Poppy was soon playing in the backyard with LJ and Zofia, acting like the legendary Anne Boonchuy while they acted like the Plantar siblings: Sprig and Polly.

"Wow, Poppy, you're really good at acting for magical adventures." Zofia said.

"I must be part Wiccan or something like those Hex Girls." Poppy smirked a bit.

"Maybe you get it from your mom?" suggested LJ.

"Yeah..." Poppy replied. "Mom's always been about the supernatural."

"Dinner!" Cherry's voice called.

Poppy then went to come inside with the Schwartz siblings and looked surprised to see her parents. "Oh! Mom. Dad." she then said in surprise.

"Hi!" LJ and Zofia waved to Poppy's parents.

"Hi." Max smiled.

"Hello." Allison added.

"Well, let's all take a seat!" Lionel smiled. "You two can tell us whatcha been up to over dinner!"

Max and Allison smiled back from that.

Cherry soon served dinner for everyone, pouring herself a glass of dark red liquid into a glass.

"That almost looks like blood." Max said.

"Heh..." Cherry muttered weakly.

"Maybe, maybe not!" Lionel grinned. "You'll never know 'til you take a sip!"

"This is mostly mine anyway." Cherry smirked before sipping from her glass.

"Heh... Don't think I've seen you smile the last time I saw you, Cherry." Max commented.

"Oh, you know Mr. and Mrs. Schwartz, Dad?" Poppy asked.

"We spent Halloween together one year." Allison told her daughter.

"Yeah," replied Lionel. "Pretty sure we toldja the story."

"...So you're all connected..." Poppy realized. "That's a crazy coincidence."

"Sure is," Zofia smiled. "Mr. Max and Mrs. Allison, can Poppy be our new babysitter?"

"Yeah, we could use a better one than that fat woman who falls asleep in front of the TV all the time like when she babysat Conrad and Sally Walden." LJ rolled his eyes.

"Well, if that's alright with you, Poppy." Allison smiled to her daughter.

"I'd love it!" Poppy beamed. "I like hanging out with these two."

"Oh, SWEET!" LJ and Zofia whooped, slapping fives.

"She'll be loads better than Vicky." Lionel said to Cherry.

"ANYBODY is a better babysitter than Vicky." Cherry replied.

"Amen to THAT!" everyone agreed as the dinner went on it.

Dinner was very great so far for everyone.

"Mm... I love the potatoes." Allison beamed.

"Nice! Cherry did her best to make them!" Lionel replied. "And they are AWESOME!"

"I'm just glad we probably won't have to worry about those Sanderson sisters again..." Allison said. "I mean, what would the odds be of someone releasing them again on Halloween or having their powers?"

"Ha! That'll be the day." Cherry replied.

Meanwhile, we are shown a big house, but not big enough to be a mansion where the redheaded girl known as Mindy was shown to be in the attic.

"Mindy, make sure you dust everything while you're up there!" A woman's voice called out.

"Yes, Mother!" Mindy rolled her eyes as she used a feather duster while walking around before tripping over a book. "Ugh! Stupid book!" she then went to pick it up as it seemed to glow around her. "Huh? What's this...?" she then rolled her eyes as it seemed useless. "I could be at the Mall with Gwen and Becky, but noooo! I got stuck dusting old books that died out 300 years ago or whatever!" She grumbled to herself as she strained to hold the book up.

"Mindy... Mindy..." The book seemed to call out to her.

"Huh? Mom? Is that you?" Mindy blinked, looking around.

No one else seemed to be there before Mindy looked at the book.

"Did you...?" Mindy muttered.

"Mindy..." The book spoke to her.

"It IS you..." Mindy gasped. "Whaddyou want from ME?"

"Only to help make your dreams come true..." The book spoke to her. "For this coming Halloween..."

"I must've hit my head pretty hard..." Mindy said, trying to ignore the book.

"DON'T IGNORE ME, MINDY!" The book told her darkly. "You and your friends must help out this Halloween... You must help bring back the witches, starting with the one deep within yourself."

