Remnant's Mightiest Heroes!

Chapter 13: Ventures and Vampires Part 1


Deep within the Shadowfell, six adventurers have gathered.

Ander the human paladin.

Vanadia Naïlo, the Wood Elf Ranger.

Olani the half-orc barbarian.

Herstal Spiritroar the human cleric.

Amber Battlefist the human monk.

Elxian the half-elf wizard.

Together, they traveled to the land of Barovia, a small nation surrounded by a deadly magical fog. This nation is ruled by the vampire Count Strahd von Zarovich. A tyrant that is so terrible that he would regularly attack the residents each night with his minions. Which is why the adventurers have come to destroy him and end his tyranny once and for all.

"So, what are we supposed to be looking for?" Olani asked as she and her fellow adventurers walk deep within the Svalich Woods.

"The Sunsword," Ander said, keeping his sword and shield at the ready. "It's one of the magical weapons that can help us destroy Strahd. Plus, the Sunswords the only thing we've got information on. The Holy Symbol is yet to be found."

"Remind me what that is again?" Amber asked as she looked over her shoulder.

"According to our source," Elxian said. "The Sunsword was once possessed by Strahd's brother, Sergei von Zarovich. After his death, Strahd employed a powerful wizard name Khazan to destroy the weapon. The first part of the process required the hilt and the blade to be separated, which Khazan accomplished. However, while Khazan was busying himself destroying the blade, his apprentice stole the hilt and fled to the Svalich woods."

"So, we find the apprentice, get the hilt, and repair the sunblade," Olani said as she listed it off. "Seems easy enough."

"Not quite," Elxian said. "Aside here, this is the only reported sighting that we have. Either he's hidden himself well or he's…you know, dead…"

"Damn," Olani cursed. She turned to Vanadia. "Any luck?"

"Nothing yet," Vanadia said as she scanned the woods. "Unless he's using magic to hide himself, then I'm not seeing any…wait…"

Vanadia took off in one direction of the woods. Her fellow adventurers followed her. They didn't get far as they found their ranger kneeling beside the remains of a skeleton.

"Ander?" Vanadia addressed the paladin. "Can you give us some light? I want everyone to see this."

"Sure," Ander nodded. He drew a great sword and spoke an inscription written along the blade. "I am a light to those who dwell in darkness."

The inscription glowed a little before a pure white light emitted from the blade. The Madonna Blade, or Hallamariel, is a magic sword that Ander found during a quest. Ever since, he got attached to it. The light from the blade showed them the skeletal corpse that Vanadia found.

"This must be Khazan's apprentice," Vanadia said solemnly as she recocgnized the silk robe and the amulet with Khazan's symbol. She nearly flinched when a spider climbed out of the socket of the skull. "Looks like his master didn't give him the courtesy of a proper burial."

"Bastard," Olani growled. She looked him over. "Any sign of the hilt?"

"Let me check," Vanadia rummaged through his robes. Frowning, she stood up and looked at her party. "It's not on him."

"Great," Amber groaned. "So, we came all this way for nothing?"

"Not necessarily," Vanadia said as her eyes scanned the darkness of the woods. "I have a feeling that it might be still here somewhere."

"What makes you say that?" Herstal asked.

"I checked the body," Vanadia glanced at the body again. "A few ribs are cracked, meaning that someone or something attacked them."

"Which means they most likely took the hilt," Ander surmised. "Great thinking Vanadia! All we have to do is figure out who or what took it and we'll be able to defeat Strahd."

"I'm all for pounding monsters," Olani grinned as she hefted her axe while Amber pounded her fists together. Then she realized. "What types of monsters are here again?"

"Let's see," Herstal said. "Considering that we are in Bavoria, we most likely can expect undead creatures and wolves."

Herstal noticed that Vanadia jumped at the word wolves. He grimaced as he remembers that she and dogs don't go too well. Fortunately, Olani seemed to comfort her.

"Relax, Vanadia," She assured with a hand on her shoulder. "If we encounter some, we'll pound them to submission. The worst is that we can run into is Werewolves."

Then, a sound reached their ears that caused Vanadia to flinch. It was a wolf howl. She glared at Olani.

"You get how that's not helpful right?"

Several seconds later, they are fighting Werewolves.

"I blame you for this Olani!" Vanadia shouted as she fired an arrow at a charging werewolf from a tree.

"Why me?" Olani shouted as she buried an axe into a werewolf's head. She wrenched it out and slashed another across its torso.

"Gee, Olani," Amber sarcastically remarked. "I wonder why? Could it be that you brought up the word Werewolves? And that a few seconds later a few Werewolves decided now is a good time to show up and attack us?"

"I'm afraid she has a point there," Elxian said as he threw a fire ball into a group of werewolves. "I hope everybody stocked up on silver weaponry! Because I may be running out of spell slots!"

"Of course, we did," Herstal said as he smashed his mace down on a werewolf's head. HE raised his shield to guard against the claws and fangs of another. "I wasn't sure what we were going to do with all that silver we got back at the thief horde. It's a miracle that there was one."

"Yeah," Amber said as she used wind-and-fire wheels. "Though it was nice that Ander got the magic sword. Saved us a bit of silver."

"Thanks," Anders somewhat muttered in a sarcastic tone. To be honest, he thought that having a silver weapon would be cool, but a magic sword was way cooler. The white light blinded the werewolves as he struck them down.

They continued fighting for several more minutes. Elxian opted to save his spells until they can get back to town and rest, so he drew away from the fight and utilized cantrips like firebolt. Anders and Herstal provided him with back up, Herstal to provide cover and Anders on the offensive. Amber and Olani are having a competition on who gets the most kills. Vanadia just kept firing from the tree, away from the werewolves on the ground. By the time she ran out of arrows, the fight is already done.

"Hey!" Olani called out as she prodded a wolf with her axe. "I think this one is still alive!"

The werewolf attempted to get up, but Olani pressed the silver edge of her axe against his neck. After their cleric finished healing them, the others gathered around and aimed their weapons at him. In Vanadia's case, she had to resort to a silver hatchet.

"Seeing as how you and your people are the more sapient," Herstal said with mock in his tone. "I'm going to assume that one of you killed the apprentice and took a certain hilt. Mind telling us where it is?"

The werewolf snarled at him, baring its teeth at them.

"I think you forgot that they can't talk in wolf form?" Vanadia asked, the hatchet in her hand trembling. "Plus, it's still full moon out."

Ander groaned. "Right, so interrogation is useless at this time."

"Guess we have no choice," Olani said. "But…I still feel bad about killing him while he's down. I get that it's hypocritical of me to say that but…"

"Say no more," Elxian said. He turned to Vanadia. "Do you still have that potion of sleep?"

Vanadia nods and reached into her satchel. With a free hand, she pulls out a flask containing a liquid.

"I'm not going to be the one to administer it," She said as she shakily held it out to anyone who wants to use it on the werewolf.

"Give it here," Amber sighs as she snatches it from her hand. Before the werewolf could struggle, Amber shoved the flask down its throat and crushed it. The werewolf thrashed in pain before it slowly became still.

