"So, uh, any Halloween costume ideas?" Sabrina asked.

"I think I'll be Superboy." Atticus replied.

"I'm gonna be a Planeteer." Mo added as she pet Angel.

"Michelangelo: master of the whirling nunchakus!" Lionel replied. "And Cherry will most likely be Charmcaster from Ben 10. Though which era? Original Series, Alien Force, Omniverse, or Reboot?"

"Eh, I'm shooting for original series," Cherry shrugged. "I know that one best when it comes to Ben 10."

"Oh, that reminds me..." Drell said before making a note in his notebook about the mention of Ben 10, but that would be another story for another time.

Lionel nodded. "Fair enough. That version of Charmcaster was morally dubious, yet she was the most stable." he replied.

"I don't know what to be," Sabrina said. "I'm out of time too."

"I guess you could just wear one of Hilda or Zelda's old robes and hats and call it a day." Salem suggested as that costume was rather obvious for Sabrina as it was part of her heritage.

"Perhaps," Furrball shrugged. "Not like we have any better ideas."

"What's Thor going to be?" Patch asked Tyke.

"He's really set on being Han Solo." Tyke replied.

"To be fair, that kinda suits him." Mo replied.

"Aww... Thanks..." Thor smiled sleepily, opening one eye as he woke up a bit since he heard what Mo said.

"Rise and shine, buddy." Lionel smirked.

"Guh... I don't wanna..." Thor pouted playfully, rubbing his eye.

"I'll help you wake up." Tyke smirked, leaning up and licked Thor's face a bit.

Thor giggled at that as he woke up. "Okay, buddy, I'm up, I'm up!" he replied.

"And we're here," Drell told them as he parked by the local high school. "Not sure where we're gonna stay right now, but this is where the Sanderson sisters terrorized those people back in the 1600's."

A brown-haired teenage boy was shown to be riding his bike in the background and noticed a girl on his way and decided to go see her.

"Looks like I found Romeo and Juliet." Cherry remarked.

"I don't think that's their names," Thor replied. "Oh! You mean he probably likes her. I knew that..."

Lionel shrugged at that. "Sure, why not? Let's head out and get acquainted with the locals."

"Eh, you guys sure?" Drell asked.

"What could possibly-" Cherry was about to reply. "Oh, you know what? Forget what I was just saying. That never leads to anything good."

"Good, you're learning." Lionel smiled.

"All right, I'll find a place to stay," Drell replied. "I'll call you guys on your Spell Phones if anything comes up."

The group nodded and soon came out, taking off their raincoats since it wasn't raining anymore and they came to see the boy who had come up to the girl and they talked for a little while.

"Uh... Hi there," said Atticus. "I'm Atticus Fudo, and it's nice to meet you. What are your names?"

"Uh... Hey... We were just talking..." The boy replied.

"I'm Allison." The girl said.

"Yeah," The boy then said. "My name is Max Dennison."

"You two close?" Cherry asked.

"We sorta just met actually," Max replied. "I moved here last week from California."

"Whoa, sweet!" Lionel replied. "I been there a couple times, had some fun."

"Heh, good for you." Max chuckled weakly.

"You don't like it here?" Allison asked Max.

"Oh, the leaves are great, but... I don't know," Max replied to her. "It's just all this Halloween stuff."

"You don't believe in it?" Allison asked.

"What do you mean, like the Sanderson sisters?" Max shook his head. "No way."

Thor smirked. "I wouldn't be so quick to disbelieve. Crazier things have happened." he replied.

"Erm... Y-You've heard of the Sanderson sisters?" Cherry asked Max and Allison in surprise.

"Our teacher was telling us their story," Allison replied. "I'm quite curious of it, though Max doesn't seem to be as interested."

"It's just a story, right?" Max shrugged.

"I wouldn't be so quick to judge," Thor remarked. "Crazy stuff happens this time of year."

"He's right... Halloween has a habit of stirring up some crazy activity." Lionel replied.

"Especially around my house." Sabrina mumbled.

"If you say so." Max still shrugged in disbelief.

"Trick-or-Treat!" Allison then told him, holding out a piece of paper for Max.

"What's that for?" asked Mo.

"Well, I gave her my number earlier," Max smiled bashfully, opening up the paper. "Maybe she wrote hers back."

The others took a look to see that it was Max's name on the paper with a phone number, but it was not the one he wanted since he gave Allison that number for her.

"Bummer." Cherry smirked teasingly.

"Tough luck, dude," Thor replied. "Must be a wrong number."

"You're telling me..." Max huffed as he went to ride away on his bike. "Well, I guess I better get back home."

"Sure, why not?" Atticus replied. "Guess we'll see you around, Max."

"See ya." Max said as he went to bike away.

"So, what do we do now?" Sabrina asked.

"I dunno, but it looks like there's a Halloween party coming into town later tonight." Cherry said as she saw a poster.

"Party, huh?" Lionel asked, taking the flyer. "Sounds... Kinda cool."

