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Chapter 5: Birthdays and Projects


A grin remained on Harry's face for an entire week. How could he not be so happy? His masters just told him he was ready to start building his own lightsaber! He always wanted to have one ever since they told him about it in all their stories.

After all, who wouldn't want to wield a blade of plasma that can cut through virtually anything and deflect bolts of energy? He wanted it more after he fought against the virtual Revan in the virtual world with a virtual lightsaber. The hilt and blade may have been virtual but it was still awesome!

The first thing Revan had him do was retrieve the basic blueprint of a lightsaber from his holocron. Harry should be annoyed that he had to go back to Diagon Alley a third time but he didn't care. His third trip was the trip he was even more looking forward to than his previous two trips. The goblins were clearly disgruntled that he came back to Gringotts again in such a short span of time but Harry was undeterred. Revan told him to get the basic lightsaber blueprint from his holocron and, by the Force, he would go get it!

"Oh, have the holocron disengage the security system on the wall," Revan instructed him after the holocron dispensed a datapad for Harry. "There's no need for the security anymore since it's already done its purpose and found you as my heir. Afterwards, you can remove its power cell and use it for your lightsaber."

Harry raised the small power cell in front of his face, observing it intently. It looked almost similar to Earth's batteries but he could feel the energy contained within; it felt a lot more powerful than the power sources he came across in Earth.

Revan explained that the batteries of the planet pale in comparison to the power cells known to the vast galaxy. He expanded that, while the batteries of Earth were compatible enough to power a lightsaber, they didn't have the lasting power that these diatium power cells have, even with the help of lightsaber crystals.

Putting the power cell down on his desk, he turned his focus to the datapad the holocorn provided him. Taking it in his hands, he started to skim through its contents. As expected, the lightsaber blueprint was written inside it. However, there were also plenty of documents in it. Some were about the teachings of the Jedi and others, the teachings of the Sith. There were also a few documents that seemed way too complicated for him just from the title alone.

So, he wouldn't dwell on these other texts for too long. Harry was sure his masters would let him know when he was ready to start studying them. Instead, he went back to the lightsaber blueprint and started studying it. Already, he could see the lightsaber's intricacy and the parts needed to build one. Below the cross section of a lightsaber was a list of the parts and what they do.

He finished skimming through it and looked up at Revan. "I don't need to know everything little thing in here, do I?"

His arms crossed, Revan replied, "You need to know enough to be able to make these parts for your own lightsaber."

Harry's face scrunched in confusion. "So how would I get the parts? I don't remember seeing any of them in the vault."

"That's because I didn't bring them. A lightsaber is a personal item for both Jedi and Sith. If their master desires, they can provide a few basic pieces—like the power cell—but the lightsaber as a whole is unique to each wielder. So, you are responsible for the rest of its construction, such as the parts and the material to build them with."

"Oh," said Harry, trailing off in thought. "So, I can choose what metal to use for my lightsaber or what it would look like?"

Both his masters nodded. Meetra continued, "You will need to think deeply about your choices, especially with some Earth's metals being of different quality than that of a standard lightsaber. You will also need to make your own design from the blueprints Revan gave you."

Harry nodded to show he understood but he nonetheless asked, "Is there any special reason why students build their own lightsabers?"

"It's a rite of passage," replied Revan. "Padawans show that they are ready for the next part of their training by creating their own lightsabers. The process takes months to complete as the padawan takes time to choose a material, makes the parts from that material, and meditates on each part."

Harry furrowed his brows, muttering, "Meditates?"

"As I said earlier, a lightsaber is a personal item. It is more than just a mere weapon or tool. When a lightsaber is completed, it is now a part of you. It is an extension of you. You have a bond with it and it with you."

Harry's eyes brightened. "Oh! It's like the wands that Mr. Ollivander said?"

