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GENERAL POV (This chapter, and likely the rest of the story, will remain in this POV.)

Leo wasn't one to be patient with a game. So when Space Megaforce (understandably) kicked his ass more than once, he became quickly tired of it. In a huff, he tossed the controller down and crossed his arms. "Didn't wanna play the stupid thing anyway.." He mutters as the Game Over screen mocks him. Aeris smiles and picks up the controller. "Seems you've lost your mojo." She turns around to look at Leo, who looks truly offended. "I have not! That game is just hard as balls! Why don't you try it, if you're *he raises his hands for emphasis* soooo goood."

She looks at him for a few seconds, her face completely unreadable. She shrugs. "Whatever you say, Silver." (A/N: For those reading at home, Leo has grey fur. But if you're reading a VG Cats fic, you should know that.) He raises an eyebrow at the "Silver" remark. However, he ignores it, eager to see Aeris have her dreams completely crushed by Space Megaforce. (A/N: Space Megaforce is a brutal game. It's made me very angry on several occasions.)

He sits back on the couch with a smug grin. Aeris flashed an odd look at him before starting the game. Her sapphire eyes quickly became fixated on the screen. Leo couldn't help but look at her for a few seconds. She… was beautiful. Leo blushed a little and became lost in his thoughts, still staring. He was quickly brought out of his daydream when he noticed Aeris staring at him from the corner of her eye. She was a little red, but she'd never admit it. "Hey. Eyes forward, Silver." Her tone of voice quickly made Leo's eyes snap back to the TV. But it was a little different, almost sounding… seductive? Leo tried to think of a good word to describe it, but he took note of it rather quickly.

Meanwhile, Aeris quickly began to lose her temper because of Space Megaforce. Getting vibe checked over and over again by an armada of death ships was beginning to get to her, not to mention Leo's prior actions had her mind in other places. She paused the game to take a small break and gather her thoughts. She noted Leo scooting closer to her as well. She glanced at him, grinning. "I saw that, Silver. Don't think you can get past me." Leo stayed where he was at, but he didn't move a single muscle. He scooted ever so slightly closer. She started laughing. Then she decided to act on her feelings. "You're such a dork, Leo. Come here." At that moment, Aeris did something Leo sure as hell didn't expect, and even Aeris herself was surprised by her sudden actions.

She grabbed his shoulders, pulled him in, and pressed her lips against his. Leo's eyes widened and he kind of just sat in shock for a few seconds before returning the favor the best he could. They remained together for a few more seconds, before Aeris pulled away and looked at Leo, whose muzzle was more red than it was white, his eyes were still wide and he didn't really know what to do with himself. Aeris looked away and rubbed her shoulder. She was blushing as well, her muzzle beginning to match rather well with her pink fur. She kept looking away, and in a tone of voice Leo had never heard before, spoke up. "Is that… what you wanted?" Leo was still in shock. He simply nodded, seemingly unable to speak. She looked back up, and immediately calmed down, as she was rather tense. She sighed in relief and shifted her attention back to the TV. She looked at the screen indifferently, before deciding to change the game. Leo was finally beginning to collect himself.

Aeris got up to change the game, and Leo stared at her as she did. He saw her in a completely different way now. To him, she was a goddess. He shifted on the couch, so he could get more comfortable. Aeris' ear turned in his direction. She noticed the sound and shifted her eyes in his direction, however she still pretended to look at the shelves containing the games. Once his eyes met with hers, she quickly looked back to the shelves and reddened. She put Space Megaforce back where it goes and scanned her eyes over all the games. She picked out Sonic Adventure 2, and walked over to the entertainment center the TV stood on. Humming to herself, she put the game in the Dreamcast and grabbed a controller. She began walking back to the couch, where she noticed Leo sitting a little anxiously.

She sat right next to him and set the controller down to her left. She looked at Leo, who was blushing intensely, and breathing a little heavy. It's now or never, I better keep this up while the mood's still going, Leo thought to himself. Aeis looked at him and chuckled. "It was just a kiss. You don't have to get all riled up." Leo suddenly grabbed her by the shoulders and pinned her down. (A/N: Just telling you it's gonna get a little steamy here. It's not gonna get too steamy as this is a T-rated story, but I felt I should warn you. If you don't want to see it, scroll down to the word Persnickety in bold.)

