Bold – action within speaking form

Italics – flashbacks

"…" – talking

'…' – thinking

Bold/Italics – change of scenery

Bold/Underline/Italics – more emphasis when someone says something or something is realized by another person

Underline/Italics – minor Japanese words used within the story (also, lazy to translate XP)

Disclaimers: This is a crossover between Sailor Moon and Code Lyoko. I do not own these two shows. Sailor Moon is written by Naoko Takeuchi in manga form and aired as a series by Toei Animation and TV Asahi in Japan and by Kodansha Comics in North America. Code Lyoko is created by Thomas Romain and Tania Palumbo and aired as a series the Moon Scoop Group for France 3 in France and by Cartoon Network in North America.

AN: I am NOT giving up on the Xiaolin Showdown & Sailor Moon crossover I have written. But, once I get an idea in my head... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So, I am just setting up a base on this newest idea I have for a crossover between Sailor Moon and Code Lyoko. This story will have added chapters once I am done with the other crossover fanfic. Thank you all for loving my fanfics, even though I feel inadequate when writing a story. m(_)m

It was a beautiful day in the park. Sitting at a park bench was a young female with golden-silver hair that was put in a French braid. This female had clear crystal blue eyes with hints of silver in them. As she twisted the long hair that was up in a French braid, the female took a look across from her to see five different people, four females and one male. One female had blue hair, another had brown hair up in a ponytail, a third had blonde hair tied with a big red bow, and the last female had black hair with hints of red. The black-haired female was also smiling at the male that had black hair and wearing a green jacket. As the golden-silver haired female looked at the laughing five, her crystal blue eyes dulled as in painful remembrance. It wasn't until another female, whose hair was black with hints of purple and was shoulder-length, came up to this particular female and started to talk to her. "Hime (princess)," said the black-purple haired female.

"Hotaru," said the golden-silver haired female.

"What troubles you, hime," asked the now known Hotaru.

"Nothing troubles me, Hota-chan," said the so-called hime, "And how many times have I told you to call me 'Usa-chan'?"

"Plenty of times, Usagi-hime," said Hotaru with a teasing voice.

"Hmph," pouted the now known Usagi, "Between you and the Outers, I'll never forget that I am a princess."

"You were staring at them again," said Hotaru who looked at what Usagi was looking at.

"Can you blame me," asked a sad Usagi, "After Galaxia, the Inners and Mamoru were reincarnated once more with no memories of our Senshi adventures."

Hotaru looked at Usagi sadly. It was true that once Galaxia was freed, only the Outer Senshi appeared before Usagi. It was them that also said their 'goodbyes' to the Starlights and their Princess Kakyuu. It was also the five to see that the Inners and the reincarnated Prince Endymion were free of their Senshi memories as was shown when Rei, the black-haired female, asked who Usagi was and why she was hugging Mamoru, the black-haired male and her boyfriend. With that revelation, Usagi made sure that nothing would reawaken the Inners and Mamoru a third time while the five lived normal lives, and to make sure, Usagi stopped wearing her hair up in the famous royal hairstyle, two balls on either side of her head and cascaded down to two pigtails. Trying to make sure Usagi was alright, Hotaru, now a year younger than Usagi, would always be there for her after school. It was also the same time that she would find Usagi at the park, without her royal hairstyle, and staring at the Inners and Mamoru in sadness. "Come on," said Hotaru as she pulled Usagi off the bench.

"W-Where are we going," asked Usagi.

"We are going to get some ice cream, hime," said Hotaru, "And then, we head back home."

"Home," said a wistful Usagi.

Hotaru looked at Usagi sadly. Usagi never have a home anymore, not after the Sailor Wars. Her family was among the dead on the day Galaxia showed herself and killed off the Inners. The battle took away Usagi's family, and with the combined memoryless Inners and Prince Endymion, Usagi had nowhere else to go. So, the Outers decided to let Usagi come back and live with them in their mansion, her new home. 'Maybe we should bring Usagi to a new place,' thought Hotaru, 'It couldn't hurt, could it?'

- At The Outers' Mansion –

"Gah," yelled out a frustrated female voice.

"What's wrong," asked another female voice.

"Someone turned back time… AGAIN," said the first female with a peeved off voice.

"How is that possible," asked a third female voice.

It was the same beautiful day that spread over Japan, in particular, a mansion on the outskirts of Tokyo. In the mansion, three females were present around the living room, drinking tea or coffee while talking about what to do with their hime. One female looked very elegant with her turquoise hair. Another female had a blonde tomboyish hair and was sitting next to this elegant turquoise haired female. The last female, which had her dark green-black hair up in a half bun, was what caused the ruckus. Apparently, she was trying very hard for the entire world to not get a sense of déjà vu when SOMEONE kept resetting time to the past. It was frustrating because the dark green-black haired female just couldn't pinpoint who would do this while SHE was the one governing time itself. "I don't know how it is possible," said the female, "But when I get my hands on those people, they will regret ever messing with MY element!"

"Woah," said the tomboyish haired female, "Take a chill pill, Setsuna. We'll figure something out."

"Do you think it is a new enemy," asked the worried turquoise haired female.

"I'm not sure, Michiru," said the now known Setsuna who addressed the turquoise haired female, "But, I just wish that they left my element alone."

"Your element," asked Hotaru who came into the door with Usagi.

"What's wrong with your element," asked a worried Usagi.

"Nothing to worry about, koneko (kitten)," said the tomboyish female.

"Haruka," warned Usagi to the tomboyish female.

"Fine," sighed the now known Haruka, "Someone has been resetting time, and it is frustrating Setsuna to no end."