Meetra nodded, smiling at him. "It's similar in concept. The difference is that lightsabers are not – what did he call it? – quasi-sentient. They're not capable of 'acting independently of its wielder.' But they are bonded to you in such a way that no other wand or lightsaber can match. You can wield another lightsaber but it will not feel right. It won't be as comfortable as it would be using your own."

"Besides," added Revan, a knowing look on his face, "you seemed really excited about building a lightsaber." Harry's cheeks reddened. "Why would I cheapen the experience by giving you everything you need to build it?"

Controlling his cheeks, Harry said, "I think I get it, Revan. Thanks." He looked down at the blueprint again and furrowed his brows. "You said that I should make my own design using this as a template. Does that mean I need to draw?"

Looking amused, Meetra replied, "Yes, Harry. Making a design usually implies drawing."

"Aw, man," Harry murmured. "I haven't drawn anything since St. Grogory."

She softly laughed. "Then this would be a good time to start drawing again, wouldn't it?" Harry groaned, making her laugh again. "There's a reason why building a lightsaber takes months, Harry."

"I know, I know." Harry restarted reading the blueprint, studying it intensely. Then, he spoke, "Well, I should probably plan how to get this done, huh?"

"That is the wisest decision, Harry," replied Revan, letting him do things at his own pace. "What do you have in mind?"

Lowering the datapad, Harry's face scrunched in thought. "The letter says that classes start at the first of September. So, that gives me the month of August and the last few days of July to make a design and get started on building it." He paused. "How would I even have the parts made?"

Revan suggested, "Perhaps your uncle has connections with other manufacturing companies."

Meetra then added, "Or you can look into who in the Wizarding world is capable of smithing."

Harry nodded. "I'm sure the books I have would have something."

"Now, go, Harry," ordered Revan. "Study the schematic; meditate on it. Then, you can start on making a design for it."

He gave an eager salute. "Yes, master!"


Harry spent the next few days doing exactly that. He pored over the datapad most of the day, only leaving for food but quickly returning after eating. If he wasn't studying the schematic, he was either meditating or training. His aunt and uncle were, of course, worried and expressed their concerns over his behavior but Harry told them that he's fine and that he's only working on a project that needed most of his attention.

He drummed his fingers on his desk as he looked down at his drawing of his lightsaber. It was...rudimentary, if he had to judge it. It wasn't horrid by any means – Dudley's skill in drawing was far, far inferior to his – but it was no work of art either. He wasn't about to give up, though. It was all practice, practice, practice, after all. If he didn't like his work, he would have to try again.

Frowning, he crumpled his current drawing, throwing it to the bin after. He took out another piece of paper and restarted his drawing.

"How are you doing so far, Harry?" asked Meetra, peering at his drawing over his shoulder.

"I can say for sure that it's still a work in progress," he replied, not raising his head to look at her. "I already have the design for the hilt but I'm still having trouble with the inner workings." He exhaled as he put his head in his hands and narrowed his eyes at the blank paper. "It's like I'm missing something and I don't know what that 'something' is!"

She sighed and walked around him. Leaning on his table and crossing her arms, she said, "Harry, you will run into these kinds eventually. You can't avoid it. If you're having a mental block, the best course of action is to take a break and retry another time."

Harry sat up and exhaled deeply. "You think so?"

She smiled at him. "You'll only frustrate yourself further if you keep forcing through your mental block without taking a break."

He slumped in his seat, his form relaxing. "You're...you're right, Meetra. I probably should take a break."

Meetra's smile turned to a playful grin. "Oh, I don't think you taking a break will be an issue."

Harry furrowed his brows in confusion as his female master disappeared from view. What did she mean by that? Then, he was caught off-guard by the loud proclamation of 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HARRY!' that accompanied his aunt, uncle, and cousin's entrance to his room. Letting out a shout of surprise, he jumped off his chair and spun around in alarm, his eyes wide and his hands raised defensively. Off to the side, his snowy owl snapped awake at the ruckus and made a ruckus of her own, barking loudly and flapping her wings wildly.

