Remnants Mightiest Heroes!

Chapter 1: The Fugitives Part 1




That is the best word to describe the state of Planet Remnant. A pale and shattered moon glowed a faint white from the dark-red sky. A once pristine city is now reduced to nothing more than chunks of rubble. Purple crystals littered the area, glowing an ominous purple. Where water once flowed through now flows a black tar-like substance. Vegetation everywhere had withered and died from the lack of sunlight and nutrition. There is no form of life left to be found.

Except for them.

From the black tar, creatures emerged in various shapes and sizes. But what makes them alike is the black mass they are made up and the bone-like plates and protrusions. As one emerged from the black river, another came forth. Snarling, they attacked each other without a second thought, already destroying what's left of the buildings. A wyvern soared above them, black droplets the size of small meteors crashed into the ground, each creating more of the creatures to add to the endless cycle of carnage.


Everything stopped in motion as if time itself had paused. Standing at the center is an observer. He is clad in green and purple armor, hands crossed in front of him. His helmet is opened at the face, revealing a blue face with white markings. White eyes are filled with hatred at the creatures.

"Abominations…" The observer growled in a low tone as he watched a wolf creature tear the throat out of one of its bear-like kin. None of them even glance upwards at his position or sense him from that matter. "Very soon I will be rid of you."

On his right wrist, a screen flash to life, bringing his attention.

"Lord Kang," One of his minions spoke from it. "We have a suspect in our custody."

"Excellent," Kang replied. "I will be with you shortly. Keep them detained until my arrival."

"Yes, Milord."

Kang ended the transmission and gave the scene one last hard glance. "Initiate Chronal Jump to Beacon Academy Base. Area Code RS-1513."

In a flash of purple, he traveled through time and space. Within seconds, he was in the amphitheater of Beacon Academy. What once was an area for selecting the teams of Remnants so-called protectors now became a new throne room. Kang got up from the Time-Chair and walked to the throne upon the stage. Behind the throne stood two statues of himself parallel to each other, holding a globe of Remnant above them.

He sat upon the throne and turned his attention to the doors to the amphitheater. "Bring in the prisoner!"

The doors opened inwards and two of his soldiers armed with rifles came forward with the prisoner walking in front. He is a man too tall for anyone to realize he is a teenager. Burnt-Orange hair is a mess and stained with blood. Silver-gray armor cracked at the symbol of an outstretched bird, ready to fall apart at any moment. Black shirt and pants have been reduced to rags, exposing several cuts and bruises that his aura didn't heal yet. His hands are bound by green energy in front of him.

When he is in front of him, the prisoner glared at the conqueror with indigo eyes. Kang didn't care, his insults mean nothing to him.

"Kneel before Lord Kang! Your ruler!" The guards shouted. When he didn't comply, the one on his right shoved the butt of his rifle into his back. Grunting, he fell to the ground on his knees, rifles trained on him. Kang held up a hand and waved them off.

"Cardin Winchester," Kang spoke the name of the prisoner with an air of familiarity. "Leader of team CRDL – Sorry, former team leader of CRDL. From what I heard; the rest of your team didn't exactly survive."

"Gee, I wonder why," Cardin asked with venom in his voice. "Could it be the fact that your bucket heads killed them in cold blood? Not that they had any."

"Quiet!" A guard raised his rifle to strike, but Kang waved him off again.

"Your anger is much expected," Kang spoke without care. "In time, you will find it futile to resist. But enough of that, I assume you know why my guards brought you here?"

"Not a clue you blue-headed freak," Cardin replied, which lead to one of the guards striking him in the head.

"Oh, I think you know, otherwise I wouldn't have known about the incident fifteen minutes ago. You see, approximately one hour after my conquest, I gave Beacon Academy and Vale a deal. If they had accepted, I would have been a lot more merciful.

"Approximately an hour ago, your Academy refused to surrender the individuals that I ordered them to," Kang continued, stressing the word individuals as if it displeased him. "So, I sent my forces to bring them to me. Then, I received word that you and your team have not only resisted but are caught in the act of aiding the fugitives. You fought bravely for ten minutes before three-quarters of your team have died with you as it's the only survivor. So, I will ask you this once…"

Kang stood up and gave the boy a hard glare. He opened a portal and pulled out a green energy sword. Holding it threateningly at his throat, he asked the question.

"Where are they?"


A contingent of Kang's soldiers marched through the streets of Vale. Overhead, ships patrolled the skies. Onlookers pulled back in fear or else ran into random buildings and bolted the door. The Soldiers didn't pay them any heed as they continued their patrol, meeting up with another. Above them, ships flew with lights shining down upon the streets.

Their leaders stepped forward.

"Any sign of them?"

"None. We've swept the area, no sign of them"

"Keep searching, Interrogate the locals. Lord Kang wants them alive."


The two leaders went back to their patrols and resumed their march. When the street was clear, the boarded door of the store From Dust till Dawn opened slightly. An old man wearing an apron peered out from behind the boarded-up door and glanced around.