"Whaddyou mean within myself?" asked Mindy. "I'm not a witch! Only ugly LO-SERS are witches!"

"So young... So naïve... You must not know about your true heritage..." The book chuckled. "We'll have to fix that in time for October."

"What do you mean by that?" Mindy asked curiously.

"You shall soon see... With your friends... On this Halloween..." The book replied.

"As if!" Mindy replied. "Gwen, Becky, and I already have costumes for this year! I'm gonna be the queen from Snow White." she then smirked.

"Ugh... You will find out, and you will do what your ancestors did..." The book replied. "You have Sanderson Witch blood in you, young lady, even if you don't know about it."

Mindy rolled her eyes. "What-EVER!" she remarked disdainfully.

"You will see, whether you like it or not..." The book said darkly. "I will be waiting for you."

"If you say so... Weirdo." Mindy replied as she left the basement.

"Spoiled brat..." The book seemed to grumble as Mindy got out of the dusty room.

Mindy exited the basement and slammed the door.

The Dennisons soon laughed as they shared good times with the Schwartz family, but decided it was soon time to go.

"Do you have to go?" Zofia pouted. "Poppy felt like another big sister."

"Hey, don't worry," Poppy replied. "I'll be back to babysit you two, soon to be three, tomorrow."

"Bye, Poppy." LJ and Zofia soon told their new friend as she went back home with her parents.

"Well... THAT was fun." LJ smiled as he and Zofia helped to clean up.

"Well, that was interesting," Cherry commented. "I didn't think we'd see Max and Allison ever again after we left Salem."

"Same here," Lionel nodded. "Guess life is just funny that way!"

"So, are we gonna hear about that Ninja Turtles story?" Zofia asked.

"Maybe tomorrow," Cherry replied. "That one's pretty big, especially with that other universe of us."

"Oh, from Father's visions, right?" Zofia then asked.

"Yep." Lionel replied, holding a green hardcover book he'd taken from the shelf.

"It's a pretty big one." Cherry said.

"All right," Zofia gave a small smile. "I might not be a Ninja Turtle fan like my brother or father, but I'm looking forward to the Sabrina parts. I really look up to her. Um, whatever happened to her?"

"Last I saw her, after she ran off with Harvey to get married to him instead of that snot Aaron Jacobs, they found a haunted house to live in together, and usually get a visit from Sabrina's 'Graunt' Irma," Cherry replied. "I think Harvey's a rockstar now and they have twins."

"Oh, like Congresswoman Mel Burke when she married her niece and nephew's nanny." Zofia concluded.

"Um... Okay?" LJ replied with mild confusion.

"Must've had the news on when I thought she was asleep." Cherry said about Congresswoman Mel Burke.

"Could be." LJ replied with a shrug.

"All right, it's pretty late, so after you clean up, let's get to bed." Cherry said.

"Aww!" LJ and Zofia pouted.

"Just make sure you check your closets for monsters." Cherry winked playfully.

The two siblings rolled their eyes as they went upstairs to prepare for bedtime. Cherry chuckled a bit.

"You didn't prank them, did you?" Lionel asked firmly.

"Oh, Heavens no!" Cherry replied. "You know I don't prank people unless they deserve it nowadays."

Lionel smiled. "Atta girl." he replied.

"The kids have a new babysitter too," Cherry said, taking out her phone. "Time to call that quack Mrs. Kwan."

Lionel snickered. "This oughta be good!"

Cherry soon went to call the old babysitter who wasn't very good at her job most of the time and was only hired because there weren't a lot of other options out there to look after the kids whenever she and Lionel had to do something. And Lionel waited, ears wide open.

"Hello, Mrs. Kwan?!" Cherry answered in a loud voice.

"Who?" Mrs. Kwan asked.

"This is Cherry Schwartz!"

"Berry Snorts?"

"CHERRY Schwartz!"

"Jerry Nerds?"


"Oh, Cherry Schwartz, you don't have to yell, dear."

"Ugh..." Cherry rolled her eyes with a groan. "Anyway, we won't be needing your services anymore!"