She, however, was ignored by the four humans in the room.

Harry's relatives smiled widely at him. His aunt held a plate with a slice of cake topped by a single lit candle, his cousin approached and patted him roughly on the shoulder, and his uncle heaved a few wrapped gifts and put them down on the floor beside him.

"Wh-what?" Harry asked, bewildered.

"Happy Birthday, Harry!" greeted Dudley, giving him yet another pat.

"It-it's my birthday?"

Aunt Petunia put her free hand to her hip, her lips pursed. "Don't tell me you forgot it's your birthday, Harry. We've only celebrated it for the past ten years."

"I guess I was distracted by my project," Harry absently replied.

"Duh!" Dudley deadpanned, glancing briefly at his desk before looking at Harry. "What is this project anyway, Harry? We don't even have summer homework!"

Turning around to face his desk, Harry patted the datapad and notepad. "It's not summer homework; it's a personal project, Dudley. Don't worry about it. I might ask Uncle Vernon's help later but it's still a work in progress."

Deeming it too much trouble to try and comprehend, Dudley simply said, "Oh, okay," and stepped back to allow his mother to step forward.

Aunt Petunia offered the plate with the cake slice to Harry and said, "Here you go, Harry. There's more downstairs."

Blinking, Harry stared at the cake and accepted it. He smiled as he stared at the candle flickering atop the cake and snuffed the flame with a brief gust from his lips. Harry then raised his head to his relatives and said, "Thanks, Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon, Dudley."

"Of course, Harry! You don't think we'd forget your birthday, do you?" Uncle Vernon barked loudly, ruffling his hair. Then, he gestured to the gifts. "I know that you didn't ask for a gift for the past ten years but I figured I should get you something this year anyway. You know, because you got accepted into a school." He huffed. "It may be an abnormal school but it's still a school. Petunia said that her sister said that the school doesn't have computers or technology or whatsits so I got you one for your birthday!"

Harry's eyes widened. He never really thought about getting a computer since most of his free time was spent on meditating and training. He didn't have a use for one and the times that he had a use was at school, where they had a whole bunch set up for the students. As for gaming, Dudley was more than willing to let him play the few times he felt like it. If what Aunt Petunia said was true and Hogwarts didn't have technology, then he would most definitely need a computer now.

He knelt down in front of the gifts and unwrapped them all. Apparently, his uncle took the liberty of buying not only a computer but the accessories along with it. He opened the boxes for the monitor, keyboard, and mouse alongside the computer itself. He knew that this gesture was mostly due to the power of the Force influencing his uncle (and aunt and cousin) to treat him as a member of the family but he was touched all the same that they did this for him.

Harry turned to his relatives and gave them a wide smile. "Thanks, Uncle Vernon."

Beaming and puffing his chest proudly, his uncle said, "You're welcome, Harry! It's really no problem at all! And don't be afraid to come to me after you're done with that project of yours. I'll do what I can." Uncle Vernon put an arm around Harry's shoulder and pulled him out of the room. "Come on, Harry. Petunia made breakfast for our birthday boy!"

Harry blinked owlishly at him, not resisting his uncle pulling him out of his room. "Sure, Uncle Vernon," he said.

"After that, though," his uncle said with a grin, "we can get started on your new computer."

After breakfast found Harry and his uncle preparing to set up the former's computer.

"So, Harry," his uncle said while he was fiddling with the cables. "What's this project you wanted my help with?"

Harry replied, "You have some friends in your work that do construction and manufacturing, don't you, Uncle Vernon?"

"I do. I've made plenty of business deals with them as a matter of fact!"

Smiling, Harry said, "My project needs a little bit of manufacturing."

His uncle turned to him and stared. "That's a bit big for small project, Harry."

"I didn't say the project was small, Uncle Vernon," corrected Harry.