"The streets are clear," The Shopkeeper closed the door and turned to his guests. Teams RWBY and JNPR stood in a semi-circle in the clear space. Shelves have been moved to barricade against the shattered windows. Dispensers contained black powder. "You'll be safe for now."

"Thank you, Mister," Ruby Rose, leader of Team RWBY, smiled. "It is nice of you to give us refuge in your shop. Even though it…. Well…" She struggled for the right choice of words.

"That's alright," The Shopkeeper smiled as he walked to the back of the store. "You helped me with Roman Torchwick a while back young miss, it's only natural that I return the favor. I'll be in the back if you need me."

"Thank you," Ruby called after him. Her smile then faded as she looked to her friends. They shared the same expression.

"We can't stay here for long," She declared.

"Agreed," Weiss Schnee nodded. "If those metalheads find us, they'll take him away for harboring fugitives."

"We'll have to wait until they're gone," Blake spoke carefully, peeking out through the boarded windows as much as she dared. "Once they finished their patrols, we should be clear to make our way to the docks."

"Great," Yang, Ruby's half-sister, groaned as she crossed her arms in frustration. "More sneaking around."

Everyone became silent.

"We should probably check our weapons," Ruby spoke quietly, taking out Crescent Rose from behind her back. "And empty them of dust. I mean, it's not like we can use it anymore. It will only slow us down. Yang, could you set up the barricade?"

"Sure, thing Rubes."

Everyone nodded and went to different parts of the room. They took out their weapons to perform maintenance. Yang grabbed some shelves and started setting them against the door. As they worked, they asked the same question ever since the invasion.

How did this happen?

It all happened during the Vytal Festival. It was a tradition created to celebrate the peace between the Kingdoms. Every two years, a Kingdom would be chosen to open its doors to allow citizens from every corner of Remnant to meet and indulge in one another's cultures. The major part of the festival is the combat tournament, which students from each of the four huntsman academies: Beacon Academy for Vale, Haven Academy for Mistral, Shade Academy for Vacuo, and finally Atlas. Teams RWBY and JNPR are among the others chosen to participate in the tournament.

They easily made it through the tournament right up to the singles round. The first match was between Mercury Black and Ruby's sister Yang Xiao Long when it happened. The power suddenly fluctuated as a series of portals encircled the arena. From each portal, soldiers armed with what appeared to be advanced weaponry marched out. More portals had appeared all over the Amity Colosseum and more soldiers came out armed with the same weaponry. Everyone looked at the soldiers in tension before a hologram appeared between the fighters. The hologram showed the leader of soldiers, and it showed a man in alien-like armor. His blue face seemed to be glaring at everyone.

"Greetings, Remnant", He spoke. "I am Kang the Conqueror. I have come from beyond time and space to deliver a message."

He raised his hand and brought it down, which signaled the soldiers to begin firing their weapons. The students looked on at horror as many of their classmates fell before they finally called their weapons. They fought off the soldiers, eventually finding out that they are mechanical, which happily allowed them not to hold back. Despite that, their weapons can pierce their aura like a knife through warm butter.

But it wasn't just happening at Amity Colosseum, it was also happening at Vale and Beacon. In only a manner of minutes, it became overrun by swarms of robots. Communication through the CCT revealed that this was happening everywhere. Atlas, Vacuo, Mistral, and every other place is being attacked by Kang's forces. It was thanks to the increased presence of the Huntsman and military in Vale that they were able to fight them off. Eventually, they manage to beat the robots down to scrap metal and all is well.

But then fortune turned its back on them.

Reports came of large pillars being set up all around Remnant. As they were wondering their purpose, Kang's hologram appeared to them and revealed that he was only studying their defenses. They hadn't even won the battle, because his forces were never defeated. It was then he did the unthinkable.

With the press of a button, he rendered all Dust inert.

Somehow, he managed to recreate the phenomena that rendered dust inert in the atmosphere. The pillars appear to be the cause. Because of that, Remnant lost access to technology powered by dust, the lifeblood of their society. The ships that Ironwood had brought to the festival crashed to the ground along with Amity Colosseum. The Atlesian Knights and Paladins became nothing but useless contraptions of metal. The CCT was the only thing that remained working to show what is going on at the other Kingdoms. No one had time to count the casualties as the robots suddenly repaired themselves and resumed their assault. Without the aid of dust, they were losing the fight.

Then one by one, each of the Kingdoms surrendered to Kang. Mistral was the first to surrender. Even Atlas despite General Ironwoods' protests. But there was no use fighting the enemy that brought them to their knees easily. Vale became the last Kingdom to surrender.

But that isn't the worst that has happened.

Teams RWBY and JNPR were despondent about the surrender. They were wondering what to do now when suddenly, Team CRDL came to their rooms and told them to come with them. Their leader Cardin told them that Kang accepted each kingdom's surrender on the condition that they surrender certain individuals to him for execution. Failure to do so will be punished by force. The Council of Vale contacted Beacon and ordered them to surrender seven people into their custody: Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Yang Xiao Long, Jaune Arc, Nora Valkyrie, and Lie Ren.

