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Kikyou p. o. v

The First time I met Sasuke's student was awkward.

The girl was nothing like I imagined.

Based on Naruto's discréption, lorelli was supposed to be an annoying brat who has a bad temper, but the girl in front of me was everything a lady should be, and Naruto never mentioned that lorelli was the very definition of beauty.

She has long honey blond hair, that falls like a river of sparkles around her heart shaped face , not even a single hair out of place.

Just the opposite to my wavy red hair,guess not everyone are blessed with silky, soft hair.

her skin was so fair, it feels as if you can see through it, a skin that rivals that of a Huyga , Of course, she's a princess, she doesn't have to walk in the sun or train or do whatever other girls do, she can sit all day long taking care of her soft skin.

There was one word that could describe the princess : Gorgeous. just my luck.

"Hello miss Kikyou, it's a pleasure to meet you"

I took few minutes before answering "Hi, the pleasure is all mine princess"

"Just lorelli please" she said with a smile.

Great, I thought princesses were supposed to be arrogante , but this one seems nice enough, or maybe she's playing nice.

And damn have I mentioned that she has the most beautiful hazal eyes i had ever seen, eyes that kept following Sasuke's every movement .

Wait a minute following Sasuke?

Maybe it's because he was the only person she knew at the dinner, yeah that must be it.

The dinner was okay, no-one talked except for Naruto with some comments from uncle madara about eating in silence.

When we sat in the leaving room Naruto approached me and whispered.

" I don't like that girl"

"Why not" I tried not to smile, yes at least someone agrees with me.

"She's evil, she made me Stay in jail for two weeks without ramen, and then blackmailed me into training her."

Okay maybe my reasons and Naruto's are not the same, but it doesn't matter, does it?, I found an alley.

"Sasuke likes her"

I said.

"Teme? Nah, Sasuke doesn't even like himself, he's just playing nice cause she's a princess and all."


"So princesse, tell us about your trainings with Sasuke, how is it going?"

asked her Madara.

The girl looked at him and smiled, what the hell, why was she smiling at Madara, who on earth smiles at someone as scary as madara, unless she was trying to win him over.

" Great, I'm improving "

" That's for me to say princess, if you're improving or not"

Commented Sasuke.

The girl glared at him "am sure I am , in the end I have the greatest teacher ever"

Her ton was sarcastice , but I couldn't help feeling annoyed.

Madara smirked then looked at me.

"Maybe kikyou Chan could help you, she's an excellent kinoichi, and you girls can have fun together."

Me? helping that little fake doll, who's been ogling my fiance as if he was a candy bar, no way in hell.

However that's not what I said

"Sure thing Madara _Sama, if she wants too, I'm ready to help"

"Call me Uncle Madara kikyou, there's no need for formalities between us"

I nodded and turned to look at Sasuke, who was still smirking at the princess.

"Sasuke, what do you think about me training Lorelli in your place this week?"

I offered, if I have to help her in order to keep her away from Sasuke I'll do it.

"I don't think it's a good idea kikyou Chan , we have a routine, but you are welcome to join us in our trainings if you want. "


The next day.

Loreli p. o. v

"That's it princesse, You'r too tired to continue"

He said

I shock my head and tried to stand up.

"I'm fine, let's continue"

Sasuke rolled his eyes on me "No, your body needs to rest princess"

I tried my hardest not to frown , why, why couldn't I stop feeling disappointed every time he walks away from me, The guy was engaged to someone else and I'm... I'm nobody to him.

His fiancé was nothing like my expectations , she's not ugly, nor a tomboy, if anything Uzumaki Kikyou was a beautiful young girl.

I looked at my small hands, and legs, kikyou has a kinoichi's body, all soft muscles and nice forms, and what did I have? a fair delicate skin.

"Hey Lorelli , are you okay? Did I hurt you?"

Sasuke was standing in front of me his voice held a a bit of concern in it.

"Nah... I'm fine" I managed to say.

