Bold – action within speaking form

Italics – flashbacks

"…" – talking

'…' – thinking

Bold/Italics – change of scenery

Bold/Underline/Italics – more emphasis when someone says something or something is realized by another person

Underline/Italics – minor Japanese words used within the story (also, lazy to translate XP)

Disclaimers: This is a crossover between Sailor Moon and Code Lyoko. I do not own these two shows. Sailor Moon is written by Naoko Takeuchi in manga form and aired as a series by Toei Animation and TV Asahi in Japan and by Kodansha Comics in North America. Code Lyoko is created by Thomas Romain and Tania Palumbo and aired as a series the Moon Scoop Group for France 3 in France and by Cartoon Network in North America.

"Where's Usagi," asked Aelita.

"Her highness and Ulrich are walking around the park near Kadic," said Odd.

"Why do you want to know," asked Jeremie.

"I forgot to thank her for saving my father after everything has happened," said Aelita sheepishly.

"I'm sure she already knows," said Hotaru who popped up behind Odd.

"Gah," yelled out Odd as he jumped, "Don't DO that!"

Hotaru giggled as she successfully scared Odd. Jeremie and Aelita also laughed at Odd's expression. It had been a couple of days after the final battle. Aelita was adjusting to having her father back ever since Usagi unconsciously wished for him to be back. William, Jeremie, Yumi, and Odd were contemplating in finally shutting down the super computer since X.A.N.A. was defeated and Chaos was no more. They also have gotten their goal in wiping out X.A.N.A. once and for all while saving Aelita's father in Lyoko. However, Jeremie and Odd were hesitant in shutting it down. Yumi was all for it though because the danger was finally over, and she wanted to experience normalcy. William was all for it because he didn't have that great of memories with Lyoko, such as being brainwashed and fighting against his friends and love. For now, Jeremie, Odd, Aelita, and Hotaru were in the courtyard when Yumi and William came over. "So, who scared Della Robbia," asked William teasingly.

"Yeah, yeah," said Odd, "Laugh it up, Dunbar."

"Will you be shutting down the super computer," asked Hotaru.

"Don't know yet," said Jeremie, "We're still thinking about it."

"Yeah," said William, "Because SOME people couldn't man up and pull the plug when there's NOTHING in Lyoko anymore.

"Well, after you come to a decision, that's when we Senshi will be going back to Japan," said Hotaru nonchalantly.

"WHAT," shouted the five as they stared at Hotaru in shock.

"What," asked Hotaru confused.

"What do you mean that after our decision, you five will be leaving," asked Aelita.

"I could have sworn we told you all of this before," said Hotaru.

The five shook their heads as they stared at Hotaru expectantly. They never once thought about what would happen to their new friends after the decision to shut the supercomputer down. They thought that whether they shut the supercomputer down or not, the Senshi would have stayed in France with them. Who knew that after a huge decision was made that their new friends would leave them after one year? Throughout their thoughts, they heard what Hotaru was explaining. Because the Senshi were only at Kadic to find out what happened to Setsuna's planetary powers and once found out what happened, they would return to Japan. They couldn't leave their home country defenseless if a new enemy came AFTER Chaos. It was then that a solemn Ulrich came up to them. "You okay buddy," asked Odd who saw the saddened Ulrich.

"Not really," said Ulrich.

"Usagi-hime explained what's going on," asked Hotaru who already knew the answer.

"Yeah," said Ulrich who clenched his fist.

"We're sorry about that, Stern," said William.

"Why can't Usagi just stay here… with me," asked Ulrich.

Hotaru sighed. It seems as though Ulrich tuned out on WHY Usagi was going to be leaving with the Outers. She really didn't want to separate the two, but duties called them all back to Japan. As the other Code Lyoko warriors tried to comfort Ulrich, Hotaru silently left the six warriors to venture to where her sadden hime would be. Hotaru sighed once more because it was not intentional for the Outers to make their hime sad. Venturing to their shared dorm, Hotaru opened the door to find Usagi crying silently. "Hime," said Hotaru.

"'Taru-chan," whimpered Usagi, "Do we REALLY have to leave?"

"You know as I do," said Hotaru who sat next to the crying Usagi, "That our Senshi duty will not permit us to leave Japan unprotected."

"B-But," stuttered Usagi, "The Lyoko warriors are ALSO Senshi. D-Doesn't that mean t-that the others have to come, too?"

"They were first Code Lyoko warriors," explained Hotaru gently, "Their duty is to protect France."

"This sucks," said Usagi who's tears didn't stop.

Hotaru nodded as she gathered her hime in her arms. She also thought it wasn't fair because she too formed a crush on one of the Lyoko warriors.

- The Next Day: The Factory –

"Well, this is it," said Jeremie.

"So, what's our decision, guys," asked Odd.

Ulrich didn't really say anything because he knew that with or without the supercomputer, the Senshi and his love were going to go back to Japan. The others knew that Ulrich was feeling sad. They too were sad that their new friends weren't going to be staying at all. As of now, the Outers and Usagi were all at the airport and flying back to Japan. The five original Senshi weren't even going to stay for the last weeks of the school year before going back to Japan either. Getting back in track, Jeremie asked who were in for shutting down the supercomputer. It was unanimous when EVERYONE raised their hands. Jeremie nodded his head and pulled the lever to finally turn off the computer. Ulrich got up and just left the factory once he saw the supercomputer shut down. "There goes one sad guy," said William.