The fact that the council was willing to surrender seven innocent students came as a shock to the huntsman-and-huntresses-in-training. CRDL assured them that it's not going to happen and that Ozpin ordered him and his team to help them escape. Once they're away from Beacon, they are to make their way to the island of Patch. Somehow, it was left untouched by Kang's invasion. If they can get to it, it can be a haven for them and anyone else. They were just getting to the docking bay when everything fell apart by the untimely arrival of Kang's forces. Cardin told them to go without them despite their protests.

"If he wants you, you likely a threat to him," Cardin told them, specifically Jaune. He gave each of them a smile. "So, go give that guy some hell, okay?"

Then they made their way by to the city by boat, thankfully it was an older version that didn't require dust. After hiding it somewhere along the channel, they made their way to the docks. Unfortunately, Kang had sent troops to look for them. The androids were interrogating their people when one of them pointed them out. They ran away from the troops, sticking to alleyways to avoid detection. They were close to being caught until the old man let them inside his store.

"I hoped nothing bad happened to him," Jaune spoke out, causing everyone to look at him. "I mean, he may have been a bully but that doesn't mean he deserves to die."

"Agreed," Nora pouted. "I didn't get to break his legs."

"I'm sure he will be alright," Pyrrha tried to assure them. "He may have been arrogant, but he is a fighter."

"Still," Yang growled as she pounded the counter she sat on. "We could've stayed to help."

"What would that accomplish?" Weiss asked. Yang tried to come up with a response, but she found none. The heiress finished removing the dust in Myrtenaster and flicks the MADR back. She held up what was once a fire dust crystal, noting that it looked lifeless and dull. She tried using it with her semblance, but it didn't react at all. Despondent, she threw it away from her.

"Our fighting capabilities are diminished," Ren pointed out. Right now, he is emptying the magazines of Stormflower. "His troops can pick us off at long distance if we aren't careful. Not to mention our guns."

"Right," Yang mumbled reluctantly as she checked her Ember Celica. Her weapon is designed with shotguns in them to give her explosive power at close range. She'll have to rely on fighting without it.

"Not to mention my grenades," Nora bemoaned as she emptied Magnhild's ammo drum.

"I'm sure we can think of something," Ruby tried to pick everyone's spirit up. "Once we get to Patch, we can work out a plan to- "

"But what can we do?"

Everyone turned to look at Blake, who sat on her knees over Gambol Shroud. She lost her bow during the fighting, exposing her cat ears. The Faunus kept her gaze on her weapon Gambol Shroud.

"What do you mean?" Yang asked as if she can't believe what she is hearing.

"I mean what's the point," Blake looked at them. "There isn't anything that we can do against Kang."

"So, you're saying we should give up?!" Yang angrily asked.

"How can we when we've already lost?!" Blake shouted back, startling everyone. "In case you haven't been listening, we've already lost and all it took was one day for Kang to conquer Remnant! If things weren't bad enough, he has not only his army but the entire world out to get us! Hell, we don't even know why he even wants us executed! We're lucky the shopkeeper isn't one of them!"

"It wasn't luck! He's a good guy!" Ruby protested, but Jaune joined in the argument.

"And not to mention we're endangering his life," he said mournfully. "I agree that we have to leave, but where can we go? I have seven sisters that I can't endanger. Even if we could, how do we get from here to Atlas without those android's coming?"

Everyone became depressed again.

"So, what do we do?" Nora asked, her usual optimism gone. No one spoke for a moment.

"We keep fighting."

Ruby's voice is filled with determination. Everyone turned to the silver-eyed girl as she finished maintenance on Crescent Rose and placed it behind her.

"Look, I get it, we lost," She began. "In just one day, Kang came and took everything from us. Our Freedom, our Joy, and now our normal lives. He's turned most of Remnant against us, some of them lost the will to fight. With the technology and resources at his disposal, beating him is impossible."

Everyone listened as she stated the situation.

"But that does not mean we should give up!" She shouted. "We have to put the fighting spirit back into remnant! Sure, he has the advantage, but we have people here who know Remnant inside out. We've also been fighting Grimm if history can count, our Semblance and skills can more than makeup for the technology at his disposal. We are few right now, but we all have our strengths. In time, we can become something more."

She began gesturing to her teammates. Her friends. Her family.

"While Weiss's combat efficiency is reduced, her semblance is still invaluable to us."

"While I object to half of that statement, but you have a point," Weiss said.

"Blake has experience in infiltration and guerilla combat. Not to mention your Faunus traits give us an advantage in the night."

Blake wanted to point out the fact that the robots may have the same thing but decided to let her continue. She could her morale rising even if a little.

"Yang is one of the best fighters in our team. Her strength can crush their skulls and send them flying."

Yang smirked at the compliment. The first real smile she has shown since the invasion. "Thanks, sis!"

"Your welcome!" Ruby smiled, then turned to Jaune. "Jaune, you may have little fighting experience than the rest of us. But your brain, you can think of the brightest of strategies! Heck, you might be able to outwit Kang!"

