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Cherry and Lionel were sitting on the couch together. Selina decided she wanted to go out for the evening with Bruce, so it was them with the kids who were playing outside right now, well, mostly as Zofia was mostly into her new book.

"You ever think the kids should have a new babysitter or something?" Cherry said as she polished her typewriter.

Lionel pondered. "Considering that Felicity is only around sometimes, and Selina sometimes goes out with Bruce? I'd hafta say...yeah on that." he replied.

"I guess the question would be who?" Cherry shrugged before she then checked the fridge. "Nearly empty again..." she then sighed. "Time to restock."

"That's a good question," Lionel replied. "Unfortunately, I don't exactly have a concrete answer to it."

"I'm gonna go grocery shopping..." Cherry said before sliding on sunglasses, a coat, and a hat so that no one would recognize her due to her status as a highly-acclaimed author.

"Alright then," Lionel replied. "Maybe by the time you get back, one of us will have come up with a solution for this quandary we face."

"Mm-hmm..." Cherry said and soon slipped out the door of the house and went to get going, trying to look mysterious.

Lionel flopped back onto the sofa and pondered. Who the heck could we get to look after the kids when the others aren't available?, he asked himself.

LJ came up to his sister, mysteriously. "So... How's the book?" he then asked.

"It's nice," Zofia replied. "It's one of Mother's old books called The Boxcar Children."

"Oh, neat," LJ replied. "What happens in it?"

"Well, I was kinda hoping it'd be like Lemony Snickett's A Series of Unfortunate Events, but it's about four orphans who find an abandoned boxcar in the middle of a forest," Zofia said. "Eventually, they meet their long-lost grandfather who's fabulously wealthy, though he's a bit cruel, but they live with him anyway to finally have a home to call their own."

"Huh... That is pretty interesting." LJ replied as Loaf and Tim ran through the living room.

"Oh, Tim, don't kill Loaf!" Zofia warned.

The two pets kept running, chasing each other a bit.

"It is pretty nice," Zofia replied. "I guess they're better off than the Baudelaire orphans."

"I suppose you COULD say that..." LJ nodded, unsure of who those were.

"That's my other book," Zofia said. "I'll show you that later."

There was a girl who was a bit older than the two, glancing over as she took a walk. She had dirty blonde hair in a plain black sweatshirt, matching pants, and boots. As she was walking down the street, she spotted the Schwartz house and went up to the door. Lionel tried to keep Two-Tone and Furrball's young ones under control before hearing the doorbell which made them react for their animal instinct.

"Is that barking and meowing?" The girl asked herself after she knocked on the door.

Lionel soon came over to the door with a small smile. "Hello?"

"Um, hello," The girl said. "I was just wondering... I sorta moved into town last week, and I was hoping maybe if you had any babysitting positions available?"

"You picked a good time to show up. The missus and I need someone to look after the youngsters," Lionel replied. "Name's... Well, just call me Mr. Schwartz."

The girl gave a bit of a small smile.

"Um... Have we met?" Lionel asked. "You look... Kinda familiar..."

"I'm not sure, sir," The girl replied. "My name is Poppy though."

"Huh... Well, okay. Nice to meet you, Poppy," Lionel replied. "I figure I could meet your parents and they could agree with letting you look after LJ and Zofia."

"They'll be back home in a little while, do you mind if I tell them to come here?" Poppy asked.

"Well... I guess you could stay for a little bit... Maybe you'd like to use that time to get to know the kids." Lionel replied.

"I just thought I'd give myself something to do other than just watching TV all day until I start school." Poppy shrugged with a small smile.

"Heh, I know what that's like," Lionel chuckled. "The kids are out in the backyard playing. Either you can go and meet them, or I can bring them in and introduce you."

"Well, I better call my parents," Poppy said. "I guess I'll meet them inside."

"Alright." Lionel nodded.

Poppy soon came into the house and went to call her parents while Lionel would get his children inside for a few moments.

He opened the sliding glass door and came out into the backyard. "Hey, LJ? Zofia?" he called. "Gonna need you two to come in for a little while. Got somebody I'd like you to meet!"

LJ and Zofia looked to each other and went to see what their father wanted.

"You think Two-Tone and Furrball had another puppy-cat?" Zofia wondered.

