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Harry Does Different CDLI


"Well, the work is well on its way." Said The-Best-Female-Friend-of-The-Boy-Who-Lived as she surveyed the certainly still damaged Hogwarts. "I want to retrieve my parents from Australia and have some time before we come back for Seventh."

Officially, just Acting Headmistress McGonagall was nearby "Most certainly, Miss Granger, you three have done more for our world than any dozen since Albus defeated Grindlewald. Even if you discount the cleanup work done since the battle."

"Do you know where they are?" asked Harry, somewhat concerned "I mean someone can hide in Gryffindor Tower if they set their mind to it."

To which she nodded understandingly "Nothing to it. When I obliviated them, I weaved in a mild fascination for the Opera House in Sydney. They'll be within easy access of it."

"Ah no problem then." Commented Ron sagely.

Harry eyed them both, askance, then noting the approach of another redhead "Get them Gin? Your brother forgets what it was like finding things in London. And Hermione? I dunno. Sounds a bit like a Imperio to me."

"But it isn't." she argued primly "And you DID use Imperio on Griphook."

Ginny, the only other person in range, hissed sharply "You can goto Azkaban for that!"

"Pretty sure we could get a wartime exemption." Harry glibly waved away her worry "Besides, the law says quote performed on humans unquote."

Hermione looked unhappy, but then brightened "You just proved my point! It's called the exegeses of war. I did what I had to under the circumstances."

"Well, I've never really traveled, except to visit Bill in Egypt after First Year." Said Ginny, lightly "Didn't have much time to date last year, Mr. Potter. Don't you think you owe it to your girlfriend?"

Ron turned a little green and moaned "C'mon Mione, the sight makes me nauseous."


"I think the next letter from Mum will be a howler." Ginny Weasley sat herself, naked from the waist down, munching on a piece of toast, in her boyfriend's lap.

Harry made a half-effort to be interested in it "Just trying to keep you respectable. Too bad Ron and Hermione went out so early. Left us with nothing to do."

"Cept each other." Quipped Ginny as wiggled saucily and sipped on chocolate milk.

At the knock on the door, he pinched her cheek and commanded "Answer it while I shower."

"I can see I was smart to come myself." Declared the visitor almost in the instant of the door opening "Ronald would commit mayhem upon both of you. And when he was done I'm not sure what he would do next."

Ginny deliberately looked down each side of the hallway and frowned "Sod it. Too bad he's not here. Good Morning Hermione. You can tell him all about the two queen beds in the room. One still well made and unslept in. The other? Well, not much sleeping was done. *YAWN*"

"I found …well, Ron, actually… Amazing we've been here almost three weeks scouring the city and it turns out they were only three blocks from this very hotel." Hermione just barely glanced around the room and only allowed a sigh to express her opinion of her friend's suggestion "Regardless. The clinic they work for is very busy. I had the thought if Harry could feign a toothache, he could get seen as an emergency. Then with Ronald and myself under his cloak we sneak into the examination room and I reverse the obliviate then. After that, head for home."


With the utter lack of any kind of warding Hermione and Ron made their indetectable way through the clinic, following their faux-groaning friend. After a short wait in a dental chair, the patient greeted the man "Hi, I'm Harry. Is your name really Wendell?"

"Says so on my nametag." He spoke with an air of condescension "Your chart says you were complaining about a left molar. Care to enlighten me why your right cheek looks puffed? WAZZAT?!" he spun to what sounded like a gasp. But nothing was there.

To cover Harry went on "I meant nothing by that sir. Just that I'd heard that a couple was here. Monica and Wendell Wilkins. I understood you both to be full dentists, and I figured other things were done before I met you."

"Well I don't talk much about my personal situation." The man twirled a hygiene pic between his fingers "You are remarkably well informed. But yes. Both of us have the full medical education, but …and I assure you, it is not a punitive matter… for some reason neither my wife, nor I, can explain, the bureaucracy does not have our records. We have only managed to test up to Assistant level."

The door to the exam room was closed, so barely pausing to consider options, he said "I think, if you want to do this you'd best do it now."

"Wha- -" Wendell didn't even get a full word out before a flash filled the room and he was forever changed, or rather changed back …mostly… Ian Granger spoke, glancing first at the patient "I know I'm in Australia. Harry Potter, I believe? Hermione, I think you owe me and your mother a LENGTHY explanation."

Facing parental disapproval blanked Hermione's mind of her carefully drawn up explanation. She just bug-eyed and stammered "You see – what it is is – well, what I mean to say"

"If I can suggest" Harry plucked off the paper around his neck and interjected "Mr. Granger, it might be wise to bring in your wife so you can both get the story at the same time. And remember, she still knows herself as Monica."

After an essentially identical scene, altered slightly by the introduction of Ron, Hermione launched a vastly technical and wordy tale that was finally cut off by Michelle/Monica "I'm all into detail but can you give us the Cliff's Notes please! At least we're at the end of the day with no new patients."

"By the way, just how is it no one's popped in to see what's going on?" asked Ian.

Ron gave a pleased grin answering "Oh, that'd be me. Muggle Repulsion Charm."

"And Muggle is how you lot refer to us 99 percent." Mrs. Granger concluded "From Hermione's letters, you Harry are the most in touch with the real world. Explain."

Harry looked around, considered his options, and decided the couple was owed the truth "Right. Let's do it this. What happened was Magical Britain was in a civil war caused by a terrorist. Well not a typical one, who's killing for some politics or religion, all he wanted was power and immortality."

"That's impossible." Michelle interrupted.

