Rain sucks. Thunder is annoying. Lightning is a pain in the fucking ass. Although, if there was one thing that he hated more than a storm was Thursdays, but since there was a storm on a Thursday Zack was more irate than normal. Most liked Thursdays because there was only a day left before the weekend, but Thursdays- for Zack- was only a reminder of the day he had to turn himself in towards the authorities just so he could save the one person that he ever cared for.

Typically on Thursdays Zack would get into fights to relieve the irate feelings in his chest, he couldn't kill anyone because then he would be sentenced to instant death and he needed his life as long as he could have it so he could keep his promise. The promise of killing Rachel, or Ray as he calls her. Hajime would normally have everyone stay away from the man in the cell, but today Hajime needed Zack to be around other people for cell inspection for just fifteen minutes. If he felt things would begin to escalate towards the worst-case scenario he would bring Zack with him as inspections would continue.

At this very moment, Zack was leaning against the wall beside Jyugo with an angered expression on his slim face. There was a blonde man with pink in his long braided hair who was joking about with a boy with green hair and red eyes who stood next to a buff man with long purple and red hair. Hearing their laughs made him want to gut the fuckers up, no one should be that fucking happy. Out of the corner of Zacks's eye, he saw that Jyugo was giving a soft smile towards the rowdy trio making the older man scoff and spit on the ground near the younger boy's bare feet.

"Hey," the blonde man shouted at Zack, "watch where you spit, sicko."

"Tch," Zack stood up tall as he walked closer to the blonde man, "why t' fuck do you care 'bout what I do?" His head tilted to the left a bit as he glared down at the man before him, his upper lip curled up showing his teeth. He was making his signature smile before he would kill someone.

He watched as the blonde shrunk back from his tall frame, even those brats behind him coward away at the sight of him, the only one who didn't react to him was Jyugo. Zack was mostly pleased with the outcome. Though, he did notice that Jyugo was glancing at his friends with worry.

"Brat," Zack called to Jyugo, "who da hell are these guys?"

Jyugo walked up beside Zack pointing at the green-haired boy. "Nico." Next was the buff guy, "Rock." Finally the blonde, "Uno, these are my cellmates. Guys this is Zack."

Uno went wide-eyed as he squealed in fright before fainting. Luckily, it was then that Hajime came to bring Zack back towards his cell. Zack knew they wouldn't find anything in his room, besides a bunch of horror movies and a bunch of empty bags of chips and soda bottles, they probably had cleaned the room from the mess. When they entered his cell it was cleaned, just like how it was when he first arrived here a few months ago. He knew they would end up cleaning it.

"Why the fuck was an inspection called," Zack asked in a growl. He did not like not knowing shit, it just made him feel dumber than a rock most times. This time, maybe, he would be the first prisoner to know. Zack could only hope this was the case.

Hajime rubbed his temple before handing Zack some color pallet to place on the table, "you are going to have a new roommate, but we had been behind on the inspection. Fucking shits kept escaping making us put it off for a bit. When your roommate comes, they will be picking the colors for the room, well you both are."

That was all that Zack got before Hajime left to finish inspections. Zack groaned at the thought of some fucking shit being in the same room as he. Maybe he could somehow manage to get this person to be forced to find a new cell so he could keep things to himself. He still has to figure out a way to escape this place and find a way back to Ray, his Ray that he misses much more than he ever thought he could miss someone.

The last time he saw her will always be ingrained into his memory forever, it's to the point that he has nightmares every single fucking night. It's a fucking pain in his ass having so little sleep for the past year, not even the sleeping pills the doc gives to him works to let him get more sleep. Those nightmares cause more trouble than he cares to admit, but he doesn't complain to anyone because he doesn't want them to know that he has a weakness.

A sigh escaped his lips as an image of Ray flashed into his mind. Her long messy blonde hair went where ever the fuck it wanted to as if it had its mind. Those hauntingly dead blue eyes sparkling at him before she was shot by the fucker, Doctor Danny as she called him, the small smile that appeared on her pale face turning into one of despair and pain. Normally when he saw an expression like that it made him giddy and want to laugh at the way their end was, but with Ray, he hated that expression. There was no expression, nor was it him who had killed her. If he had killed her Zack often wonders if he would have felt differently, but whenever he imagined it he ended up clutching his chest as he soon found it hard to breathe. His heart would thump heavily as if it was too heavy to beat normally, he hates the feeling.

