The World Championships

Chapter 1 The New Start

Tokyo, Japan

A year had passed since the BEGA fiasco and the BBA was back in operation, when Mr. Dickenson, the BBA's president was announcing that there would be some big changes to the World Championships. The G-Revolutions however, had just said goodbye to their friend and manager Hilary Tachibana who was going to study for her A-Level exams.

"What kind of changes are being made to the World Championships, Mr. Dickenson" asked Tyson Granger.

"Well, Tyson, beyblading has become popular in Ireland, Romania, Vietnam, Canada, Australia and Georgia, hence they have all assembled representatives for their countries, but the Australian team is not yet assembled" Mr Dickenson answered.

"So that means..." said Tyson, trailing off.

"There will be a tournament to determine the Australian team" Mr Dickenson replied.

"Wow, where is it?" queried Tyson.

"Docklands Stadium" Mr Dickenson stated.

"Hold on, Tyson, we need to register for the World Championships first" said a familiar boy with two tone blue hair and amethyst eyes, this was Kai Hiwatari, the leader of the G-Revolutions.

"Sure, Kai" Tyson said.

Kai then stepped up and asked Mr. Dickenson to register the G-Revolutions, as Japan's representatives because they had completed and won their preliminary rounds.

"Of course, Kai but who is team captain" Mr. Dickenson responded.

"I am" Kai said firmly, his beautiful purple eyes were shining with dignified importance.

"Very good, Kai, I'll just get that sorted" Mr. Dickenson stated.

"Thank you, sir" Kai stated.

Mr. Dickenson made a note that the G-Revolutions would be representing Japan, for the World Championships. After this he re-emerged, smiling.

"All sorted, boys" Mr. Dickenson said happily.

"Great" said Ray, his golden eyes were gleaming with delight.

"I'm totally looking forward to it" added Max.

"Same here, I'm too psyched to sleep" Daichi chirped.

"Well, another championship means a new adventure," said Kenny.

"It's going to be exciting" Tyson added.

"Just as long as there's no foolishness and we win, but I'm totally psyched as well" Kai stated, a smile spreading across his face.

The G-Revolutions then walked back to the dojo, their intentions to see the Australian qualifying tournament was burning fiercely. However, they had to book a flight to Victoria, Australia and then go to the Docklands Stadium. When they got back to the Dojo, Kai fired up his Lenovo laptop and went onto skyscanner to sort out flights from Tokyo to Melbourne, along with a car to Victoria's Docklands Stadium.

"Perfect" Kai smiled.

"What's up, Kai" Ray asked.

"I've found a flight for us" Kai answered.

"Really, how long is it and what airline are we taking" Max asked.

"It's ten hours and forty minutes, direct and we'll be going with Qantas" Kai replied.

"Hold on, don't book just yet, Kai" Kenny chipped in.

"Why, what's up, chief?" Kai asked.

"Let me check the flight, and we don't have a hotel to stay in yet" Kenny added.

Kenny then got down and looked at the flight price, he then paused and went onto the hotel tab. He then checked the available hotels and their costs, before finally settling on the Harbourview Apartment Hotel. He quickly booked it, for the six of them to have their own rooms but he still had two more things left to book, one was the flight and the other was the car to take them to the airport and then to the hotel afterwards.

It didn't take long to book them, although Kai booked the flight, purely because he was team leader and he wanted to go with Qantas.

"All sorted" Kenny said brightly.

"When's the flight?" asked Daichi.

"It's on Wednesday and we're in Australia from Thursday to the following Saturday" Kenny replied.

"I'm looking forward to seeing the preliminaries, it'll be interesting to see who makes the team" Tyson added.

"Of course, it'll be fun to compete against a new team" Ray stated.

"I'm totally excited to watch" Daichi added.

"It'll be completely insane, seeing how they do it" Max chipped in.

"For me, I'm looking forward to travelling with Qantas but also to see the Australian team come to be" Kai smiled.

The next day, the G-Revolutions took to sorting out their suitcases and hand luggage, before going out to buy anything extra they needed. They soon returned with their extra items and began to determine what they would take. After this, Kenny thought it ideal for some practice.

"Tyson, Kai, it's time you had a practice battle" Kenny stated.

