"Are you crazy?You sure it can work?!"A green racoon yell.

"Be quiet and trust me."Another recoon respond,"This is the only chance to defeat him."

"I said get out,you bloody thives!"A blue flying squirrel who just stand front them says.

A few hours ago,Lifty and his twin brother Shifty was robbing a store as Splendid came and chased them into a little didn't found them yet cause they were hiding in a big garbage seem like Shifty have plan for escape.

"Listen,Lifty.I need you to do something."And whisper to Lifty.

"ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!" Lifty yell angrily.

"There you are,get out!"Splendid punch the garbage can.

But nothing happen expect some noises the recoon brother Splendid do it Again,I said get out,you bloody thives!"

As soon as splendid finish talk,Lifty jump out and start to grapple with soon he failed and are press on the ground by Splendid.

"Nice try, really though you can beat me?"Splendid says.

"No,but maybe he can ."Lifty point to the garbage can while Shifty hold a big syringe straight to Splendid'sneck.

"Ahh!You dirty cocksucker!"Splendid roar and try to punch Shifty but as he raise his fist he soon feel sick and him punch the ground the ground just suddenly spilt to part.

Meanwhile,Pop is shopping nearby and cub is sitting in the car and play toies he soon realize that ground is splitting,he try to escape but the door is locked because of Pop.

Cub try to yell to his dad for Pop are busy bargaining with Petunia the cashier about the thing he just

he finally find out what happen outside,Cub is already fall into the crack and died.

Back to the corner,Splendid lay on ground feel complete

sick and saw Shifty come out and help Lifty up.

"Good job,little some teamwork."Shifty says happily to Lifty.

"Teamwork?Good job?Yo,I am almost died,bro!"Lifty angry complain,"But it dose work and it surely is the thing you said.

Then Lifty sit on Splendid's body and punch into his face.

"This is payback time!"And this is the last thing splendid


When he wake up he will lay on the bed of hospital with Giggles sit next to him."Ah,you're awake!"She says it with a smile.

"Hey, you find what happen to my body?"

"Not yet since you got here last they are on their way to the hospital."

"Who are they?"

"Sniffles,the one who will check your body."

"That is great."

"And Lumpy,the one who will cut open your body."

"I am Fucked."