Hello! This is just an idea that got stuck in my head, wouldn't leave until I wrote it down, and now here we are! What was supposed to just be a one-shot turned into a three-shot, and many, many more pages than what I originally planned. Rating is for language and suggestive themes, but nothing graphic. Thanks for stopping by! Reviews are appreciated!

"See, your lips are moving, but I can't understand a word of what you're saying."

"Well maybe if you'd actually pay attention. What are you looking at anyway?" Trafalgar Law asked as he glanced around the room, trying to pinpoint where her gaze was focusing.

"N-nothing! I'm paying attention!" Skylar yelped, quickly looking back down at the homework she was working on, hoping to hide that she'd in fact been looking at him. "It's not my fault you can't explain it properly!" Law rolled his eyes.

"I'm explaining it fine, this isn't even hard," He told her, running his tattooed hand over his face and sending her another glare. They'd been at this for over an hour, and he was starting to get a headache.

"I can't do math, I'm gay!" She glared right back up at him, though his expression remained neutral.

"Shut up, that's not even an excuse. Besides, I thought you told me you were 'proudly bisexual and don't you forget it'. Your words," Law said through gritted teeth, reciting the same line she'd thrown at him a few months ago.

"Eh, close enough. If I don't pass geometry this year, I'll never get into a good school, and I'll be known as the "Dumb Chick Who Can't Do Math", and nobody will wanna hire me, and my life will be over!" Skylar, dramatic as ever, made it sound as though it were so obvious. Maybe to her it was. To Law, it was the height of ridiculousness. Then again, she'd always been like this, even when he met her his senior year.

"Stop being stupid. Read the problem again, out loud."

"Heeeyyy, teachers can't call students stupid to their face!" She pouted.

"Hm, my mistake. I'm still learning, after all," Law smirked at her as she stuck her tongue out at him. "The problem, read it again." She stared him down for a second, a battle of wills she knew she'd never win, then finally deflated and read the problem out with a sigh.

"A triangle has a perimeter of 50. If 2 of its sides are equal and the third side is 5 more than the equal sides, what is the length of the third side?"

"What's your first step?" Law asked, sitting on the edge of her desk. Ok, so maybe he shouldn't sit this close to a student, but there was nobody else in the classroom at this time, and they were friends, whether he was her teacher or not. Skylar had study hall as her last period, and rather than spend it with Nico-sensei in the History wing like she was assigned, she often came here to the literature department to spend it with Donquixote-sensei (or Roci-sensei, as he preferred the students call him). He was her favorite teacher, and when Law took over the rest of the semester as an assistant teacher, it only made more sense for her to come here. Cora-san didn't mind, and usually left the two alone to their work while he took care of making copies (and took the opportunity for an extra long smoke break).

"Start making guesses?" She questioned, smiling cheekily up at him. At his unamused expression she huffed. "Look, if I knew what my first step was, I probably wouldn't be having so much trouble. I know we technically covered it in class, but it all went completely over my head, and the teacher does not like to explain things twice. You remember, don't you? Uuugh," she groaned, rubbing her hands over her face. "I wish I could just do another year of algebra, that was so much easier. Oh man, and school's almost done! I'm never gonna get this finished!" She cried, glancing at the clock. The bell would ring in less than 5 minutes.

"This basically is algebra, Skylar-ya, you just need to create the formula yourself. And, hey…" Skylar glanced up at him as he trailed off, an uncomfortable expression on his face that wouldn't look at her. When he finally glanced in her direction, she looked absolutely dejected in a way that tugged at his chest where Law supposed a heart may reside. He chose to ignore that though. "If you're having that much trouble with me explaining it, you can come over this weekend and we can keep working on it. I'm sure Cora-san would love to help you too," Law quickly covered his tracks. Sure, she'd been over before, had even stayed a few weeks when she broke up with her ex, but that didn't mean he was invested in helping her. Cora-san, however, would likely have his ass if he didn't try to help her. Damn clumsy ass, cigarette smoki-

"Can I play with Bepo?" Skylar asked, hopeful.

Law chose to ignore the flutter in his chest cavity as her expression lit up.

"For every question you finish correctly, you can give him one belly rub," he said, rolling his eyes and glaring in the direction of the blackboard.

"Hehe, you're just jealous your dog loves me more. Ok, deal!" She smiled up at him briefly, then turned back to her homework. "Ok, first step...uhhhh….help?" Law shook his head with a slight smile, turning more towards her to explain the steps to the problem.