"I'm up for that" Tyson stated.

"Same here" Kai added.

The Dragoon and Dranzer wielders took up their launchers and beyblades, before walking out to the stadium. Both took opposite sides of the dish, their launchers in hand. Kenny then stood just next to the stadium; his hand raised.

"Three, two, one, let it rip" He said

Tyson shot Dragoon into the stadium and Kai was prompt to fire Dranzer as well.

"Go, Dragoon, attack" Tyson instructed.

"Dranzer, evade" Kai snapped.

Dranzer quickly dodged Dragoon's attack.

"Rats" growled Tyson.

"Go for it, Dranzer" Kai commanded.

Dranzer slammed Dragoon from the side, striking hard.

"Dragoon, counter attack" Tyson yelled.

Dragoon pushed Dranzer back forcefully, before slamming it hard multiple times.

"Dragoon!" yelled Tyson.

Suddenly, a sharp flash came from Tyson's beyblade and Dragoon emerged from the bit chip, roaring loudly.

"Really, Tyson, two can play at that game" Kai responded, smiling.

"How so," said Tyson.

"Go, Dranzer, attack!" Kai shouted.

Kai's blade exhumed energy and Dranzer arose from it.

"Evolution Storm" Tyson yelled.

"Oh yeah, Spiral Fireball" Kai snapped.

The two special attacks collided and then a massive cloud of smoke erupted, blinding everyone. When it cleared, both blades were still spinning and they returned to their respective owners' hands.

"That was fun" Tyson smiled.

"Too right and good practice as well" Kai stated.

The two beybladers moved away from the stadium and back into the dojo, before settling down for the night.

It was Tuesday now, fortunately most of the packing had been done although there were still last-minute bits left. The important thing though, was that everyone had their passports and boarding passes, ensuring that they could get on the plane.

Then by the evening, all the packing was done, and Kenny ordered pizzas for everyone.

"Right, who wants which pizza" Kenny asked.

"I'll have a Stuffed Crust Farmhouse" Max replied.

"Virtuous Veg for me" Ray added

"Texas Meat Meltdown stuffed crust" Kai chipped in.

"A Chicken Sizzler, deep pan for me" Daichi replied.

"I'll have a Meat Feast, stuffed crust," said Tyson.

"I'll order myself a margarita" Kenny stated.

Kenny phoned Pizza Hut and requested the orders, and told the man where they lived. Half an hour later, the pizza delivery truck arrived, Kenny promptly went to open the door and paid for the pizza. With the pizzas in hand, Kenny walked in and handed them round before they all tucked in.

"We have to be at the airport for 5:00pm tomorrow" Kenny told everyone.

"What time's our flight?" Daichi asked.

"Our flight's at 7:20pm" Kenny replied.

"Chief, what gate are we at?" Max asked

"Gate fourteen" Kenny answered.

"That's excellent" Kai added, half way through a slice of his pizza.

"Also, we're on Qantas flight 874" Ray added.

Soon after eating their pizzas, everyone was tired and they all prepared their beds before getting into their pyjamas and falling asleep. Tyson and Kai were late to bed though because they had to walk their dogs, Crash and Shadow. Crash was a black male Staffordshire bull terrier, who belonged to Tyson, while Shadow a beautiful male long haired dark sable German Shepherd Dog with fiery brown eyes was Kai's new dog, after Ash, his male long-haired Black and Tan German Shepherd Dog had passed away from cancer.

The next morning saw Tyson sleeping for longer than the others, until Crash tugged his sleeve, forcing him awake. He got dressed and took Crash for a walk before returning to the dojo for breakfast. Then he did a last check of his case and the house for any last-minute items, as did the others.

Then at half past three, a large black Nissan X-Trail arrived, and everyone took their cases out. The man driving the X-Trail promptly opened the boot, enabling everyone to pack their cases into it and they all piled them in. This was done before everyone got in, with Daichi sitting in the front and Kai, Ray and Tyson in the back, while Max and Kenny sat in the boot.

"I can't wait to get on the plane and kick back" Kai stated.

"Well, we're an hour and a half away from the airport" Tyson replied.