"Maybe," LJ replied. "But then again it could be something else."

The siblings came into the house, waiting in the living room.

"She'll be here in a moment." Lionel said.

"Am I finally getting a new baby sister?!" Zofia asked hopefully.

"Ah... Nope, you're getting a new sitter." Lionel replied with a chuckle.

"A sitter?" LJ and Zofia repeated.

"Oh, Father, we don't need a babysitter," Zofia said. "I'm pretty mature for my age. Mother said so."

"Well, as the old saying goes, better safe than sorry," Lionel replied. "Besides, she seems like a nice kid."

Eventually, Poppy came out to see the two siblings.

"Well, here she is," Lionel said. "Kids, this is Poppy. She's hoping to be your new babysitter."

The siblings looked unsure about her right now since they didn't know her.

"You don't think she'll be like Vicky, right...?" Zofia asked. "I mean, Vicky hasn't been able to ever get a babysitting job since Uncle Atticus exposed her to the Turner parents and her parents then actually stood up against her."

"No way," LJ replied. "Besides, if she IS that evil, then we can take her on, no problem."

"I don't think she's evil..." Lionel said. "You're not, are you, Poppy?"

"Heh, no, I'm not," Poppy replied. "I'm more into gothic subculture, but that's about as dark as I can get."

"Funny... That's how my wife was when she was your age," Lionel chuckled. "I mean, she's still a LITTLE into it nowadays, but not as much... At least from what I can tell."

"So... What do we like to do for fun?" Poppy smiled to LJ and Zofia.

"I like to read," Zofia replied. "Sometimes go on adventures."

"Well, that sounds like loads of fun!" Poppy smiled.

"It sure IS!" LJ agreed. "Sometimes it gets a little crazy, but we always manage to make it out in one piece!"

"Really?" Poppy smiled as she walked off with them.

LJ and Zofia soon began to tell her some stories about adventures they had together, though she thought it was mostly their imagination since she just met them.

"...Which brings us to our current point in time!" LJ finished.

"Wooow..." Poppy replied. "Sounds like you guys have seen a lot."

"You have no idea." Zofia said to her.

They soon went to play a quick game of Clue in the other room just as Cherry came home with the groceries as Lionel came to help her.

"Anyone recognize you?" Lionel asked as he helped.

"I don't think so," Cherry replied. "Seemed to be like a normal visit to the supermarket."

"Well, our sitter problem is solved," Lionel replied. "Say hi to Poppy. She's new here and wanted to babysit."

"Poppy?" Cherry repeated.

"Uh, hello there, Mrs. Schwartz." Poppy gave a small smile and waved as she spent time with LJ and Zofia.

"Well, hello there, dear," Cherry replied. "Poppy... That's an interesting name. You don't meet many Poppys these days."

"Yeah," Lionel nodded. "Figured I should have her get to know the kids, then meet her parents and see if they're okay with this."

"That sounds good," Cherry said as she put the groceries away. "Well, it's nice to meet you, Poppy. Make yourself at home."

"Thanks, this is a nice place you have here." Poppy replied.

"Thanks!" Lionel replied. "Made it myself!"

"So, your parents are coming?" LJ asked Poppy.

"As soon as they can," Poppy replied. "They seem to be okay with me being here since I'm making new friends."

"So, where did you move here from?" Zofia asked her.

"Salem, Massachusetts." Poppy said softly.

"Salem, Mass, eh?" asked Lionel. "Funny... I haven't been there since I was 17..."

"Oh, did you used to live there?" Poppy asked curiously.

"Nah, my friends and I went there on a trip one Halloween..." Lionel replied. "It was definitely an unforgettable night, for sure."

"That sounds interesting," Poppy smiled. "Were you there too, Mrs. Schwartz?"

"Uh-huh," Cherry replied. "We went with a couple of friends of ours. Really helped inspired me to join the writing club at my school."

"Are you a writer?" Poppy then asked.

"A bit more than that these days." Cherry gave a small wink.

Lionel chuckled at that. "I also write sometimes, but not as much as she does," he replied. "I bet you'd like to hear all about that adventure, eh?"

"Yes, that sounds very interesting." Poppy said.