"Problem solved," Amber said, raising her hands to emphasize.

"This problem yes," Herstal said. "The problem of where the hilt of the Sunsword remains unsolved."

The adventurers looked down as the situation sank in.

"Let's loot the corpses and call it a night," Ander sighed as he walked over to a random corpse of a werewolf and searched it. The others threw up their hands and began to loot the other corpses. Anders checked the werewolf and found a pouch containing a gold coin, a small rag and…what's this?

Ander pulled out what looked like a sword hilt. The guard and hilt looked to be made out of platinum. Ander is examining it for a moment before he felt something from it. It didn't speak in words, but he felt emotions from it. Somehow, he understood the message he received from it and he felt his eyes widen.

"All right," Herstal said. "Let's get out of here before the sleeping potion wears off."

"Guys…" Ander said. Everyone looked to him as he held the hilt. Seconds later, a blade of pure radiance sprang into existence. "I think I found it. The Sunsword."

"What?" They ran forward and examined the sword in his hand. Their eyes are wide at its radiance.

"Seriously?" Olani threw up her hands. "Why do you get the magic weapons? I want one!"

"I honestly don't know," Ander admitted. But he is grinning as he gave the blade a few strokes in the air, the blade humming all the while. "I feel like a Jedi with this."

"Well you can be a Jedi when you help us defeat the master," Herstal said with a grin. "Now that we have the Summersword, we're almost close to defeating Strahd."

"A shame that you all will be dead before you get the chance to use it."

Everyone jumped and looked everywhere for the source of the voice. Then, under the moonlight, a swarm of bats flew by, the beating of their wings filled the air. They gathered together and a man is formed from the swarm. He had a pale complexion and he stared at them with violet eyes. He wore red garments underneath a cloak black as midnight. One could mistake him for a man if it weren't for the pointed ears.

They would be insulting the elves if they mistook him for one of their own. They got ready for battle.

"Get lost or get prepared to eat dust!" Olani shouted at the man. He didn't seem intimidated by her in the slightest.

"You cannot make demands of the devil," The man said in a smooth baritone voice. "For I am the ancient. I am the land. I am Strahd!"

Avengers Mansion, New York

"And you are trespassers."

Kamala finished the dialogue of the vampire boss to her players. They sat at the long table in the living room. The table is covered in character sheets, pencils, erasers, graph paper, and figurines. A gamemasters board is propped in front of her while the players have character sheets in front of them.

A twenty-sided die rolled on the table and stopped.

"A nine," Kamala spoke. "Strahd evaporates into mist and escapes. This leaves your party badly beaten though."

"Dammit!" Yang cursed as she banged the table, making the game pieces and graph paper temporarily fly. "How come he gets free successive saving throws three times per day? We could've beaten him!"

"Well he is the final boss Yang," Kamala said. "If you defeated him here, it would be anticlimactic."

"At least we are done," Blake breathed as her head hist the table with a soft thud. "I was getting tired. Can we call it quits here?"

"Right after we go back to the village," Jaune insisted. "I want to make sure that I put my swords away."

"I can do that all for you," Kamala said as she jotted down the note. "With that, we are done for the day. So how was your first Dungeons and Dragons experience?"

"This is better than the board game we used to play," Yang grinned. "We should do this more often!"

It was Friday and the last day of the school week. The Remnantians got into Dungeons and Dragons after hearing Doreen recommend it for their free time. Kamala offered to be the Dungeon Master for the campaign. She can't promise that she'll be one every time though.

"It's getting late," Kamala said as she packed up the Dungeons and Dragons game. Outside, the sun is setting. "I need to get back or I'm grounded."

"No pressure there, Kamala," Dante said. "Thanks for being our dungeon master for today. It was awesome!"

"Oh…uh, thank you," Kamala said as she turned away so he wouldn't see the blush on her face. "Lockjaw!"

At the mention of his name, the big dog appeared in a flash. He licked Kamala happily as she grabbed her bags and waved at them.

"See you next time," Kamala waved as she and Lockjaw teleported out of Avengers Mansion. Yang looked at Blake and gave her a grin.

"Is Kamala…?" Yang began but Blake held up a finger stopping her.

"Don't," Blake flatly stated. "We didn't grill Pyrrha about Jaune, we don't do that to Kamala."

"What's that about me?" Jaune asked over his shoulder.

"Nothing," Blake called out while keeping a glare on Yang. Yang got the message and held her hands up. Satisfied, she began to dig around her bag for one of the new books she borrowed. Jaune just shrugged his shoulders and turned to their three guests.

"So, what are you guys doing for the rest of the day?" Jaune asked.

"I got a weekend off from my job," Dante said. "I thought I might satisfy my boredom with Dungeons and Dragons. Now I need something else to occupy my mind."

"Maybe helping me and Yang fiddle with her new motorcycle," America said. "Though I don't know if it could be called a motorcycle for what she has planned."

"Of course, it's a motorcycle," Yang protested from the couch. "It's just going to be the land mode for the Sky-Cycle. Who doesn't want a motorcycle that can fly through the sky?"

"I prefer using an original," America said. "And why name its Bumblebee? It's not a mustang as far as I can tell."

"I get the joke, but I like the name," Yang defended. "Besides, the old Bumblebee got destroyed during Kangs invasion. Even with whatever doohickey he used to disable Dust, I couldn't move it in time."

Yang's mood darkened at the mention of the time warlord. Before anyone can ask, she brightened up.

"And before you call the kettle black, you can fly," Yang scoffed. "Not all of us have that kind of way of getting around."

"I don't fly unless I'm on duty," America said. "Plus, when I feel like it, I can always use the Starling Highway."

"The Starling Highway?" Yang furrowed her brows in confusion. "What's that? Some kind of highway in the stars?"

"Good guess, but no," America said with a chuckle. "The Starling Highway is an extra-dimensional space that I can access by punching as hard as I can. This allows me to travel over greater distances than my typical star portals."

Yang stared open mouth at her. "So, if I punch hard enough, I can teleport like Lockjaw? Sweet! Can I learn?"

"Sorry, but it's exclusive to me only," America said. "But enough about that, should we get to work on your Sky-Cycle?"

"You will call it Bumblebee one of these days. I swear it," Yang snarked in a playing manner. "We should get Ruby as well. I'll need her help with the mecha shifting mechanism."

"I think she's down at the lab," Jaune said. "She told me that she was working on something with her weapon. If it works, she can apply it to our weapons as well."

"Now I'm curious," Yang said. "I'll ask her what it is when we see her. Come on America."

Yang and America left the room. Jaune watched after them before turning to Dante and Shaun.

"So, Dante, I've been meaning to ask," Jaune began. "What's this job you keep going on about?"

"Oh that?" The question took Dante by surprise. "Well…you could say that I do some police work."

"You work with the police?" Jaune asked. "Which precinct?"

"Oh, that's right, you haven't been down there," Dante said. "Okay, Jaune. You know how Kamala and I got our powers. How we became—"

"Inhumans?" Blake asked, looking up from her book. Her eyes are frowning at the word.

