Persona 5

Sleeping Hermit



Summary: About a few days after the Phantom Thieves stole Futaba's Treasure i.e destroyed her Pyramid of Sloth about shortly 3 days after Medjed threatened Japan with "The Cleanse" was when things that should've been focused on free time for Joker and his friends and recovery for the shut-in hacker started taking a weird turn.

While Sojiro was obviously aware of Futaba's situation during the childhood years she shut herself off from the outside world due to believing she'd killed her own mother Wakaba Isshiki from those suits in blackwho read to her from their Fake suicide note they intentionally made to cover up her mother's murder by mental shutdown.

Futaba had clearly suffered from hallucinations of her mother tormenting her mind,her Shadow in the Metaverse that she eventually realized her persona, Necronomicon back in her Pyramid. But the most concerning issue was definitely Futaba's sleepwalking.

During some nights when sweet Futaba tried sleeping through the night she'd have some rather concerning nightmares, some involving the distorted version of her mother calling her a curse or a wretched that "ate away at her life and all poor Futaba could desperately do was to try covering her ears and try shutting it all out, to no avail, leaving her to take in her distortion Mother's words. All the while in reality Futaba would begin struggling in her sleeping, churning in her bed before rolling out and begins to unlock and shamble out of her room like a disgruntled zombie before she began wandering around her own household, still asleep in her black and white striped long sleeved with "J L M K" labeled on it and barefoot. While lazily muttering words such as "...Mom...okay...mommy " and "...I...killed…..her..."

There were times when she'd wake up at the kitchen, her head on the table with a spoon in her hand. Another time was when Sojiro found her asleep in the bathtub with an uncooked Cup noodles lazily in her right hand while laying on her stomach before he carried his adopted daughter back to her room gently and tucked her back into bed till morning. Sojiro was getting real concerned about Futaba's recent somnambulism and felt this could connect with her mental state about her mother, Sojiro almost thought about tying a belt around her wrists and feet to keep her inside her own room at night but immediately rejected the idea as being too extreme, especially to someone like Futaba, so instead he leaves her with some Nyquil medicine to try and help end it. Unbeknownst to the coffee shop bachelor, Futaba's unconscious self seems to find a way even after two months later until summer, when the Phantom thieves managed to steal her messed up heart and reveal her true treasure: the chance for Futaba to finally see her real mom's feelings and to realize the truth for herself.

End of Prologue. Hope you like what I'm going to start making in the future. Here's a taste. Thanks for reading through what I got so far!

Sorry if this looks rather explain-y It's been a writing issue of mine to explain more detail for the mind than to writing more dialogue for any characters, just how I feel.