"Well, I gotta get some dinner together," Cherry replied. "Maybe if your parents are a little late, you could join us, but I suppose we can see while we all get to know each other a bit better?"

"I think I'd like that, Mrs. Schwartz," Poppy said. "I'm sure whatever you make will be okay, I'm not a picky eater."

"Story time!" Zofia beamed out of excitement.

"Alrighty then... It all began 21 years ago..." Lionel began as a flashback started.

Poppy huddled in with the kids to listen to the story as Cherry began to cook some dinner.

Atticus came out of his house, holding out a frying pan as he came out with his backpack, his eyes lurking around as he kept an eye out for any of Cherry's infamous Halloween pranks because she promised not to do it to anyone who didn't deserve it, but he wasn't sure if he could believe that or not.

"Aw, YES!" Lionel whooped. "Halloween Numero Dos! Wonder what I'll be THIS year...?"

"Not sure," Atticus said, a bit distracted though. "Have you seen Cherry?"

"Yeah, I think so," Lionel replied. "Saw her going to the restroom."

"Hmm... Okay..." Atticus said, keeping his frying pan around just in case.

"Were you gonna knock her out with that?!" Lionel asked. "Atticus, I thought you LIKED Cherry!"

"No, this is just for defense in case a prank attacks me," Atticus said. "I'd NEVER hurt Cherry."

"Ohhhhh... After last year, I doubt she'll prank anyone who doesn't deserve it," Lionel replied. "Considering it almost killed me!"

"Let's hope so," Atticus said before shuddering. "I still can't believe she got Drell to eat her trick breakfast and he ended up running to the bathroom and got exploded by a toilet bomb. That was NOT a fun time."

Cherry was soon seen coming out to see them. "Hello, my dear loved ones," She then said. "Isn't this a lovely Fall day?"

"Arms and legs spread apart." Atticus demanded, patting the frying pan against his hand.

Cherry soon sighed, doing as he said before he began to frisk her for any contraband.

"Feels like I'm at an airport security check." Lionel replied.

"Just gotta make sure..." Atticus said before stepping back and taking a look at Cherry with his X-Ray vision. "Hmm... Well, I guess you're clean."

"Thanks," Cherry said, standing normally then. "I think I'll be Charmcaster for Halloween."

Lionel blushed at that. "Hmm... Maybe I'll go as Michelangelo then!" he replied.

The bell soon rang so they went to get going to class with Lionel.

"I wonder what's gonna happen in class today?" Atticus commented.

"Maybe they'll tell us a scary story for Halloween." Cherry said teasingly.

"Well, whatever they do, let's hope it actually goes with the whole Halloween vibe." Lionel replied.

They soon came into the classroom to find Sabrina there and Drell was behind the teacher's desk, but other than them, the classroom appeared to be deserted.

"...Where is everybody?" Cherry asked. "There's no one here!"

"Wow. Thanks, Cherry." Sabrina said.

"Oh, you know what I meant!" Cherry replied.

"As in, where is everyone else?" asked Mo. "It's like we're the only ones here!"

"Everyone else is in the computer lab." Drell said.

"Oh, cool, let's go." Cherry said, about to go to the door.

The door soon shut in front of her, blocking her way out.

"You guys are going on a field trip." Drell then said, pointing his finger as he used his magic to shut the door.

Lionel shrugged. "At this point, I've come to expect that sort of thing. Where are we headed today?" he asked.

"Massachusetts," Drell said, pointing to the classroom's map of North America's continent, pointing to the state. "Gosh, it feels like centuries since I was there... Especially with those Sanderson sisters. Who wants to hear a story?"

"Do we have a choice?" Cherry asked.

"It all started back in the 1690's, long before ANY of you were born." Drell then began.

"Well, that's a given." Sabrina replied as Drell began his explanation.

"This should be good..." Cherry nearly mumbled.

We are shown the world as it was back in the 1690's, back to before any of them had been born.

Drell was shown to be not that different as he was today, though he marked a calendar on his wall as a special day was circled which was said to be his and Hilda's wedding day which both were very excited for, but as we all know these days, that was going to be doomed by the timeline we know now. "Oh, yeah!" he exclaimed. "Today is gonna be the BEST! Cuz I'm gettin' married to my special la~dy, and nothing's gonna ruin it for me!"