Jaune scratched his cheek bashfully.

"Pyrrha, we don't know why you weren't included with your team, no offense. But we are glad to have you with us! With your semblance and skills, you can handle Kang's forces with ease."

Pyrrha gave a determined nod.

"Nora, while your grenade launcher is useless, you still have your hammer. Not to mention that you how to use it and where to smash."

Nora grinned and hefted Magnhild in hammer form.

"Ren, you mentioned that they have the long-range weapons advantage. You can easily evade their shots and take them out. They won't be able to keep up with you."

"Y-yeah," Ren said with uncertainty. He still remembered being sniper bait for the Vytal Festival. He most certainly isn't happy about being an android bait. But he didn't speak that out loud.

"The only thing stopping us is fear. But if it will reignite hope, then I will continue to fight," Ruby declared. "If we end up losing, at least we will go down on our terms!"

No one spoke for a moment, then Yang approached her sister and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"You're not going anywhere without me Rubes," She told her. Then grinned. "Besides, I want the first crack at that blue bastard."

Weiss came forward at her shoulder. "As stupid as this sounds, I'm on board. As a member of Team RWBY, I must see to it that we succeed."

Blake perked up her ears as she came forward. "I don't have anywhere else to go now. Besides, I'm done running away."

Ruby smiled at her team and turned to JNPR. "What about you guys?"

"Even if we don't know why we're being hunted, I will never abandon my friends," Jaune said with a voice of steel. "I may not be a great fighter like the rest of you, but like it or not, we're all in this together."

"Likewise," Pyrrha declared. "I don't know why Kang wants just three of my team, but I'm going to make sure he regrets it."

"Same here!" Nora hefted her hammer and grabbed Ren in a headlock. "Me and Ren with Team JNPR forever! Right, Renny?!"

"Y-yeah," Ren gasped helplessly, used to her antics.

Ruby smiled. "Thanks, everyone."

"So, what's the plan, Ruby?" Yang asked.

"Our first step is getting to the docks," Ruby explained. "We can find a functioning boat to take to patch. Our father and Uncle Qrow will be there at Signal. If we can find more people willing to fight there, we can start a resistance. From there, I don't know."

"It's a start," Jaune agreed. "We need to take it nice and slow." He pulled out a map and laid it on the floor. He pointed to where the store is. "From here we can take the alleyways to avoid detection. I've also highlighted routes which will allow us to avoid the patrol ships. We'll have to set up a distraction to keep them off us while we find a boat."

"I think I can provide that!" Nora sang excitedly. "So, what are we waiting for?!" Let's get out and…"

Before she could finish, something banged at the front door. The two teams grew tense as the sound matched metal against wood.

Open! We know you're in there!

"They found us!" Ren half-whispered.

Everyone grabbed their weapons and aimed it at the shuddering door, the barricade being pushed back inch by inch. While their range-weapon configurations are currently defunct, they can still fight at close quarters. But space is limited, and there could be a lot of Kang's robots outside. Not to mention their aura piercing weapons.

"What do we do?" Blake asked. Gambol Shroud is held dual wield style. The blade in her right hand and its sheath in the other.

"This way!"

Eight heads turned to the Shopkeeper, who is gesturing them to come to the back of his store. The huntsman-and-huntresses-in-training immediately followed him inside the backroom. He led them to the backdoor. He proceeded to open it to the alleyway.

Sounds of wood breaking echoed from behind them.

"They're breaking down the door," Blake panicked.

"Get going," The Shopkeeper hurriedly rushed them out. As Ruby exited, she turned to face him.

"What about you?"

He didn't answer, rather he went back inside the door and shut it. A lock can be heard from the inside. They heard a muffled sound of the door being broken down.

Ruby realized what the Shopkeeper intends to do.

"No!" She shouted, and tried to go back in with Yang, but they were held back by their partners. Jaune is held back by his team.

"Let me go!"

"No, you dolt," Weiss said in a surprisingly calm voice. "If we go in now, we'll be caught as well. Not only that, he'll be caught in the crossfire."

"So, we're just going to leave him there?" Yang accused, struggling against Blake's grip. The Faunus was starting to lose her grip.

"Jaune, please calm down," Pyrrha pleaded to her furious partner. "There is another way, and you can think of one."

Jaune calmed down at his partner's request. After a deep breath, he closed his eyes and began to think. After less than ten seconds, he opened his eyes.

"Guys, I have an idea, "Jaune said, everyone, turning to him. "First, let's get to the roof."

"The Roof?"

Sheathing his sword, Jaune walked to the wall and addressed Pyrrha. "Pyrrha, could you...Uhm…"

Pyrrha understood and raised her hand. A black aura glowed around it as she activated her semblance. Jaune's chest plate glowed black as he is lifted into the air and set upon the roof. She did the same to the others who can't get up there. Blake threw Gambol Shroud up to the roof and used it to pull herself up. Nora giggled as she is lifted by Magnhild to the roof. Ren simply scaled the walls with his agility.

