And so time passes. Smashmas comes and goes on schedule for the next three years, and eventually it is April, when all the young Smash fighters come out with their folks once every few years… to meet other young Smash fighters… and… to be inspected by Sakurai.

Banjo was a tween when Fox and Krystal brought him out to the Smash Fighter Games for the very first time. Banjo had his dreaded fake nose on, but at the same time was nervous about his real nose being exposed to the other young Smash fighters.

"Now, don't worry about your nose, son, just get out there and do your stuff," Fox advised Banjo. "Remember, you're my little cub."

Fox nudged Banjo forward, Kazooie popped her head out of Banjo's backpack as the young bear himself walked on to join the other young Smash Fighters. They were quickly greeted by another young mammal and bird duo, a dog with a duck on his back.

"Hi, we're Duck Hunt," the dog introduced. "You can call us Dog and Duck. What are your names?"

"I'm Banjo, and the Breegull in my backpack is-" Banjo began.

"Kazooie, pleased to make your acquaintance, Duck Hunt," Kazooie finished. She then told Banjo, "Just for future reference, Banjo, I'm capable of introducing myself."

"Okay, I was just trying to be nice, that's all," Banjo explained.

"Well, come on, you guys can be our buddies," Duck said.

Banjo and Kazooie walked on with Duck Hunt and asked, "Where are we going?"

"To the Smash Fighter Games," Dog answered. "Gives young ones like us a moment to shine."

"Besides, it's a good way to show off in front of the girls," Duck added.

"Well I'm a girl and I'm not looking to be wooed over by anyone, I'm only here to support Banjo, just F.Y.I.," Kazooie sassily told Dog and Duck.

"That's okay," Dog answered.

"Well, come on, you guys," Duck beckoned.

"Alright, Kazooie, let's go!" Banjo beamed, running along with Duck Hunt, Kazooie in tow.

Ah, youth. Meanwhile, the elves are bustling with activity. Smashmas is over, but they still keep busy with lessons… in elf improvement.

"ALL OUT FOR ELF PRACTICE!" Bowser shouted as all his elves (except for Diddy Kong) gathered by the front doors in the lobby of Sakurai's Castle.

"Well, let's get this over with, I have to go look over the new Smash Fighters," Sakurai said somewhat apathetically as he looked at his iPhone for the time.

"Okay, Sakurai," Bowser answered. He then enjoined his elves, "Now let's try out the new elf song I wrote, and remember, it's for Sakurai. 3, 2, 1… GO!"

"Ho, ho, ho… ho, ho, ho… we are Sakurai's elves," all the elves collectively sang. "We are Sakurai's elves, filling Sakurai's shelves… with Smash merchandise for the girls and the guys, oh, we are Sakurai's elves."

"We work hard all day!" Bowser's favorite son, Bowser Jr., loudly sang.

"Oh, but our work is play!" another Koopaling, Morton Jr., chimed in.

"Joy Cons we try out, see if they cry out, we are Sakurai's elves," the rest of the elves sang while Bowser Jr. smacked Morton Jr. to the ground with a Joy Con backhand. "We've a special job each year."

"We don't like to brag!" the tallest Koopaling, Iggy, loudly sang, standing up behind his two oldest siblings, Ludwig and Lemmy.

"Smashmas Eve, we always fill Sakurai's bag," the rest of the elves continued, as Iggy fell head first into a large sack with a Smash logo that Ludwig and Lemmy opened up. "Sakurai knows who's good. Do the things you should, and we bet you he won't forget you. We are Sakurai's elves. Ho, ho, ho… ho, ho, ho… we are Sakurai's elves - ho, HO!"

Mrs. Sakurai gleefully applauded the elves' song, but Sakurai was not impressed.

"Hmmm, well, it needs work… I have to go," Sakurai rebuffed. He then hastily made his way out the castle doors to go observe the Smash Fighter games.

"Never mind Daddy Sakurai, that song was beautiful, you keep it just the way it was," Mrs. Sakurai soothed Bowser. She then left the castle to find her husband, calling, "Daddy Sakurai?! DADDY SAKURAI?!"

Bowser then scolded Bowser Jr., who was second-in-command of the elves, saying, "That sounded terrible! The tenor section was weak!"

"It wasn't our fault, Dad, Diddy Kong didn't show up," Bowser Jr. explained.

"WHAT?!" Bowser screamed, furious.

Meanwhile, Diddy Kong was upstairs in the Smash Merchandise Workshop, with a few plush dolls of Smash waifus on the table, as he was driving a Daisy doll around the room on a remote-controlled Blue Falcon. Diddy Kong was quite pleased when his Daisy doll crossed the Finish Line, as she completed her race time just a few seconds under a minute.

"AH-HA-HOO!" Diddy Kong cheered, lifting the Daisy doll out of the Blue Falcon and hugging her, "You beat your record this time, congratulations!"

"WHY WEREN'T YOU AT ELF PRACTICE?!" Bowser roared, bursting the door open and causing Diddy Kong to flinch.

"I-I-I was just uh, uh, taking these dolls for a test run on the Blue Falcon," Diddy Kong stammered.

Bowser just walked up to the scared little monkey, snatched the Daisy doll from him, and violently flung it aside, and scolded, "First of all, those dolls aren't for racing, you idiot! You know that! And secondly, remote-controlled cars like the Blue Falcon will work just fine if you put BATTERIES in them! There's no need to 'test run' (bending his fingers upon "test run") anything!"

"I just… I just thought it would be a good way to… to fit in," Diddy Kong answered shakily.

"Well, as long as you keep up this nonsense, you'll NEVER fit in!" Bowser yelled. The head elf then walked to the doorway and gave his last scolding words to Diddy Kong, "Now, if you'd get your little baboon buns to Elf Practice for once, then maybe you'll actually learn a thing or two about how to 'fit in' (bending his fingers upon the words "fit in")! A kart racer?! GOOD GRIEF!"

BAM! Bowser slammed the door shut.

"You know what I've had enough," Diddy Kong angrily said to himself. "Just like that butthurt reptile said, I'll never fit in!"

The monkey then walked toward the nearest window, opened it, and began to climb out, saying, "Well, I guess I'm on my own now."