Skippy soon ran in to see him.

"Hey, buddy, how the heck are ya?!" Drell beamed, pulling him into a hug.

Skippy smiled politely, patting him on the back from the hug.

"Well, Skippster, today's the big day; when Hilda Spellman becomes Mrs. Drell Moltenscar!" Drell exclaimed. "Oh, no denying it, I am feeling GREAT! Better than I have in years!"

Skippy grinned, nodding his head to him before whispering something.

"What do you mean you think the Sanderson sisters are up to something?" Drell asked. "Why would you say that?"

Skippy backed away a bit nervously.

"What are they doing?" Drell glared.

Skippy soon tried to pantomime over what was going on which talked about these witch sisters who were going to drain a little girl for her youth and beauty.

"Draining a little girl for her youth and beauty?" Drell asked in shock. "You're right, Skippy; that IS awful! Those three give warlocks and witches a bad name!"

Skippy nodded.

"I have to do something," Drell narrowed his eyes. "...But what?"

Skippy pantomimed a little more.

"Save the kid myself?" asked Drell. "I dunno, Skip; might be pretty tough. Not to mention if I show up late, Hilda will probably never believe me when I explain it to her."

Skippy gave a small puppy dog pout.

"Augh! I hate it when you do that!" Drell said, trying to look away from his oldest friend. "Cut it out!"

Skippy kept trying to pout.

"You're right... Those Sandersons are terrible... I should try to stop them..." Drell sighed. "But that also means I'd have to go to the Mortal Realm... I guess it's a sacrifice that I'd have to make."

Skippy nodded.

"At least you're coming with me," Drell remarked. "I dunno if I'd be able to take on those sisters by myself..."

Skippy gulped a little nervously before giving two thumb's up.

"Glad to have you aboard... Who knows? Maybe I'll make it in time for the wedding." Drell replied.

Skippy glanced away as he looked unsure about that himself.

And so Drell and Skippy headed to Salem, Massachusetts, in the Mortal Realm, in order to stop the Sanderson sisters from carrying out their sinful scheme. A mortal boy was shown running through his home as he went to go after a young girl who was actually his sister.

"Come, child~" A hooded figure told the young girl as they led the young girl into a cottage.

The girl followed the hooded figure inside as the boy was in pursuit. The boy looked into the window to see three beings inside with his younger sister. He looked into the window of the cottage to see his sister surrounded by the three beings. The leader of the sisters had red hair and dressed in shades of green. Another sister was on the plump side with black hair and dressed in shades of red. The final sister had blonde hair and dressed in shades of purple, looking a bit ditzy. All three of them together looked slightly old. The girl known as Emily sat up as the sisters went to look where she was looking, but the boy there ducked out of sight. At that moment, Drell and Skippy reappeared in the Mortal Realm, a few feet behind the boy.

"Guess we made it, then..." Drell remarked. "We better act fast."

Skippy nodded before they ran off through the shallow creeks together. Two of the sisters go and look out the front door to look for the boy, but he was hiding and they couldn't see him.

The other witch sister soon threw open a window and looked around. "Oh, look, another glorious morning," she beamed at first before scoffing. "Makes me sick! Sisters!"

"Yes, Winnie?" The blonde sister replied.

"Coming, Winnie. Right away. Sorry." The black-haired sister added.

"Must have been an imp," The redheaded sister said before going over to her spell book and spoke to it like a child. "My darling, my little book. We must continue with our spell now that our guest of honor has arrived. Wake up. Wake up, darling~"

Drell and Skippy soon arrived before the Sanderson Sisters' cottage, though they spotted the boy hiding outside, underneath a window.

"That kid must be the girl's brother..." Drell muttered.

Skippy nodded as he thought that too. The spell book soon woke up in the redheaded witch's grasp.

"Winifred Sanderson." Drell soon glowered.

"Yes, well, come along. There you are," Winnie soon said. "Mary!"

"Right here, Winnie," The plump sister replied. "Right here. Sorry."

"Hello, hello." Winnie then spoke to her book.

"I notice Sister Sarah isn't helping." Mary soon glanced over.

"I lured the child here." The blonde sister defended.

Skippy turned away bashfully, blushing a bit as he saw Sarah, looking like he had love in his eyes.