Once they reconvened, Jaune leads them to the other side of the building. On the street, the shopkeeper is dragged out by a robot to a commander. The robot deposited him in front of the commander. A dozen other androids surrounded them, preventing him from making any attempts to escape.

The Commander looked upon the feeble old man.

Where are they?

The Shopkeeper was trembling as he looked up at the menacing green lenses as it glared at him.

"I don't know."

"Don't give me that," The Commander grabbed him by the lapels and lifted him off the ground at eye level. "We detected nine heat signatures including yours. Seven of them matched the fugitives. You were harboring the said fugitives willingly. But when we searched for them in the area, you were the only one. So, I ask again: where are they?"

"I don't know," The Shopkeeper insisted.

RWBY and JNPR watched as the Commander interrogated the Shopkeeper. They could feel that it can only escalate. All they could feel was rage as they quietly took out their weapons.

"They're going to kill him if they keep this up," Blake whispered as she drew Gambol Shroud.

"Not if we can help it," Jaune whispered to everyone as he drew his sword. Crocea Mors expanded into its kite shield form. "Here's the plan: One of us gets him away from the area while the rest of us hold them off. Make sure to cause enough noise. Just make sure to leave one alive."

"Why?" Yang asked as she cracked her knuckles. "I say that we trash them all." Nora nodding her head in agreement.

"Trust me," Jaune assured her. Then he turned to Ruby. "Ruby, can you…"

A burst of rose petals answered his unfinished question before he could blink. All eyes followed her as she landed between the Commander and Shopkeeper.

"Leave him alone!" She shouted as she grabbed the shopkeeper and sped him to safety in a trail of petals.

"It's Ruby Rose! One of the fugitives!" The Commander shouted. "Alert all forces and Kang! We've found one of the fugitives and begin pursuit!"

"There's no need!"

Every metalhead turned to see the students on the rooftop, weapons raised and faces set to a frown.

"We can take you to where she's going!" Yang shouted. "To the Scrapyard!"

Then the students descended upon them.

Yang roared as she planted her feet onto a robot's face, crushing its head underfoot. She then charged towards two of them, grabbing both of their heads and slamming them together. As they crumpled to the floor, a soldier trying to run her through with an energy spear. Grabbing the spear, she yanked it out of its hands and proceeded to skewer it upon its tip. More robots surrounded her to overwhelm her, so she gripped the spear firmly at the end and spun her body so fast that she's a top, slicing them in half. Green shots almost hit her, turning her attention to a rifleman. Charging at them, whilst being careful to dodge the deadly green energy, and delivered a strong strike to its abdomen. Then she grabbed its head and brought it upon her knee before rushing to crush more robots.

Another of Kang's robots raised its rifle to take a shot at her, only for a blade to suddenly embed itself into its back. Blake yanked the ribbon, bringing it towards her where she used her scabbard to sever its neck. They learned that the only way to prevent them from repairing themselves and adapting was to destroy its head. Or in her case, sever it from its body. As the stump that was once its neck sparked with electrical energy, three more charged at her with energy swords. Each time they slashed at her, they only found empty air as Blake's shadow clones took the blow for her.

On the one side of the street, Weiss faced a horde of Robots, cursing combat impairment. She could easily wipe them out with a stream of flame or ice. But without her dust, her fighting capabilities had been reduced, thus removing accessibility to most of her glyphs.

"Dammit," She cursed. As she wondered what to do, her eyes fell upon a pile of rubble. Suddenly an idea formed into her head.

Raising Myrtenaster in front of her, she formed a repulsion glyph underneath it. It shot up in the air at high speed and met a glyph that formed above it. The rubble hots across the sky and met another glyph. This pattern continued repeating, gaining speed each time, before Weiss unleashed it upon the robots. Kang's machines fell beneath the force of the rubble, the rock tearing into them and reducing them to scrap. Any that didn't fall or managed to avoid it Weiss redirected with her Glyphs. After a few moments, robot parts littered the street.

"Clean up on aisle one please," Weiss quipped. Then she groaned and palmed her forehead. "Great, I'm sounding like Yang."


Weiss turned as Jaune blocked a green blast of energy with his shield.

"Are you alright?" Jaune asked, then she nodded. Relieved that she is okay, he turned his attention to the rifleman with a scowl. He charged at the robot with his shield held high to block more shots. The shield began to heat up from each shot, but the boy gritted his teeth and endured the pain. When he got close, he slammed his shield into the rifle and slashed across its torso, making sparks fly. After learning the hard way about metal conducting electricity, he slashed it underfoot and sliced its cranium in half.

Jaune raised his shield again to block a sniper shot from a nearby roof.

"Pyrrha!" He called, crouching down and holding his shield above his head.

The invincible girl rushed toward him and jumped onto his shield like a platform. With support from Jaune, she leaped into the air and threw Akoúo̱ at the sniper. The discus sliced through the neck as Pyrrha landed, Miló in its javelin form. Looking ahead, she saw several robots aiming their energy rifles at her.

