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Chapter 1: Revan's Heir

+- Yavin IV*/

Revan couldn't keep the frown on his face as the Temple of Sacrifice burst with Force energy that rose to the sky. This was what he was afraid of and he had hoped that these chosen champions and the allied Republic and Imperial forces would've stopped it before it was too late. Unfortunately, it was indeed too late and the Sith Emperor was fully revived and would be free to ravage the galaxy once more.

As the energy rose and vanished past the sky and into the unknown galaxy, Revan looked down at his other half, the physical manifestation of his dark side, the side that refused to become one with the Force and instead sustained himself like that Darth Sion fellow from long ago for as long as he had purpose; his current purpose being to kill the Sith Emperor once and for all.

That idea went quite well, if Revan had to say so himself. Nevertheless, the natural order of things should be followed and he had to be reunited with his darker half. It was very, very simple and very, very quick.

The reformed Revan turned to look at the aforementioned champions and allied forces. They looked just as worried as he did. He gave them some words of encouragement for the inevitable, for the times ahead. He had faith in them; they had proven themselves powerful enough to challenge him twice: first, at the Foundry, and second, here at the Temple of Sacrifice.

Granted, he wasn't at his strongest both times but they still had considerable might nonetheless. He briefly wondered what would've happened if he was indeed at his strongest either time. Putting aside the 'what ifs,' he gave them some final words before he finally vanished from their sight.

But he wouldn't be becoming one with the Force completely just yet.

No. He had one last project to start and cultivate and nurture before he would join his wife in the Force.


Revan's form reappeared on the sidewalk of a city on a seemingly different planet. The indigenous human population ignored his presence as they continued to go about their business, talking with each other in person, talking through a small comlink device held up to their ear, dining in cafes, working on their datapad-looking devices, driving in their enclosed, wheeled automotive vehicles, and so on.

"This place has changed," he mused as he looked around at the buildings, "Not by much in comparison to the whole galaxy but it has changed nonetheless." His ghostly form started to walk along the streets, idly glancing at the changes around him. As he rounded a corner, he stopped in mid-step and raised a brow. "Meetra," he softly greeted, "You should be one with the Force; finally at peace."

"So should you." The frown on the face of his fellow Force ghost was filled with confusion, her eyebrows furrowed in concern. "Instead, you're in an unknown, primitive planet that's somehow just as full of life as Nar Shaddaa."

Revan smiled as he approached Meetra. "This planet may be one of the most primitive planets in the galaxy but it has many, many secrets." He spread his arms wide, gesturing at the bustling street. "If you would rather stay with me instead of becoming one with the Force, then come with me. I'll show you this planet unknowing of the troubles of its galaxy called Earth."


"Back during my reign as Darth Revan, back when I had control over the Star Forge, I spent most of my time studying it and its records while it produced the fleet I would eventually use against the Jedi and the Republic. During my research, I came across the records of worlds that the Rakatans had enslaved on their road to become the powerful Infinite Empire," Revan explained.

"I highly doubt that this planet was even remotely civilized during the time of the Infinite Empire." Meetra shook her head as she looked at the world around her.

"Of course not. However, this planet had a rich ecosystem and a weak human populace that the Rakatans were always more than happy to take advantage of, for their empire and their beloved Star Forge. In the time between Malak and I found the Star Forge and the Battle of Foerost, I started on a few projects with the Star Forge: I left a small fragment on Nar Shaddaa, where I tasked a few slaves to care for it; I tested its gravity beam, known only to me, on a few ships that the Forge manufactured; I created some original devices with it, aside from its usual droids and ships; and so on. In addition, I resolved to visit some of the planets documented in its records and see its worth to my Empire."

"And that's when you came to this…Earth," Meetra asked.

"Yes. Earth was one of the planets I visited. To my immense disappointment, Earth wasn't as technologically advanced as the rest of the galaxy. However, upon closer study, I discovered that the planet instead progressed in their use of the Force. The records stated that Earth had not learned how to use the Force at all and so I was curious about it. They named their use of the Force as magic and has long since been found and built upon, to the point that there are innumerable creatures born from magic all over the planet."

"Did you try to learn their magic," she asked with an intrigued tone.

Revan sighed. "As much as I wanted to, I didn't have the time. Instead, I took some of the devices I had the Star Forge create for me and hid them all throughout the planet before I left to investigate the other planets."

"Isn't that dangerous? If this planet is truly unknowing of the greater galaxy, has little in terms of technology, and views the Force as magic, it's not smart to leave these devices for just anyone to find," she warned.

"I'm hurt, Meetra; I thought you think better of me. I'm no fool. I didn't just leave them out in the open. Neither did I make it easy for them to even find. The holocrons, the datapads, the Star Forge devices; all of them. Only the most powerful and skilled of their kind can even sense their presence. Even then, only the determined can find them, uncover them, and study them to their fullest potential. To be honest, I had planned to revisit this planet once the war was over and I had fully settled and shared this knowledge with Bastila but…well…you know the rest, Meetra."