"Skip, what's with ya? You're looking like... Like..." Drell said before his eyes widened. "Oh, NO, man! You gotta be kidding me! Don't tell me you actually got the hots for that villainous she-rex!"

Skippy smiled bashfully.

"Snap out of it!" Drell hit him a bit, making their eyes meet. "She's just bad juju!"

"Leave her be, she has done her chore." Winnie said, taking Mary by her ear before letting go.

"You're right, I'm wrong." Mary huffed before she and Sarah made faces at each other.

"All right. 'Tis time!" Winnie proclaimed.

The book opened up and turned itself to a certain page.

"There it is," Winnie smiled before reading aloud from the book. "'Bring to a full rolling bubble. Add two drops oil of boil." she then moved to pick up the oil of boil, but Mary was there before her.

"I got it. It's heavy," Mary said before adding the oil of boil to the cauldron. "You do that, I'll do this."

"Six, but the hour with the herb that's red," Winnie then continued. "Turn three times, pluck a hair from my head." She then did just that before putting the hair in.

The boy soon snuck inside the cottage and watched the witches from the second landing.

"Add a dash of fox and a dead man's toe," Winnie then continued. "Oh, a dead man's toe and make it a fresh one."

"Dead man's toe~" Sarah soon began to sing about that ingredient.

Mary walked up to a bowl of toes and sniffed one before tossing it into the cauldron. "Fresh one."

Drell made a bunch of gestures with his hands to Skippy, who looked confused. He then sighed. "...Just follow me..." he hissed as they got closer to the house.

Skippy shrugged to himself and came to follow after him. Mary and Sarah then began tossing toes at each other.

Finally, Winnie has had enough and stepped in to stop them. "Will you two stop that?" she then complained to her sisters. "I need to concentrate."

"Sorry," Mary said before looking to Sarah. "She needs to concentrate." she then paused to take a sniff in the air as she sensed something.

"Newt saliva." Winnie began to herself.

"On three..." Drell whispered. "One... Two..."

"I smell a child." Mary told her sister.

"What doest thou call that?" Winnie scoffed, pointing to Emily.

"A child?" Mary replied.

"Hah! Sisters, gather 'round," Winnie then said. "One thing more and all is done, add a bit of thine own tongue."

They each took a bite of their tongues and spat them into the cauldron.

"Oh, Winnie, thou art divine." Mary beamed.

"'Tis ready for tasting," Winnie said, taking a spoon and dipped it into the potion. "One drop of this and her life will me mine," She then noticed her sisters looking to her and grinned to them. "I mean, ours," she then walked toward Emily, holding the spoon to the girl. "All right, girl. Open up your mouth."

"NO!" A voice soon called out.

The sisters turned and saw the boy.

"Smooth, kid," Drell snorted. "You just blew our cover."

"Who're you?" The boy asked.

"Yo Mama, that's who." Drell rolled his eyes.

"A boy!" Sarah gasped at the boy.

"Get him, you fools!" Winnie demanded.

"I got him!" Mary then said. "I knew I smelled a boy!"

"And I will arrest you, Winifred Sanderson!" Drell glared at the head witch sister.

"Says who?" asked Winnie.

"Says ME!" Drell boomed furiously.

Skippy ducked down out of fear from his booming voice.

"Run, kid!" Drell called out.

The boy managed to escape them and ran over to the cauldron.

"Get away from my potion." Winnie glared at the mortal boy.

The boy soon turned the cauldron over, and the potion spilled out.

"Augh! My potion!" Winnie cried out.

"Emily!" The boy cried out as he soon almost reached his sister, but Winnie hit him with blasts of electricity, making him drop to the ground.

Skippy ran over to the boy to try and help him up while Drell squared off with the sinister sisters. The boy looked a bit thankful for the help as Skippy smiled softly to him.

"Winnie? Winnie, look." Mary told her sister, pointing to Emily who had somehow ingested some of the potion as her life force soon glowed around her.

"Sisters, prepare thyselves," Winnie told her sisters. "'Tis her life force. The potion works. Take my hands, we will share her! You're too late to stop me this time, Chubbo!"

Drell growled at the nickname.

"Oh, Winnie, how generous of thee." Mary beamed.

