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"This a random question Arthur, but do you believe in the afterlife?" King T'challa asked as the two of them, walked around the watchtower.

That question was so random that all Arthur could utter was "What?"

"Sorry, that question came out of nowhere, but I was thinking of the spirits of the royal family of Wakada and I was wondering if your kingdom had its own spirit realm as well." T'challa explained.

"No, we don't have anything like that." Arthur uttered in astonishment before he added "What is yours like?"

T'challa thought to himself before he replied "It's mostly an empty field at night and all the royal kings of the past are there as Panthers. However, when they want to speak to us, they transform themselves back into humans."

"That sounds so cool! Have you gone there quite often?" Arthur wondered.

A sad look appeared on T'challa as he answered "I've been there only twice to talk to my father."

"You're so lucky, most people would give anything to be able to talk to their loved ones after they died." Arthur remarked before he added "I don't know how close my little brother was with his Dad, but I bet he wouldn't mind having the chance to speak to him again. Heck, my Dad and Mera would give anything to talk to his parents and her mother again respectively."

"What happened to your parental grandparents?" The King of Wakada asked the King of Atlantis.

"They died before I was born and before my parents met each other." Arthur explained.

"Both of my grandparents died before I was born." T'challa explained before his thoughts wandered towards Shuri and her mission in Themyscira.

I hope things are going well for her and Wonder Woman. T'challa thought to himself.


Shuri could not believe how much love and excitement that Wonder Woman was getting from her people.

Even my own subjects don't show me and my family this much love. The young Princess thought to herself in amazement.

Then, she was pulled out of her head as an Amazon guard tapped her on her right shoulder and said "I can see the amazement on your face. I should tell you that we don't just love Diana because she is our princess or half god, but for a long time she was the only living child on this island and most of us will probably never see a baby again."

Shuri felt horrified at her words, she couldn't imagine not seeing a baby again. Even though she had no desire to be a mother right now, she knew that babies were a vital part in keeping civilization afloat. This made her wonder how the Amazons were able to keep their civilization going.

Gathering all of her courage and every bit of politeness in her body, Shuri carefully asked the guard "I hope I'm not offending you if I ask this, but how are you able to keep your secret country going if there are no men to have babies with?"

The Amazon guard answered with "The gods have granted us a long life and we live a simple one on this island as you can see."

Shuri was amazed as she realized No one has died yet? How long do these Amazons live for? Did their gods grant them immortality?

Shuri was soon pulled out of her head just in time to hear the guard add "We haven't had death in a long time, not since the Queen's sister fell in battle."

A sympathetic look appeared on Shuri's face as she quickly uttered "I'm so sorry. When did it happen? If you don't mind me asking?"

"A long time ago, the last time that an outsider appeared on this island in fact." The guard explained.

"How did they manage to get on this island without aid from an Amazon?" The young princess questioned.

The guard thought it over for a moment before she replied with "I do not know. Perhaps it was the will of the gods that guided that young man to us that day."

Before she could continue, Wonder Woman approached them as she asked "How do you like my childhood home so far?"

"It's so beautiful. However, if you don't mind me asking, why did you decide to leave it?" Shuri inquired very carefully.

A nostalgic and sad look appeared on the Amazonian princess's face as she quickly led Shuri away from the Amazon guard.

Once they were out of earshot, Wonder Woman whispered "Remember that man I told you about? He was one of the reasons I left. One day after a training session, I saw his place crash into the ocean and I quickly dove in to save him. However, it wasn't until we both reached the beach, that I realized he was a man."

"How could you not know he was a guy?" Shuri questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"I was too busy saving him from the ocean to notice." Wonder Woman answered honestly.

Shuri had to bite back her laughter, because honestly that sounded like the funniest thing she had heard in a long time.

Then, she pulled herself out of her head just in time to hear Wonder Woman add "I didn't have time to dwell on him for long, because shortly after I saved him, enemy soldiers came upon our shores and attacked us!"

Shuri let out a gasp of shock at Wonder Woman's gripping tale of the past, before the elder superheroine continued with "My Mother, my Aunt and the rest of our fellow sisters rushed onto the shore to join us in our fight. Although their weapons were greater, we beat them. However, my Aunt Atiope lost her life during the battle."

The young Princess of Wakada gently placed her right hand on the right shoulder of the Princess of Themyscira as she said "I'm so sorry about your Aunt. What was she like?"

Wonder Woman gave a sad smile as she answered with "My Aunt Atiope was the best Warrior among us. She often trained us herself and begged my Mother to let her train me when I was a child. When my Mother refused, she trained me in secret. Until one day when my Mother discovered us."

"What did she do?" Shuri wondered.

"She relented and let my Aunt train me, but only on the condition that I would be trained much harder then any other Amazon." Wonder Woman answered.

"What was that like?" The young princess of Wakada inquired.

"It was hard work, but kind of fun." Wonder Woman answered with a nostalgic smile that quickly faded before she added "At least until, I went to Man's world and fought in battle for the first time in my life."