Kamala and Dante told them that a while back, something called a 'Terrigen Mist Cloud' exploded. They didn't elaborate on that further, but the mist changed them into 'Inhumans'. Despite Dante's and Kamala's insistence that it's fine, Blake hated that term. It was like someone wanted to dehumanize them all because they have a weird appearance or ability. It was like the mutants on earth.

"Blake," Lucas sighed. "They already told you that it's fine. The name stuck already long before you and the others came."

"I know," Blake said. "But still…"

Dante decided to take the moment to go back to the subject. "Well, if you go to the Statue of Liberty, you will find a city of us Inhumans there."

"There's a place for Inhumans?" Blake asked, her anger fading a little. This sounded a little like Menagerie.

"It's a place known as—"

"Make way!"

All eyes see a grinning Nora dragging Ren from behind her. She is dressed in a pink blouse with skinny jeans. Ren is dressed in a green hoodie over a pink shirt and jeans.

"How do we look?" Nora asked with excitement. She twirled around.

"You're looking great," Jaune said with a smile. "So, do you have a place in mind?"

"Nora and I are going to be visiting the Museum of Natural History," Ren replied. He grimaced a bit. "To be honest, I just want to make sure she doesn't try to ride a skeletal T-Rex."

"Good idea," Jaune whispered back. But he was smiling at the notion. Then he spoke normally. "So, any ideas on where to go?"

"We have a few in mind," Ren said. "And we intend to explore New York."

The teenage heroes grinned. They are dressed like that because Ren finally did it. He asked Nora out. After a month and a few weeks of beating around the bush. The others realized it when he was talking with several of the Avengers, namely Wanda and Vision, for dating advice.

"Wish us luck!" Nora cheerfully waved as she walked out of the living room. They heard the mansion door open and close. "Come on Renny! We don't want to be late!"

"See you later," Ren simply said before he left to join Nora.

"I'm happy for them," Dante said. "Nothing burns brighter than the fires of young love. Just as long as nothing unexpected happens like a supervillain attack."

"Speaking of that," Jaune said suddenly. He tapped a yellow watch on his wrist, and it transformed into his shield and sword. He kept the sword sheathed as he removed the shield. "I got a new upgrade for my weapon. Want to see?"


"You might want to take a few steps back for this."

Shaun and Dante took a step back. Blake set her book down and watched from the couch, curious about Jaunes' new upgrade. Jaune cleared his throat and held Crocea Mors in front of him. Before he could show what, he wanted to show, the door opened again.

"Hey guys," Pyrrha said. She walked in carrying a bag of groceries. "I saw Ren and Nora walking out. Are they…?"

"Yep, they are officially going out," Jaune nodded. "I was going to show everybody an upgrade to my shield. Want to see?"

"That would be grand," Pyrrha said as she sets the bags on the table. She took her seat next to Blake.

Jaune cleared his throat. Holding his shield so that the crest faces upwards, he let it drop. As it fell, the shield sides folded in segments as it elongated into a board. Before it reached the floor, it stopped to hover with a yellow glow below. Jaune stepped onto it and, with a little difficulty, steadied himself on it.

"So, you got your glider?" Shaun commented. "Did you get it from me?"

"Nora wouldn't stop asking me about what my shield couldn't do," Jaune said defensively. "Besides, your shield made me realize that I need to have a way of getting around. Also, technically it's a hoverboard. As for gliding…"

Jaune jumps off the board and kicks it upward. The shield shifted again to form some kind of hang glider.

"This is the mode that I use," Jaune finished his demonstration. "The hoverboard is used for land while the hang glider takes care of the aerial transport."

"That's amazing Jaune," Pyrrha said with a smile.

"Thanks!" Jaune bashfully rubbed the back of his head. "Though, most of the credit has to go to Gwen."

Pyrrha's smile became a frown. "Oh. So, Gwen helped you?"

"Yep," Jaune said, oblivious to Pyrrha's biting tone. "I asked her on Wednesday if she could help me out with this. Being a student at Horizon and all. I came over to her place so we could work on it together. She even helped me with an idea for my sword. I should show you—"

"That's sweet and all," Pyrrha snapped as she rose from her seat. "I'll be down in the training room if you want to try it out. I needed to practice my swordplay to begin with. Maybe think of a few upgrades of my own."

Pyrrha stomped out of the living room. A confused Jaune looked after her before turning to the others.

"Did I say something wrong?"

"Nope, not a thing," Shaun said with a little sarcasm.

"Indeed," Blake said. If he only knew.

"Pardon me, everyone."

"JARVIS?" Blake asked. Her amber eyes shot towards the ceiling.

"Your presence is requested at the underground hangar," The A.I. butler said. "The Secret Warriors present here are also required. Director Fury and Agent Johnson will be arriving shortly with a guest."

Several minutes later, the teenage heroes have gathered at the described location. They haven't used the hangar as they couldn't pilot the Quinjets still stationed here. Not at a legal age at least. The Avengers said that they can use the autopilot until they learn how to pilot one. The pathway from the hangar is an underground tunnel that leads out to the Hudson River.

"I was thinking of using this to test out my hoverboard," Jaune said as he scanned the hangar. "But now I'm wondering what Director Fury wants with us."

"From my time in S.H.I.E.L.D, it's probably a mission," Shaun said. "If Agent Johnson is coming with him, it probably be for us as well."

"Finally!" Yang pumped her arms into the air. "I was getting bored with all the school stuff!"

"It's protocol Yang," Shaun said. "We will get our missions from either the Avengers or S.H.I.E.L.D."

"Well, why couldn't we just find our missions?" Yang asked. "Spider-Man tend to go out on patrols of his own. So why can't we?"

Shaun's face darkened. He gave Yang a hard glare. "Two words. Stamford, Connecticut."

At the mention of those words, Yang's eyes widened, lilac eyes understanding what he meant. Ruby gave a small 'oh' and stayed silent. Blake's cat ears twitched at the mention of those words. Pyrrha became sad while Jaune…just became confused.

"I'm sorry, but what are we talking about?"

"Vomit Boy," Yang sighed as she places a palm on her hand. It sounded heavy. "We covered that back at Bootcamp. Don't you remember?"

"Remember what?" Jaune asked.

"Give me a second," Blake said as she typed in the two words in the google search bar. She handed it to Jaune. "Maybe that will help you refresh your memory."

Jaune took the scroll and read aloud. "Located in Fairfield County, Connecticut, Stamford, is known as the city that works. It was incorporated—"

"Not that Jaune," Pyrrha took the scroll, clicked on another link, and showed it to him. "That."

Jaune's eyes widened as the penny finally dropped. The picture showed the smoldering ruins of a town. He felt his gut wrench in regret as he read the headline.

Explosion kills 600. 60 schoolchildren dead.


"Yeah Jaune," Dante said grimly. "That's a big oh."