Grunting, Uncle Vernon returned to setting up the computer, fitting the computer under his desk before setting up the monitor. "It still seems a bit of a big project for you."

"Oh, I know," Harry said, handing the cables to his uncle. "But this is something I really want to get done as soon as possible."

His uncle grunted again, straining a bit while beneath Harry's desk. Vernon didn't reply until he got out. Turning to Harry, he gruffly asked, "Well, what is this project anyway?"

Harry picked up the notepad he put on his bed while they set up the computer and said, "It's a bit...complicated, Uncle Vernon."

Uncle Vernon sniffed and crossed his arms. "I doubt it's that complicated, Harry."

"I first need a metal," explained Harry. "Do you know one that is light but tough?"

"You'll have to be more specific, Harry." His uncle turned back to the computer, setting up the keyboard and mouse. "There's a lot of metals like that: aluminium and titanium, to name a few."

"I might have to look up those metals before I can make a choice. I mean, I'm not yet done with the design, after all."

"Well, tell me when you get it done. Anything that needs manufacturing will take time, especially with those kinds of metals." Then, he turned to Harry with a grin. "Your computer's all set up! All that's left now is to turn it on and give it a few finishing touches!'

Harry returned his grin, eager to get started on his new computer as soon as possible. Harry watched his uncle install all the necessary software on his computer and then turn to him.

"Alright! It's ready!"

"Thanks, Uncle Vernon," thanked Harry, smiling at him.

"You're welcome, Harry." Vernon clapped him on the shoulder as he stood up and walked to the door. "You can look up which metal you want to use here and then you can tell me when you make a decision."

"I will, Uncle Vernon. Thanks," Harry replied, watching his uncle leave the room, before he fell back on his bed, a happy grin on his face.

"Happy Birthday, Harry," Revan greeted, appearing before him.

Beside him, Meetra kept her teasing grin. "Happy Birthday," she said. "And surprise."

Sitting up, Harry grinned at them, got off the bed, and gave them a hug. "Thanks, you guys."

"You're welcome, Harry," replied Revan, giving him a small pat on the shoulder. "But you might want to address your owl; she's been glaring at us since your relatives barged in here."

Eyes widening, Harry turned to his snowy owl, who had quieted down but nonetheless gave him a sharp glare. "I'm so sorry about that, girl! I forgot you were sleeping when they came in." When his owl barked indignantly, he raised his hands in placation. "There, there, girl. I'll try not to do that again."

Seeing the owl's glare not subside in the slightest, Meetra chuckled, "It seems your owl won't let it go that easily, Harry."

Harry grimaced as his owl flap her wings wildly, rattling her cage. "I'm really sorry about that. I didn't mean to forget you like that, girl. I was just focusing too much on the project." The owl glared at him, as if to say 'that was obvious.' He approached the cage, opened the door, and slowly put his hand in and to her. When she didn't react to it, he proceeded further and started scratching her head. "I'll try not to do that again," he promised, watching his owl slowly lose her glare and begin to purr softly under his ministrations.

Sighing, Harry looked at his owl, a sudden thought forming. I probably should think of a name for her; I can't keep calling her 'my owl'. He then said, "What would be a good name for her?"

Raising a brow, Revan asked, "For your owl?"

Harry nodded. "Yup. Now's a good time as any before I get too carried away and focus on the lightsaber again."

Meetra amusedly said, "Yes, that's a good idea." She tilted her head in thought, glancing at Harry's trunk. "Perhaps one of your books would have some suggestions? Revan and I aren't really the best at names."

Revan turned to her, an affronted look on his face. "Excuse me?"

She looked back at him and raised a brow. "Was Mandalore lying when he said that you named yourself 'Avner' while looking for his mask?" When he coughed into his hand sheepishly, she continued, "And, if I remember correctly, your wife shared your creativity in names when she named your son 'Vaner'."

