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After some debating on where to go for their meal the trio of Minneapolis based Walsh's dressed in their finest clothes, waited patiently for their erstwhile remaining member to join them. The clicking of high heels could be heard coming down the stairs. The trio walked into the entrance way, and gapped.

Noticing their reaction Brenda stopped, suddenly self conscious, "What, is there something wrong with my dress?" She asked looking down at her grey crushed velvet dress. It was form fitting, but not too much, going just past her knees. The shear panels at the bottom and over the slight sweetheart neckline, added some risqué to it, but also some sophistication and grown up-ness to it. She thought the spaghetti straps, made it look young, modern and elegant, she now doubted herself, was she looking like a child playing dress up?

She looked hurt, and self-conscious, folding her arms under her breasts about to cry, having ruined the homecoming dinner, "I'll go change," she quickly turns trying to hide her tears.

Jim catches her taking her arm and turning her around. "Don't cry, the dress is fine, more than fine, honey you look beautiful, you like a young woman." He hugs her close.

Cindy comes over and stokes her hair "Sshhh don't cry. We were just shocked, when you left you were a young girl in jeans and a baggy T-shirt and here you are standing in front of us, a young vibrant, and beautiful woman, it's like we missed you grow up. Don't change you look amazing". Cindy turns around and looks at her son widening her eyes trying to get him to contribute.

He comes over, "Yeah, Bren, you look great. If you went to high school with me still, you'd have all my friends drooling and following you around." The family have a quick group hug.

Brenda breaking away, "Give me five, I need to fix my make up." She turns and rushes back up the stairs.

Watching her retreating form. "You know I think I preferred it when she dressed like a tomboy and smelled of horses and manure." Brandon said smiling till he saw his parent's faces. He shrugged, "What?"

"Brandon that's not nice. You can see how she's struggling with womanhood and feels self-conscious, you need to stop with comments like that." Cindy sounds exasperated.

Jim looks at his son, clearly not amused. "We need to make the times she comes home, happy and fun and that she feels welcome and wanted and not that we don't want her or haven't missed her. I don't want her feeling uncomfortable and not wanting to come home anymore, like Bobby does. Do I make myself clear!" Brandon nods. "She's using her hard earned money to take us out to dinner, so you are going to act like like the mature person I thought you were. We only get to see her now and again, so let's make the most of the time we have."

Feeling guilty he nods, offers to get the car out, and drive so his father can have a glass of wine with dinner.


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