Skylar wished she could say she listened, truly she tried, but she quickly found herself once again being pulled into those gorgeous, golden eyes. There was something about the way they focused on the problem, how passionate he sounded about teaching, whether it was her or any of the other students in school.

She had asked him once, "why teaching?" When they'd first been introduced he'd wanted to be a heart surgeon, was the top of all his classes and well on his way to a top university. Only, when he actually started his college courses, he'd majored in education instead. He'd pushed through the program quickly, not even taking off for summer or winter breaks, and managed to graduate and land into an assistant teaching position at 21. Unfortunately for him, the only way Principal Donquixote would let him resume teaching at their school was if he shadowed the younger Donquixote brother for the year, which wasn't an issue other than the subject. Law went to school to be a biology and anatomy teacher, with almost no focus on the written word. He wouldn't complain, though; Law had wanted to remain close to home.

His explanation to her question had been a bit of a surprise, though she later realized it fit him perfectly: "I already know how to operate on someone should the need arise, why should I go to school for 16 years to get a piece of paper that says I know how?" Skylar had thought about arguing the fact that without said "piece of paper", he'd never be allowed near the tools needed to operate but ended up not pushing the issue. He was a good teacher, if stubborn, and she was happy to have him here, especially in these moments when she got him all to herself.

She'd unknowingly started to daze, entranced by him as she so often became in these moments, all thoughts of geometry and college and cute dogs thrown to the void as he leant over her homework. He was so close, close enough she could just catch his scent, feel his warmth, ever so barely. What would happen if she were to just inch forward just a bit? Touch his scruffy cheek, place her lips on his? Would he pull away? Kiss her back?

Turns out she'd be getting her answer, for in her daze she'd done exactly as she'd been imagining. She came to awareness when she felt softness against her lips, a firm hand grasped around her wrist; her green eyes widened to reflect gold ones staring back at her, though they didn't pull away. Other than a slight tinge in his cheeks, Law didn't seem to react at all, and as Skylar realized what she'd done she quickly pulled away from him.

Time seemed to still for a moment, both holding their breath as they processed what had happened. Law recovered first, partly, and his shocked red face turned into a soft smirk, almost a smile, brows furrowed, as Skylar's burned in embarrassment. Her nerves were so on edge she nearly shrieked when the final bell rang, signaling her chance to escape. She quickly grabbed her homework off the desk, shoving it haphazardly into her bag, and nearly fell over it as she tried to simultaneously stand up and run out the door. Law watched her go, shoving his hands in his pockets as he scrunched his face in confusion over what just happened. He'd hoped his smirk had been disarming enough to hide his true reaction from her, but it didn't change the fact that he now had a very big issue to deal with.

But first, he'd have to deal with the issue of himself.

"Ahh finally the end of the d-OOF!" Donquixote Rocinante announced his presence by tripping over his own feet and face planting into the floor, snapping Law back to reality before Cora-san noticed his dazed expression. "Oi, Law, your face is red? Are you feeling ok?"

"Of course, I'm fine. Let's just go home…"

"Hey, Skylar-chan! Are you even listening to me?"

Skylar blinked as Nami snapped her fingers in front of her eyes, bringing her crashing back down to Earth as they walked the long trek to Nami's house. She'd been trying not to think about the events of study hall, which of course meant that was all she could think about, and her face turned beet red once again.

"Sorry, Nami. What was that again?"

"Jeez, you're out of it today," Nami thought for a moment. "Something happened. Spill," the orange-haired girl crossed her arms, stopping in the middle of the sidewalk and blocking Skylar's path. "Don't think you're getting out of telling me, either. Something's bothering you, and I'm not above charging you until you tell me!"

"Ya know, most friends don't charge money to not hear about their friends' problems," Skylar tried to deflect, knowing it would do her no good in the end. Nami got what she wanted, and Skylar could never hide from her anyway.

"Spill, Skylar-chan. If I need to shake someone down, I can't do it if you don't tell me." Nami said with a wink as they resumed their walk. Skylar took a deep breath to steady herself, though she was unsuccessful, and launched her tale at top speed.