"Yes…yes, I do." Meetra smiled sadly, indeed remember how that ended.


As night has fallen, the pair of Force ghosts found themselves in a quiet suburb of houses.

"Is…is it natural for the inhabitants of this planet to leave mere infants on doorsteps?" Meetra couldn't keep the astonished look from her face as she knelt over the sleeping form of a baby. Indeed, the baby was sleeping soundly on the doorstep of one of the dreadfully dull houses along the street named Privet Drive.

"No," Revan replied coolly, "No, it's not. From my experience in this planet before, people only leave children on doorsteps if the parents can't raise their child for the most extreme of reasons: they're in poverty, they don't want this child, and the like."

"Poor child," she quietly muttered as she gently caressed the child's cheek and looked up at Revan. "I can feel a dark presence in his scar."

"The Force has been carelessly used in this country recently," Revan mused as he looked around, "These…magicians," he grimaced, "Must have had some cause for their reckless and public behavior despite them wanting to stay hidden from the mundane populace."

"And you think it's related to this one's scar?" Meetra asked with a raised brow as she looked back down at the infant.

"That's the only explanation." Revan frowned as he took a closer look at the child. "No one is born with a scar on the forehead and no one is definitely born with an entity of the dark side within them."

Meetra stopped fussing over the child and turned to Revan. "Should we investigate?"

He shook his head. "No. Whatever it is has passed. We will find out what happened in time and if it will come back in the future. Right now, we have more pressing matters, namely, the boy."

She pursed her lips as she stared at him. "What are you planning, Revan?"

Revan looked back down at the slumbering infant, a small smile forming on his scarred face. "I will train this boy. My original intent was to check on my hidden relics. If even one was found, I would've spent some time finding the person who discovered it and train him or her. But, now, I changed my mind. A blank slate lies before us: a child with an interesting past. And I'm sure he'll have an interesting future. So, I'm going to train this child as my apprentice."

Narrowing her eyes, she asked, "What about your hidden items?"

"Oh, I'll look for them, don't mistake that. However, I won't split my attention between the ones who may or may not have found them and this boy. If I find that the relics have been taken and studied, I'll look for the discoverers on my free time."

"What will you do if you find them since you won't be training them?" Meetra crossed her arms with a raised brow in challenge. "Will you tell him?"

Revan looked almost amused. "We spent time learning under the same master, Meetra. I'll tell him all that he needs to know: that I placed relics in this planet and that some may or may not have been found, taken, and studied. I won't hand him all the answers by telling him who found them and where they are."

She rolled her eyes. "Of course," she sarcastically stated. "How could I forget?" She stared at him. "What do you hope to achieve by this? What is your endgame, your goal, by either training this boy or letting Earth's inhabitants find your holocrons and relics?"

"I wanted to have one last apprentice before I pass on. More than that, I wanted to see what a magician apprentice could do, what this world could do with the Force." He turned to Meetra. "What you've heard about magic in the galaxy at large are almost always of the dark side. I want to break that mold and have an apprentice using the light side, or at least a balance of light and dark side of the Force through this world's magic." He smirked. "What do you say? Will you join me, Meetra?"

She looked from Revan to the slumbering child and nodded. "Yes, yes, I will. Let this child be our last apprentice, our last, great apprentice."

Revan smiled. "Wonderful," he exclaimed. "Now, all that's left is for the boy to grow to the point where he can see us and comprehend his potential." He then frowned as he looked at the door behind him he muttered in distaste. "Now, if only whoever left him here had the decency to at least wake this house's inhabitants about the child they left on their doorstep..."


Nearly ten years had passed since Revan and Meetra decided to remain with the young boy on the doorstep but Privet Drive had hardly changed at all. The sun rose on the horizon and its light pierced through the windows of Number Four and into one particular bedroom on the second floor.

The aforementioned young boy, Harry Potter, slept soundly in his bed but not for long. His Aunt Petunia was awake and it was her knock on the door that made the first noise of the day.

"Wake up, Harry. Breakfast is ready."

Emerald eyes slowly opened at her voice. He slowly sat up as he reached for his glasses from his bedside table. Putting them on, he swung his legs off his bed before standing up.

His aunt knocked on the door again. "Harry, are you up?"

"Yes," he replied as he stretched, "Just got out of bed."

"Okay. Your breakfast is ready downstairs," she repeated as she started to move away from his door.

"Yes," repeated Harry as he changed from his pyjamas to his casual clothes, "Thank you, Aunt Petunia."

The sound of an affirmative hum reached his ears from far away. Down the stairs, he mused as he opened his bedroom door. However, he didn't step out to the hallway just yet as a large human missile whizzed past his door.

He heard the missile exclaim as it went down the stairs, "OhIDidn'tSeeYouThere!SorryHarry!"