Harry shook his head "I know of one couple, still alive, who knew Columbus. Never mind the details. He tried to kill me as a baby, but the attempt cost his body. He got a new one during Fourth Year. Last year, he took over our ministry …government… and Hogwarts. The three of us spent the year on the run, getting what we needed to kill him. Voldemort. Then there was a massive battle in June, at the school. Dozens died. We spent some time aiding recovery, then came looking for you. What Hermione did was block out your memories and send you here for your own safety. She modified your memories and gave you false identities to match."

"It's not as simple as that!" exclaimed Hermione, looking betrayed.

The couple exchanged a look and Michelle asked "As a basic outline, is anything your friend said inaccurate?"

"Not as such, but- -" the witch began

Ian cut her off "Hermione! The three of you waltz in here …under false pretenses I might add… and essentially tell us the last two years have been a lie. Regardless of intent or outcome. Now, tell us where you are staying, and we will come to you in a day or so after we have had time to absorb this …shit."

"Daddy, you never cursed before." Her scolding was automatic but phrased differently than for her peers.

He was about to answer, but Michelle interjected "Office visit and examination is AUD100. Kindly make a followup appointment with the cashier." No doctor would end an appointment that way.

"But- -" began Hermione, shaken at the tone. Then while handing a paper she'd written the hotel information on, nodded stiffly and replied "Yes ma'am. … Father."


To relieve tension, the teens were in the swimming pool next afternoon when the Wilkins/Grangers arrived. They coolly greeted their daughter as she all but leapt from the water. Ian said "Why don't you gather your friends and we'll go somewhere private. One of your rooms perhaps."

"Hello …Ginny Weasley." The fourth magical introduced herself "Harry is my boyfriend, Ron is my brother."

The couple shook hands cordially enough, introduced themselves. Michelle's tone lacked warmth "You're free to join us, if you wish."

"Thank you for coming, Mum, Dad." Hermione had been stung by the reaction in the dental office, and it showed "Hotel rooms are not known for amenities, but I imagine we can all sit well enough."

Ian's remark was telling "I'm sure your wands will provide all we need. But, to begin… Harry, you didn't mince words or pull punches. Thank you."

"Based on what we heard …and other information… we made some decisions about our lives." Said Michelle, smoothly taking over "Firstly, a little background. Our practice in London, Granger Dental – Windsor, was very successful. A large and growing patient base. Hundreds. Small family, but happy. This even after an oddball woman told us our daughter is a witch and over the subsequent years we saw her less and less."

Ian put in a light note "Not that magic is all bad. We saved on orthodontics."

"Braces. Muggle way of fixing uneven teeth." Hermione did not offer her usual detailed explanation, she was so tense.

Ian nodded and resumed the thread "Wendell and Monica Wilkins were not nearly as happy. An older couple for entry-level dentists, who, though we had a fair bank account, it was shrinking. Always more month than money. In fact, the people we were were on the road to divorce."

"NO!" exclaimed Hermione.

Monica mocked her shock with an equally piercing "YES!" and continued "Restoration of our Granger memories revealed that the practice in Windsor, while hurt by our disappearance, is recovering under our partners. Who were, fortunately, honest. And held a generous portion of the profits in trust."

Hermione's face fell "I am sooooooooo sorrrrrrrry I had not even considered the practice."

"Not thinking things through." Was Ian's stony observation "You left us with limited access to our savings, no knowledge of our existing …and thriving… business. And no way to prove our qualifications to proper authorities. Many marriages have failed under less stress. Manufactured though it was. And you damaged not just us, but our partners."

Hermione's distress was palpable, she leaned heavily into Ron and smiled tearily at Ginny when she felt a hand on her knee. "I was never proud of my decision. We were at war and it was the only thing I could think to do at the time."

"What did you tell them?" asked Ginny with sudden concern.

The couple smirked at each other, then to the magicals, Ian quipped "We could have told them the whole truth. Right over a trans-oceanic telephone line, which has absolutely no security protocol against tapping. That may have thousands of spies listening in on."

"That would be horiii-" Hermione was able to leap to the result of that.

Michelle waved unaffectedly "Now, obviously, we understand unintended consequences. So we did nothing of the sort. We did tell them we'd been kidnapped by extremist terrorists and forced to run their dental clinic for the last, what, two years. Luckily Australian special forces rescued us."

"But that's crazy." Protested Harry.

Ian nodded in apparent agreement then "Perhaps. But we figured if a not-yet-adult can blank memories and half setup a cover that worked well enough, then a team of pros from your lot can manage that."

"Uhhmm maybe." Ron offered "That's something in Dad's department."

Hermione gave a nod "Perhaps so. We can talk to Mr. Weasley when we get home."

"That brings us to the third part of our talk and what we decided." Michelle replied "Your father and I are going to use this opportunity to bring Granger Dental down under. We hired a lawyer to help with the negotiations with everyone involved. Our London partners. The clinic here in Sydney. And the Aussie Dental Association."

Harry perched himself to catch his friend as he thought he might have to. But Hermione only said in a very small tone "But I assumed you'd want to come home right away."

" . Unintended consequences, young lady." Mr. Granger chided his daughter with a waving finger "And it is at this point we bring up the other matter that motivated our choices. It was one of the stresses on Monica's and Wendell's marriage. We were concerned with our limited income, how we would afford a baby. Who we'll have in just about four months."

"Congratulations!" Ginny exclaimed almost instinctively.

Since Harry was too distracted, Hermione hit the floor. Both medical professionals were unconcerned. Looking down, Michelle wondered idly "Do you kids like McDonald's or Burger King?"