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It was a quiet day in Wakada, but the kingdom was full of chaos. Even though T'Challa had been brought back at last, his subjects had suffered a great deal since he had been gone. It might have been less than the rest of the world, but they still suffered regardless. When T'Challa learned of all that had happened while he was gone, he couldn't help but feel sadness for the lost of Stark, Thor and Captain America. Captain America may have gone back to his own time; Thor maybe off exploring the universe now, but Tony had left this world for good and a wife and child behind. T'Challa hoped that he could meet Tony's daughter one day and tell her what a great man her father was. However, it was time to put all that aside for duty called.

For the first time since had he been brought back to life, he had to attend a meeting with his counsel. With a deep breath, T'Challa walked towards the mirror in his bedroom and checked over every detail of his appearance before he headed towards into the throne room. There waiting for him, was his council, his mother and his little sister.

Oddly enough as the council talked through the meeting, T'Challa could barely bring himself to pay attention as his mind was on Nakia. He couldn't imagine what it had been like for her during the last five years and he didn't want her or anyone else to go through that pain ever again. He wanted to outlive his mother, the way the law of nature intended it to be.

Right then and there he thought to himself, After the meeting, I'll go see Shuri and talk to her about it.

A few hours later, after the meeting had ended, he walked into Shuri's laboratory. The lab had changed the past five years and Shuri still couldn't believe how much time they had lost.

"I'm back. We're back, but I still can't believe it." The young princess muttered in disbelief.

"I know, I still can't believe it either." T'Challa agreed.

"Have you tried to reach out to Nakia yet?" Shuri asked.

"I know I should, but I'm scared to try. I mean, it's been five years. What if she's moved on?" T'Challa wondered.

Shuri gave her older brother a look as she said "This isn't like you at all. You can lead Wakanda and our armies into battle, but you can't work up the courage to meet with Nakia?"

T'Challa decided to ignore her as he changed the subject with "What are you working on?"

Shuri smiled at him as she replied "I'm working on a dimension traveling device. After what happened during the great battle made me curious about other worlds and whether I could get to them."

T'Challa looked at his younger sister and said "Are you sure that's a good idea? We don't know what these other worlds are like."

"We could send a team to find out." Shuri offered.

"We just got back. How I can ask our people to put themselves at risk for something that might be harmful?" T'Challa questioned.

"You won't. I'll do it myself." Shuri assured him.

Even though he always knew Shuri was brave, T'Challa was taken aback by her choice and quickly uttered "No. No! I forbid it! As your older brother, as Black Panther and as your King, I forbid it!"

For a moment, Shuri was taken aback. She had never seen her older brother this worried and this upset.

Then, she pulled herself together and reminded him "We fought together alongside the rest of the Avengers and I helped fight against Erik…"

However, before she could continue, T'Challa interrupted with "That's a great idea. We could go together, you, me, Okye and maybe even Nakia."

Shuri looked at her older brother as if he had grown 3 heads. She took a deep breath before she said "Brother, you said so yourself. We just got back and do you really want to abandon your people again after you just returned to them? They need you and you're irreplaceable."

T'Challa listened to his sister's words as he answered with "That may be true, but you are also irreplaceable, not just to me and our mother, but to our people as well."

"Then, what do you suggest we do my king?" Shuri inquired with just a hit of sarcasm in her voice.

T'Challa simply smiled.

Sometime later, T'Challa and Shuri were back in the lab with Okye and Nakia by their side. The two women couldn't believe what they just heard. Shuri had discovered another world and was intending to explore it. T'Challa didn't want his sister to go alone, however he couldn't leave his people just so soon after coming back. So he decided to leave the Queen Mother in charge, while he, Okeye and Nakia would join Shuri on her expedition. Now since that problem had been solved, it was time to focus on the new one, Nakia and T'Challa's awkward tension.

Even since she joined them, Nakia never once looked her King in the eye and just kept staring at the floor and to make matters worse, T'Challa was doing the same thing. Quickly growing tired of this, Shuri walked over to the machine and said "Okeye, can you do me a favor? Can you come over and help me check over the machine, please?"

Seeing what the princess was really trying to do, Okye walked over to Shuri, but not before she looked back at her King and said "Can you manage yourselves for a minute?"

Both Nakia and T'Challa nodded their heads as Okye went off to join Shuri. Once both women were gone, T'Challa gathered the courage to look at his love in the face as he said "So, how were these past five years without me?"

Nakia let out a small chuckle in spite of herself as she replied "It was hard and filled with chaos. Your people mourned you, the princess and the Queen mother for the first year, but after the second year some of the kingdom started to grow resentful and angry and now that you've all come back, half the kingdom is split over it. Though many blamed the Mad Titan for this." Nakia paused before she added "I mourned you as well, but as the years went on, I threw myself into my spy work both to avoid people putting pressure on me to date again and avoid thinking about you."

As soon as she finished talking, T'Challa had to look away for a minute as he blinked away the tears in his eyes.

Once they were gone, T'Challa looked Nakia in the face again as he said "I know that I've been saying this a lot, and I know that it probably doesn't mean much, but I just want to say again, I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry."

Before Nakia could reply, Shuri and Okeye returned to the main lab as the princess said "We're ready."

A few minutes later, all four people stood by the machine and like all of Shuri's previous work, it looked amazing. The portal reminded T'Challa of that Stargate movie that he once saw. Next to the portal was a control panel. As T'Challa took a look at the panel, he realized a huge flaw in the plan.

The king and protector of Wakada cleared his throat as he said "Shuri, I don't mean to sound like I'm doubting you or anything, but how are we going to get back to our world without a portal or control panel?"

A look of surprise appeared on Shuri's face before she slapped herself in the head as she added "Thanks for reminding me."

The Wakadan Princess rushed out of the room and back into the lab as she muttered "I was caught up in the excitement of the portal working and other worlds that I almost forgot to show you guys the mini portals."

Shuri then opened a draw and pulled out four little seen through balls. She placed on in T'Challa's right hand as she said "To get back to our world, all we have to do is throw them into the air and a temporary portal to our world will open up."

Sometime later, Nakia, Okeye, Shuri and T'Challa were all back in the portal room, each of them holding a mini portal. Shuri typed a code into the panel and the portal soon opened up.

All four people stepped inside and walked off towards the unknown.


At the moment in the undersea kingdom of Atlantis, Arthur was trying to get used to his new found responsibilities as King. True, he had his mother, Vanko and Mera to aid him. But his mother was always busy catching up with his Dad and visiting his brother. Not that he could blame her of course, he just wanted to spend more time with her.

Arthur didn't have time to dwell on the matter any longer as the sound of Mera's voice interrupted his thoughts with "Arthur, a representative is here to meet you today."

Arthur blinked as he took in Mera's beautiful face round face, her red hair and blue eyes. He slipped his hand into hers and as they walked down the hallway of the undersea palace he asked "Which one am I meeting again?"

Mera let a noise that was somewhere between a chuckle and a groan. However, before she could explain, the sound of alarms went off. Arthur and Mera rushed to the throne room as a guard came up to them and said "It's Wonder Woman."

A few minutes later, Arthur and Mera were in the control room of the palace. As a servant typed in codes on the screen, Wonder Woman's face appeared as she said "The Justice League has been brought back together. Something strange has entered our world and we need to make sure that whoever or whatever it is, isn't a threat."

At once, Arthur stood up and said "I'm on my way."

He then turned to Mera and added "I'm leaving at Atlantis in your care. I trust you can look after the city."

Mera bowed before him as she replied "Of course, my King."

Arthur gave her a funny look as he said "You don't have to call me that. Just call me Arthur."

"My apologies Arthur." Mera stated as she bowed again.

Arthur bit back a sigh as he thought We'll get there. One day at a time.

Amnesty Bay:

Sometime later, Arthur returned to the dock by his house to find not only Wonder Woman but his parents waiting for him.

As soon as they saw their son, Tom and Atlantia threw their arms around him as Atlantia spoke with "I missed you so much. How are things in Atlantis? Are any of the people giving you trouble?"

