Several weeks earlier….

"Theodosia, please join me for dinner tonight. I have a very important question."

My dads giggle in the background, and I will them to shut up.

"Of course, Philip. Where should I meet you?" she responds kindly, unable to hear my dads.

"At the fanciest restaurant. I will see you tonight!" I say, too excited to contain myself.

I hang up, and tell my dads that she agreed.

"Duh! We knew she would!" Papa teases me.

Theodosia and I have been together since high school. I really love her, and want to spend my life with her. That's what makes today so special.

When we get to the restaurant, I try to conceal my excitement until after dinner. We finish our meal, and I lead her outside to the terrace.

"So, what is it?" Theodosia asks in a kind way.

"Uh-what is what?" I stumble over my words stupidly.

"You said you had a really important question, and you nearly exploded during dinner from excitement." She tells me, smiling.

I launch into my speech. "Theodosia, you read me so well. No one compares to you. I love you so much and every minute I spend with you is a treat. I want to spend my entire life with you. Will you marry me?"

I offer her the ring.

She gasps, placing her hand over her eyes.

"Oh my goodness! Yes, of course, yes, Philip!"

I feel my elation rising. Theodosia said yes!

I slide the ring on her finger, and lean down to kiss her passionately.


[ALEXANDER's Point-of-View]

It's almost embarrassing how much weight I had to lose to fit in this suit. John wouldn't let me get over it.

I'm so proud of Philip. My dear son is grown up, and his wedding is later today!

John and I invited Angelica and Peggy and all the Schuylers, and part of our families.

I'm thankful John let me invite Eliza's family, since Philip is their grandson as well. But John is always so sweet, I couldn't imagine him saying no.

Philip already got to the venue, and John and I have a couple errands to run. We are going to just do those tasks and then head to the venue.

Burr is on his way with Theodosia, so I am really excited.

Theodosia and Philip make a great couple.

[JOHN's Point-of-View]

Alexander and I had to lose so much weight to fit into our suits. We challenged each other every day to eventually slim enough to fit.

But anyway, I'm glad for Philip. When he told me he wanted to propose to Theodosia, I encouraged him immensely. They're great together.

Alexander and I are in agreement, and we managed to get Burr to come around. He claims he is doing it for Philip, not for us, but we know he secretly approves of our change.

He is courting a slightly younger lady named Eliza Jumel. I hope things turn out well for them as well.

I realize Eliza's family might not see me as related to Philip, but I really love him. I wish him and Theodosia every happiness.

[AARON's Point-of-View]

I can't believe my dear Theodosia is getting married. I can remember when she was just a baby.

Eliza and I are coming to the wedding together. We're just courting, don't worry.

I cannot think of a more suitable gentleman for Theodosia than Philip. I'd never have believed she'd marry a Hamilton, but such is life.

Oh, the wedding is starting! I have to go and lead Theodosia down the aisle, I am so happy for her!

[PHILIP's Point-of-View]

I get into position as my dads whisper last-minute information to me.

The organ begins playing wedding music, and the humongous doors at the front of the hall open.

Mr. Burr comes into view, arms linked Thedodosia. Her veil is down, and she looks so pretty. I'm such a lucky man.

He brings her up to me, and as he hands her off I hear him mumble "Be good to her, Philip. I trust you."

The priest begins the ceremony.

When we get to the vows, I hear him read the ones Theodosia wrote. I am floored. I thought I did an okay job writing mine, but hers are so thoughtful and beautiful.

He finally asks the question I want to answer so badly. "Do you take this woman, Theodosia Burr, to your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do." I tell him.

He poses the question to her. "Do you take this man, Philip Hamilton, to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do." She replies.

"I declare you man and wife. You may kiss the bride." He tells me.

I am ecstatic. This is the most wonderful woman ever, I'm lucky to be able to marry her.

I lean down as she stands on her tiptoes, making the congregation laugh, and kisses me passionately.

This is the best world ever.

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