Shuri nodded her head in agreement as she added "Battles are only fun, if you read and hear about them. It's never fun to actually be in one. That's why, I decided to be a scientist rather than a warrior."

"What's it like being a scientist? What kind of science do you do anyway?" The superheroine inquired.

"I mostly invent things. Like weapons and spy gadgets." Shuri answered.

"That's so cool, you could have a lot to teach my people." Wonder Woman praised.

"Actually, I don't think that's a good idea." The Queen of the Amazons interjected as she walked over towards them.

"Why not Mother?" Wonder Woman questioned.

The Queen let out a sigh as she muttered "You've been away for so long my child, that it shouldn't be a surprise that you've forgotten this rule."

"What rule, Mother?" Wonder Woman inquired as she felt a look of shame appearing on her face.

"Contact with the outside world is forbidden. It can lead us down the path of corruption." The Queen explained.

"For a long time, we forbid any contact with the outside world too, because we didn't want them to know what we could do. We were afraid that the outside world would try to exploit or colonize us like they did to the other nations of Africa." Shuri added in a sympathetic tone.

"Are you still hidden?" The Queen asked in a hopeful tone.

"No, but you can hide some of your people in Wakada and we can hide some of ours here. That way, we can learn from each other in secret." Shuri offered.

The Queen rubbed her right hand under her chin before she answered with "I must think about it for a few days."

She paused for a moment before she added "Why don't you and your friend hang out for a bit as I set up a room for her?"

A room? How long are you going to think about this? Shuri wondered as she and Wonder Woman began to take a private walk towards the beach.

The Princess of Wakada was once again pulled out of her head as the older superheroine asked "Have you ever been swimming?"

Shuri thought about it long and hard before she answered with "Yes, my family and I used to go swimming in the river."

"Why did you stop?" Wonder Woman questioned.

"Well, I was appointed the head scientist and my family were busy with their royal duties, especially as we grew older." Shuri answered.

"How would you like to go swimming again?" Wonder Woman inquired.

Shuri could only smile at her.

Sometime later, the two superheroines were swimming in Therymscra's ocean. Shuri couldn't believe that she had forgotten the joy that came with swimming.

She wished more than ever that she and her family would swim together more often.

"How often do you go swimming?" Shuri asked Wonder Woman before she did a somersault underwater.

When she returned to the surface, Wonder Woman let out a laugh of joy before she answered with "Whenever I have the time to do so and ever since I got back into the superhero business, I have less time than ever. Especially, since I have a day joy."

"What day jobs did you have before you worked at a museum?" Shuri asked as she began to trend water.

Wonder Woman started to trend as well as she went through her long list of memories.

"Well, after the First World War, I was an assistant and a suffragette, then I changed my job to working as a grocery clerk. During World War 2, I worked in a factory. Afterwards, I was a makeup girl and then I joined the civil rights movement as well as working with feminists to get the ERA ratified. After that failed, I still continued to work with feminists, changing to different jobs and faking my death every few years."

"Did you stop aging or something?" Shuri asked before the princess remembered that Wonder Woman did mention that earlier.

"Sorry, I forgot you mentioned that." She quickly apologized.

"It's fine." Wonder Woman stated before she continued with "It breaks my heart that I have to leave whatever kind of lives behind along with all the friends I have made, but I still do what I can to help others."

"That's very brave of you and I hope you find peace one day." Shuri said with complete sincerity.

Wonder Woman smiled in thanks as the two of them continued to swim until the sun began to set.

Then, they stopped and headed back to the palace for a nice dinner.

Sometime later, Wonder Woman, her mother and Shuri were eating dinner in silence at first.

Then, the Queen asked "How did you like swimming in our ocean, Shuri?"

"It was wonderful. Me and your daughter had so much fun and I can't remember the last time I went swimming." Shuri answered with complete and utter joy in her voice.

"What do you think about the rest of our island?" The Queen inquired.

"It's so quiet and peaceful." Shuri added as she started to feel sleepy. However, she decided not to say anything to Wonder Woman or her mother since she was a guest.

Thankfully, Woman Wonder did notice and asked "Are you tired?"

Shuri blinked before she asked "Yeah, how do you know?"

"I can see it on your face." Wonder Woman replied as she added "No need to be ashamed, I'm tired too."

"Well, that settles it. Why don't we all go to bed and talk some more in the morning?" The Queen of the Amazons stated.

With that, some servants came to escort Shuri to her room. As she left with them, she gave both the Queen and Wonder Woman a bow as she added "Good night, your majesty. Good night, your highness."

"Good night, your highness." Both Wonder Woman and her mother uttered at the same time.

In no time at all, Shuri was led to her room and to her delight, it was a fine room that had a window that showed off the island's beauty and a night gown had been laid out of her on the bed.

The bed itself was a lovely shade of gold and the sheets were white. The gown itself was also white. So the Princess of Wakada grabbed the night gown and went into the bathroom to take a bath. In no time at all, the bath was done and Shuri was in her new nightgown.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring. The young princess thought to herself as she walked towards her bed. As she tucked herself in bed, she looked at the ceiling for a long time before she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

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