"NO!" Drell cried out for the poor mortal girl.

"You actually felt bad about a mortal in trouble?" Cherry's voice asked in disbelief.

"Hey! Who's telling the story here?" Drell's voice scolded.

"Right, then..." Atticus's voice replied.

"Besides, that mortal was just a little kid," retorted Drell's voice. "She had barely gotten a chance to live her life."

The witch sisters soon went over to Emily and began to suck away her life force. When they were through, Emily had grown very old and died. The sisters, however, were much younger now.

"Sisters, behold!" Winnie beamed.

"I am beautiful!" Sarah grinned. "Boys will love me! Hello, handsome~" she then looked to Skippy, winking to him a bit.

"Just what he needs!" Drell rolled his eyes.

"We're young!" Mary cheered, clapping her hands.

"Well, younger, but it's a start!" Winnie then announced. "Sisters!"

"You hag!" The boy spat. "There are not enough children in the world to make thee young and beautiful!"

Drell snorted. "Heh. Burned."

"Hag?" Winnie repeated. "Sisters, did you hear what he called you? Whatever shall we do with him?" she then prompted.

"Let's Bar-B-Q and filet him." Mary suggested.

"Hang him on a hook, and let me play with him." Sarah added.

"No! Book. Darling, come to Mommy. Yes~" Winnie smirked.

"Don't you read a single page from that book!" Drell glared.

"Or what?" Winnie smirked. "You can't tell us what to do forever~"

"Just WATCH me!" Drell snapped.

"You do that," Winnie smirked as she held onto her book. "The boy's punishment must be more foolsome. More lingering. Dazzle me, my darling." she then told her book.

The book soon flipped open to show some pages as Drell reached out for his wand.

"Amnesia, bunions, chill breaks, cholera," Winnie glanced before rolling her eyes. "We can do better than that I think."

The book then flipped more pages.

"Yes, let's see what we have... Oh! Perfect," Winnie then beamed before shutting the book, handing over to Mary. "As usual. His punishment shall not be to die, but to live forever with his guilt."

Before Drell could use his wand, the boy was suddenly turned into a black cat. "No..." he then whispered in dismay.

Sarah goes to pet the boy and he swatted at her, though the others laughed. Suddenly, there was a pounding at the front door. The other villagers had arrived.

"Open! Witches!" A man's voice demanded. "Daughters of Darkness! Open this door."

"Hide the child." Winnie told her sisters.

Drell and Skippy, realizing discretion was the better part of valor, quickly jumped out one of the windows and ran off into the woods.

"Witches?" Mary grinned innocently, hiding Emily with a shawl. "There be no witches here sir."

"Don't get your knickers in a twist," Winnie added. "We are just three kindly old spinster ladies."

"Spending a quiet evening at home." Mary helped.

"Sucking the lives out of little children." Sarah then said which made Winnie reach out to choke her.

Drell and Skippy both panted as they made it out from the cottage in time as nearly the whole town surrounded the shelter to have the Sanderson sisters hanged as they were accused of being witches, though it was true.

"That Winnie is loonier than Sarah Ravencroft." Drell said.

Skippy let out a small pout as he used to go out with Sarah Ravencroft before she mysteriously vanished.

"Why is it you're attracted to all the crazy ones?!" Drell groused. "...Oh, forget it. Let's just go. I can at least catch my wedding and have SOMETHING good come out of this day."

Skippy nodded and ran off with him.

We are soon shown the wedding scene which had a couple of fields with black orchids with Homer who was best known for his story called The Odyssey coming out of retirement to do entertainment for the wedding who had fallen asleep.

"I'm here!" Drell cried out as he ran into the scene with his best clothes since this was his wedding day with the witch of his dreams. "Hilda?! Anybody?!"

Homer woke up with a jolt. "Huh? What? Who's there?" he asked, confused.

"Homer, where is everybody?" Drell asked.

"Ohh, it's you..." Homer said to him sleepily. "They're all gone."

"Gone?!" Drell asked. "Gone where?"

"Hilda asked me to give you this." Homer told him, giving him a letter.

Drell gulped as he took the letter and opened it.

"'Dear Drell,

I never want to see you again. You clearly had somewhere better to be than on the happiest day of my life. I knew I should've listened to Zelda about you. Our time together was short, but it was the best time of my life.