Back at Bootcamp, they are filled in on the history of Earth. That included the biggest tragedy in the world. A group of teenage superheroes called 'The New Warriors' broadcasted live a raid of a house in the area. They took on four escapees during a previous Raft breakout: Cobalt Man, Speedfreek, Coldheart, and Nitro. They took down three of the group, and Nitro was trying to getaway. One thing leads to another and Nitro used his powers of self-explosion to blow himself up. The explosion killed a school bus of school children, more from the nearby elementary school, some of the New Warriors and the surrounding neighborhood. The aftermath of this tragic incident turned the public against the superhero community. In response, the government passed the Superhuman Registration Act. This act requires any citizens with superpowers to register themselves to the government. That meant everyone will know their secret identities and personal lives.

This alone ignited the biggest superhuman civil war in history. Superheroes became the target of witch hunts with their fellow heroes lead some of them. Some of them are led by supervillains and the public supported it. The same people the heroes swore to protect against them.

What was worse is that it split the Avengers apart. Friends became enemies as they are forced to take sides. Captain America leads the Anti-Registration side while Tony leads the Pro-Registration side. Earth's mightiest heroes had become divided. The civil war ended when Captain America turned himself in as he realized the devastation that the war has been causing. Eventually, he and his compatriots are pardoned, and the Superhuman Registration Act has been taken down. But even now, the war had left scars. Physical and mental scars in the heart.

"What happened to the New Warriors?" Ruby asked. "We haven't heard anything about them. Did they ever reform?"

"They tried to," Shaun said grimly. "But every time they did, all the people remember is the Stamford Incident and the role they played in it. Eventually, they gave up on ever reforming. As of now, they're either retired or doing the solo."

"They gave up, just like that?" Yang asked with incense. "Couldn't S.H.I.E.L.D help train them to be more efficient? Like with us?"

"It's not that easy Yang," America snapped, much to the blonde's surprise. "It wasn't just the people that got scars. The surviving New Warriors felt responsible for Nitro's explosion. Considering that one of them spent a considerable chunk of time taunting Nitro, I agree with them. The whole thing was their fault."

"She's right," Shaun shook his head. "That's why we have training programs and protocol. It isn't about going out playing dress-up. Not even if you have the best intentions. If they want to be a superhero, they need the skills and the training to do that. Without that, they can't save anyone and get themselves killed!"

Everyone became silent as he shouted that last part. It felt unfair to still hold it against them for something that happened long ago. But above all else, he had a point. Back on Remnant, they had the Huntsmen academies for a similar reason. It was meant to prepare the next generation of guardians of their planet and safeguard its future. They hoped that the Stamford incident will never happen on their homeworld.

Jaune thought back to when he faked his transcripts and attended Beacon with no combat training. Would he have caused an incident like Stamford? All because of the lies and lack of training?

"I'm sorry I raised my voice," Shaun said, taking a deep breath. "We're called the Secret Warriors for a reason. Captain America felt the need for an underground team of heroes. A team that can operate behind the scenes."

"It's alright Shaun," Ruby said. "We understand how you feel. We don't want to cause another Stamford Incident."

"Did your planet have a civil war?" Dante asked.

"We had a Faunus rights revolution," Blake answered. "But nothing like the superhero civil war. The Huntsman is independent of any government except for Atlas. Weiss can tell you more when she gets back."

At that moment, the air is filled with the sound of machinery and rushing water. Rising out of the floor in front of them is a pad with a Quinjet with the red 'A' of the Avengers emblazoned on the side. When it reached their level, the pad turned counterclockwise and stopped. The bay door opened up and Nick Fury walked down with Agent Daisy Johnson at his side.

"Director Fury, sir," Shaun gave a salute. The others chose to mimic his action to the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Ruby was the last one to give a salute as she had trouble getting it.

"At ease, Lucas," Fury waved him off. "Technically, you don't work for S.H.I.E.L.D at the moment. No need for formalities."

"Thank you, Director," Ruby said. She turned to Daisy. "So, Agent Johnson, how was your mission?"

"It went well, considering that it's was picking up your new chaperone," Daisy said. She turned her head to look over her shoulder as another pair of footsteps descended the ramp. "Here he comes."

Fury and Quake stepped to the side as the man finally made himself known. He looked as if he stepped out of a Matrix movie with his trench coat and sunglasses with the addition of body armor. On his back are two swords. In his hands are two heavy-looking black bags. The man scanned them with a frown, his eyes resting on the Remnantian teens.

"So, these are the kids I'm babysitting?" The man asked in a dry tone. "They don't look like much."

"They faced monsters as scary as the ones you faced," Fury said. "Where they came from, it's part of living."

"Doubt they faced anything worse," The man scoffed. This left Yang a bit offended. Before she could speak, Fury cut over her.

"Everyone, meet Blade," Fury introduced. "Your chaperone for the week."

"Blade?" Yang asked. "Do we get to name ourselves after what he happens to have on his person?"

"If you got a better name, I'd be happy to hear it," Blade said in a deadpan tone of voice. He was met with silence from Yang. "Didn't think so."

"He came because his fellow Avengers asked him to. Fortunately, it happens to coincide with his purpose here in New York."

"Wait, you're an Avenger?" Ruby asked. "But we haven't seen you during Bootcamp or the party last month."

"That's because I was busy," Blade answered. He didn't say anything more, which left the teens except the Secret Warriors confused.

"Doing what?" Yang asked.

"Hunting Vampires."

The Remnantians blinked at his blunt answer. It was Yang who burst out laughing, hugging her sides at the ridiculousness.

"Are you serious?" She guffawed. "With that serious face! Hunting Vampires?"

It was right about then she realized that nobody was laughing with her. Rather, Fury, Blade, Daisy, and the Secret Warriors are looking at her with a serious expression. Blade simply moved past them with the S.H.I.E.L.D agents at his sides. The Secret Warriors then followed, leaving the Remnantians.

"Wait…" Yang's laughter died out. Her face became pale as terror found its way into her voice. "…you're serious…?"

Everyone seemed to take the silence as an answer. Ruby burst into petals and sped after the group. They were at the entrance of the conference room when she rematerialized in front of Blade. Her eyes are wide as dinner plates as she replayed what he just said.

"Vampires are REAL?!" Ruby exclaimed. Blade leaned his back forward and bared his teeth. Ruby became even more awestruck as her eyes found four razor-sharp fangs.

"If they weren't, they wouldn't have given me THIS," Blade said with a hiss. With what she assumed to be vampiric speed, he sped around her and headed towards the table in the center.

"Indeed," Fury said as the rest of the Remnantians joined them. "That's why Blade is here. He has received some intel about recent Vampire activity here. Thankfully, it isn't Dracula this time. And yes, I'm talking about THE Dracula."

"Dracula is real?!" Blake squeaked, her face becoming paler and more terrified. She had read Bram Stoker's novel in the library once. She didn't think that the antagonist of the book was real.

"Dracula?" Jaune asked with equal fright. A few moments ago, they were playing a campaign about vampires. Now they learned that not only they are real, but the first one is. "The lord of the vampires? THAT Dracula?"

"Yes," Fury said as Blade set his Avengers ID card on the table. "He's very real and very dangerous."

The table lit up as a holographic image towered over them. The hologram is that of a man wearing blood-red armor and a cloak held together by a chain. His skin is gray, and his hair is as white as snow. Red eyes seemed to glare at them.

"Most people think he's a character in books and movies," Fury said. The remnantians turned to Blake when he said that. The faunus hid her face behind her enlarged scroll. "But those are based on history. Dracula is the king of vampires. An undead nightmare that wages war on the living. If it weren't for Blade and the Avengers, he most certainly has won by now."

Everyone gulped at that. Everything they said makes him as bad as Salem. A war between life and death.

"You said that the vampire activity doesn't involve him," Pyrrha said. "Are you sure?"

"I haven't seen hide or hair of him since our last encounter," Blade admitted. "But I heard whispers among the underworld of his survival. Nothing concrete but I have no intention of passing it off. So, I searched Transylvania…"

"That place is real too?" Yang asked. She winced when Blade gave her a hard glare. He cleared his throat and continued.

"I heard it from one of the bloodsuckers there that there is a vampire as powerful as him coming here," Blade continued. "Supposedly, he's come to collect something that can even the odds for his kind. As I pressed him for details, I'm certain that it will. This vampire has scheduled a meeting with another Sect right here in New York. And I know it's location."

"So, what are we waiting for?" Yang asked, transforming her Ember Celica into weapon mode. "Let's pound some vampire butt!"

Blade focused on her. "You're not coming."

"What?" Yang shouted indignantly. The others stared at him in shock.

"But we can help you," Ruby insisted.

"I agreed to babysit you," Blade cut in. "The last thing I want is a bunch of rookies getting in my way."

"Rookies!?" Yang asked heatedly as her eyes turned red. She interposed herself in front of Blade. "For your information, we happened to kick the butt of monsters for a living back on our planet. What gives you the right to—"

Before she could get more in, Blade swept her legs from beneath. Her back hit the floor as Blade planted his foot on her chest. Within seconds, he had a blade against her aura protected throat. Blade leaned in close and bared his fangs at her with a growl. Nobody moved.

"These Grimm that you so proudly defeated," Blade said. "Are NOTHING like Vampires. They're not supervillains either. You may be hot stuff back on your planet, but right here you have no idea what you're up against. You will only get yourselves killed."

He stepped off of Yang and walked back to the doors.

"Let me know when you sent in the team, Fury," Blade said without looking back. "Let the kids play on their playground."

He stepped through the doors and they closed behind him.

"Playground!?" Yang asked as Blake helped her up. "Who does he think he is!? So, what if we can't dodge that? Does he think that he can just take them on alone?"

"He's right Yang," Fury said. "This is far too dangerous for you. If the vampire Blade is hunting is as powerful as Dracula, then I'm afraid you are going to sit this one out."


"You head the director," Daisy said sternly. "Besides, we have a mission for you. Let's leave this one to Blade. In the meantime, he left us something in case the Vampires decided to go after us."

"What sort of things did he leave us?" Shaun asked.

"Some of his vampire hunting equipment," Daisy answered. She gestured to the bags that he brought. "The latest in technology. We can set them up while we wait for him to come back."

"I'm going to check on my team of specialists," Fury said. "In the meantime, follow Agent Johnson."

"Will do director," Shaun said. He nodded to the others. "Let's get to it."

It took a while, but Blake managed to calm down Yang. Together they took out various equipment and began to divide them into groups: weapons, explosives, and traps. Ruby took a particular interest in a flashbang grenade outlined with blue.

"By the way," Daisy said as they began to set up the traps. "Where are Ren, Nora, and Weiss?"

"Ren and Nora are out on a date," Jaune answered. He flinched when she gave him the look. "Guess I'd better warn them about the vampires. As for Weiss, she is…"

"Wondering if you know where to find this friend of yours," Weiss said as she followed Doreen.

"It should be around here," Doreen said. "I triangulated sightings of him in New York. I even had several of my furry friends be on the lookout. The epicenter should be here."

After their talk on Wednesday, Weiss decided that it was high time that she mastered her summoning glyphs. It's part of the Schnee semblance, but she hasn't had much success mastering it back on Remnant. But after that talk, she decided that she's going to need every advantage she could get if they are going to stand a chance against Salem. Her Glyphs utility is currently limited due to the lack of dust, and it will remain that way thanks to Kang.

Fortunately, Doreen seemed to have an idea of how to help her. Or so she hoped.

"So how do you know this friend of yours?" Weiss asked as they continued walking.

"A while back I helped him defeat Ulth-Lah-Throth," Doreen said. "Before you ask, let's just say that he's an alien that looked like one of Lovecraft's monsters. Fortunately, it didn't drive me insane when I looked at it."

"Ugh," Weiss scrunched her eyebrows in disgust. "You've read that…that...?"

"Hey, what's in a book?" Doreen asked. "We should be at the place right about…NOW!"

Weiss looked at where Doreen is gesturing at…and felt her shoulders slump with disappointment.

"Doreen," Weiss deadpanned. "This is an empty lot. There's nothing here."

"It should be here," Doreen insisted. Walking over to the edge of the lot and sticking her hands out. "Maybe he put an invisibility spell or something on the place?"

"Invisibility spell?" Weiss asked. "Doreen, who exactly is your friend?"

"You'll see," Doreen said in a conspirator's voice. Weiss was about to press her for details when something happened. Doreen seemed to have touched something, and a ripple is created from the small impact. It spread over and shimmering into existence is a building that had been hiding from the visible spectrum. They stood before a three-story Victorian-style brownstone townhouse built in a French Baroque design with a Mansard roof. On the roof is a window with red-tinted windows with a strange symbol. Near the door is a sign saying '177a Bleecker St'.

"Told you it was here," Doreen said smugly to a slack-jawed Weiss. She walked up the door and knocked on it. "Hello? Doctor Strange? It's me! I helped you out with Ulth-La-Throth a while back?"

"Wait," Weiss said slowly, just to make sure she heard correctly. "Doctor Stephen Strange? As in the Sorcerer Supreme? He's the friend you were talking about?"

"Yep," Doreen said with a small pop. "I thought that if anyone could help you with your summoning, it will be him. We just need to—"

Weiss couldn't register the last part of the sentence as she suddenly found herself indoors. The room she is well kept and has cabinets stands, and chests with what she assumed to be ancient artifacts. In front of her is stairs leading down to what she assumed to be the second floor.

"Doreen?" Weiss looked around. "Where am I? How did I get here?"

"You are invited in of course."

Weiss turned to the owner of the voice. In front of the window stood a man. He wore a blue robe, yellow gloves, a red cloak, a gold pendant around his neck, brown boots, and a yellow sash around his waist. His hair is slicked black hair is streaked with white. Weiss was pretty sure he wasn't standing there before.

"One doesn't enter my Sanctum Sanctorum without the key or my permission," Doctor Stephen Strange said. "I simply invited you in."