"Oh, Cherry, I think you would love that," Atticus smiled. "Why don't we go?"

"Yeah... Maybe we won't have to worry about those witches after all." Cherry replied.

"Maybe, but it couldn't hurt to be careful." Sabrina advised.

"Mm... I guess so." Cherry scratched her head.

"Just to be safe... We should keep an eye on Max," suggested Atticus. "So we can make sure he doesn't do anything that could result in those three witches coming back."

"Alright... Uh, anyone see where he went then?" Cherry asked.

"I believe he was biking through the cemetery." Cleo spoke up to her mistress.

"I guess we should go after him." Furrball suggested.

"Sounds like a plan." Lionel replied, and he headed off to the town cemetery.

Max soon biked through the graveyard on his way back home after talking with Allison. While he was there, he soon ran into two other high school kids.

"Halt!" One of the boys spoke up. "Who are you?"

"Max. I just moved here." Max replied.

"From where?" The boy asked.

"Los Angeles." Max replied.

The boys gave him a blank look as if they didn't know what that was.

"LA...?" Max then said.

"Oh, dude..." said the first kid.

"Tubular." said the other.

"I'm Jay, this is Ernie." said the first kid, before his friend grabbed him.

"How many times I gotta tell you? My name ain't Ernie no more, it's Ice. Ice!" he hissed.

"This is Ice." The boy named Jay then said.

Ice then turned around and we see that the word 'ICE' had been cut into the back of his hair.

"So, let's have a butt." Jay said to Max.

"No thanks, I don't smoke." Max declined.

"They're very health conscious in Los Angeles." Ice commented.

Lionel and the others arrived to see the scene play out before their eyes.

"You got any cash, Hollywood?" asked Jay.

"No." Max replied.

"Gee, we don't get any smokes from you, we don't get any cash, what am I supposed to do with my afternoon?" asked Ice.

"Maybe you could learn to breathe through your nose?" Max retorted.

Jay thought this was funny, until Ice shut him up with a glare. The group soon caught up, though glared a bit as Max was having trouble with some bullies.

"Whoa. Check out the new cross trainers." Jay soon said, taking a look at Max's shoes.

"Cool," Ice smirked to Max. "Let me try 'em on."

Max looked at them and soon went to get away, but Jay prevented him from going anywhere.

"Hoo boy, looks like Max is having a bit of trouble with those creeps," Lionel remarked. "Maybe we oughta step in and give him a helping hand."

Atticus and Thor both nodded to that.

"Hey!" Cherry spoke up.

Jay and Ice soon turned to see the group.

"Aw, who are these?" Ice smirked to Max. "Your bodyguards?"

"Just some concerned citizens who hate bullies and protect those who need it," Lionel replied calmly. "And it looks lke you need to learn some manners."

"I'd like to learn from her..." Jay smirked to Cherry. "Hey, you seeing anybody?"

"I'd rather kiss a frog than go out with someone like you," Cherry said. "I don't date men with IQs the same number as their shoe sizes."

"...You know my shoe size?" Jay asked out of confusion.

"Nah, but you're gonna get acquainted with MY shoe size, when I use 'em to kick ya in the chin!" Lionel retorted.

"Oh, wise guys, huh?" Ice smirked.

"Someone has to be around here... Ernie." Cherry retorted dryly.

Lionel snickered at that.

"Alrighty then," growled Ice. "Jay, let's show these losers how we do things around here! And maybe we can get a date or three while we're at it!"

"Aw, HECK no." Cherry complained.

"Excuse me, but I think you should step off." Atticus glared, trying not to get too angry.

"Or what?" Jay smirked. "You seem like a real bookworm."

"Jealous that I can actually read?" Atticus smirked back.

"Yeah, don't feel so bad that you're the only high schoolers who still have to read those little board books instead of actual novels!" Lionel added.

Jay and Ice growled and soon went to tackle down the boys.

"Thor! Football maneuver! Go!" Atticus told his best guy friend.

"I'm on it, Atticus!" Thor replied before yelling out and charging at Jay and Ice, tackling them down onto the ground with his own strength before sitting on them with a smirk to hold them down.

"Way to go, big guy!" Lionel whooped. "That's showin' those creeps!"

Thor beamed, giving two thumb's up.

"Ugh! Someone get this elephant off of me!" Ice complained.

"Ah, shaddap, youse degeneratesk!" Lionel retorted, smacking the both of them in the heads.

Tyke and Patch soon came up beside Jay and Ice before lifting their back hind legs which meant one thing.

"Augh! Not cool!" Ice complained.

"Come on, man!" Jay added.

"It may be immature, but it's humiliating." Patch smirked.

"Augh!" Jay and Ice then yelped since they heard Patch talking, looking scared.

Furrball trotted up to the two boys, and smirked, clearing his throat. "...Boo." he said calmly.

Jay and Ice freaked out a bit more.

"Was it something we said?" Tyke grinned a bit.