Revan sighed. "Fine." He turned to Harry. "She has a point, Harry. One of those books is bound to have some good names. Perhaps that history book of yours would be a good start."

Harry nodded before he did as told and pulled out A History of Magic. He brainstormed with his masters and his owl for a bunch of names he found in the book.

Rowena, Helga, and Bathilda, Meetra decided, sounded too old for a young owl. Revan deemed Circe and Morgana unfit to be chosen given their dark history. Harry agreed with him; the name of a dark witch wasn't a good name for the snowy owl of an eleven-year-old boy.

Eventually, Harry stopped offering names, slowly being absorbed by the book and tuning out everything else. He idly skimmed through the pages when he suddenly said, "Oh, here's a good name: Hedwig. She was a German witch – a saint, at that – who helped, sheltered, and protected orphans of the time."

His masters debated it in their heads before nodding.

"I agree," said Revan. "It's a strong sounding name."

Meetra turned to his owl and smiled. "What do you think? Does Hedwig sound good?"

The owl flapped her wings and nodded, puffing her chest proudly and making Meetra laugh.

"She likes it," she said. "I guess we have a winner. Hedwig, it is then."

Harry closed his book, put it on the table, and held out an arm for his owl, Hedwig, to perch on. "Hey, Hedwig," he said, smiling at her. "I'm Harry. We're going to be spending a lot of time together so let's make the best of it, yeah?"

When she gave a soft hoot, Harry raised his hand and stroked her feathered head. Hedwig purred under his touch again, tilting her head into his hand.

"Let's take a look at the pamphlet the owl emporium gave me for buying you." Harry walked over to his trunk and shuffled through his things until he pulled out the small piece of folded parchment that came with his purchase of Hedwig. "Let's see..." he said, perusing the pamphlet.

Ins and Outs of Owl Care

So, you, dear customer, have just bought an owl! Whether you are a first year student getting one for the first time, a wizard looking for a friend in an owl, or an owner wanting to have more owls; you need to have the know-how for your owl to kowtow to impress your friends when you join a powwow!

That's where Ins and Outs of Owl Care comes in! With our help, you won't have a problem taking care of your owl and will forge a bond that will last for life! And it starts by making sure you have the best environment for your owl.

Owls are proud creatures, eager to serve their witch and wizard for all their postal needs and accepting no substitute. And with that pride comes a need for a home befitting their nature. So, what do you need?

Firstly, you need a house with open windows. Owls are proud creatures but they are nonetheless creatures of the air; they want the opportunity to spread their wings and take a trip to the outdoors. So, they don't take kindly to being confined in a closed space for a long time. They will find their way back to you so you don't have to worry about them flying off, leaving you behind!

Secondly, you need to know what owls eat. Owls are birds of prey so they hunt other animals for food. Of course, if they can't hunt for their food, they won't say no to meat from your dining table. And if all else fails, there is always Eeylops Premium Owl Treats sold by yours truly for 15 Sickles a pop!

And the list went on further, Harry read; detailing how to clean up after your owl, how to groom your owl, and so on. He quickly skimmed through it before putting it down on the table. Giving Hedwig a grin, he said, "Alright. I think I know how to take care of you now, Hedwig."

She seemed pleased by his newly-acquired knowledge on owl care and she flapped her wings happily.

Harry laughed and scratched Hedwig's head again. Then, he lowered her on the table before he stood and walked to his dresser.

Revan asked, "Going somewhere, Harry?"

"Yup," replied Harry while he searched through his clothes. "Meetra suggested I take a break since I hit a little roadblock with the design. I figured I'd do it on my birthday."

Meetra nodded and smiled. "Good. You really need a break. Enjoy the rest of the day, Harry."

"Thanks, Meetra," he said, feeling her disappear from the room to give him privacy. Picking his clothes, he turned to Revan and said, "You don't mind, right?"

Revan blinked at him. "What don't I mind?"

"Me taking a break."

