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It had only been an hour, but already T'Challa was wondering if he overestimated his sister's genus. So far, Shuri, Okeye, Nakia and himself found almost nothing different about this world, only that Wakada didn't exist in it. Not to mention that all they managed to do, so far was stick out like sore thumbs, at least until Okeye managed to steal some clothes for them.

As soon as they finished changing into their clothes, T'Challa muttered "I hate doing this, stealing like a common thief."

"I hate doing this as well brother, and I have to admit this is my own fault for not bringing clothes that could hide us." Shuri agreed as she placed her right hand on her brother's right shoulder.

The group of four was silent for a moment before Okeye interjected with "We should get going my King."

Soon, the group of four resumed their wandering and still, they could find nothing different about this world, except for one thing. It had an undersea kingdom called Atlantis. The group was stunned. Back in their world, they thought that Atlantis was a myth created by white men, only here it turned out to be real in this case and a man apart of a team of superheroes was their new king. Upon hearing this, Shuri turned to her older brother and said "Looks like you and this Aquaman have a lot in common."

"Except, I was born and raised within the country I was meant to rule and our cousin wanted to use our country for war." T'Challa reminded his sister. "Still, it would be interesting to meet him." He added.

"I could say the same thing about you." A new voice from behind the group replied.

Okeye and Nakia cursed themselves for not realizing that someone and been following them all this time. However, before they and the royal siblings could attack, a second female voice called out "No, don't!"

The group of four slowly turned around and saw two people standing behind them. One was a man with light brown skin, brown eyes, matching long brown hair with blonde streaks and a beard. The second one was a woman with long black hair and dark brown eyes.

The woman stepped forward as she said "Don't be afraid, we just want to talk."

Sensing the honestly in her words, the king of Wakada stepped forward and said "I am T'Challa, King of Wakada. What are your names?"

The woman and man bowed and curtsied respectively as the woman replied "I am Diana, Princess of Themyscia, daughter of Hypotia and Zeus and protector of the world of man."

The man added, "I am Arthur, son of Queen Atlanta and ruler of Atantis."

T'Challa smiled warmly at him as he bowed before and said "I've heard so much about you."

"Enough about me and Wonder Woman, What about you and your friends?" Arthur inquired.

T'Challa didn't know where to start. However, he then thought about it for a few minutes and decided to go with "This is my little sister Shuri."

Behind him, Shuri waved as she added "I'm the one that brought us here."

Both Arthur and Wonder Woman stared at the young girl in disbelief as Arthur inquired "How old are you?"

"I'm 16." Shuri repiled.

"And you made a portal that brought you and your friends here from another world?" Arthur muttered in amazement before he added "No seriously, how old are you?"

T'Challa, Okeye and Nakia all had to bite back the urge to laugh at the look of annoyance on Shuri's face, before she insisted "I'm telling you the truth, I'm the brightest mind in my kingdom. Ask my brother, his girlfriend or his bodyguard and they'll tell you how smart I am."

I mustn't laugh. I mustn't laugh. T'Challa thought to himself with all the willpower he could muster as he added "Yes, she is very smart. She designed all of our weapons and technology in Wakada."

"What is this Wakada like anyway?" Wonder Woman asked with clear curiosity in her voice.

Looks of pride soon appeared on T'Challa, Shuri, Okeye and Nakia's faces as the king and protector of their country replied "It is a beautiful country that can be found in Sub-Sahara Africa, after you get past the shields. Until recently, we kept the fact how advanced we truly are a closely guarded secret and didn't allow anyone in our country. I decided to change that and give aid to the world, once I became King."

"At least, you knew all your life you were going to become King. I just figured that they already had their heir and they wouldn't need me." Arthur replied.

"Why did you think that your own kingdom wouldn't need you? It clearly did." Shuri muttered in confusion.

"Actually, it was the surface world that needed me to become king." Arthur replied.

"How come?" T'Challa, Shuri and Nakia all asked at the same time.

Arthur glanced uncomfortably at Wonder Woman and she looked at the group as she interjected with "Why don't we go and talk somewhere private?"

"Where can we go?" Okeye carefully inquired in a suspicious tone.

