. That's all, dude. You have to work on knowing your triggers and getting to your sponsor before the addiction gets to you."

"Who's your sponsor?" Jasper jokes.


"She's also your addiction."

I watch my wife move around the room, shutting off the light, and climbing back into bed.

"Funny how life works out like that, isn't it?"

Two short months later, their son Oliver is born. Happy, healthy, and bald as his belly. Bright eyes and a cry that makes my balls shrivel up and die.

"I need another drink," Alice giggles, clinking her glass with mine.

After a while, Oliver and Hunter move into my office, setting up the Legos we got them for Christmas. Bella puts the girls to bed as I tuck in Finn.

"I love you, daddy," Finn says softly as he curls up into his dinosaur blanket. He brushes rusty-copper hair away from his forehead and I smirk. He hates it now, but he'll love what it does to the girls later. Or boys. Whatever makes him happy. His eyes are green orbs of love as he smiles up at me. He has Bella's soft freckles decorating his body.

"I love you, Finny," I whisper, kissing his cheek and tucking him in tightly.

He's asleep before I even leave the room.

Back downstairs, Jas and Bella talk about Rose and Em's separation. It pains me to listen, to know my friend is going through something so tough. I called him earlier in the week to invite him over, but he's working through the holiday.

Rose and Em have been on and off since we were teenagers, but something is different this time. There's finality behind his words. It saddens me to hear our friends are going through something I would never recover from.

In the kitchen, Alice washes wine glasses and sets them aside to dry.

"Remember when we were young and you used to fuck my best friend in the room next to mine?" Alice jokes. She's always so crass, but that's my sister.

I chuckle. "Not always. Sometimes it was in the basement, at the beach, in the woods. We got pretty creative," I joke, bumping my shoulder against hers.

"Sicko," she jokes back.

Bella and Jasper join us in the kitchen. I feel warm hands wrap around my torso and softness hug me from behind. I pull her around and tuck her into my side, kissing the top of her head.

"Remember when we used to sneak outside and smoke pot by woods?" Alice asks no one in general.

"We really thought we were something, huh?" Bella laughs.

"We were," I tell her, squeezing her closer. "We are."

"What're we going to do when our kids are teens and start doing that shit?" Al asks seriously. "Am I just supposed to let them?"

"Fuck no," I tell her quickly. "Mom and dad are great parents, but they never set any rules. They let us all sleep in the basement together. Did they really not think I wasn't going to try and get into the girl-next-door's little red panties?"

Bella rolls her eyes and pushes me away.

"I'm glad, after twenty five years and a couple of kids, Edward still wants you more than the day before," Jas says genuinely, pulling Alice into his side, under his arm, and hugging her.

We watch the ball drop and Bella kisses me at midnight, a promise that the new year will bring us more love and hope and joy than the one before.

Later, after my sister, Jas, and the boys leave, I make love to my wife in our bed. Her body is softer now, her breasts lower, less full, but lovely all the same. I go down, wrap her legs around my head, and eat her smooth pussy until she comes hard against my tongue. I smile down at her as I prepare to enter her, but she takes matters into her own hands, literally. Bella jerks me off and pushes me back. She's got the look in her eye that tells me she's ready to be naughty. I smirk back at her as she takes me into her mouth. Bella grips my balls and takes me all the way to the back of her throat before pulling off and wrapping her tongue around my head.

"Fuuuuck," I drawl out. "If you want me to fuck you, then you better be careful, Bella."

"Mmmm," she moans with my cock in her mouth. "Can't handle it, old man?" she asks, deep throating me again.

I let her, and then flex hard in her mouth making her gag. "I'll show you old, baby."

I pull her off my shaft and lay her flat. She giggles in my ear and then it turns to a gasp as I fill her to the brim. Whoever said women who have had babies are lose have clearly never been with a woman who has had a baby. Bella is just as tight as she was as a teenager. Her pussy accepts me and grips me and milks my fucking dick like a professional. I press my palm to her mouth to urge her to be quiet, but she moans as I pull out and fuck her hard. I ride my wife fast and enjoy the clenching of her walls as she comes twice before I flip her onto her belly.

The six week wait after child birth is fucking hard, but we've been insatiable since Alice gave us the okay earlier this week.

"Quiet," I tell her into her ear, moving her hair to the side and biting her shoulder.

I place my knees on the outside of her legs and guide my dick to her entrance. The head is barely in and she's already lifting her hips to press against me. Her ass jiggles as I smack it.

"You want my dick, Bella?" I whisper. "Beg for it."

"Yes," she moans, shifting her hips. I grip them and keep them still. "Please, Edward. Please fuck me."

I smirk, enjoying my beautiful wife, and this beautiful view, and her pleas. I can smell her arousal and it only hardens my dick more. I slide in slowly and grind against her center, up and down, side to side. When I angle my hips just so, I usually hit—

"There!" she moans. "Right there, Edward. Don't stop."

I don't. I won't. Never.

I make her come twice more before I roll us over and let her finish me off.

Her breasts bounce and I love watching her bare pussy lips wrap around my thick cock. She arches back, grabs my thighs, and grinds back and forth.

"Shit," I moan. My toes curl and my balls tighten. "You're gonna make me come, baby."

She looks down with hooded lids and starts to ride me harder, faster.

"Where?" I ask. After Elizabeth, Bella's fertility increased ten fold. We even had to resort to using condoms on her fertile days. In this moment, I can't remember when her last period was, and I have no fucking idea when or if she's ovulating. I know she said she's done with kids, but the idea of not knowing, of coming inside her right now has my balls so tight it hurts. "Bella, can I come in you?" I nearly beg.

She never answers. She rides me harder. Her breasts bounce and her mewls turn into moans and she's on the fucking precipice of another orgasm. I reach down and rub my thumb against her clit. My legs are tight, my toes curl so hard it makes me arches burn, and just as I feel the flutter of the beginning of her orgasm, I hold her hips and fuck her on my dick, up and down, harder than before. My grip will leave bruises, but I know she likes that. I come with her so hard my ears ring.

I sigh in content, my cock softening slowly as Bella rolls her hips.

"I could go for hours," she whispers, leaning down, kissing my lips slowly.

"Give me a few," I joke. "I am pushing forty."

She wraps her arms around my neck and stretches out her legs. I'm still nestled between her folds and we fall into a blissful sleep.


That summer, I surprise Bella with a trip to the beach, just the two of us, or so she thinks.

We drive from Seattle to Forks to drop the kids off with our parents who have become the best of friends in our absence. They both still live next door, they both still grill out and have block parties every fourth of July. The only difference is that Charlie and my dad are retired, and more bored than ever.

We sleep in Bella's old room wile Elizabeth, Finn, and Claire sleep at my parent's house. We're on a full size bed, snuggled in when it's 80 degrees, but I don't care. Bella's sweat sits on mine, and I hold her against me anyways.

"How did I ever live in a house without central AC?" she asks softly.

"Because it's only hot like ten days out of the year," I joke.

"Do you still love me?" she asks quietly.

"More and more with each passing day."

"Even though my boobs are saggy?"

"They're perfect," I tell her, gripping one.

"Even though my stomach is flabby?"

My free hand goes to her lose-from-three-kids stomach. "I love your belly."

"Thank you," she whispers after a moment.

"For what, Pretty?"

"For loving me always, unconditionally, no matter what."

"I've only ever seen the most beautiful girl in the world, baby."

I hold her tightly against my chest, crushing her insecurities. Sometimes Bella needs this. Her reassurance might irritate someone else, but if she needs to hear she's beautiful everyday for the rest of her life, I'll fucking do it.


The next morning, Renee makes us breakfast and we eat on the patio out back. I remember fingering Bella right where she sits now. Her dad wasn't home but her mom was.

Fuck, we were so bad back then.

"More bacon, Edward?" Renee asks and I shake my head.

"Can I have it, Grammy?" Finn asks and Renee eagerly pushes it onto his plate.

"We're going to go to the zoo, and swimming at the beach, and set off fireworks!" My mom says, holding little Claire's hand who swoons up at her.

Our parents are still the same, but gray hair grows form their heads, and wrinkles etch across their skin, and they're not so quick getting out of their chairs anymore.

My dad, Charlie's doctor, told him he needs to cut red meat from his diet, and I thought Charlie was going to die.

He sits across from us eating plain oatmeal and drinking sugar free apple juice.

Bella cries when we have to say goodbye to the kids, but I cant wait to get the fuck away.

Don't get me wrong, I love my kids more than my own life, I would do everything for them, but I need time with my wife where there aren't shitty diapers, or puke, or kids crying over a dead tablet battery.

Bella holds my hand and my heart as we drive to the same beach we went to with my parents. She doesn't know I rented the same house. And she also doesn't know about the surprise visitors.

When we arrive, she pulls her sunglasses off and walks barefoot through the sand up the front of the house.

Ocean waves crash against the shore.

"Edward, is this—" Bella stops herself, looking around. "This is the same beach house?"

My smile gives it away and I nod. "Yeah," I tell her.

"Oh my god!" she cries, running up the steps and into the house.

