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Ah, Thursday.

Why can't you be Friday? I guess I shouldn't complain too much. Thursdays are like Friday Eve. It's practically a holiday. Haruhi is still asleep for now, thank God. Usually she's the one waking me up in the mornings. I had off today and tomorrow, a special reward for my hard work at the contracting company I work for. Our company managed to land a pretty significant deal building the new technology park downtown, so all of upper management decided to smile on us little people and give us a few days to rest from our labors.

I let my head fall to the right side of the pillow and looked at Haruhi. She faced me and had her right arm draped over my chest. I saw a little line of drool trailing from her mouth. I thought about wiping it off of her. Nah, I'll just give her hell about it when she wakes up.

I managed to get my phone off the nightstand next to me without waking her. I checked the time - 8:46 AM. I guess I could go back to sleep for a little while longer. Haruhi was usually up by 9:30 the latest, so I could at least get another good twenty minutes or so.

But, unfortunately, I'd become one of those folks where when I'm up, I'm up. I took a deep breath and held it in as I tried very hard to wiggle out of the grasp my wife had on me. I felt her body shift slightly as I tried to tug away, and her hand weakly gripped my chest as I realized she was starting to wake up. She slurred her words a little as she was trapped between dreams and reality, "MMmmm...no. Stay." She tried to pull me back in, and I obliged. Who could say no to that? She smiled a little bit, and as given away by her light snores, was soon back in dreamland.

I laid there for a good fifteen minutes and alternated between staring at Haruhi and resting my eyes. I played with her hair a little and finally decided to actually get up this time. I slipped out of her grasp, and made my way down to the kitchen.

Things were pretty routine for the first few minutes. I made some tea, got some toast, and went to go open the fridge to get the butter. Suddenly, I saw a note on the fridge door:

Tell Kyon about idea

What idea? Oh man, I felt my anxiety kicking in already. Whenever Haruhi had an "idea", it usually meant another possible world-altering catastrophe that needed to be discovered, solved, and handled by yours truly.

As I read the note and tried to figure out exactly what it meant, I failed to notice Haruhi as she made her way into the kitchen. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes as she made her way over to me. She kissed me good morning and walked over to the teapot and poured herself a mug. What I really enjoyed about all of this was she was in nothing but her panties and one of my extra large t-shirts. Talk about a great sight to see in the morning.

She must have caught me staring at the note. "So, I see you found my little treasure map, eh?" She grabbed a piece of toast from my plate.

"Map? Looks more like a stray thought."

"It's not when I tell you what we'll be doing this weekend." As she took a chomp of my toast.

"Okay, I'll bite. What are we doing this weekend?"

She backed up and put her hands up like a magician waiting to reveal a trick, "Well, we are…wait for it…" She threw her hands up in the air with glee as she smiled broadly at me, "we're going camping!". Her smile died down a little when she saw that I had no reaction to it whatsoever. "Oh, come on Kyon! Camping! We get to go fishing, and pitch a tent, and catch bugs, and eat over a campfire! Doesn't that sound like fun?"

I took a melancholic bite of my toast and stared her down. "Sure."

She huffed and put her hands to her hips. "Look, mister. I'm happy you have this wonderful new job, but I feel like I've barely gotten to see you! You're always up late planning and working, and I want you to myself for a while. It's only been a year since we've been married, and I already feel like you're going through a midlife crisis!" She pointed an accusatory finger at me, "You're going camping with me, no excuses!"

I rolled my eyes and put down my plate, "Look, it's not like I don't want to spend time with you Haruhi, I do. I just worry, ya know? I know the boss gave us this weekend off and stuff, but I'm just afraid that in the off-chance I'm needed and I'm not around, that I'll get in some kind of trouble."

I saw Haruhi's intensity die down a little as her pointed finger lowered to her side. She sighed and walked over to me and put her hand on my chest. "Look. I know you're under a lot of pressure, and I can appreciate that. I know this is a bit last-minute, but I don't care! You're my husband, and I'm spending time with you. You're worrying about literally nothing Kyon. You're being as big of an idiot as you were in high school right now." She playfully flicked my forehead.

Ow! Dangit, I wasn't ready for that! However, as much as I'd hate to admit it, she's got me there. The higher-ups did give us two extra days off, so I'm not sure exactly what I'm worried about. Maybe this job is just getting to me.

She walked over to the fridge and bent down to get some orange juice. I leaned over to my left a little bit to get a better vantage point. Purple panties, huh? A nice change from the usual white ones.

She must have felt me staring, because she shot up from the fridge and made me jump. She took a swig of the OJ from the carton and put it back in place - while never breaking eye contact. She had a sly smile on her face as she shut the door and wiped her mouth. She took a few steps towards me; I could hear her bare feet hitting the floor as she strutted in my direction. "Oh, and just letting you know...if you need an extra reason or two to get excited about camping with me this weekend, let me just give you a little taste…" she put her arm around my neck, lowered my head down, and kissed me deeply. The sudden taste of orange flooded my mouth as I kissed her back and let my hands wander around her curves as they made their way slowly up the extra-large t-shirt she wore. I felt her perky breast in my left hand while my right ventured on towards her backside.

She must have liked what I was doing, because as both of my hands took turns giving squeezes in various places, she gasped with joy as I felt her kiss form into a smile. She jumped up and crossed her legs around my waist as she let her drive take over.

My tea was probably cold by now.

She broke away from kissing me and glanced at the clock. "Listen, I have to go out today"–she kissed me again–"for some last minute shopping for our trip." She kissed me a little harder and bit my lip. "So, I was thinking, before I left"–this time, she grabbed my butt– "maybe you and I could spend some alone time together now?" She looked at me with those eyes….those damned puppy dog eyes that get me to agree with anything.

Not that this was something I would really disagree with.

...Maybe camping won't be so bad.

Unfortunately, I would soon find out that bliss like this doesn't last forever.

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