She held up a hand, the mistral champion recalled her shield with her semblance. Akoúo̱ sliced through three robots before returning to her hand. Throwing Miló at another sniper trying to take a shot at Yang, she held her hands in front of her. The robots glowed black as they were lifted into the air and smashed against each other. Pyrrha kept up the pressure on them until they became a metal ball. While she could easily take them in close combat, she could the running and fighting taking its toll on her muscles.

Besides, she had a plan to follow.

"Nora!" She shouted to her friend on the ground, who had just smashed a robot's head flat as a pancake. Nora turned her head to face her, wiping her mouth of drool. "Heads up!"

She flung the sphere of metal to her position. Nora wore a grin as she shifted her stance. She held Magnhild like a golf club as it approached her.

"Four!" She smacked her hammer towards a cluster of robots.

The cluster happened to be where Ren is fighting. Without bullets, he resorted to close combat, He sliced through several necks of the robots before switching to hand-to-hand. Throwing Stormflower like boomerangs at two snipers, he threw aura infused chop at a robot's neck, severing it from its body. Next, he delivered a roundhouse kick to another robot and crushed its head with an ax kick. As he became surrounded by more robots, he suddenly picked up on the oncoming metal projectile. He leaped into the air to avoid it. The metal ball of crushed robots collided with them and crushed them against a building, which collapsed above it. Ren landed onto the ground and received Stormflower. The Mistral turned his attention to a grinning Nora.

"Please don't do that again," He groaned.


The Commander and a few others are the only robots left. They raised their weapons at the student, but before they could fire the wind blew in with rose petals. What followed could only be described as metal slicing metal. Everything became still for a moment, then the last of the robot's upper bodies fell to the ground with a crash. Their lower bodies followed suit, ceasing to function. Ruby stood atop a fallen robot, Crescent Rose's hooked blade cutting across the sky, glinting from the moonlight. Her silver eyes glared at the littered bodies.

"That's all of them," She announced.

"Ruby!" Yang rushed to her sister and embraced her. The others converged upon her. They celebrated their victory.

"That was grand!"

"I got to play golf!"

"So, where's the old guy?" Yang asked.

"I took him as far away from the fight as possible," She answered. Movement on the ground drew her attention. Crawling away was the commander, dragging his upper body by one arm.

"I got him," Yang growled and started forward, only for Ruby to stop her.

"No Yang," She firmly said. "We need it intact."

"She's right Yang," Jaune stepped in before she could protest. "If he reports to Kang, he'll know we are here. That way, he will alert his forces which…"

"Will leave the people alone to pursue us," Yang finished, her anger faded away. Then she smirked. "Smart plan Vomit Boy."


"That's our fearless leader for you!" Nora wrapped Jaune in a one-armed hug. Pyrrha simply smiled as Jaune struggled in Nora's strong grip.

"Anyway, this proves my point!" Ruby announced to them. "We just took down a dozen of Kang's robots. Why? Because we overcame our fear. If we can do that, we can- "

"Ruby," Weiss interrupted, spreading her arms wide. Ruby noticed that the others have already left her hanging. "As much as we want to hear your aspiring speech, I believe that we should run BEFORE more of those things catch us?!"

"Oh right!" Ruby exclaimed as she ran with her partner. Inside her, she is proud that they are back to fighting morale.

Beacon Academy

Kang sat upon his throne in silent contemplation.

His interrogation of Cardin Winchester proved unfruitful. The boy refused to give information about the whereabouts of those criminals. In his anger, he decapitated the boy and had his corpse sent to the dorm. He had to admit, his resolve is something to admire. But he had some fugitives to find.

"Given the time they escaped Beacon, it can be safe to assume that they're still in the city," He mused. "Just where is yet to be revealed. I'm confident that my forces will find them."

Then the door opened to admit a guard.

"Lord Kang," It announced. "We've brought the two you have requested."

"Excellent," He said as the guard brought forward Professors Ozpin and Glynda Goodwitch. Both professors of Beacon Academy looked weathered and worn from the conquest. While Ozpin's face remained stoic, Glynda's was of anger. Kang can guess why. Each of them had been stripped of their weapons, though Kang wondered the significance of a crop and a cane. Even if they did, he could take them with no problem.

"Leave us," Kang dismissed the guard. After it left, it was just him and the professors in the amphitheater.

"Kang," Ozpin greeted the Conqueror. His tone was cold. "You've summoned us."

"Love what you have done with the place," Glynda sarcastically praised as she glanced around the amphitheater.

"I can tell your displeased," Kang remarked. "But it matters little. I have a pressing matter in which I want to discuss with you."

"Teams RWBY and JNPR," Glynda growled. She wished she had her riding crop to trash the man who wants several of her students dead."

"To be more precise," Kang clarified. "Just Jaune Arc, Nora Valkyrie, and Lie Ren from team JNPR. Also, Qrow Branwen when my forces find him."

"We know," Ozpin replied, raising his hand to calm Glynda. Beneath his stoic expression, he is angry that several of his students are being hunted for no apparent reason. It further increased when the guards had delivered Mr. Winchester's headless corpse. He couldn't imagine the horrors that he had inflicted upon him before the conqueror had granted him a merciful death.