"SoIMayOrMayNotHaveTotallyKissedLaw-IMeanTrafalgar-SenseiAndIDon'tKnowWhatCameOverMeButTheWorldIsDefinitelyEndingAndIWannaDieOfEmbarrassmentPleaseDon'tJudgeMe!" She squeaked, clenching her eyes shut to avoid seeing Nami's reaction. When she heard only silence, she tentatively glanced up at the taller woman, who's eyebrows were raised in shock and confusion.

"Alright, I heard 'kissed', and 'Trafalgar-sensei', and 'embarrassment'. Calm down, it's really about time you know," Nami said matter-of-factly, ignoring Skylar's face turning redder and redder as she balked at her. That wasn't the reaction she expected.

"No, it's not 'about time', Nami, it never should have happened! God, we're friends, and I definitely screwed things up now. Not to mention he's a teacher, and it doesn't matter that I'm 18, that's gotta be against so many rules. The last thing I want is to get him in trouble, and screw up this job for him, God why am I so stupid?!" She crashed into Nami as she wallowed, nearly ending up on her behind.

"Skylar, you're not stupid. We all make mistakes, the best thing you can do is move on from it. Talk to him. You've been friends for years now, who cares if he's a teacher?"

"Uuuugh I don't think I can talk to him anytime soon. Shit! I said I'd go over this weekend to work on homework! I can't face him this soon!" She ran her hands through her silver hair, pulling at the roots as her anxiety worked its way through her. Nami's hands on her shoulders was the only thing that grounded her and kept her from spiraling further.

"I'm sure he doesn't expect you to show up still, and even if he does, just say you got caught up with something I needed you for," Nami told her, flashing a peace sign. "I'll back you up, say we made you do chores all weekend to make up for us letting you stay here! Don't worry, Skylar-chan, I've got your back!"

Skylar gave her as best a smile as she could conjure, glad to have her as a friend. "I can do chores, you know. It's not fair that you and Nojiko let me hog up your couch."

"Nonsense! Your lovely company is plenty," Nami told her, a slight suggestive purr in her voice. Skylar just rolled her eyes with a smile, especially when Nami continued, "Besides, Nojiko would kill me if I actually charged you for staying with us, so take the free stay while you can!"

"Thanks, Nami," Skylar smiled genuinely, linking arms with the other girl and finishing the walk home.

Peng: Hey u comin over to L house 2morrow?

Sky: Can you ever type full words?

Shach: I tihnk his brian wud impoloed if he tried 2 speel antng

Peng:...look whos talkin, wuz that even a real language?

Sky: I can't come over tomorrow, I've gotta work. Besides, I don't think Law wants to see me right now, today was kind of a weird day at school

Shach: Taht grreen guy finaly go 2 the rite class 4 once?

Sky: Wow that's painful to look at...No, why would that matter? It's nothing really, and no need to ask him about it I'm sure he'd say the same thing, it was just a crazy day and we probably should spend the weekend by ourselves, you know?

Peng: ok wat happened?

Shach: U and Lvrboi finaly comfessss ur luv 4 eac ohter?

Peng: Jesus Shachi look at a dictionary

Sky: STFU Shachi, I'm not in the mood

Peng: Seriously tho, was it sumthin 2 do with that? *seen by Skylar*

Shach: ya tahts it! Spill! Ohterwiz well juts aks L aw 2 tel us

Peng: Shachi slow tf down! You're incomprehensible!

Sky: Wow Penguin, I'm impressed!

Peng: STFU Skylar! DETAILS!

Sky: NO! I just kinda sorta maybe accidentally kissed him is all, do NOT make a big deal out of it you two!

*Penguin and Shachi are typing*

Skylar groaned as she threw her phone down on the floor, deciding to just ignore the continuous buzzing indicating group chat notifications. She loved Shachi and Penguin, really, she did, but this wasn't something she wanted to discuss with them. They'd been friends for years, ever since she had accidentally ended up in their senior shop class as a freshman; but they were Law's best friends. If they really thought he'd talk to them about what happened, they should go to him first. Right now? Skylar just wanted to forget the whole thing. Just for a while.

She lay back on Nami's bed, legs dangling over the edge, as she waited for her to return from showering. She listened to the sounds of Nojiko finishing up in the kitchen downstairs while she played with her pajama top, glancing all around the room for something to focus on before she went back to thinking about that.

Too late.