"Our base." Wonder Woman explained before she quickly added, "You're not under arrest and you're not being detained. We just want to talk to you guys and gave you a place to rest and eat."

The group of four started to talk amongst themselves for a moment before T'Challa turned to Wonder Woman and said "We'll accompany you back, however should we decide to leave you must not try to stop us."

Sometime later, they were all back at the watchtower and Shuri couldn't help but be entranced by the sight of all the stars up close outside the window.

"I've always wanted to go into space, but I couldn't because the nations of the world would notice us and realize what Wakada is truly capable of." Shuri mused.

"At least your kingdom has the opportunity to go into space. My kingdom doesn't have that opportunity since we live all the way under the sea." Arthur remarked in an almost wistful tone.

"At least you guys can go back and forth to your kingdoms, I can never go back to mine." Wonder Woman said as she looked at Earth with clear sadness and longing.

The Wakadan group of four took in Wonder Woman with sudden understanding as T'Challa carefully inquired "I don't mean to intrude, but were you banished from your kingdom?"

Wonder Woman quickly changed the subject with "Enough about me, what about you guys? What do you guys like to do for fun and how long has Wakada been around for?"

While, T'Challa, Shuri and Nakia all looked confused at the two conflicting questions, Okeye was the only one who was suspicious.

"What do you want to know about Wakada?" The head bodyguard of the king demanded.

"We only want to learn more about you guys." Wonder Woman insisted. "Tell you what? I'll tell you about the kingdom I grew up in and then you can tell me about yours."

"What was your kingdom like?" Shuri asked right away.

Wonder Woman smiled as a look of nostalgia and sadness appeared on her face as she said "It was paradise. Still, we were cut off from the world of men and as far as I know we still are. Hopefully, my mother is still alive. Until the day I left, I have never seen another man before."

T'Challa, Shuri, Nakia, Arthur and even Okeye looked at Wonder Woman in disbelief before they realized that she was being serious.

Shuri was the first to speak as she uttered "How were you conceived?"

Wonder Woman smiled as she said "My mother slept with Zeus before he sealed off our island from mansworld."

At her words, T'Challa, Shuri, Nakia and Okeye all exchanged glances of disbelief before Authur interjected with "Believe me, I was just as surprised as you are."

"The Greek Gods are real?" Shuri muttered in shock.

"How can you doubt that other pantheons exist when it was Bast who led us to the herb that transformed our line into Kings, Queens and Warriors?" T'Challa questioned.

"Brother, I am a woman of science not magic." Shuri defended.

In spite of themselves, Authur, T'Challa, Nakia, Wonder Woman and Okeye couldn't help but chuckle at that statement. Once the moment passed, Wonder Woman inquired "Bast helped your ancestors find your kingdom? But I thought that Bast was an Egyptian goddess?"

"She is, but she also traveled back and forth between Egypt and Wakada." T'Challa explained. "She told our ancestors stories about them and we used them to justify cutting ourselves off the world."

"Sounds like Themeysca and Wakanda have a lot in common." Wonder Woman acknowledged.

"What else do they have in common?" The king of Wakada couldn't help but wonder.

"Why don't we find out?" Wonder Woman asked with a smile before she turned to Shuri and said "How would you like to be an ambassador to Themeysca?"

Shuri smiled and looked ready to accept before she suddenly remembered that her brother, the head of his guard and his girlfriend were looking back at her with worry in their eyes.

Shuri stared back at them before she returned her gaze to Wonder Woman as she replied "I would love to, believe me I would. It's just that I'm the main inventor for Wakada and we've been away for so long…"

"I'm sure your people will understand if you tell them why." Wonder Woman offered.

"There's just one problem, how are we going to get to your kingdom and how will you get them to let you back in long enough so they listen to what we have to say?" Shuri pointed out.

Sometime later, Okeye, Shuri and Wonder Woman were getting ready to leave in a jet.

"Are you sure that this a good idea?" T'Challa asked, unable to hide his worry for his sister.

"I have your best bodyguard and a superhero to protect me. Also, I can fight too. What can go wrong?" Shuri stated as she and her friends stepped inside the jet.

All Arthur, T'Challa and Nakia could do now was watch as the jet's doors closed and then it took off from the ramp and headed towards Earth.

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