"Good," Kang nodded. "From what I can gather, Cardin here couldn't have thought this up. Considering how he and his team avoided detection by my forces until one hour and thirty minutes ago, the most likely mastermind behind this plan would've been you."

"And if I were?" Ozpin asked without fear.

"Then you would know where they're going," Kang continued. "In that case, you will tell me where they are, or everyone except you will suffer the same fate as them."

"Why are you doing this?" Glynda demanded. "What have my students done to you?"

Kang's face became serious.

"To save the universe from them."

Ozpin and Glynda could only stare in silent shock at his words.

"What do you mean?" Ozpin asked.

Kang regarded him with a look as if reading him like a book. "I think that we both know what betrayal feels like. Don't you… Ozma?"

Ozpin's stoic expression became pale as a ghost. Glynda looked back and forth between the two of them with a concerned expression. She hadn't heard that name before. Nor had she ever seen the calm and collected headmaster like this before.

"H-how do you know that name?" The headmaster warily asked. His hands trembled as he fought the urge to reach for a cane that wasn't there.

"The same way I know about her," Kang continued. "From the tower to your unfortunate fallout over certain relics. Should I mention the maidens as well?"

Ozpin's expression began to crumble at Kang's words. Before he could answer, a beep sounded. Kang glanced down at his wrist and activated a communicator.

"Lord Kang, we've located the fugitives and have begun pursuit."

Ozpin and Glynda's expressions turned to horror at those words. They were specifically told not to cause too much on their way to Patch. What were they thinking?

"Excellent," Kang said with a predatory grin. "Where are they headed?"

"The Docks Milord! They intend to escape to the sea."

"The sea…" Kang pondered that. "Have my forces set up a perimeter, but do not engage them. Standby for further orders."

"How shall we capture the fugitives?"

"You won't," The Conqueror answered. "I'm sending a Stimuloid to apprehend them. I will wait back at the Damocles."

With that, he ended the transmission.

"May I ask what a Stimuloid is?" Ozpin asked a note of fear in his voice. Glynda began to feel scared as well. Whatever this Stimuloid is, it can't be good.

Instead of answering, Kang raised a hand to the screen behind him. They are the only thing that he hadn't removed. They flickered to life and it showed the docks of Vale.

"Why don't I show you instead?"

"We're almost there!"

RWBY and JNPR rushed down a street. Up ahead is a view of the open sea, right where they can find the docks. If they can find a ship, they can get to Patch and meet up with Qrow. Then they can mount up a resistance to fight against Kang.

"Hurry!" Jaune shouted, his voice straining. "We need to find a boat before they can catch up with us! Yang, Nora can you set up a distraction?"

"You got it, boss!" Nora shouted. Yang gave him a thumbs up.

They were almost at the end of the street before everyone realized that Pyrrha wasn't with them.

"Pyrrha?" Everyone stopped and turned to find her facing the direction that they came from.

"What are you doing?" Jaune exclaimed as he ran back to her and grabbing her shoulder. "We've got to go before they catch us!"

"But somethings wrong," Pyrrha told him. "It's too quiet."

"She's right," Blake said with her cat ears twitching. "I don't hear anything."

Everyone became concerned about this. Before they could ponder any further, a noise caught their attention. Turning around, they saw several of Kang's androids each hovering over an apparatus. A green beam shot out from them. Behind them, another row of them has been set up. More beams shot up into the air before they widened to create a domed barrier.

"What are they doing?"

"They're trapping us," Blake said, fear in her voice. Her cat ears are flat against her skull. "That can't be good."

"Why though?" Weiss asked. Everyone was thinking the same thing. They waited for several moments, but nothing happened. No robots stormed the barrier to attack them with energy weapons.

It was Ren who picked it up.

"Scatter!" He shouted. Teams RWBY and JNPR scattered as a purple distortion appeared right where they were standing. Everyone raised their weapons at what could be a million hordes of robots rushing out of the portal.

To their surprise, only one stepped out. This one was different from the others.

It took on a more humanoid appearance than the other robots they've fought, but larger than them. If they had to guess, he's roughly the size of an Ursa. He wore purple armor which left his upper arms bare and his forearms are wrapped with purple gauntlets. His purple eyes glared upon them like insects.

"Okay, we didn't see that one during the invasion!" Ruby squeaked. "Question is why now?"

"Any idea what it's does?" Weiss asked.

"Who cares?!" Yang yelled, activating Ember Celica. "He doesn't appear to have any energy weapons on him. I say we take it down and deal with the bucket heads who put up the barrier!"

Everyone nodded their agreement. They all readied their weapon and charged at the robot. The robot rushed to meet them; fists raised. He brought his fist down upon Ruby and Blake, both dodge the fist as it smashed into the ground creating a crater.