The letter read.

"She... Doesn't want to see me anymore..." Drell said as he looked very heartbroken.

Skippy sadly patted his friend on the back. Drell looked to him and soon walked off, dropping the letter as he didn't know what else to do or say.

"And so the Sanderson sisters were hanged by the Salem town folk, and of course, you already know about mine and Hilda's history," Drell soon said, bringing them back to present day as he finished his story. "I tried to help Thackery Binx, but I couldn't even do that right, let alone missing my wedding day."

Cherry seemed to fall asleep at her desk, snoring a bit while everyone else had listened.

Mo turned to see that. "...Are you seriously asleep right now?! How insensitive can you BE?!" she snapped. She held out her hand to Lionel, and he gave her an air-horn, which she immediately blew in Cherry's face.

"Yaugh!" Cherry yelped, jumping from the desk, clinging to the ceiling, shivering like a startled cat.

"Cherry~..." Atticus called in a scolding singsong tone. "It wasn't nice to fall asleep during Drell's story."

"I didn't get much sleep last night." Cherry shivered.

"Well, if you're gonna doze off, at least do it during lunch." Mo replied.

Cherry rubbed her eyes a bit as she fell back into her seat.

"So, did you hear any of that or do I need to repeat myself?" Drell asked her, coming over to her desk.

"I think I still heard you anyway," Cherry replied. "I kinda had a dream of what you were talking about."

"How oddly convenient..." Lionel commented. "But it works."

"So... We must go..." Drell replied. "I have a deep feeling in the pit of my stomach that those Sanderson sisters are coming back this Halloween."

"This year?" Sabrina asked. "How can you be so sure?"

"Call it an instinct," Drell replied. "I felt something that one Halloween when Cherry and Atticus met the long-lost twin witches Artemis and Apolla so that they could fight The Darkness, especially since King Sombra teamed up with their evil uncle."

"Well... Regardless, we better get a move on, pronto!" Lionel replied. "Should those miserable fiends return... Who knows what evil they will wreak?!"

"All right, follow me in the football field," Drell said as he soon magicked himself up in his raincoat. "Bring your coats though. No one will be having Gym outside today because it's raining right now."

Eventually, thunder rumbled and lightning flashed as rain poured down onto the football field as Drell's car was there as he led them there with an umbrella for himself as he ushered them into the seats to take them on a surprise field trip. The group climbed inside, noticing Thor in the backseat, snoring loudly.

"Thor?!" The others asked.

"You brought him along?" Cherry asked Drell, gesturing to his sleeping nephew.

Drell shrugged. "He's been sleeping in here for awhile. And... He looks so peaceful." he admitted.

The others looked to him.

"Poor Thor... He works so hard..." Atticus said, patting his best guy friend on the head.

"All right, let's get this show on the road, and don't worry about your parents, I sent them notes before you guys came into class today, but they sent over little friends of yours." Drell said, gesturing to their bags.

The bags opened up to show the group's best animal friends/familiars, including Furrball for Lionel. Lionel gushed, before happily petting Furball, and climbing into the car. Drell soon started the car and began to drive away from the school to get them going to their new field trip.

"So, this is Furrball, huh?" Tyke asked as he saw the dark blue cat.

"Yep!" Lionel replied. "He used to be an alley cat, but then I adopted him."

"Cool." Tyke said.

"So... Who are you?" Lionel asked, glancing at him.

"I am Tyke: the son of Spike," Tyke beamed. "And familiar/animal best friend to Thor."

"Oh... Nice to meet'cha!" Lionel replied. "I think I remember you from some of the Tom & Jerry shorts, and from some episodes of the 90's TV series where you could actually talk."

"Yeah... I love my dad and all, but messing with that Tom Cat got boring after a while... Plus my dad and mine's human was an adult man, so... I wanted to meet someone new and exciting," Tyke replied. "So Patch helped me meet Thor, and I live with him now."

"Huh... Alright, I can understand that," Lionel replied. "Nice to have you aboard."

"Nice to meet you too." Tyke replied.

It was a bit of a long drive as they began to leave Greendale and came to their main destination in Massachusetts, which luckily wasn't too far away.