AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is my first fanfic, so don't expect it to be perfect.

General POV

Aeris was pissed. Very pissed. She'd go on a murderous rampage if she could, the sounds of innocent people screaming their last screams would be the perfect soundtrack to her mood right now. She'd been pissed at Leo before, but this takes the cake. She continued storming down the sidewalk towards their apartment, Leo tailing behind, wisely keeping his distance. "Aeris, I'm sor-" "SHUT IT, Leo." "But Aeris, I-" "Leo, you have one second to get as far away from me as possible before I make a rug out of you."

Leo quickly backed away from her with a whimper. He decided he'd explain himself later and maybe not get a beating than to explain himself now and risk becoming a gray placemat.

Aeris' POV

Fuck, I can't believe that dumbass would do something like that! Now we're definitely not getting that job. I shouldn't have brought him to the interview anyway, I knew he'd do something like that. A horrible mother insult, AT AN INTERVIEW NO LESS?! He's truly earned the title of the Veritable Sultan of Stupidity. The Duke of Dumbasses. If I see his face again within the next hour, he's not going to have one.

General POV

They arrived at their apartment, Aeris storming towards the door, quickly unlocking it and opening it. She walked into the apartment and slammed the door on Leo. Leo was about to open the door, when a small click signified that he was gonna be stuck out here for a while. She went to go take a bath, that would certainly calm her down. After soaking in the hot water to the point where her nose was just above it, she took in the calmness and slowly drifted off into sleep… that is, until a familiar voice begged from outside the front door to let him in. She ignored him, but then remembered that there's a spare key under a flower pot. She decided to see how long it took Leo to figure it out. After about five more minutes of begging, she heard what sounded like a paw hitting a face, and then the door unlocking. She sank into the water, hoping it would shelter her from his supreme dumbassery.

She knew Leo wasn't stupid enough to walk in on her, but she also knew that he'd consistently bother her while she was enjoying her free time. If she wasn't so occupied with her bath, she'd step out and pound his face into the back of his empty skull. Even though it seemed she hated Leo, she did appreciate his company, and still fondly remembers when they met, when Leo stood up to her bully. Even now, she blushes thinking about it. She sighed to herself. "Why can't things be like they were back then, Leo? You were so cute then…" She stopped her thoughts right there. Cute? She knew for a fact that she didn't have any romantic feelings for him. After all, he was the Supreme Dumbass. She knew she didn't… right? Only time will tell…

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Not much to say here… just took a while to write this much due to writer's block. Expect updates very frequently.