"I'm doing fine, Mom. How are things with you and Dad?" Arthur inquired.

"We're fine. We spent the last few months catching up with each other." Atlantia replied. "He did a great job raising you to become the fine young man that you are."

Arthur couldn't help but beam at his mother's words. Still, it broke his heart to know that he would have to leave them again so soon.

Then, Atlanta pulled him out of his head as she said "I'm so sorry that I missed your childhood...if only…"

But Arthur interrupted with "It's okay Mom. You did what you had to do to protect Dad and me. I promise you that once this is all over, we'll spend some time together like a proper family."

Arthur gave his parents one last hug before he reluctantly let go of them and walked over to Wonder Woman. As he waved them goodbye, Wonder Woman whispered to him, "You were so cute when you were a baby."

In spite of himself, Arthur couldn't help but blush in embarrassment.

Aw Mom! I know you just got back, but can you please not be so embarrassing. The king of Atlantis thought to himself.

Then, he pulled himself out of his thoughts as Wonder Woman said "Now, I miss my Mother. How has she been all this time?"

Arthur decided to change the subject with "Who else is going to be going to joining us on the mission?"

As the two superheroes got into the jet and took off towards the watchtower, Wonder Woman said "I'd tried getting in touch with Batman and Superman, but they've been busy. All I could get was Cyborg and Flash."

"How they been?" Arthur asked as they flew through the air.

"They've been fine. Batman even sent a file on someone who he thinks might be good for the Justice League." Wonder Woman replied.

"Who is it?" Arthur inquired.

"He's called Shazam and he protects the city of Pittsburgh." Wonder Woman answered before she changed the subject with "But that's not why you were called, you were called because the sensors at the watchtower detected something strange."

"You need to be more clear that." Arthur replied before he and Wonder Woman chuckled for a bit.

Then, Wonder Woman stopped and said "You're right. To be more specific, the machine detected the presence of four people who appear to be somewhere in Africa."

Arthur gave her a blank look as he asked "Why were we called in again?"

Wonder Woman gave him a funny look as she replied "Come on Arthur, we fought beings from Outer space, You fought creatures from beneath the sea and I fought and killed the god of war himself and you're skeptical about what's so important about these strangers?"

Arthur became quiet for a moment before he realized that she did have a point. However, before he could tell her this, Wonder Woman interrupted him with "However, if you want to know why the computer thinks that group of people are so important, it's because it ran their faces against the global database and couldn't find anything about them in the system. No passports, no social security, no nothing."

Arthur wondered if he was breaking the record for the longest quiet time, before he broke his silence and asked "What do you think?"

Wonder Woman replied "l haven't finished telling you what the computer found yet. It found traces of the unknown material in them and strange energy coming from one of them."

"Which one did the energy come from?" Arthur asked as the jet reached the watchtower.

Wonder Woman paused for a moment before she said "I don't know. I've forgotten which one."

Arthur felt frustrated, but back a chuckle at the sight of her blushing in embarrassment.


As soon as the jet landed in the docking area, the two superheroes were greeted by Cyborg and the Flash.

Flash hugged both Arthur and Wonder Woman as he said "Hi, what's up? How's running an undersea kingdom going?"

"It has its ups and downs, but I'm good. Anyway, what about you?" Arthur answered as he, Flash and Wonder Woman broke away from the hug.

Flash just looked away in sadness as Arthur, Cyborg and Wonder Woman all gave him looks of sympathy.

"I'm so sorry about your father. Have you had any luck finding him a lawyer who's willing to try yet?" Wonder Woman asked in a gentle tone.

Flash hung his head sadly.

"I could get into contact with a friend who could help you." Wonder Woman offered as she patted him on his right shoulder.

"Thanks." Flash replied before he changed the topic with "Is everyone ready for the mission?"

Sometime later, Arthur, Cyborg, Flash and Wonder Woman were all staring around the main computer as the Princess of Themyscira typed in a code. A few seconds later, four different images of the people from another world appeared on screen and they were located somewhere in Kenya. With that, all five superheroes hurried towards the jet, hopped inside and took off towards Kenya with the intent to learn more about these mysterious strangers.

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