Chapter 2–illegal trip

"I though we are gonna take a boat."

"Yes,we are."

"But where is the boat,Lumpy?Where is it?!"


"I am still feeling uncomfortable, you change the lungs?"Splendid who just woke up ask.

"Exactly we can't change your lungs that body is so hard that we can't do anything."Sniffles says.

"Speak of help, chainsaw is borken know."Lumpy talk to Giggles with a sorry face while Giggles response him with a whatever face.

"So I can't do anything but keep those lungs? !

" we have a plan B."

"What is it?"

"Well,we heard what happened to you that twin use a syringe and took you down."Lumpy says.

"Oh,please don't let me remember that is a insult!"Spendid response.

"But it truns out that we can use injection!"Sniffle seems very happy about that.


"We are gonna take a trip to Penson city for five have some medicine we Lumpy have a perfect plan to go for his will go there by ship tomorrow."

~Back to now~

"What are we doing here?"Sniffles asks.

"Wait for the boat of course." Lumpy quickly response.

"There is no way for a normal ship could drive into a wasteland like this."They are now in a abandoned wharf which no one use in a decade.

"We don't go there by a normal ship."

"Why not? it's that too expensive for you."

" just too risky to waste one of our lives like this,I mean I love the mole but why the heck he enjoy being a driver is still a mystery for me."

"Wait,is that the ship?"Sniffles point to a ship whom is coming toward them.

"Yes,it's! I hope Russel have a free room this time."

So it's Russel who drive this doesn't seem too surprise for ... "What do you mean free room?"

"There are lots people who take a trip by this ship so I always slept in the floor because of lack of rooms."

"But this time you can sleep in bed."Russel is standing on the

deck,seem like he is waiting for them.

"Russel my man! It's that okay I bring someone eles?"

"Of course you can and also..."Russel trun his head into Sniffles, "Hi, ! It's so rare to see you there."

"I know,Russel. I know."Sniffles bring his bags to the ship and get shocked by what he is seeing.

There are so many people stand in the make Sniffles forget the fact this isn't a normal ship for a minute.

"Can I help you with your bags?"A female voice make Sniffles back to reality.

"Thank you,but I can help...Flaky !?" Flaky who wearing a

sailor suit is stand next to Sniffles.

"What are you doing here?" Lumpy seem very shocked.

"I need more money for tuition while Russel allow me treat this as a part time job."Flaky response and take Sniffles bags then leave.

"Russel ! We need to talk." Lumpy call Russel who is talking with another staff.

Russel runs into Lumpy says: " What's up?"

"Why Flaky here? She's not suppose be in this game."

"You heard what's she she know what is this about."

This is a smuggler running money for gangster nearby and this time they are going to Penson City and running money for a dangerous gang call "Wild fire".

"You sure she's ok?" Lumpy asks. "I'm sure."Russel reapone.

"Fine I do hope she won't do this again."Lumpy leave and find Sniffles is speaking with some familiar faces—It's Nutty、Lammy、Handy、Pop and Cub.

"oH,itS LuMpy! HoW ITS GoiNg!"Nutty with his crazy accent asks.

"I'm fine,thank you seem very happy."

"OF coUrsE I aM I gOt mY cHanCe to eAt tHe fRee CaRdy In PensON CiTy! IsNT tHAt gReat?!"

"Yeah,yeah...So what about you guys? Why are you here?"

Lammy:I need more sheep to make more Pickles says it's better to take this ship than other normal one.

"Where is Mr Pickles?" "Rest in our room,he is very tried at this point."

"If he can sleep..."Lumpy wispering " what about you,Handy?"

Handy:I need some nails for my new I can't take a normal ship to Penson City because that will me a week and I will late for handle my woke.

"HANDle,you said?"

"Shut your mouse and ask next!"

Pop and Cub:I want make a birthday cake for I am out of eggs and all stones in HappyTree town have no eggs either.

"But I buy a lot of eggs in Petunia stone."

"Well,she banned me for some reason."

"Why?" "I heard it's because he always bargain with her."Handy chip in.

"But you can take take a normal don't you do that?"

"That is too expensive! I don't want to waste money on that."

"And I finally understand why this is so mystery now."Sniffles speaking since he's the only person who don't know what is going on.

"I forgot to tell you,sorry." Lumpy apologize, "But this is ok,cause you are gonna help you idol anyway."

"Yeah,that's true.I hope could forgive me afterwards."

"So the rumors are is sick and let all the criminals stolen eggs from stone."Says Pop. "Even Lifty and Shifty have to travel to other places."

"They do?"Sniffles asks.

"Yeah,we saw them in the not know why they are in this ship?"

"Maybe they really are travel around."Lammy says.

"OR MaYbE tHeY liKE EaTINg CaNDy LikE Me!"Nutty shooting.

"Trust me, one loves candy as you do."Sniffles is Nutty best friend,he know how hard Nutty could be when he eat candy.

"I kNoW! IsNT ThAT GrEat?!"

"But why cops don't arrest criminals?They have guns." Lumpy asks.

"It's because those cops were lead by Disco Bear who always act like a coward everytime."Handy says with a big smile.

"Excuse me, it's dinner time."Flaky call them in a distance.

"All right,Listen Russel gonna says it's very important.I hope you don't missed it."Lumpy talk to everyone around him.

After dinner,Russel speak: "We are gonna land in a factory at 10:00 a.m and leave at 4:00 p.m.I hope everyone could on time and keep your mouth shut about all those know I want to know your name—Your real name,not just those goffy name.I will started the girl next to me call Fiona."He point to Flaky and says.

Then everybody start doing that:


Lumpy:Lester、Sniffles:Sheldon 、Nutty:Ned 、Lammy:Lammy、Handy:Hank、Pop:Paul、Cub:Carl、Lifty:Luke、Shifty:Simon


Afterdinner everyone go to their room,Lumpy is very happy that he can sleep in bed this Sniffles is thinking something serious.

"Yo,Lester."Sniffles try to call him with his real name.

"Yes,Sheldon?" Lumpy rsponse him too.

"What do you think about the twins? I don't think they are only travel here,they must have something couldn't tell do you think?"

Lumpy doesn't response cause he already fall into sleep.

"God damn it, Lumpy! Damn it!"

Soon Sniffles went to sleep too because he's too tried.

But None of them could guess that there will be amount of problems coming toward them after this trip.