The drive to the airport took an hour and forty minutes, of course it was traffic time anyway, so it was to be expected. It was ten past five when the car arrived at the airport, Tyson was amazed at how big it was and he was counting planes all the way there. Then a large Japan Airlines 747 roared overhead, the sound was deafening but the size of the plane left everyone in awe.

"That's a juggernaut" Daichi gasped, pointing at the plane.

"It's huge, what type of aircraft are we going in" Max asked.

"I don't know but, I bet it'll be as big as that" Kenny stated.

The G-Revolutions hauled their cases out of the car, before walking purposefully into the huge airport. They dragged their cases behind them, with their hands holding the handles and walked quickly. When suddenly, Tyson spotted a board and scanned for their flight and boarding time.

"Brilliant, our flight's at 7:20pm" Tyson stated.

"Thanks, Tyson" Kenny replied.

"No worries, chief, you got the passports and boarding passes" Tyson asked.

"Yep" Kenny said as he handed them round.

With their passports and boarding passes in hand, everyone moved towards security and passport control. It was there that they had to be checked over for any suspicious items. Fortunately, nobody had anything illegal or dangerous on hand, so they cleared it.

They quickly gave their cases into the luggage system for transfer onto the plane. Everyone took last minute toilet breaks and had a hearty meal at the restaurant. Suddenly, Max glanced at his watch, it was exactly ten to seven.

"Guys, we've got forty minutes until we need to be on the plane" Max stated frantically.

"That means last minute toilet breaks" Kenny replied.

Everyone went to the toilet one last time before rushing to where the passengers were queuing to board Qantas Flight 874. However, Daichi was nowhere in sight.

"Where's Daichi" Kenny asked.

"He was here a minute ago" Max stated.

Kai quickly took out his mobile phone and rang Daichi, Daichi however, was in a shop looking at toys. The moment Daichi's phone rang he jumped out of his skin, after dropping the toy plane on the floor.

"Hello" Daichi panicked.

"Daichi, we're about to board the aeroplane, so come on" Kai responded.

"Just coming, Kai" Daichi stated.

Daichi hung up the phone and ran out of the shop, as fast as he could. He rushed towards the stand outside where the plane was about to be boarded. Luckily, he ran into Tyson who was looking for the aeroplane.

"Daichi, where did you go" Tyson snapped.

"Was looking at toys" Daichi replied.

"Well, there's no time for that because we need to spot our plane and board" Tyson stated.

"There's our plane" Max chipped in, pointing to a large Qantas 747 which had the boarding tunnel attached.

"Let's get our passports and get on" Ray added.

"Sure thing, I'll pass them out" Kenny replied.

Kenny quickly passed out the passports and boarding passes, before they had to board the plane. Now that everyone had their passports and boarding passes in hand, they lined up and began to board the plane. The queue was huge, as countless people were all on their way to watch the Australian preliminaries.

Now on board, the G-Revolutions sat down in their seats and made themselves comfortable. The announcements were long and boring, Kai found this especially because he started reading Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone. Tyson, on the other hand was getting his IPod ready, to listen to but he had to wait until after the announcements.

The plane then began to roll towards the runway, preparing to take off.

As the plane rolled away down the runway, the G-Revolutions observed the airport, seeing a slew of different airlines.

However, nobody really took any note of them, save Daichi who could see a British Airways Boeing 767 getting ready to take off as well.

Then with a thunderous bellowing sound, Qantas Flight 874 was up in the air. The pilot then tucked the wheels of the plane in, and flew it.

"Australian preliminaries, here we come" Max yelled.

"Too right, it will be interesting to see who makes the Australian team" Kai yawned, falling asleep.

The others had also fallen asleep, for it was going to be a long flight. Tyson was particularly tired though, for he had been up all-night last night.

Ray, on the other hand was looking out of the window, amazed at how the town below looked just like a toy town. He could see lots of cars driving below, but also several small boats.

Tyson, although sleeping was paying attention to the scenery below. He was amazed at the number of sights could see, particularly the cars, how tiny they looked.

Kai's thoughts were still on the upcoming Australian preliminaries, especially since he was interested in seeing who would make the cut and who would go home. He was also keen to know whether there would be any cheating in the matches.

Soon enough, it was dark outside and the G-Revolutions finally went to sleep. Although Daichi was having a hard time doing so because he was so excited about the preliminaries.