"Doctor Strange," Weiss breathed. She gave a polite bow. "It's an honor to meet you. My name is—"

"Weiss Schnee," Doctor Strange finished. "Yes, I know."

"How did you—"

"Know your name?" Doctor Strange finished yet again. "Your mind was thinking of it. As the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth, it's my job to protect it against magical and mystical threats. That includes knowing who comes and goes on Earth."

"Wow," Weiss breathed. Is this the power of magic?

"That, and Stark told me about you and your friends when you arrived here on earth," Doctor Strange said. "They wanted my expertise whenever we found your planet. Especially with this Salem character. She's currently at the bottom of my list of threats, but that might change."

With a wave of his hand, Weiss found herself seated across from Doctor Strange in a different room. In her right hand, she held a teacup.

"It would be rude of me to not offer refreshment to my guest," Doctor Strange said from his seat. "Tea?"

"Tea's good," Weiss took a sip of her tea. It was good, but she noticed that as much as she drank it refilled itself. "What about my friend? She's waiting outside and probably wondering—"

"Where you are?" Doctor Strange finished. Weiss' eyebrow irked with irritation and the Doctor seemed to pick up the thought. "Forgive me. Wong is currently escorting her in right now."


Weiss turned to see her friend being escorted by a Chinese man similarly wearing green robes to Strange. The man, she assumed to be Wong, nodded to her and gestured Doreen to another seat that wasn't there before.

"Rad, right?" Doreen grinned. "Actual magic right in your eyes am I right?"

"It's different than imagining it, that's for sure," Weiss nodded. When they told the Avengers about the existence of magic on their planet, they didn't refute the claim. That's because they experience magic themselves. The sorcerer before her is proof of that.

"I prefer master of the mystic arts, if you don't mind," Doctor Strange interrupted her thoughts. "Before you say or think anything, I just asked why you wanted to see me. Doreen said to ask you."

"Oh," Weiss had been caught up with the glamour of magic that she forgot what she came here for. She moved to set her teacup down when she realized that there wasn't a table. She took that thought back when a table appeared in front of her. Weiss looked up at Wong who was nodding towards the table. She set it down and set her hands on her lap. Magic appeared to be a versatile thing to have.

"It's about my semblance," Weiss said. Doctor Strange gestured her to continue. It seemed that he stopped reading her mind to be polite. "My semblance has a variety of uses, but that's dependent on dust. Now that I'm here, my semblance is limited except for summoning. However, I have difficulty mastering it. It's why Doreen suggested that we go see you. I was hoping you might help me with it."

"Hmmm," Doctor Strange nodded as he took it in. "I'm familiar with summoning as much as banishing. It's the same as drawing power from the Vishanti. It shouldn't be too difficult to help."

"I'm sorry?" Weiss asked.

"You may not believe me, but what if I told you that this 'Semblance' of yours isn't all too different from magic?"

"That can't be possible," Weiss said, shaking her head. "The God of Darkness took his gift of magic back from the first variation of our race. Sure, you may have a theory that our semblances are what remained of what we once had. But to still possess magic…"

She would've continued if Doctor Strange hadn't suddenly stood up and thrust his palm against her. Weiss felt herself fly back from where she had been sitting.

"Hey!" Weiss cried. "Why did you…do…that…?"

Weiss is staring at the back of her seat. She saw her head lay slumped against her chair. Doreen was looking at her body in concern, but Wong reassured her.

"It's alright. This is no doubt her first time."

Doctor Strange pulled his hand back and Weiss suddenly found herself pulled towards her body. With a gasp, she sat up straight and breathed heavily. She looked at Doctor Strange, who stood there with a passive expression.

"What was that?" Weiss breathed.

"I just pushed out your astral form," Doctor Strange said. "There's nothing in the tea if that's what you're wondering. Just a little honey. I had that same reaction when I first found out about magic."

"Magic?" Weiss patted her chest. "What was what happened? I felt like I was seeing my body from the outside."

"For a moment, you entered the astral dimension," Doctor Strange explained. "A place where the soul exists apart from the body."

"Why did you do that to me?" Weiss asked.

"To show you just how much you don't know," Doctor Strange answered as he stepped closer. "This God of Darkness took away the magic of the first incarnation of your race, yes. But he didn't take all of it."

"The potential to use magic existed long before them," Wong added. "Those with the potential can be found in just about any pocket of the universe. All you need to do is look."

He stood over her.

"As I said, you're just like me before I learned the mystic arts. You are a girl looking at the world through a keyhole. You've spent your life trying to widen it. To do that…"

He placed a finger on her forehead.

"You just need to open your eye."

Weiss once again found herself being pushed away. This time, she didn't leave her body. She found herself flying through an array of colors. While she flowed, she could still hear the voice of the Sorcerer Supreme.

"You think you know how the world works? Do you think that this material universe is all there is? What is real? What mysteries lie beyond the reach of your senses? At the root of existence, mind, and matter meet. Thoughts shape reality. This universe is only one of an infinite number."

She passed countless different places that she couldn't possibly describe. An area with what she felt is Actiniaria floating about. A void filled only with what can be described as grass jellies. A shifting realm that resembles an unending cavernous tunnel branching off into different separate tunnels.

"Worlds without end," Strange continued. "Some benevolent and life-giving…"

Everything she saw became replaced with a cold and dark sight. She flew past what felt to be an evil place. Countless disintegrating planets drifted, not a trace of life. The stars barely lit the darkness of this world she is in. In the distance, she saw a giant with a flaming head turn to look at her. Weiss felt terror as the malicious smiling face gazed at her.

"Others filled with malice and hunger. Dark places where powers older than time lie ravenous…and waiting."

Finally, she stopped. Below she saw countless galaxies of color. Somehow, she could breathe through this.

"So, who are you in this vast multiverse, Ms. Schnee?" Doctor Strange asked. "I suppose that's what we are about to find out."

The pull returned. Weiss found herself in that tunnel of colors. Then, she found her face pressed against something cold. Checking to make sure her limbs are working, a moment of pause, she lifted her head to see the Sorcerer Supreme standing over her.

"How was your first experience with the multiverse?" Doctor Strange asked, nonchalantly. "I'm going to be honest; I stole those lines from my mentor. But do you see?"

"The multiverse?" Weiss asked as she raised her body shakily. "Did you have to put me through that to prove that the multiverse theory is…true…?"

She finally got a look at her surroundings. The two are in a forest, better yet a frozen forest. The cold she felt on her face came from the crushed snow. The color scheme however is only in different shades of white and light blue. The sight of this place alone is beautiful.

"Where are we?" Weiss asked, not taking her eyes off the place.

"I was hoping you could tell me," Doctor Strange said, much to her surprise.

"Wait, you never been to this place before?" Weiss asked incredulously. "Why did you bring us here?"

"The spell I used didn't just give you a road trip across the multiverse," Doctor Strange answered. "It sent you to the dimension in which you draw power from. I simply followed you."

"What are you talking about?" Weiss asked in confusion. "I don't understand."