"Well, I'm sad that our friends are leaving, too," said Aelita.

"It's going to be a miracle to keep Ulrich happy," said Yumi.

"It's probably going to be a long time for either of us to be happy," said Jeremie.

The four nodded at Jeremie's statement just as they saw Ulrich disappear.

- At Kadic Academy –

"Ulrich dear," said Sissi, "There you are!"

"Not now, Sissi," said Ulrich, "I'm not in the mood."

"I don't care if you are in the mood, Ulrich dear," said Sissi haughtily, "You are going to be showing this new girl around. Personally, I wouldn't be telling you this, but daddy says that it HAS to be you."

Ulrich groaned as he nodded in acknowledgement. As Ulrich walked away from Sissi, he heard Sissi tell him that he would be meeting the new student at the entrance of the school. He also heard her mumbling about finding Odd to show another new girl around as well. Walking as slowly as he could, Ulrich looked up at the sunny sky. It didn't reflect on what he was really feeling inside. Usagi was long gone and would probably not remember him. She would probably move on to someone much more deserving than him. Clenching his hand into a fist, Ulrich finally arrived at the entrance of the school. "Hello," said a familiar voice that made Ulrich's head snap up at her, "Are you my tour guide?"

"U-Usa-liebe," stuttered Ulrich.

"You didn't think I would JUST leave you when we finally have gotten together," teased Usagi as she giggled.

"But, I thought you HAD to leave," said Ulrich.

"I thought so too, but Setsuna did something that let me and ONE guard stay," said Usagi.

"Really," asked Ulrich.

"Didn't you wonder why Sissi would call ME a new girl that YOU have to show around," asked Usagi with a twinkle in her eyes.

Ulrich thought back to what Sissi said when she found him. She looked miffed that there WAS a new girl, two new girls in fact, that she didn't realize that Usagi HAD been at Kadic Academy for the most of the year. He then thought back to what Usagi said about Setsuna doing something to make sure that Usagi stayed at Kadic until the end of the school year instead of abruptly leaving. He also thought back about WHY the Senshi came to France in the first place and widened his eyes. "Setsuna turned back time," asked Ulrich.

"Not quite," said Usagi.

"What do you mean by that," asked Ulrich.

"Well, Setsuna DIDN'T turn back time like how the return-to-the-past function works," said Usagi, "But, she has the power to erase OUR existence from people's minds, leaving us out of their life existence."

"So, essentially," said Ulrich who was processing what Usagi was trying to say, "Setsuna erased you and the other Senshi from the students and teachers' time line, which made everyone besides we Lyoko warriors to forget about you all from school."

"Yup," said Usagi, "Setsuna's planetary element is awesome like that! But, there IS a condition to staying."

"And what's that," asked Ulrich.

"If there is a new enemy, my guard and I will be helping out," said Usagi, "But, you guys can come too! It'll be like a new adventure."

Ulrich laughed as he picked up Usagi and spun her around in happiness. It was kind of out of character for him, but he was too happy. His love was actually going to spend the rest of the school year with him. Usagi giggled as she was picked up by Ulrich. She was glad that the Outers were going to be alright with her staying. As she said to Ulrich, she still had her powers to teleport to whenever the Outers called to inform her if there was a new enemy. She then also thought that the Lyoko warriors would like a new adventure as just Senshi in Japan if that happened, too. "So, who's this guard and do we know him," asked Ulrich as he held Usagi's hand while walking around Kadic Academy.

"Oh, you know her well," said Usagi with a twinkle in her eye.

"Really," asked Ulrich.

"Yup," said Usagi, "You DID say that she and Odd WOULD get together one of these days."

Ulrich blinked before laughing. He DID say that when all four of them were worried about the other Lyoko warriors coming to gain Senshi powers or not. Usagi giggled before pulling Ulrich down for a kiss. Before their lips could meet though, a phone was ringing from Ulrich's pocket. Ulrich groaned because he REALLY wanted to kiss Usagi again. He took his phone out and answered his phone. However, he had to pull back when a shout came out of the other end. "Ulrich," shouted Odd, "Hotaru is back! Is Usagi back too?!"

"Ugh," groaned Ulrich, "Tone it down, Odd, but yes. Usa is back."

"Sorry, but do you know why the both are back and no one remembers them," asked Odd.

"Something that Setsuna's planetary element can do," said Ulrich.

"Oh," said Odd, "Hey! Buddy, the gang and I are going to take Hotaru to the…"

Ulrich, by that time, just closed his phone. He turned to Usagi who was giggling, the light twinkle in her eyes showing her happiness. He didn't care that he just hung up on Odd, but he really wanted to spend as much time as possible with his love. Pulling Usagi close to him, Ulrich finally gave Usagi a kiss that was in the real world, their world. Usagi kissed back and smiled inwardly. 'Now, this is my happy ending,' thought Usagi as she smiled widely at Ulrich after the kiss, 'Thank you, my Senshi, for making me happy once more.'


AN: Woohoo~! This fanfic is complete! 8D I hope you all didn't think that Usagi JUST left like that. ㅋㅋ Also, there are HINTS of Hotaru and Odd pairing in this story. Just… I was more focused on Usagi and Ulrich to realize I did that. XD Hotaru and Odd DID spend more time together than Hotaru and Jeremie. =P Anyways, the fanfic is complete, as I said. Thank you reviewers/favorites/followers for reading this story. I hope that you enjoyed it. =) さよなら~! \(^v^)