The cell door opened almost hitting him in the face. "What the hell," Zack yelled as he held his nose.

"Quiet nineteen," Hajime sighed, but he soon had to try and stop the small girl from getting harmed by the killer. "Hey, four, stop. You shits' better get back into your cell!"

"Zack," a soft dull voice called out. That was a voice Zack would never forget.

"Ray," Zack choked. The small girl entered the room, escaping the brute of a man that was Hajime, and ran towards her tall friend. Zack didn't hesitate to hug the small girl back when her arms wrapped around his waist. "Why the fuck are you here, brat?"

He could feel his hoodie getting damp and he knew that Ray had missed him just as much as he missed her. The voices that he had heard earlier made him realize that he was being watched, he forced Ray away from him so he could see what was different about his good girl. Her body was much taller than it once was, now she reached to his shoulder instead of his ribcage. Zack noticed that her hair was the same as it was, maybe messier and less shiny than it was last, but he was thrown off when he looked into those once dull eyes. Those eyes shone with unshed tears making them look more alive than he ever has seen her eyes be, at least she wasn't upset.

He also noted she was forming small mounds on her chest, her waist a bit more curved. She wasn't that small twig anymore. Ray was growing more and more.

"I confessed to mass murder while being locked in that building before," Ray said when she had calmed down. She had sat right in his lap, "they feared me. They said things like I was becoming a monster because I killed the councilor who was working on making me forget you, but when she said that you were sentenced for death I blacked out. When I came to, the entire building was covered in blood and I had sewn everyone in the building up as I had with my parents and the puppies. I was too dangerous to be put in a normal prison so they sent me here, I would have tried to escape too, so I could find you."

Zack cackled as he heard her story, he gently bonked her on the top of her head, "that's my Ray!"

"Four," Hajime called out to the two, ignoring the other four inmates behind him. "We have to get your photo." Ray nodded her head and helped Zack up, who followed the two out. "Your friend here hadn't gotten a photo since we could never get him to stay still long enough to take the damn photo."

Ray sighed and walked beside Zack as she warily watched the four boys behind them following them. Why were they following them? Sensing her unease, Zack followed her gaze to see that she was looking at the idiots following them. He stopped and glared at them, Uno squeaked and hid behind Jyugo while still following them. Nico walked up beside Ray and offered her some candy he had in his hand but Zack growled and lifted the girl on his shoulders to keep him from touching his girl. Rock just stared in awe at the girl.

"She is so cute," all the boys called.

"Why is she so close with the murderer," Uno cried, "I am much more handsome and caring then the psycho will ever be."

Jyugo walked to be beside the other bi-colored eyed man to get a good look at Ray. "Yo, I'm Jyugo."

"Rachel. Rachel Gardner," Ray introduced herself. Her fingers played with Zack's hair, somehow calming the man down greatly. "You look like Zack."

Jyugo frowned lightly before a smirk fell on his lips, "does that make me your friend?"

Ray looked to have been thinking about it before nodding her head, "I trust you. The others behind you I don't, they are weird."

Zack placed the girl down so she could get her photo done, but instead, she walked towards Hajime. She said something to him with the dead look she soon began to gain once more, not even a moment later Hajime handed her a card that didn't have her name nor number Ray walked over towards Zack and placed him in front of the height chart.

"This shit again," Zack groaned at Ray who stood behind the camera. He tried to hold still for her but he soon became impatient.

"Hold still," Ray said blankly as her pointer hovered over the button. Zack noticed she went chibi mode as she gave an annoyed aura towards him. It wasn't his fault she was taking her damned time.

"It s'not my fault yer takin' yer sweet ass time," Zack shouted. He looked straight at Ray as he spoke and she took that time to take the photo, luckily for him there was no flash like the last time.

"Done," Ray took the photo and handed it over to Zack. She then grabbed her card and stood in front of the chart, Zack staying right beside her in shock. Hajime took her photo, with Zack slightly in frame with her before asking the girl basic questions as he got the tattoo gun ready asking her where she wanted her tattoo. Ray stuck her tongue out for him causing him to sigh at her.

As they did the necessities Zack took the time to rest his head on her arm as he decided to relax now that he knew that she was safe and with him once again. He felt fingers combing through his hair in a relaxing manner even though he knew he wouldn't completely relax with these people around. His emotions calmed so much that he didn't mind that there was a storm still happening outside.