So much has changed. They've renovated the kitchen, got a new landscaping design with two hot tubs, and another entrance to the beach off the room Bella and I shared when we were teenagers.

We take the night and eat out, drink wine, and walk drunkenly down the boardwalk. We stop and dance with other couples around the street musicians. I grip her palm in mine and slow dance while others dance to a faster beat.

"You are my entire world, Bella."

"You're making me blush," she says with a smile.

"Where?" I tease which deepens the fruity pink of the skin on her neck and up her face. "I love you, Pretty."


The next day, with Bella in the sexiest two piece I've ever seen, floating peacefully on a raft in the pool, my sister stomps her way in before diving onto Bella.

Screams and hollers of surprise both from the sudden drowning and seeing Alice here fill my ears.

"What are you doing here?" Bella asks, hugging my sister in the pool.

"Your husband invited us! It's like when we were teenagers but now we're adults and it's so much cooler."

Bella giggles and dunks Alice in excitement. When Bella looks to me, I wink before hugging Jas.

We change into swim trunks and dive into the pool, laying out all day, and enjoying the summer sun on our skin and the silence of a child free vacation.


Bella calls them every night and every morning and they couldn't care less honestly. Our parents hop them up on so much fucking sugar and activity that they're barely alive to say goodnight.

On the fourth, we watch fireworks from the beach, Bella between my legs, curled into me. My fingers trail down the sun dress she's wearing. Light blue, short, frilly. Some things really do never change.

My fingers find her lacey panties and pull them to the side.

"Edward," she says but never stops me.

Jasper and Alice decided to stay back on the patio, which is fine with me, because they don't need to see this anyways.

I have two fingers deep into Bella's pussy, my thumb against her clit, and her hips buck into my hand.

My free arm wraps around her shoulders, holding her still so I can speak into her ear as the loud pops and whistles surround us from the explosions in the sky.

I tell her she's beautiful, and perfect, and her wet little pussy still feels the same as it did when she was seventeen.

"Who do you belong to?" I whisper, feeling her walls flutter against my fingers.

She gasps and gyrates but doesn't answer.

I slow my movements.

"Who do you belong to, Isabella?"

"You," she gasps. "I'm yours, Edward."

I give her my fingers harder, faster, lucky that this side of the beach is completely empty. She comes hard and loud with the next explosion in the sky.


On the second to last day of the trip, the girls cook us dinner. Jasper and I share a beer out back, talking stocks and old man shit that I never thought would interest me.

Fuck, I really am getting old.

"I have a surprise for Bella, wanna come with?" I ask, but he has no idea.

He shrugs and nods.

"We'll be back," I call into the house as the girls cut up meat and veggies to grill.

Jas and I walk down the boardwalk. We don't frequently get the chance to be alone, just the two of us, and it feels good.

We eat lunch and reminisce about the time Bella and Alice got in a fight a few years over something so dumb I can't even remember it. They didn't talk for like six days.

"Girls are crazy," he says, shaking his head and taking a big bite of his sandwich.

"Our girls are crazy," I correct.

We finish lunch and I pay. Alice and Jasper have money, but it's a treat we trade off on. Jasper tells me Oliver placed into gifted for math and English in school.

"Must be the Cullen's genes because the Hale's failed everything," he jokes. We were blessed with intelligence, that's for sure.

"Maybe it's his parents combined," I tell him, slapping him on the back.

He can't take a compliment, so he changes the subject. "So, what's this surprise?" Jasper asks as we walk down the board walk further and further from the house.

I stop in front of a tattoo shop and head in. Jasper's eyes are the size of saucers.


On our last night here, we sit around a very crowded table with steak fat, butter from veggies, and empty ears of corn on the cob on our plates.

"Fuck that was good," I say, unbuttoning my pants and letting my stomach breathe.

"It's not fair," Bella says, sitting back.

"I eat so little and look like this," she gestures to her beautiful body. "And you eat everything and still somehow have abs? Like, what?"

"First of all, you're perfect. Second of all, I work out four times a week."

She hates hearing that.

"Whatever. I guess I should be glad I'm married to someone as fucking hot as you," she jokes.

My girl is tuned. She's on her third glass of wine and tosses the rest back.

"Same with you, Jasper. Are you working out four times a week?"

"Five," Alice says with a roll of her eyes.

Alice has always been thin, and still is, but she carries more weight in her midsection from her pregnancies.

"You don't need to work out," Jasper tells Alice. "You already look like that."

Alice smiles. Her confidence has never really waivered like my wife's.

Maybe I need to do more to actually show her she's beautiful.