A brow rose. "What kind of teacher do you think I am? You're more than welcome to take breaks whenever you wish. We surely can't stop you. Besides, if I recall, you were the one always asking for more training and lessons; we simply obliged."

Harry blushed and scratched his cheek sheepishly. "Ah...I was, wasn't I?"

Revan let out a soft laugh, standing and walking to him. Putting a ghostly hand to his shoulder, he said, "You are young, Harry. Don't forget to enjoy your youth. Pursuit of knowledge is always a worthy goal but don't make it your sole focus."

Harry smiled. "I understand. Thanks, Revan."

"Now, away with you. You have a birthday to enjoy and it won't happen here alone in your room filled with technology, notes, two ghosts, and an owl."

Harry gave him a small hug. "Yes, sir!"


Harry and Hedwig returned home just before lunch. He closed the door behind him and called out, "I'm back!"

Aunt Petunia spoke from the kitchen, "Welcome back, Harry. Did you have a good walk?"

"Yup. It was a nice day outside."

"That's nice, dear," replied his aunt. "You should freshen up while I get lunch ready."

"Okay!" Harry went up to his bedroom and let Hedwig rest on her cage before he took a quick bath and went down to lunch.

Finishing his lunch, Harry helped his aunt clean up before he went back to his room. He tended to his owl briefly while he booted up his computer.

He looked out his window when he sensed something small coming towards him from afar. Even at a distance, Harry could see that it was an owl, a brown barn owl, carrying a wrapped package in its talons and a letter in its beak.

The owl flew in through his window and landed on his desk.

"Hello," Harry greeted conversationally. "Is this for me?"

It dropped the letter and let out an affronted hoot.

Harry raised a hand. "Sorry, sorry, stupid question, I know." He smiled moving forward to untie the parcel from the owl's leg. "Thank you. Would you like a treat or a drink before you go?"

After the owl took a drink from Hedwig's water bowl, it flew off out his window and into the distance, an owl treat clutched in its beak.

Looking down, Harry took the letter in his hands and read who it was from. "It's from Mr. Ollivander!" he exclaimed.

To Mr. Potter,

Forgive the delay with your custom-made wand. The crystal material was unlike anything I've ever seen before and needed special handling lest it break under my usual methods of shaping materials. Thankfully, in the end, I managed to shape your crystal and imbue it with the strands of hair you provided.

Remarkably, your crystal took to your hair quite well. It didn't diminish the properties of the crystal, like I expected. Instead, it accepted your hair as its core almost immediately. It's almost as if the crystal was specifically designed for you.

Nevertheless, as transacted, this box contains your new wand. Seven inches, crystal material, and human hair core. It will serve you well. Given that I am delivering this to you on your birthday, I took the liberty of crafting wand holsters for both your wands, free of charge. Consider it my gift for your birthday – among your other accomplishments – to you, Mr. Potter.

Wishing you well and a happy birthday,

Garrick Ollivander


Makers of Fine Wands since 382 B.C.

Harry grinned wide, putting the letter aside and taking the box in his hands. "My wand's here!" he exclaimed, tearing away the paper wrapping and opening the box within. His eyes shone eagerly as he took out his new wand. He raised it in front of his face and studied Mr. Ollivander's handiwork.

It was transparent, shining with a light blue hue. Underneath the ice-like surface, he could see his hairs laid end to end from base to tip at the center. The golden color within the frozen shell gave the impression that the hair was glowing within the wand.

"Wow," Harry said in awe. "Mr. Ollivander really did a great job with this. Look at it! It's so beautiful!"

"Indeed," said Revan, appearing over his shoulder. "That wandmaker proved his accolades true." He nodded after appraising the wand. "You will need to meditate on it to further bind it to you and make it stronger in the Force."

Harry turned to Revan, his brows furrowed, and asked, "Even though it's been turned into a wand?"

His master nodded. "Yes. