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T'challa couldn't help, but be reminded of the Avengers and their own tower back in his world as he was given a tour of the place.

Poor Mrs. Stark and Morgan, I hope they're doing alright. I hope the rest of the Avengers will be able to make a monument to Miss Romanoff. The warrior king thought to himself as he looked through the computer files of the Justice League.

When he looked through Superman's files, he couldn't help but be reminded of Captain Marvel, only she had been born and raised on Earth before she got her powers. Wonder Woman also reminded him of the super heroine from the stars as well as the late Black Widow.

I hope you were able to go to the afterlife and find peace. T'challa thought to himself.

"Thinking about home?" Interjected Arthur.

In spite of himself, T'challa jumped up in shock before he spun around to see Arthur standing right behind him.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." The King of the Sea apologized.

"You didn't scare me." T'challa answered a little too quickly.

Arthur didn't look convinced as he changed the subject with "What was it like growing up with your mother allowed to be a part of your life?"

T'challa gave him a look of sympathy as he said "To me and my sister, it was normal. She was able to spend more time with us then our father. Of course, he had a kingdom to run."

T'challa paused for a moment before he added "However, the time he was able to spend with us was worth more than all the vibranium in the world."

"The what?" Arthur muttered in confusion.

T'challa let out a sigh as he thought to himself Right, Different world.

He pulled himself out of his head as he explained "On my world, Vibranium is one of the most rare and most powerful metals on Earth. It can be used for just about anything. My kingdom just happens to have the biggest supply of vibranium on Earth. It's what allowed us to be ahead of every other country in terms of technology and stay hidden from the rest of the world. We even wear it in our clothes."

"It reminds me of the technology of Atlantis." Arthur mused.

"What's it like?" T'challa couldn't help but ask.

"Well, their guns can destroy anything and their cars fly underwater..." Arthur started to explain before he realized that even after becoming King, he didn't understand much about Atlantis's technology or it's people.

He decided to change the subject with "What was it like on the day you became King?"

T'challa let out a sad sigh as he replied "It was a bittersweet day. I was proud to become king, but I still wanted my father with me. At first, I wasn't sure I could do it without him."

Arthur gave him a sad look as he said "At least you had your father around to teach you, my mother wasn't able to teach me when I was little or be a part of my life."

He paused for a moment before he added "However, she did send someone to teach me how to use and control my abilities."

"Was he a good teacher?" T'challa questioned.

"One of the best." Arthur stated with a smile.

"What was it like when it was just you and your father?" The king of Wakada inquired.

Arthur's smile faded for a moment before he answered "It was hard for my Dad to be both Mommy and Daddy, but he did it. He would have someone come and pick me up from school and watch me while he was at work."

"What does your Dad do?" T'challa wondered.

"He's a lighthouse keeper." Arthur explained.

"I must ask, what it's like." T'challa mused.

"You'll have to ask him when he and my Mom settle down from their private catching up time." Arthur answered with a smirk.

At once, both T'challa and Arthur burst out laughing.

"They really really love each other don't they?" T'challa couldn't help but ask.

"Well, now that Mera and I are a couple, I can't say I blame them." Arthur mused.

"Who's Mera and how did you guys meet and fall in love?" T'challa inquired.

A dreamy smile appeared on Arthur's face as he recalled "I met her the day the Justice League asked me to join them. I turned them down at first, thinking that whatever it was they were dealing with, it wasn't my problem. Shortly after they left, Mera came out of the ocean and shamed me into helping them. I thought it would be our only meeting, but little did I know that I would see her again. I was taking my Dad home from the bar sometime later, when Mera came up out of the ocean and begged me to fight Orm, my half brother for the Crown. I was content to let him have it and leave Atlantis to rot over how they treated my Mom…"

"How did they treat your mother?" T'challa asked, having a bad feeling that he knew the answer.

Arthur cleared his throat before he explained "Well, after she returned to Atlantis, she got married and had Orm, things were fine for a while. Then, her husband found out she loved my Dad and had me with him. The late King was so jealous and angry that he sent her to the trench, a place where those who go never return."

T'challa was speechless.

My father may have Erik in the projects, but no one in Wakada would ever kill their citizens just because they sired children with outsiders. The King of Wakada thought to himself.

Before he could continue thinking about what happened to Erik on that fateful day, T'challa was pulled out of his head as Arthur said "But when I heard that Orm wanted to take over all seven kingdoms of Atlantis and use their armies to destroy the surface world, I couldn't stand by and let that happen. My time with the Justice League taught me that much."

Arthur chuckled for a moment before he added "And it's a good thing I did, because not only did I save the world and become a king, but I fell in love and found my Mom."

T'challa felt his jaw drop before he added "How did you find her? How did she survive that place anyway?"

Arthur replied with "After she managed to accidentally enter a hidden world, yes one that was even hidden to the people of Atlantis, she survived by hunting. Mera and I entered that world too, through steer dumb luck. I found the trident and the rest is history."

T'challa was quiet for a moment before he added "That's some History. What happened to your little brother, anyway?"

"He's in prison, through my Mom and I visit him as often as we can." Arthur answered.

"I hope he realizes how lucky he is to have you." T'challa stated.

As Arthur nodded in agreement, the protector of Wakada wondered I wonder what Shuri and Wonder Woman are doing right now? I hope everything's okay with them."

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