"Is this some kind of trick?!" Jay cried out.

"Well, it's Halloween," Cherry smirked. "A time for trick-or-treat."

Some creepy music soon began to play around Cherry as it was her favorite time of year.

"When darkness falls, On the house of old, Around every turn, New terror abounds~" Cherry soon began to sing as she started to do her usual pranks, but on the bullies this time rather than on her close friends, learning a bit of a lesson from last year's Halloween, making her dream-bending powers make horrific monsters appear. "You don't want to lose your head, You can run, But you can't hide, They know that you taste better alive, I don't think they've been fed, In a long long time, Every corner every door, Watch out they ain't herbivores, Ghastly ghouls out for blood, Sorry bud, you got tricked, You got tricked~"

Lionel joined in. "You got punked and pranked with a spooky twist; before ya wet yer pants, better get out quick! Tricked, tricked, tricked; you got... Tricked."

Jay and Ice soon ran all around the graveyard in terror from the monsters that appeared to get back at them for picking on Max.

"Beware of fangs and bloody fur, An adventure group chainsaw massacre, There's no chance that you'll get out, Ghost writing your eulogy, Heads are rolling literally, So who needs their mommy now?~" Cherry sang darkly.

"Spilling guts on the floor, Clean up on aisle 4, Why you running off so soon?, Sorry dude, you got tricked~" Lionel sang along as the bullies freaked out. "You got tricked, You got punked and pranked, With a spooky twist, Before you wet your pants, Better get out quick~"

"Trick, trick, tricked~," Cherry and Lionel soon finished with dark grins. "You got tricked, You got... Tricked~"

Jay and Ice soon ran out of the graveyard in terror while Cherry began to laugh wickedly like Vincent Price in the end of Michael Jackson's Thriller.

"You know, I think we nailed that performance," smiled Lionel as he took a bow. "Definitely going on our top 10 list!"

"I'm both scared and impressed from that song." Atticus smiled back.

"I thought you'd might like it." Cherry replied.

"What just happened...?" Max asked. "Did all of that really happen?"

"Uh, it's a long story..." Mo said. "I think you should run along home now."

"...Okay..." Max replied as he got onto his bike and headed for home.

"Well... I think that went nicely." Sabrina replied as they watched him go.

"So now what?" Patch asked.

"We get ready for the big night that is Halloween..." Cherry said ominously. "I think we should go meet up with Drell and get our costumes ready since the kids are out of school now."

"Sounds like a plan," Patch replied. "As long as everyone has figured out what their costumes will be, then we should be good to go!"

"Let's meet at the hotel then... But how do we get there?" Cherry wondered since they didn't know where to go.

Suddenly, Cherry's Spell Phone began to ring.

"Hello?" Cherry answered.

Drell's voice soon said all of their names at once three times in a row and teleported them into a hotel lobby before he was soon shown before closing the phone since he brought them over through magic.

"Well, I guess that answers that question..." Mo replied.

"I figured you guys would be lost on where to go next." Drell said to them.

"Heh... Sorry about that, Uncle Drell." Thor smiled sheepishly.

"So anyways, we're gonna get our costumes ready." Atticus said.

"You do that," Drell replied. "Make any new friends on the way?"

"Uh, yeah, we met this girl named Allison and a boy named Max Dennison." Cherry said.

"Hmm... All right..." Drell nodded as he let them go change into their costumes. "I suppose I could visit that party in Town Hall."

"If you want to, we're not gonna stop you." Lionel replied as they went to their room to put on their costumes.

"I might," Drell said before taking out his crystal ball like a cell phone and smirked hopefully. "Hey, Hilda? Wanna come down here and go to a party with mortals?"

"Oh, Drell, you know I can't," Hilda's voice sighed. "Zelda and I have to look after Amanda."

Sabrina's eyes widened in horror as she heard that name.

"Ohhh... Cousin Amanda, right?" Lionel asked her. "Hoo boy... I don't envy your aunts. I just wish them good luck with this; they're definitely gonna need it."

"Well, bring her along, and the kids can look after her." Drell said.

"NO!" Sabrina cried out, running over to the warlock jumping on his back. "No, no, no, no, no! Please, Drell, NO!"

"Forget it, Drell! We already have ONE quest to deal with, we don't need TWO problems making things worse!" Lionel retorted.

"PLEASE!" Sabrina begged.

"Well, Zelda's a big girl, right?" Drell then said to Hilda. "She's your older sister after all. I'm sure she can maybe handle Amanda on her own if you come along."

"Hmm... I'll think about it..." Hilda said before smirking. "Can we be that werewolf couple like we were last year?"

"Fine..." Drell groaned, rolling his eyes a bit. "Just as long as you don't make me follow you with a collar and a leash. That was SO demeaning!"

Lionel was silent from that. "...I have no idea how to react to that." he stated plainly.

Drell rolled his eyes a bit since he found the collar and leash humiliating in public.