"Magic isn't as omnipotent as you think Weiss," Doctor Strange said, turning to look at the scenery before them. "Everything has a cost. Are you aware of the law of conservation of matter and energy?"

"Yeah," Weiss nods as he returns his attention to her.

"Master of the mystic arts harness the energy drawn from other dimensions of the Multiverse to cast spells, to conjure shields, and weapons to make magic. Though the mystic arts, we harness the energy and shape reality. Your semblance follows that rule. In some cases, we draw power from entities such as gods and demons."

"Wait," Weiss said slowly. She decided to forgo the question about demons for now. "So, you're saying that this dimension is where…"

Doctor Strange looked at her with a smile. "Your summons has to come from, somewhere right? Did you think that your sister's summons appears out of nowhere?"

"I've never thought about that," Weiss muttered. Out of the corner of her eye, something moved. Weiss turned to it and took a step back. "That's…"

What was walking across the field is a boarbatusk. Only this one has white fur with blue outlines and eyes. It stopped and turned its head to look at them. For a moment, she wondered if it's going to attack them. To her relief, it turned and continued on its way.

"A Boarbatusk?" Weiss asked. "But why didn't it attack us?"

"I assume because it recognizes one of us as a friendly," Doctor Strange said, pointedly looking at her. "I have a feeling if threatened that it would've attacked me. Though I can safely assume the correct term would be 'they'."


Weiss looked and found that Boarbatusk isn't the only thing that is in the forest. Coming out from behind trees are various white-toned Grimm. A pack of Beowolves rushed past them. An Ursa was pawing a tree to get to a white hive above. Overhead, a Nevermore flew past them. The way they are behaving is not the familiar Grimm back on Remnant.

"They're just like my sisters' summons," Weiss said as she looked at the Grimm. Then she spotted a familiar one marching towards them, an oversized sword on its shoulder. "That's the Arma Gigas my father made me fight! That's here too?"

"Your semblance allows you to summon foes you defeated, correct?" Doctor Strange asked. Weiss nodded. "Well, I can imagine that this is where you and your sister pull them from. Each foe you and your sister defeat add to this dimension. If the Grimm ever had a soul, this would likely be an afterlife for them."

"That's kind of ironic since they've been designed to destroy us," Weiss remarked as she looked up at the Arma Gigas as it passed them. The Arma Gigas stopped to look at Weiss as if recognizing her. Then, it resumed its trek.

"So, this is where my semblance…I draw power from?" Weiss asked. She corrected herself mid-sentence.

"Seems to be the case," Doctor Strange nodded. "Now that we grasped the root of your power, we can get started on summoning. But first, we should return to the material dimension."

"Already?" Weiss asked. She wanted to stay and explore this newfound dimension. This source of her power. To explore the mysteries of this place. But she can do that after she masters her glyphs. Maybe even…

Behind her, a circular portal opened in front of Strange. Weiss was prepared to follow before Doctor Strange stopped her.

"I'll go first and wait for you on the material dimension," He said. "You're going to have to make your portal."

"Why?" Weiss asked, aghast at the thought of him leaving her here.

"I thought that you'd want to learn to exit this dimension," Doctor Strange clarified. Weiss stopped and thought about it. "Just in case you wind up sending yourself back here by accident."

"We wouldn't want that, would we," Weiss conceded. But deep down, she was excited. She came all this way to improve her summoning, now she found something more. A way in and out of this new world of hers. Inside her is born thirst for knowledge.

What else could she do?

"Just to make sure you get back I should show you how we travel dimensions. Pay attention…"

She wondered what the others are doing. She hoped they are having a good time as she was.

Meanwhile, One hour after Fury's arrival…

A full moon shined on the night sky as Blade ran across rooftops with his speed. The urge of going after Dracula filled his body with adrenaline. This vampire must be the worst of the bloodsuckers next to him. But there are worse things out there tonight.


A few meters later, he came across the location. From his position, he spotted the abandoned warehouse where the meeting is being held. He crouched down and surveyed the area. He arrived thirty minutes earlier than the meeting time. Plenty of time to set up an ambush.

His thoughts drifted back at the mansion. He wasn't completely in the dark regarding those kids back on Remnant. Heck, he even received the files on them on his way back from Transylvania. These kids have been trained to face the monsters known as Grimm and soon they would have to face the mother of those monsters. This Salem sounds as bad as Dracula.

If they died to the Vampires, they wouldn't have a chance of getting back to their homeworld. Not to mention finding a way to kill the witch responsible for making their lives hell. But she comes after Kang. Which is why he can't bring himself to take those kids with him. They are safer back at the mansion.

This was his job alone.

"Time to get down to business," Blade said.

Just as he was about to jump down, he heard soft footsteps behind him. He stopped. Whoever was following him seemed to be an expert at sneaking up behind him. But years of Vampire hunting and his physiology have made that option null.

Blade stepped off the edge and let himself fall. Turning in midair, he grasped the edge of the building and pulled himself back up. Blade collided against his would-be-assailant. To his surprise, the assailant seemed to have vanished upon contact. Not letting up, he brought his lunge into a roll and sprang back on his feet. He drew his blade to slice at what he assumed to be a shadow vampire.

Instead, it was something that annoyed him the most.

"I thought I told you, kids, to stay at the playground," Blade said to four of the Remnantian teens and three of the Secret Warriors. They are all in their costumes and gear.

"We came to help," Yang said stubbornly.

"Look, we get it," Blake said, stepping forward. "We aren't your first choice. But like it or not, you need us. Trust me, I know what it's like to take things on your own. It doesn't bode well."

"If this vampire is as dangerous as Dracula then we can't sit this one out," Patriot said. "Whatever this game-changer is, we can't let him have it. Face it"

Blade growled. "Okay. Just remember…your choice."

Turning around, he beckoned them to follow him as he leaped down. The teenage heroes followed after Blade. Jaune had the sense to use Crocea Mors hang glider form. America just flew over and landed within the fields of the warehouse. The others scaled the fence with Blade.

They entered the warehouse. There are abandoned crates and barrels covered in dust. It was illuminated only by the light of the moon.

"How many of you brought the gear I gave you?" Blade asked. All of them raised their hands. His nose sniffed their scent. "All of you? Good."

He pointed at Jaune and Pyrrha. "You two take the flanks, drive them center."

He pointed at Ms. America and Inferno. "You protect him. Judging by the symbol on his suit, I'm guessing he has a thing for fire. That will be useful in this fight. Take him to the catwalks, when I give the signal, you pepper them with vampires."

"The rest of us will set up the traps," He gestured to himself, Yang, Patriot, and Blade. "Get to it."

Everyone nodded and got to work. Jaune and Pyrrha took the position behind a crate on each side. Ms. America wrapped her arms around Inferno and took off to the catwalks above. Blade and his group began setting up the traps.

"So, what can we expect?" Yang asked as she set up a laser tripwire. "From the vampire I mean?"

"Expect what you heard about them," Blade answered as he handed her a stake. "Just in case."

"Okay," Yang nodded as she accepted the stake. "Anything else."