Aeris' temper instinctively kicked in. "Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing you little pea-brained-" She didn't get to finish that insult, as she was suddenly interrupted by Leo's lips meeting hers in a rather passionate kiss. She moaned very quietly and wrapped an arm around his back. She pulled away from him and glared. "You're pushing it Silver… but I'll be damned if I'm not enjoying myself." She pulled him back in and started french kissing him, which caught Leo by surprise. He returned the favor by running a free hand down her back and kissing her neck. "I love you…" Aeris managed to whisper.

Leo, however, had nothing to say. He simply pulled back and met her gaze. After tripping over his own words for a few seconds, and trying to put his brain back together from the mush it had become (figuratively, of course,) he finally managed to utter something coherent. "You… love me?" Aeris smiled and ran her paw along his cheek. "Of course I do… I just never realized it until now." Her smile shifted into a mischievous one, as she placed both her hands on his shoulders and gripped firmly. "Now, what do you say we have some fun while the night is still young?"

Leo didn't protest. Hell, he didn't have time to even get a word out before Aeris pulled him back into a kiss, this time reaching her hand down his stomach to a certain body part. Leo grabbed her wrist and stopped her. He pulled away from the kiss and looked at her worriedly. "Aeris… are you sure?" She met his gaze, her eyes half-lidded. "I'm positive, SIlver. I've wanted this for so long… just take me." (A/N: Like I said, this is a T-rated story, so I can't really say what happens next. However, it should be obvious. Just do the rest in your head.)


Aeris woke up with a groan as the light piercing into the living room hit her eyes. She slowly opened them. As she did, she noticed her head was laid down on something. Something warm and fluffy, that also moved up and down slowly. Still tired and only half-awake, it took her a few seconds to find out she was laid down on Leo's shirtless chest. She quickly shot her head up as she tried to remember the events of the previous night. It didn't take her long to put the pieces together, the final piece coming in once she looked down under the covers that were on top of her, and coming to quite an embarrassing realization. She was naked. Her face quickly flushed as she looked around the floor to see her and Leo's clothes strewn about.

She pulled the covers off herself, stood up. And put the covers back on Leo. She stretched and yawned before noticing the TV, with the menu screen of the idle Dreamcast she had forgotten about. As she absent-mindedly stared at the screen, Leo began to wake up. He opened his eyes to see the (still naked) Aeris standing in front of the TV, facing away from him. He stared for a few seconds before he noticed her ear turn in his direction, which means she heard him. He pretended to be asleep as Aeris turned around and glared at him. "Enjoying the view, Silver?" She asked him rather provocatively. He said nothing and kept pretending to be asleep. "You're not fooling me, Leo." She said, grinning. She bent down and kissed him on the lips, before getting up to clothe herself.

Leo took the covers off and stood up. Aeris, now at least covering herself a little, looked at Leo, who happened to still be quite exposed. She reddened immediately before grabbing a pair of shorts and throwing them at him. "Jeez, cover your shame, Leo!" She looked away and grew redder as Leo took his sweet time dressing himself. After they were both dressed, they took showers and cleansed themselves of all the fun from the previous night. After that, Leo went into the kitchen to cook breakfast. As he started cooking bacon and eggs, Aeris walked in and placed her hands on his shoulder. "Whatcha cookin, Silver?" She asked him curiously as her head perked over his right shoulder to see. "Bacon and eggs. I'm hungry and you probably are too." She smiled and walked away, before heading to the living room. As she was leaving the kitchen, she said to Leo, "I'm gonna go play some games, like I was gonna do before I was ever so rudely interrupted." She said dramatically. Leo chuckled. "That was totally worth it though!" He called from the kitchen. She smiled to herself and called from the living room. "Yeah, you're pretty good for a dumbass." He smiled and called back, "Oh yeah? Well I'd say you were pretty good as well… for a… a, uh.. Pinky!" He groaned at his terrible insult. She laughed as she started up the Dreamcast and Sonic Adventure 2, as she had previously planned the night before.

After about 15 minutes, Leo called her into the kitchen for breakfast. They ate and made small talk before heading into the living room together. Leo powered off the Dreamcast before grabbing two Xbox controllers and starting up their Xbox One. He sat down next to Aeris and handed her the pink controller. "Halo?" He asked. "Of course! You're gonna get dusted!" She smiled evilly and grabbed the controller. They played together for hours, enjoying each other's company, and their newfound love for each other.

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