As soon as his wounds had healed Isaac Foster, also known as Zack, was sent to Nanba Prison, this is a highly classified prison somewhere out in the ocean just off the coast of Japan and is one of the most secured jailhouses ever known. When Isaac had landed from the jet he was in he wanted to gag by the bright colorful building in front of him, which he did. He would have barfed, but he hadn't been fed in a couple of days so he had nothing to bring back up.

"The Hell," Isaac screamed, "what's with all the fuckin' brigh' colors?"

None of the guards paid him any mind, instead, they were focusing on bringing the young man in the building. The old prison the man was in had told them that he never responds to Isaac unless it was for information about a girl he had been found with, rather preferring to be called Zack. They had also warned the guards how they could never get a photo of him for his profile, so they were just going to do a detailed report on his appearance. On a basic level of what Zack looks like could describe many people in the world, well almost since he had rare eyes, his right eye is black as the left is gold. Though, Zack did explain that he was born with the golden color until his mother's deadbeat fuck buddy beat him up causing his black colored eye. That was all the police got from his private background about him; the murderings didn't seem to count as personal as he often praised his work.

Zack's appearance report was simple. He has messy dark brown; almost black; hair that falls towards his nose and hangs on the first vertebrae of his neck. It was obvious to the bald man that he went through a traumatic past to make him a murderer, perhaps his bandages were something to go by on that. The young man was tall, about six foot one if he would stand still long enough to get an accurate reading the man wouldn't have to guess his height. Zack was covered in bandages, leaving only around his eyes, nose, and mouth available so he could see and breathe. When asked to take them off, they gained a sinister smirk from the new prisoner as well as an insane laugh before ignoring them once again as he paced the room.

"Hey," Zack called to the bald and stern-looking man, Zack thought he looked like a very hungry gorilla, "when am I getting a frickin' cell?"

"After we get you new clothes," the man said in a deep tone. "It appears you will need one."

His eyes grazed his stained brown hoodie and red pants. Zack growled at the obvious jab at his favorite clothes. "Like hell you are." Ignoring the growling from the prisoner the man only nodded his head. "What's yer name?"

"Hajime Sugoroku, head of building thirteen." Hajime had Zack stick his tongue out so he could tattoo Zacks prisoner number there, typically they would have done it on the places where it was more noticeable but there was no place that would be available that wouldn't be covered up by the clothes or bandages.

That was the last time Hajime and Zack spoke to each other until it was time to get to the only available cell in the building, right next to cell thirteen. Damn those prisoners in the thirteenth cell, Hajime gained a headache from the obnoxiousness coming from the cell. Luckily they now had the room soundproofed, but there is still a camera in the room. Zack now in his cell sat in the spacious area, confusion on his face with how it seemed more like an apartment. Ugh, this was such a pain in the ass. This seemed more like a daycare for prisoners instead of an actual prison.

It was too comfortable to be a fucking prison, Zack often thought to himself. Why was it so comfortable? Why was this Hajime shithead so lax with both his cell and the cell next door? He hates this place. It's...disturbingly homey.

As the weeks flew by Zack became a feared prisoner of Nanba by the other prisoner, the only ones unafraid of him were the Warden and Hajime. The guards didn't care, but they had to stop having Zack work because it would end up with someone in the intensive care unit of the hospital part of the prison. Though Zack was fine being alone it got boring real fast, which pissed him off. Couldn't they give him something useful to do in his spare time? He may not be good at anything, other than killing, but that didn't mean he didn't want to be bored so much. If he was supposed to spend the rest of his life in this room, it would be nice to have something to do.

A boy about sixteen or seventeen would often sneak into his room to get some sleep. It was annoying at first, but Zack allowed it and would often fall back to sleep. After a week of it, Zack had enough of not knowing who this boy was that was somehow able to escape his cell and open Zacks.

"Who t' fuck are ya," Zack asked as he sat on his bed looking at the black-haired boy who also had red tips. He had noticed that the boy had a green eye that shifts to gold and a violet eye that would shift to a darker shade of violet. The brat also had things around his neck, wrists and ankles are identical thick, black shackles. Ray would know what those things were, Zack thought ruefully. The boy was always barefoot.

"Jyugo," the brat said dully. He sounded a little of his Ray, so maybe that's why he didn't try to kill the teen right away. That could change though, Zack sneered to himself.

"Yer borin'. Kinda reminds me of someone." Zack ruffled his hair in annoyance for a moment before looking at the brat- Jyugo- "names Zack."

Jyugo merely nodded his head and lay down on the spare bed, that he had indirectly claimed as his, falling fast asleep. Zack had the urge to kill this brat sometimes, but most of the time he looks so boring- but not like his Ray. No one could ever beat her.