"If those weapons of yours can cause a bloodsucker to burst into flames, use it."

"No crosses?" Blake asked.

"That only works for the faithful. The truly faithful. Silver is hard to find and expensive. Anything else?"

"Nothing at the moment," Yang said. They continued in silence. "So…how did you get into the vampire business? Just wondering."

Blade stopped what he was doing. Yang felt that she struck a nerve. She was about to tell him to not mind her when she answered.

"One of them killed my mother."

"Your mother?" Yang asked in surprise. Even Blake stopped what she was doing to look at the Vampire hunter. She was immediately reminded of Summer Rose, Ruby's mom. She left one day and never came back. They assumed she died on a mission. "How? Wait, is that a dumb question?"

"Kind of," Blade said. "My mother was still giving birth to me when it happened. She was experiencing labor pains and sought out a doctor. Doctor Deacon Frost was a ravenous vampire who proceeded to feats on her as she gave birth."

He growled as he said that last part. Yang and Blake could sympathize with his anger.

"During the feeding, he passed a series of enzymes that altered me. Frost was driven away before he could kill me. Even now, he's regretting that he didn't kill me."

Blade said nothing. But two remnantians could tell that Decon Frost had already met his end by his blades. They let him continue.

"A few years later, I met a man named Jamal Afari. A vampire hunter. He saved me from being killed by vampires. He trained me to be a vampire hunter like him and I took the name Blade. The weapons I used to kill vampires. I've hunted vampires ever since and I don't plan on stopping."

Yang and Blake took in his story with respectful silence.

"I get that you might not want sympathy," Yang said solemnly. "But my sister lost her mother when we were young. She just went on a mission and she never came back. We assumed that she's dead."

"The red-cloaked one, right?" Blade asked. Yang nodded. "Thought so. Stark sent me your files. She seems to be optimistic despite what's happened to her."

"That's our Thorn," Yang said with a smile. "Even in the darkest of times, she can be a bright light for us when we lose ours."

"Yeah," Blade said, facing her. "I can already tell that she is. That's why I didn't want to bring you on this mission. I don't want any of you to lose that light. Not before you get the chance to take back your home."

Blade suddenly perked up.

"They're here," He whispered. "Hide and do not make a sound."

Everyone took their places behind crates and waited. Minutes later, they saw the headlights of a black SUV pulled up into the warehouse. The doors opened, and four men came out. Each one is dressed in a two-piece black suit with a white shirt and tie. One of them, they assumed to be the leader, is carrying a black case.

Blade felt a tap on his shoulder. Fortunately, he was smart not to react because it was Blake holding her scroll out to him. She must have figured that they wouldn't hear her typing. He took the scroll and read it.

They look like humans. What are they doing here?

Blade typed in his response and handed it back to her.

That's because they're the Mystikos Sect. There is a total of eighteen sects. Unlike the others, these vampires infiltrated human society and embrace the modern world. Meaning that these guys have to walk in broad daylight to go unnoticed. These guys must be giving the secret to their deception away.

"Are you sure that this is the place?" One of the Mystikos vampires asked.

"It is," The leader said, nervously glancing around. "But I feel like something is wrong. Could it be that…"


The Mystikos vampires flinched from the voice that seemed to resound from everywhere. Out of the shadows of the warehouse, a figure emerged. The figure wore body armor with long pouches across his waist. Red eyes gazed out from helmet with a respirator tube trailing down and to his left. On his back is a minigun that they do not doubt that he had a problem carrying. On his right shoulder, they noticed something that seemed to be a plant. They would call it a plant, but they saw the red eyes and they knew it was alive.

"What is there to fear?" The newcomer asked. "I arrived as we agreed."

"Apologies Lord…" The leader gulped when the eyes glowed red. "I mean, Shadow Colonel. We heard that Blade has been attacking our kind. We thought that he might find this place."

"Indeed," The Shadow Colonel groaned. "Well deal about that later. Do you have what I asked."

"Of course, Colonel," The leader said as he presented the case to him. The Shadow Colonel nodded as he took it and opened it. Judging by the sharp intake of breath, he was pleased with whatever he saw.

"This truly is the game-changer," The Shadow Colonel said as he closed the case. "Can these be massed produced?"

"Yes," The Mystikos leaders nodded. "You are the first to receive them. We can begin by early morning."

"Good," The Shadow Colonel set the case down. "Then I suggest you take your leave. Now."

"What? But why…?"

"Because you are correct about one thing…"

Before the eye could blink, the Shadow Colonel turned around and drew the minigun off his back. He fired upon the crates that Blade and his group are hiding. Patriot raised his shield to block the bullets as it shredded the crate he was hiding behind. Yang and Blake, choosing to conserve their aura, rolled and dodged the gunfire with Blade. The Shadow Colonel stopped firing.

"…Blade is here," He said. "And he brought friends."

The Mystikos vampire wasted no time in scampering to their SUV. Yang and Blake moved to pursue but Blade stopped them with a hand behind his back. He drew his blades and took a step forward.

"So…Shadow Colonel," Blade said. "What's in the case that you and your buddies want so bad?"

"You will see in due time Blade," The Shadow Colonel answered. "And you pick children to fight with you. How disappointing."

"Hey!" Yang protested.

"The partners change, but the dance is the same," The Shadow Colonel said. Something about that irked Blade.

"I heard that from Dracula before," Blade snarled. "You know where he is?"

"Indeed," The Shadow Colonel breathed. "Not that you will live to hear it."

"We'll see about that," Blade shouted as he charged forward. He didn't get far as a shadow fell over him. He jumped backward just in time to avoid the beast that nearly pounded him. The beast looked to be a dog, but its face looked as if someone peeled it off to expose the skull. It bared its fangs at the vampire hunter.

"Great, another dog," Blake groaned.

"You aren't the only one that brought friends Blade," The Shadow Colonel said. "I should introduce them. Though I should introduce the new guy first."

"New guy?"

"It took a while to get him under our control," The Shadow Colonel said. "He keeps resisting, but as long as we have the words, he has to comply. Why don't you introduce yourself? Mephistopheles Vindicta!"

At those words, the heroes felt a heatwave crash into them. They shielded themselves from the glare as something rode through the warehouse and stopped in front of them. They lowered their arms to see what it was.

In front of them is what America would've called a 1969 Dodge Charger. One that's in flames. The engine and tires are wreathed in fire. From behind are a trail of flames from where the car traveled.

The driver's side opened and out came something that terrified the Remnantian girls. A hulking figure with a flaming skull towered over them. Its hands are wreathed in flames. Spikes adorned his outfit and a flaming design flickered on a black jacket. Where it walked, it left a footprint of flames.

It slammed the car door shut and made its way towards them. It was preparing to attack.

"Blade, what sort of vampire is that?" Yang asked. When she didn't get an answer, she turned to see the vampire hunter staring up at the demon in shock.


"I'm sorry blade…" Robbie Reyes said. "But these guys have my number…please…get away…!"

He charged at him with a fist raised.


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