He didn't back away as I expected him to do, on the opposite he ruffled my hair as usual and sat down next to her

(Oh please don't do this)

"Do what?" he asked.

Great I said that out loud.

"Don't touch my hair, you'll make it messy."

My hair wasn't as wavy and thick as kikyou's hair, my hair was boring flat , all silky and soft, even his color was boring compared to kikyou's red locks.

Those thoughts makes me sad, I should really stop it.

Sasuke chuckled " Lo, You'r pouting,

If it's about your hair you know that it never gets messy , your hair is too silky to get messy"

I pouted even more " Why are you always insulting me"

I snapped.

Sasuke looked at me as if I was crazy.

"Lorelli, guess you forgot to take your medicine, you seem crazier than usual today "

I ignored him and tried to concentrate on my hands, this was not good, why wasn't he going away, I'm trying to get over my crush on him and his attitude was not helping, I just love the way he tease me.

"Sasuke shouldn't you be going now ?"

The Uchiha nodded "Yeah, I still have time though if you want to tell me anything"

"No" I muttered.

He was about to go when i called him back.



"Can you stay with me for a bit ? I mean since you still have time"

He hesitated before sitting back again.

" Well? You'r going to tell me, why are you acting like a mad kitten or what? "

"No , let's play a game" i suggested .

The Uchiha raised one eyebrow," a game ? I don't do games princess "

"Oh come on, it's something to pass the time, I bet it's better than drowning yourself in that office"

Maybe this was my chance to gather informations about his relationship with his fiancé, if it's a political marriage as the rumors says, and there is really nothing between them, maybe i can change his mind.

"What kind of games?"

" emm, it's called : I'v never, you say something _"

"I know the game" he cut me off.

"However we don't have anything to drink for the things we've done"

"We don't need to drink anything, it's just for fun and I'll get to know you better"

Sasuke huffed "Why does everyone seems interested in knowing me these days"

"Why who else asked to know you better?"

"Never mind, let's start"


"It's your turn Sasuke "

He thought for a second, guess he had already used most of the things he had never done.

"Well, I've never kissed a stranger " he Said.

"Oh, em " I started before muttering "I have.."

"Really!" Sasuke asked, eyes wide open.

Okay, now I feel embarrassed under his stare "It's nothing like you think..."

"How do you know what I'm thinking?"

"I can see it on your face, stop smirking like that you jerk."

"Then how is it?"

"It was a prince from a nearby kingdom, he wanted to marry me, and I did that just to blow him off, make him think that I'm... You know, not a lady"

Sasuke chuckled " You didn't have to kiss him in order to prove that princess, it's pretty obvious that You'r not a lady"

"Oh I hate you Uchiha Sasuke. "

" Never have I ever used a sexy jutsue" He muttered.

" À sexy jutsue ?" I raised one eyebrow in question.

"One of Naruto's création, he turns himself into a sexy girl" he explained briefly.

"Ew... That guy's brain is a bag of cats, seriously how is he your best friend?"

"I really don't know"

" Never have I ever been in an arranged marriage" I announced

Sasuke hummed as he laid his head on the grass "Good for you, thought a beautiful princess like you would be asked in marriage from several people."

I couldn't help the blush that covered my face.

"Guess they figure out how crazy you are and changes theirs minds"

He added.

Told you, he never compliment me.

I huffed "You'r impossible, anyway you didn't answer, have u even been in a an arranged marriage?"

"No, nobody decides in my place princess"


Training ground n 6.

"No sharingan" said kikyou while gathering her mass of red hair in a ponytail.

"No sharingan" agreed Sasuke, he never lacked confidence in his power even without his sharingan, and he was more than ready to show his fiancee that the sharingan is not all what he has.

They punched, kicked, blocked and evaded, he used some basic ninjutsue on her, and didn't move lightning fast.

She wasn't weak at all, it's just that he was too strong, however there's something that all Uzumaki's have and it had always fascinated Sasuke : large Chakra reserves, despite sparing for almost two hours, the girl didn't break a sweat.