"Eeep!" Ruby squeaked, the dashed away with her semblance as he smashed into another store. Dashing again, she got behind him. Ruby gripped Crescent Rose and slashed across his back. She only succeeded in knocking him into the ground on a knee. Before he could get up, Blake fell from above and kicked him in the head, making him fall flat. The android rose and turned his attention to her. When he tried to grab her, she left a shadow clone in her wake. Unfortunately for her, that used the last of her aura, which left her open as the android grabbed her and lifted her. His grip tightened, drawing a gasp of pain.

"LET GO OF HER!" A red-eyed Yang roared as she and Nora charged at the alien android. Yang punched the android with all her might in the abdomen. Nora's hammer added more force to push the android off the ground and into the store. Blake fell from the androids grasp and into Yang's arms.

"Are you all right?" Yang asked, her lilac eyes widening in concern as she rushed away from the fighting. Weiss is using her glyphs to launch rubble at the android, who raised his arms to block it.

"I won't be moving any time soon," Blake groaned then winced in pain. "I think it broke a few bones."

"Stay here," Yang laid her against a building and rushed back to the fighting. Ruby and Jaune were hacking away at the machine.

"It's gotten smarter!" Jaune yelled as he blocked a fist with his shield, nearly buckling under the force of the punch.

"I know," Ruby swiped at the android's face with her scythe.

"Move!" The two of them stepped aside as Yang punched the android. This time though, it didn't budge an inch. She could stare in surprise as it smacked her away to a nearby building. Ruby would've been concerned, but an idea formed in her head.

"Yang!" She shouted into the Yang-sized hole. "We'll distract him! If we can make an opening, you can use your semblance to end him!"

"Sounds like a plan!" Yang's smiling face emerged from the ruined building. Ruby reengaged the android whilst Ren is striking it's back with aura infused fists. Jaune was about to join in before Pyrrha pulled him back.

"Jaune, wait!" Pyrrha urgently spoke. "Somethings up!"

"What do you mean?" Jaune asked his teammate. The android had just received more rubble to the face courtesy of Weiss. She provided covering fire from the rooftop. This distracted him long enough for Ruby to slash him at the back of his knees with Crescent rose.

"Doesn't that android look bigger?" She asked. When they gave him a puzzled look, she explained, "Take a look! It wasn't bigger than I remembered. Also, none of our attacks had any effect on it ever since we've started."

"I noticed," Jaune looked closely at the fighting. "None of my strikes have left a scratch on it. Not to mention that we've never fought this type until now. It should've been scrap metal by now unless…"

Nora had just leaped at the face of the Android and smacked Magnhild into his face. As it careened away, Jaune finally saw it. Just barely, the muscular build of the android expanded like a balloon. Its height was nearing that of the surrounding buildings around them.

Jaune didn't need to see more to connect the dots.

"EVERYONE STOP! STOP!" He shouted to his teammates, who turned to look at him. That was a bad time because the Android brought its fist down on Nora and Ren. Ruby got them away just in time thanks to her semblance, leaving him to strike nothing but rose petals.

"What's wrong?" Ruby asked as she deposited Ren and Nora. Weiss skimmed down from the rooftops on her glyphs.

"I finally get it!" He explained in a panic. "We have to stop Yang! It will only- "

Everyone was interrupted by an explosion of yellow flames. They turned to see Yang standing before the android, her hair in flames. Her red eyes glared at it with a triumphant smirk.

"It's over now you chrome dome," She declared. Then she charged at the android with her fist reeled back.

"Yang! Stop!" Jaunes' warning fell on deaf ears as Yang had punched the Android. Thanks to her semblance, she took in the power from the blows that she had taken from the Android and had delivered it with twice the power. The android recoiled from the blow and flew back down the street. It hit the barrier, kicking up a dust cloud.

"And that's all folks!" Yang chirped as her hair returned to normal. The blonde brawler turned to her team. Her smile faded as she saw their expressions of horror. "What? Do I have something on my face? I know I look scary when I activate my semblance…"

"Not you…" Weiss lifted a finger feebly. "That."

Yang turned around and felt her jaw hit the floor. The dust cloud cleared, and it revealed the Android intact. It stood tall completely unharmed by the blow Yang gave him.

But what stood out to them was that it was roughly the size of a Goliath.

"Okay," Yang slowly said. "How did that happen?"

"It was us," Everyone turned to Jaune for an explanation. He elaborated further. "It's built with a function almost like Yang's semblance. Every time we hit it gets bigger and stronger. That's why our attacks haven't been doing anything! We've never harmed it in the first place!"

"So then when I hit it with everything that it gave me, twice as much…" Yang's eyes widened in realization.

"You've made it twice as big and strong," Ruby finished. She turned to the android. "We need a new plan! Maybe we could…"

"No time!" Ren shouted. "Everyone down!"

The Android raised its fists and brought it down to the ground, making it shake. All around the students, the earth shook, making them lose their balance. As it kept pounding the ground, the buildings began to crumble. Rubble fell to the ground and almost hit the huntsmen-and-huntresses-in-training. Below them, the chasm opened splitting the street in two. They ducked out of the way, but they weren't looking, and they found themselves under falling rubble.

The last thing they saw was the giant android stopping and the barrier falling.


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