Jasper and I clean up dinner while the girls walk, pinkies locked, down the beach. We're sitting on the porch, discussing the Mariner's season when the girls get back, soaked, and giggling.

"Did you fall in?" Jasper asks.

"A huge wave almost swallowed us whole," Bella giggles. She reaches down and kisses my lips quickly, but I never want to let her go. "I'm going to shower."

Alice and I drink a beer and watch the sun, high in the sky, begin to set slowly before Bella texts me.

Come here

Thinking something's wrong, I rush hurriedly up the steps and into the bedroom.


She's not in the room, nor in the bathroom, and when I check the balcony, Bella's in the sexiest fucking outfit I've ever seen.

Black thigh highs, a garter belt, silky panties, and this bra that pushes her tits way up.

"God damn, Bella," I tell her, drinking in the sight.

She blushes deep enough for me to see and looks down.

Don't do it baby. Have confidence.

"You look sexy as fuck."

Her head snaps up and she smirks. Bella backs me up and my knees hit the bed. She's still a little drunk, but her eyes are all her and she's smiling down as I fall flat. Her hands find my hard cock and pet the erection straining my pants.

"You are the hottest guy I've ever seen, Edward," she tells me gently, lowering my pants after she unzips so that my cock bounces out. "I can't believe I get to sit on this dick anytime I want."

"Anytime," I remind her quietly as she trails her fingers up and down my length.

"Whose is it, Edward?" she asks, looking up.

I'm quiet, taken aback at her control.

"Who do you belong to?" she asks firmly.

"You," I whisper, releasing control.

Her smirk makes my cock jump and fuck when she swipes the head with her tongue, it's nearly over.

Bella's only taken control a handful of times in all of our years, which is perfectly fine, but this shit is hot as fuck right now. Bella stands and turns, bending over, showing me her perfect ass. She lowers and grinds and rubs her ass on my dick.

I'm up on my elbows watching my wife dance for me. Where in the fuck did she learn this?

She circles her hips and grinds back and forth, and it reminds me when we used to get off on dry humping a million years ago. My cock swells and leaks and begs for any attention it can get.

"Mmmm fuck baby," I grunt, thrusting my hips gently.

"I've been taking some classes," she says, turning and climbing up my body.

"Yeah? Keep going to them," I tell her breathily as she grinds, using her core muscles to move her body around my cock.

Bella giggles and goes to lift my shirt, but I sort of stop her. Is this is it? Is this when I show her?

Bella goes to nudge my shirt up again and I let her lift it all the way off.

She hasn't noticed yet, but she will.

Bella glides her hand up and down my chest, down to my hard on, and back up. She peels her panties off and climbs up my body, over my tattoo, and kneels above me.

"Show me how much you love me," she whispers before sitting on my mouth.

I do.

I show much Bella exactly how much I love her. My arms wrap around her and hold her onto my face. I'm encased in Bella, tasting her juices as her arousal overflows onto my lips and chin. I can't clean her up quick enough between orgasms.

When she's spent, Bella backs up quickly and slams down on my cock.

"Fuck," we both grunt at the same time.

No matter how many times I'm inside her, it always feels like the first.

"Talk to me," she pants, settling down and moving her hips back and forth.

"You've never looked so fucking beautiful," I tell her, holding her hips still so I can look into her. "You've never looked more radiant, perfect, absolutely stunning in your whole life. You are mine, you are my wife, you are my fucking life, Bella. I love you so fucking much, Pretty," I grunt, taking one hand and forcing her down, splaying her fingers against the black ink on my right pec.

Her gasp signals that she sees it.

"Edward," she whispers, grazing her fingers across my chest, tracing each letter, etched into my skin forever.







"When?" she asks, but emotion takes over and tears fall down her face.

"Yesterday when you were cooking dinner with Alice."

Bella's face, full of surprise, doesn't know what to do.

"I love you, Bella," I tell her softly. "I love every inch of your beautiful body, every flaw you see is the reason I love you. You are my entire life. You are Pretty forever. Please believe me," I tell her, gripping the side of her neck so she'll look at me.

Bella bends down and I kiss her tears away. Her lips on mine scorch hot and sultry as she begins to ride. My hands grip her hips, and she steadies herself on my chest, grunting and mewling and so close I can feel her.

I push her back, hand on her neck, gripping gently, and my thumb finds it's way between her lips, pressing on her bottom teeth, and opening her mouth wide.

Bella explodes on me. The pressure of fingers against her pulse and depth of my cock in her pussy milk her orgasm long and hard.

I flip her over, place her legs on my shoulders, and drive into her.

I show Bella that neither of us own the other, but that we are the perfect halves of a whole that always adds up to the sweetest love story that ever existed.