(ALEX's Point-of-View)

I wouldn't have it any other way. I lay comfortably in bed, watching John smile peacefully in his sleep, waiting for John to stir.

I have had both of the most wonderful people in my life, Eliza and John. Eliza, unfortunately, had died years previous in childbirth. John, the kindest person in the world, second only to Eliza and also a widow, had jumped at his chance.

I had grieved enormously for my wife and daughter, and John had given me my space. Philip, my son, who had been two years old at the time, had been unable to understand what had happened. I began doting extensively on my son, and kept to myself while mourning.

John had given me my proper space, and when I came around, John gently began courting me. He had always had a crush on me, and when Eliza had died, John decided it was his job to make me happy again.

John had felt extremely bad about leaving his pregnant wife during the war, in which I had met him, and felt even worse when she had died in childbirth. I invited John over to my house frequently, and the house had always had a pleasant smell and warmth. Eliza had sensed chemistry between John and I, but had let it be. She had let us enjoy each other. However, she had not allowed any extreme affection or obscene behavior (kissing and other stuff ;)).

I had been in the bedroom the night the baby was being born, and I screamed when the baby came out stillborn, and the already exhausted Eliza shocked and fell back, the light draining out of her eyes.

Slowly, John had started staying over at my house more and more. Philip, now four or five, often came into our room early in the mornings, finding John and I collapsed exhaustedly together in the same bed, fully clothed (it's not what you think it is).

I think Philip noticed that John seemed to come over "to work" a lot and ended up falling asleep and spending the night at the Hamilton home. It was okay, though, because John didn't have a family to go home to. Philip thought I felt extremely bad about this, and that I frequently tried to get John to spend the night. Occasionally, Philip walked in to see me crying after John had left, I missed him and Eliza so much.

Eventually, John and I had gotten very comfortable around one another, and when Philip was nine years old, we had gotten married.

We have been living very happy lives, minus our slight mental instabilities, with each other ever since.

Or, that's how I remember it.

Sorry for how random this chapter is, but I wanted to go in installments to explain the story. This is a backstory, the actual story will begin soon. Multiple chapters are already written, so these updates will be quick, but with school, don't be surprised if they slow down. There will be Alex, John, and Philip's point-of-views.