And it was time he ends this long sparring session.

Kikyou used a futon technique on him, one he knows very well.

He felt her hands on his feets, pulling him down into the earth, he could have evaded and done a substitution, but a part of him wanted her to win.

"You got me. What are you gonna do now" murmured the Uchiha a glimpse of amusement in his voice.

"I'm surprised you let me pull you under" admitted kikyou, still not believing that she won the spar.

"Caught me off guard, guess I underestimated you"

Kikyou smiled " I won, guess I deserved a reward"

"Even though I went easy on you?"

Sasuke said while trying to get out of the trap.

"And how do I know you went easy on me? Might be saying that just to not give me a reward"

She knows very well that he went easy on her, but she'll never admitted it .

"Fine, what do you want ?"

Kikyou thought for minute "I want you to let Naruto train the princess in your place"

She stated.

If sasuke was expecting something it certainly wasn't that.

"Why would you want something like that?"

"That way we can spend more time together, you know..."

The Uchiha looked at her suspiciously.

"Naruto would never agree to that"

He said as a matter of fact.

"Oh yeah he will"

She assured him.

"You seem pretty sure he will, why is that?"

Kikyou smirked while remembering her last conversation with the blond.


"I tell you, Naruto , it's like she knows she gets on my nerves and tries to do it deliberately, by hovering over Sasuke" kikyou said, sidestepping a roundhouse kick.

"She's supposed to be nice to Sasuke, he's the one training her ," Naruto shrugged, ducking under a right hook, and landing a quick back fist to kikyou's ribs.

"Oh, you okay kiki?"

Kikyou blinked "I'm fine" she asserted, sitting up and shaking her head.

"She's in love with him, I swear Naruto, that girl is in love with my fiancee"

Naruto shrugged " I don't know, their interaction seemed normal to me"

"Of course you wouldn't notice anything Naruto, you were more focused on the food than on anything else."

"Can't blame me, it's not everyday uncle madara invite us to eat at his house, and it was worthy, any way even if the princess has something for Sasuke I'm sure he's not interested."

Kikyou huffed " but she's... She's..."

"beautiful ?, yeah true " helped the blond

"No, she's Gorgeous. She's gorgeous Naruto. "

Now the blond Uzumaki raised an eyebrow, giving her a funny look. "Sasuke said that?"

"What no, of course not , I can see for myself."

Naruto bleu eyes sparkled with amusement he couldn't suppress. "Maybe Sasuke should be the jealous one," he teased.

" Oh, you did not just say that Naruto"

The blond laughed "You didn't see your face while talking about her, Gorgeous, you said she was gorgeous with dreamy eyes, sparklers and all... Maybe You'r more into girls hhh"

" Oh you're so dead Naruto ," Kikyou yelled dropping back into a fighting stance.

"Wait, wait" Naruto waved his hands to stop her

" Now if you are sure that she's in love with him, why are you letting them continue their training sessions?"

Kikyou stopped for a moment before saying " Good point Naruto, but what can I do about it"

Naruto rubbed the back of his head while thinking " if there was someone capable of training her instead of teme...someone who's not busy... But who"

Kikyou blinked, while looking at the blond


" Yes "

" You promised to help me in the matter of Sasuke and the princess right? "

The blond boy turned his head to look at kikyou " yeah, why? ."

"Guess I know what to do"

"What "

Kikyou pressed her lips together in a thinking gesture before saying "You'r going to train her instead of Sasuke, in the end, it's you who was supposed to be training her not Sasuke, You'r already taking care of Tobirama's old team, it's gonna be normal if she joined you "

Naruto's face had an annoyed expression on it "I can't say no, now, can I?"

"Of course you can't, what are friends and family for"

End of the flashback.

"He'll accept, don't worry about that , all you have to do is to ask him"

Sasuke wasn't convinced but he had to agree "Will see about that, I'll talk to him tomorrow, the dobe is on a small mission today"