Sighing in amusement, he finally left his bedroom and closed the door, heading down the stairs and into the kitchen. Opening the door to the kitchen, Harry beheld the sight of his uncle, one of the largest men he had ever known, being a few times larger than he was, seated by the table, his face hidden behind an open newspaper. His aunt, a woman thinner than he was, was busy tending to the food cooking on the stove. And his cousin, almost as large as his uncle, was standing by a huge pile of presents, counting them one by one, his face slightly sweating as he breathed heavily from his run downstairs.

Aunt Petunia eventually turned to Harry and smiled at him, gesturing to the table with her head. "Your breakfast's on the table, Harry."

Returning the smile with one of his own, he headed towards the table and started to eat, just as Dudley sat on the other chair across the table, a proud look on his face.

"Thirty-six," he uttered, "Nice."

The newspaper was lowered and his uncle's pudgy face turned to the pile of presents, his bushy mustache twitching slightly. "You forgot Marge's, Dudley. It's underneath that one there."

Dudley grinned wider, "Thirty-seven, then!"

"Little tyke knows what he wants!" His uncle roared with laughter as he slammed his hands on Dudley's shoulder. "That a boy, Dudley!"

Harry withheld a snort as father and son had a moment. After finishing his breakfast Harry stood from his seat and moved his plate from the table to the sink.

"Harry," his aunt called his attention, making him turn to her as she sat at the table, "Are you sure you don't want to come with us to the zoo for Dudley's birthday?"

Smiling at her, he shook his head. "I appreciate the offer, Aunt Petunia, but I'm sure." He casually waved his hand at them. "You three should enjoy Dudley's birthday without me. I'll be fine here."

All three slowly nodded, their eyes glossing over briefly, as Aunt Petunia replied, "Yes. We three should enjoy Dudley's birthday without you. You'll be fine here."

His smile widened as he turned to clean his plate and put it away before leaving his relatives in the kitchen.

Within the hour, Harry found himself wishing his relatives an enjoyable birthday at the zoo.

"Remember, Harry," his uncle reminded him, "keep the doors locked and don't open for strangers."

Smiling, Harry nodded at them. "Of course, Uncle Vernon, I'll keep myself safe in this house."

"Too right, you will," he ruffled Harry's hair, much to his slight annoyance, Harry watched as his uncle entered his car. The car rumbled to life as Uncle Vernon reversed from their driveway and onto the main road before driving off. As their car vanished around the corner, Harry turned around and headed into the house.

A voice greeted Harry as he came back inside, "Have they left?"

Harry nodded as he closed and locked the door before heading towards the living room. "They have. They probably won't be home until the afternoon." His smile widened. "Now, we have the entire day to ourselves."

Revan, leaning by the wall with arms crossed, gave him a nod and Meetra, seated on the couch with her hands folded on her lap, smiled at Harry, their ghostly forms becoming more visible as Harry approached them.

Eagerly, he looked at both of them. "So, what are we up to today?"

Meetra answered him, "Start with your meditation." She gestured to the room they're in. "The living room is your current playground."

"After your meditation," Revan finished, "then, you can go do your exercises."

At the mention of exercises, Harry brightened up. "Can I practice my swordsmanship as well?"

Chuckling, Revan nodded. "Of course you can. But don't forget to practice it safely."

Harry nodded vigorously. "Of course, master! I'll be careful!" He started doing a few stretches as he walked to the center of the living room. He idly waved his hand in the direction of the living room window and the curtains closed, blocking sight from anyone outside. Afterwards, he sat down on the floor, his legs crossed and his hands on top of his legs. He closed his eyes and took deep breaths.

Within seconds, he started to levitate off the ground, his face calm and his breathing soft. Then, the furniture slowly rose with him, starting with the couch and table near him. Meetra didn't even look unperturbed and instead was smiling as she remained attached to the floating couch. Soon, all the furniture in the room that wasn't nailed or firmly secured to the wall, floor, or ceiling levitated around him. The smaller items even spun around him as he meditated.

From his position on the wall, Revan's lips curled into a smile as he watched his apprentice meditate.

Yes. Harry Potter would be his last project to cultivate and nurture and release into this world before he would join his wife in the Force.


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Savior, conqueror, hero, villain. The man who is all things and yet is nothing had been challenged since he had been born. He'd been through countless wars and lived through far more than what he should have. His next challenge brought him to the jungle moon of Yavin IV, where he intended to bring to light a hidden enemy to bring him down once and for all.

However, a small coalition from two opposing factions, the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, rose and formed to challenge him. They thwarted his plans over and over and over until it all came together on a Yavin temple he needed to bring out his foe.

He fought tooth and nail against the coalition before he eventually fell and lay vanquished before them. Now, at the end of it all, he saw clearly what he had become. As he finally passed the torch to the coalition to deal with what was to come, he moved on to an unknown planet, where he would train one last apprentice to make a lasting mark on this world. Awaken…


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