It was all she could remember: his hand on her wrist, the soft press of their lips together, the look he gave her when she pulled away, it all played like a movie montage in her mind. When she closed her eyes, she could still feel his warmth, still recall the scent of antiseptic and cedarwood that clung to him. It wasn't until she heard a soft giggle that she opened her eyes and realized she'd been touching her lips, too engrossed in the memory.

"My, that is an interesting shade of red you're turning, Skylar-chan," Nami teased from the doorway, clad in short shorts and a tank top and her hair wrapped in a towel. "You're gonna make me think more than just a kiss happened."

"Don't tease me right now, please, Nami...I'm really trying not to think about it."

Nami frowned as she made her way into her bedroom, closing the door behind her and dropping the towel. She lay on her side next to Skylar, head resting in her palm, looking over her friend with concern in her eyes.

"Skylar, I'm sure it'll be fine. Take the weekend to relax, but you're gonna have to see him eventually." She reached out and rubbed Skylar's arm, trying to offer some comfort. Skylar grabbed her hand, turning her head slightly to face her.

"What if I totally screwed up our friendship, Nami? Like...everyone else already knew I liked him, but now he knows too, and not even because I told him, but because I acted completely without thinking….I'm so stupid, Nami," Skylar sniffled, trying to hold back tears. "I can handle liking him and nothing coming from it, but I don't think I can handle completely cutting him off from my life. We've been friends through so many moments in my life." She wiped at her eyes. "Getting kicked out of my parents' house, my breakup with Mimi, just general teenage angst...God." She promptly burst into tears, Nami immediately reaching out and holding her close as she sobbed. The girls lay like that for a few minutes, Nami rubbing circles in Skylar's back to help calm her down.

Eventually, Skylar rolled back over, sniffling, and rubbed the leftover tears from her eyes. She blinked at the ceiling once, twice, then turned back to Nami with a small smile. "Thanks, Nami. Sorry for freaking out like that."

"It's ok, Skylar-chan. Do you want me to come with you when you talk to him?" Skylar shook her head.

"No, no I'll be ok. I'm a big girl," she let out a laugh at Nami's wink. "Thank you, really. Ugh it's gonna be so hard to get through this weekend. I'm honestly so embarrassed!" She laughed, mind wandering once again. "I wish I could just...forget for a little while. Pretend it didn't happen so I can relax enough to fall asleep." Nami gave her a sly look.

"I may be able to help with that…" She trailed off, lightly trailing her fingers along Skylar's arm, raising goosebumps. Skylar glanced at her, a small smirk on her face as she thought about Nami's offer. It wouldn't be their first time, and with the way things were going in her love life it probably wouldn't be the last either. It wouldn't mean anything, it never did, it would just be a way to blow off some steam and relax before bed.

Nami waited for Skylar to answer before making a move, fully ready to just go to sleep if the answer was "no", but she was pleasantly surprised by the feeling of soft lips pressed against hers, shy and tentative in a way only Skylar seemed to manage, saying just enough for Nami to take control of the situation.

Nami ran her hands through Skylar's silver locks, lifting onto her elbows to lean the other girl down onto her back. She kissed her cheek, her jaw, her nose, then back to her lips, parting them easily before sliding her tongue between Skylar's teeth. Skylar's hands rested on Nami's shoulders, one hand sliding up behind the girl's head to grasp her orange hair.

Nami moved her knee between the other girl's thighs, pressing gently against her core while her hands wandered to the hem of her shirt. They broke their kissing for only a moment, just long enough for them both to remove their tops, before going right back to it, hands roaming over naked torsos and supple flesh. Small gasps escaped each girl's mouth in between kisses, and as Nami moved to kiss Skylar's neck, her hands pinned the girl to the bed by the wrists, and Skylar rocked her hips against the other girl's knee.

The sweet little whimpers escaping from Skylar's mouth drove Nami crazy, urging her on though she was loathe to rush too quickly. She leaned back, quickly removing Skylar's shorts and underwear as well as her own, leaving them both exposed to the elements. Skylar shivered under Nami's hungry gaze, squirming slightly in anticipation. Nami just let her eyes explore her body for a moment, drinking in the sight before her, before once again kissing the girl before her. Skylar always did look so beautiful like this.

Before long the girls fell into a tangle of limbs, naked, panting, moaning through the night before finally passing out in a sweaty mess with their arms around each other. Skylar didn't dream of wayward kisses that night, and instead slept soundly, as if she hadn't slept in days.