Usagi and Hotaru blinked as they stared at the three women in front of them. Of course, the two had felt a sense of déjà vu whenever they went out, but to have Setsuna's element resetting over and over? Usagi bit her lip as she thought about the implications. There could be remnants of Chaos somewhere that was probably messing with them all. No one else had a sense of déjà vu. Well, no one that she has known of. As the five females got down to business, no one realized that what they would be doing would take them to Europe, specifically, a boarding school called Kadic Academy in France.

-In France: Kadic Academy –

"Where's Yumi," asked a pink-haired female.

"Talking to William," teased a male that had blonde hair with a streak of dyed purple hair.

In a nearby park bench, four different ethnicities were hanging together, watching one of their own talk to a black-haired German male. One of them, a French blonde-haired male, was typing away on a laptop every so often. The pink-haired female and the other blonde male watched as their brown-haired German male friend clenched his hand out of jealousy. It was known in their circle of five friends that the brown-haired German had a huge crush on their black-haired Japanese friend. It was also known within this circle of strange friends that they wouldn't have become friends without their blonde-haired French friend activating a supercomputer that contained an evil entity that wanted to destroy their pink-haired friend. However, even with the information given to them all while venturing into fighting this evil entity, the group still didn't know that the evil entity was in fact a small fracture of another evil entity that was fought bravely by the Sailor Senshi in Japan. "Why does Yumi always hang out with him," asked the brown-haired male to no one in particular.

"Cheer up, Ulrich," said the pink-haired female, "At least, William isn't coming with us to fight off X.A.N.A."

"True," said the blonde with the streak of purple, "Besides, there are always other girls for you to fall for."

"Like who," asked the now known Ulrich.

"Sissi," asked the blonde with the streak of purple.

"No way, Odd," said Ulrich, "I rather date a spoon than go towards her."

Before the now known Odd could make a comeback, the other blonde male gaped at what his laptop was telling him. The three turned to the gaping blonde with a questioning look. They never saw him have that kind of shock on his face. Well, unless it was a X.A.N.A. attack. It was the pink-haired female that snapped the blonde out of his reverie. "Jeremie," asked the pink-haired female.

"I-I have a J-Ja…," started the now known Jeremie.

"Yo, Einstein," called Odd while pointing to the pink-haired female, "Didn't you hear Aelita? What's wrong?"

"Is it a X.A.N.A. attack," asked Ulrich worried.

"N-No," said Jeremie, "I just received an email from my parents about… something."

"Something," asked the now known Aelita.

"Yes," said Jeremie as he coughed awkwardly, "Apparently, my grandfather on my dad's side had a half-brother that married a Japanese woman and lived in Japan. He just received word from some social workers through e-mail about a family that I have NEVER even known about being killed in an attack in Japan… well, except for an unknown cousin who miraculously survived."

"Isn't it a good thing to find family," asked Odd.

"Not if we think it's a X.A.N.A. scheme," pointed out Ulrich.

"Ok," said Aelita, "But, why were you gaping?"

"Said cousin will NOW be attending Kadic Academy with her friends," said Jeremie, "And, I guess I got shocked with this unknown family's demise and having an unknown cousin coming to the school. I mean, what if it IS real and X.A.N.A. attacks?"

"Then, we will be there to help out," said Aelita, "That's what friends do, isn't it?"

Jeremie just smiled and nodded his head. He was still wrapping his head around his new found cousin and wanting to know more about Japan in general. He believed that she would be a bit homesick, even though she will not be living with his family and him. But, hey. At least, he will be prepared on the customs. Now, to get Yumi to tutor him in all things Japan.

- With The Outers & Usagi –

"I have narrowed it down to an old factory in France and a boarding school in France," said Setsuna.

"Either way," said Haruka, "We are going to France."

"So, how exactly are we going to blend in," asked Hotaru.

"That is already covered," said Setsuna mysteriously.

Hotaru and Usagi groaned as they heard Setsuna's mysterious answer. Every time they want to know something, Setsuna would always be cryptic. But, Usagi was done with Setsuna being cryptic. Even though she hated using her royal status, Usagi used it on Setsuna to tell them all what she had done. Setsuna pouted a bit, but then straightened her face. She told them all that she pretended to be a social worker for Usagi who found family in France and sent an e-mail to said family about what had transpired. Everyone gaped at Setsuna as she said this. "You mean, I am PRETENDING to be someone's cousin," asked a concerned Usagi.

"Not to worry, hime," said Setsuna, "You will be staying with us in France on the weekends while attending Kadic Academy with Hotaru on the weekdays."

"But, what if this family wants to meet Usagi-hime," asked Michiru.

"Then, we will ALL go," said Setsuna.

"Sets," said Haruka, "You come up with the CRAZIEST ideas ever."

Setsuna only gave a small glare at her comrade before ushering Usagi and Hotaru to pack. It will be a new scene for Usagi to heal, along for Hotaru to make other friends. Usagi and Hotaru looked at each other before rushing up the stairs to their respective bedrooms to pack. As Usagi was packing, she thought, 'Maybe I'll have fun and find love.'

AN: That's a wrap! Yes~! A sneaky Setsuna, but you have to admit that SHE would be peeved if someone, or five someones, kept on resetting time. Time IS Setsuna's domain, and this came about. I know that X.A.N.A. is an evil computer entity, but what happens if Chaos, who was banished at the end of Sailor Moon Stars, had a small piece break off of it and went INTO the X.A.N.A. program, making it a bit more evil? So, here is the first chapter of this newest fanfic. I just needed a base on this fanfic before I think about it… which is AFTER finishing the Xiaolin Showdown/Sailor Moon fanfic first. Also! I have upped the age for the Code Lyoko gang just because… this will be an Ulrich/Usagi couple in this. XD Happy reading! Now who to pair up for Hotaru? Hm…