"In other words... YOU! ARE! FIRED!" Lionel screamed into the phone.

"FIRE?!" Mrs. Kwan asked.

"YEAH!" Cherry said.

"What? What do you want?!" Mrs. Kwan asked.

"You're FIRED!" Cherry said.

"Fired?!" Mrs. Kwan asked.

"YEAH!" Cherry replied.

"Fire... I remember when I first saw fire..." Mrs. Kwan sounded sweet at first. "Sweet... Warm... Fire."

"YOU ARE TERMINATED, AND YOU ARE NOT WATCHING OUR KIDS ANYMORE, SO GOODBYE!" Cherry soon said before panting a bit with her voice getting hoarse. "Ugh, no wonder Drell's nearly losing his voice these days with how he used to yell at us all the time."

"I am SO sorry about that," Lionel told her. "You want me to fix your throat up?"

"Yeah, sure," Cherry replied. "I don't wanna lose my voice even if I don't like listening to it myself."

"Maybe not, but I love hearing your voice," Lionel smiled as he snapped his fingers. "Just another reason for me to wake up in the morning."

Cherry then cleared her throat and sighed in relief. "Ah... I didn't even have to make warm tea with honey like my mother used to."

"I still think the kids should get to visit her and your dad sometime." Lionel replied.

"I'm working on it," Cherry replied. "Believe me, I am."

"I'm happy to know that." Lionel smiled.

"Sometime soon, I promise," Cherry replied. "Just when is another question."

"Fair enough." Lionel nodded.

"It just took a while to find them, but luckily for you and me, I'm best friends with one of the best detectives out there since Dick Tracy and Eddie Valiant." Cherry then winked with a smirk with her tongue out to look playful.

Lionel nodded and blushed. "Right... Atticus." he grinned.

"I couldn't think of anyone better for the job." Cherry replied proudly.

"Same here." Lionel nodded.

Cherry soon went to get a drink anyway as she felt parched again, gulping down her emergency bottle which had a sustenance she needed more of these days to stay alive.

"Lemme guess, that's yer blood supply, right?" asked Lionel.

Cherry nodded before she stopped and put the cap back on, looking satisfied. "At least I can eat more solid food now," she then said. "I swear that in high school, it was a little harder to eat and that's why I usually skipped meals, even if my parents and Atticus would freak out about that."

"Hey..." Lionel replied. "You know you can always go to yours truly for a quick refill, right?"

"Yeah, I know," Cherry replied before putting the bottle back with a small hiccup. "Just gotta keep up my strength when I can. That's what Sibella suggested at the Ghoul School Reunion."

"Huh... I don't blame her," Lionel replied. "She also said it at Hotel Transylvania."

"Yeah, that's true." Cherry memorized as Sibella was quite helpful when she developed her own vampire abilities.

"Those were pretty fun times." Lionel agreed as he finished cleaning up.

"I think I might wanna go to bed early," Cherry said. "I'm tacked for novel ideas, and I feel a little tired."

"Sounds good to me," Lionel replied. "I'm pretty pooped myself."

"I'll meet you in bed then." Cherry said, walking off.

Lionel nodded, going to finish up before going up to bed.

"Good night, babies." Cherry told LJ and Zofia as they were in bed.

"Night, Mom/Mother." The kids replied.

Cherry then walked off to let the kids get some sleep as she went to her bedroom, looking more tired than usual. Lionel was already in bed, waiting for her in his pajamas.

Cherry soon came to her side of the bed, sitting on it as she began to slide into her nightgown. "I don't know why I'm so tired... I guess remembering that Halloween..." she then said. "I guess at least the Sanderson sisters are taken care of like they were that time ago."

"Honestly? I hope so." Lionel replied as he kissed her.

"Yeah..." Cherry said sleepily, facing him, though she had baggy eyes and looked wore out. "Let's get some sleep."

The two soon plopped down to go to bed after meeting some old friends along with a new babysitter, but they would soon need to prepare their kids for the for what would come that October. Until next time which would be a new story for another time, but for right now...

The End