Harry Does Different CCDI

It Wasn't Hard

An impressively built black man in full Auror armor took the hastily built stage in the main Atrium of the Ministry of Magic "Good afternoon wizards and witches of the press. My name is Kingsley Shacklebolt, I am—"

"Weren't you fired?" a voice interrupted

Kingsley shot back "by Voldemort's puppet; don't gasp, he's dead; Pius Thicknesse. My role at the time was interim Head of The Department of Magical Law Enforcement after the murder of Amelia Bones by Death Eaters. As I was opposed to the self-proclaimed Lord Voldemort, of course Thicknesse couldn't tolerate me. Today, I stand before you as the legally appointed temporary Minister for Magic."

"Who would do such a thing? A disgraced ex- employee?" heckled the same voice.

Frowning, but refusing the bait "Correct, ma'am. Now, two days ago, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was the target of a massive all-out assault. The primary target of which was -"

"Public Enemy #1!" she was persistent.

Kingsley this time sneered at her "If that is, you support a power-mad dictator with delusions of godhood, who lied to his branded slaves about supporting a Pureblood agenda."

"HOW DARE YOU!" she raged, whipping out her wand. She was stunned and promptly jailed, at least for the night.

The Minister resumed after the ruckus subsided "So we're clear, she was removed for drawing a wand and NOT her beliefs, even if they were objectionable. Moving on, while it certainly would be appropriate for the Minister for Magic no matter how temporary, to report on the historic events at Hogwarts. However! This Minister is smart enough to recognize he is NOT the center of your attention. So Harry… why don't you tell things from your perspective?"

"There's about a hundred people I should thank." Said Harry as a start "A couple groups. The Order of the Phoenix, led by Alastair Moody after Professor Dumbledore's murder. Dumbledore's Army led by Neville Longbottom and Ginny Weasley. My two best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. I couldn't've done what needed doing without them by my side this past year."

Rita interrupted "All very interesting, Harry, but cut to the chase. Details later, inquiring minds wanna know. How did a half-educated teenager manage to defeat the most feared Dark Lord of all time?"

"Let me tell you all a short story." Said Harry, a little pedantically "About a boy. Now this boy grew up in a Muggle orphanage being bullied and abused. See strange things kept happening around him and he could do weird things, by Muggle understanding. But eventually this boy fought back and actually started bullying the bullies."

It was only a pause to catch his breath, but Rita cut in "Come on Harry, no biography, we can learn about your life later."

"This boy was visited by one Albus Dumbledore." Harry went on as if she hadn't spoken "At the time, he was Transfiguration Professor, and I think, Deputy Headmaster. The boy's name was Tom and he told Tom he was a wizard and that a school existed to teach him to learn how to use his powers. He was sorted into Slytherin, and he learned. HOWWWW he learned. Tom was top of his class and Head Boy his Seventh Year."

Now the crowd of reporters was curious, Harry couldn't be talking about himself.

"Ok, ancient history is lovely Harry." Rita began.

He cut her off, heckling "Don't think Professor Dumbledore would appreciate you calling him ancient, Rita. His life wasn't even half over at the time."

"Be that as it may." Her Quick-Quotes-Quill last about violently "Defeating …HIM… was something impossible to top Aurors and Hit-Wizards for years. How COULD you do it."

The teen gave a self-depreciating shrug "In truth, it was rather easy. If I can get back to my story. Tom left Hogwarts, frustrated over not being awarded the post of DADA Professor, and learned all sorts of Dark Magic. The most important… to him… was a path to immortality. He was particularly afraid of death, so he began."

"What does all this have to do with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?" Rita groused.

He grinned "You haven't cottoned on? Tom. The abused Muggle orphan. Became Voldemort. So, to continue, Tom used a dark ritual. Yes, I know it, no I will NOT disclose it. To split his soul not once, but multiple times, and store the parts in objects that became cursed. BUT, every time …Voldemort… for now he really wasn't the Tom everyone knew, performed this ritual, he split a finite soul."

"What ritual?" "How?" was on everyone's lips.

Harry shook his head "No. I'm the only one with the details and I'll…that knowledge goes to my grave. Back to the story, then. Tom split his soul a total of seven times, each act requiring a murder. Now, the first time, sent half his soul into a now-cursed object. When he did it a second time, he himself, only had half a soul. So a quarter of the soul went into the second object, leaving a quarter inhabiting a human body."

"That's awful." Commented one voice.

The teen nodded "By the time he went after me in 1981, he'd created five. Now simple math, so my friend Hermione tells me, he only had a thirty-second of a soul. Having performed the ritual to split his soul AGAIN with my murder, it misfired thanks to my Mum's spells, and put a sixty-fourth in baby me. When Voldemort got a body back, he made still ANOTHER soul container out of a snake with another murder. There was less than one percent of Tom's original soul in Voldemort's magical construct body. Me Ron and Hermione already destroyed all the other partial souls."

Another reported began "So you?"

"Never really fought a whole full-powered Voldemort" Harry concluded the thought "Thus, my conclusion, it was easy. Once we got rid of the cursed objects, which was over 99% of the job. The battle was made awful by all the stupid Pureblood supremacists who thought he was leading them to Pureblood heaven. Voldemort never had a chance. Thank you. Minister?"

Kingsley returned to the stagefront "More details can be added at a future time. I think that should be enough for now. NO! Harry doesn't need to answer questions at this time!"