Zack had always found lies to be immoral and wishes all liars to die a gruesome death. Though he had only allowed one liar to live, who hadn't even lied, she had just hidden the truth from him, and that person was none other than Ray. When Zack found out about Ray's past he was stunned and was mildly annoyed that she would hide such a thing from him- especially when he had shared his past with her- but she made up for it by telling him what he was forced to find out was true or not. He remembers that she was quiet and refused to speak up until he forced her to look him in the eyes and tell him, she said it was all true.

Although it was worse when she tried to make him make her decisions for her by calling Zack her God. She was deluding herself, she was lying to herself, and that just made shit a hell of a lot worse. Fuck if he would ever believe in something that he couldn't even see, so why should he allow her to lie to herself in thinking that he was her God. He had to make Ray see that what she saw was Zack and Zack alone, not some fucking saint. Fuck, but his heart broke when she called herself unclean, a sinner and some other shit he doesn't want to remember. When he got through to her he knew that they would have a strong and close bond.

That bond is what made him see just how much pain his Ray was in while she slept. He knew she had gone through a lot, but he wasn't sure if he had been able to be with her that it would have changed shit. Her face was scrunched up with panic and fear as well with sweat dripping down her skin. Those slim limbs on her body moved as if fighting someone off, or maybe running, Zack didn't know. It was the sounds of the blankets and her whimpering that had woke him from his nightmare induced dream. All he knew was that he had moved so that he could wake her before her dream got any worse, so that's what he did. His hand moved to remove the hair that clung to her face before lightly shaking her, trying not to startle her awake. It appeared it wouldn't have mattered, since her body flung itself in a sitting position while she breathes shallowly, yet it was heavy at the same time. He barely even touched her, but at least she was up now.

Ray was so disoriented that when she saw Zack she began to cry saying that she was having a dream for something that wasn't ever going to happen again. He wanted to find joy in seeing her in such fear, but all he felt was nausea from seeing his Ray like that.

"Ray," Zack said in a light tone, "you're awake." To prove it he pinched her cheeks enough to make a small sting happen. He just didn't expect to have her to have thrown herself on him crying like a baby. As much as he wanted to yell at her to warn him next time before trying to crack his head open he didn't. She was making me soft, Zack thought. Instead, he laid there on the floor allowing his clothes to get wet before he had enough of her blubbering.

"Damn it, Ray, get off," Zack said with no heat on his tone. "It was just a fucking dream and yer here with me. Pull yourself together. Don't be a fucking baby."

"Sorry," Ray mumbled as she sat up on top of his hips, straddling him. "I'm sorry."

"Don't apologize," Zack sighed, "jeez, stop cryin' and smile." She was frustrating, but Zack needed her.

Hearing those words made a small smile appear on the girl's face, tears now beginning to stop there flow on her cheeks. It was at that moment when their cell door busted open, the four other prisoners from earlier stumbled in on top of the black-haired boy with the red tips. Not long after falling the man with the blonde and pink hair was in Rachel's face with the biggest smirk on his face, but it soon turned into a frown when he saw the position that the other two were in.

"What the fuck! How come the ugly murderer gets the girl when I am more handsome," Uno wailed.

"You look like a girl," Ray mumbled into Zack's hoodie. Luckily the blonde hadn't heard her.

Jyugo walked up beside the older man and whacked him on the head, "shut up, Uno. We're here to ask if they want to escape with us. Not to flirt with Ray."

Hearing her nickname from another made her stomach roll in a way that she wanted to throw up. "Only Zack calls me Ray. You can call me Rach."

Her blue orbs looked into the other boys with no emotion that it made the others shiver. Zack smirked slightly but he was also feeling disturbed, "Ray stop makin' that face. Yer freakin' me out."

Ray looked down at Zack and gave him a sweet looking smile, but her eyes ruined it for him, "I'm sorry."

Zack sighed and looked away, "tch, stop apologizin'. Also," Zack bucked his hips up, "get the fuck off of me!"

Blinking Ray noticed that she was still straddling Zack so she nodded and got off. Her gaze fell on the four who had broken in their cell with a calculating look. Of all of them she only really trusted Jyugo, so she walked forward to lean in close to his face to get a good look at him. His eyes were beautiful and kind of mesmerizing that she got lost in his gaze.

"Uh, Zack," she heard Jyugo speak, "could you call her off?"

Zack laughed at the question since he knew she wouldn't listen to him since she would give him some smart ass remark, "as if she will listen. Hey, Ray, you need to answer their question."

As if to prove Zack wrong, she backed away from Jyugo's face, but stayed beside him and looked at Zack, "can we keep him?"

Zack's eye twitched in annoyance as he punched the top of her head, light enough that he wouldn't cause her any damage. "Hell no! Ya got one twisted mind, don't cha?"

Ray rubbed the sore spot on her head as she was now hidden behind Jyugo and Rock, but mostly behind Jyugo. Rock was having a hard time to keep his hands to himself since Rachel was just too cute. His golden eyes trained on her expressionless face, but her eyes seemed playful. Nico would get along with her if they got the chance to hang around with her.

Suddenly Ray ran out of the room, Zack gaped before chasing after her. The four looked at each other with confusion before they laughed nervously. Why did Ray think it was safe to escape without him to protect her? She was the brains while he was the brawn. He needed her with him if he were to ever live in this place, it was so dreadfully sparkly. It looks a lot like what a unicorn prison would look like. Hajime had seen Zack lifting Ray over his shoulder, "yer not allowed to 'scape without me."

"Get the fuck back in your cell," Hajime yelled at them.

"Get fucked," was what Zack replied with before following him back to their cell. Ray was still terribly fucking slow, so he was glad he didn't have to walk too far. Zack was fucking tired and wanted nothing more than to go back to fucking sleep.

"So I guess that Zack is only calm with Rach around," Jyugo said to the others, but they heard the familiar heavy steps of Hajime.

"What do you mean Nineteen is calm around Four," he asked with Zack carrying Ray over his shoulder behind him. When they were about to reply they listened to the conversation between the two friends.

"Seriously, Ray, don't run off like that without saying anything to me. If you had been caught without me there to protect ya I wouldn't know what the fuck to do with myself."

Ray was dangling from his hold on her as he scolded her as if she were a child taking a cookie out of a cookie jar and being caught. He had yet to put her on the ground, but she knew he would when he got his point across. "You followed me, so I was fine."

"But what if I hadn't? What then?"

"Then I would have been caught and sent back here," Ray's eyes were blank as she looked at him.

"Geez," Zack spit on the floor in aggravation, "you are so lucky I like you." Zack then pulled her to his bed and spooned her from behind, "go to sleep."

From the now closed door, the other five watched in absolute fascination from the power Ray had on the uncontrollable Zack. Hajime was so surprised that he just put the other four in their cell in a quiet manner.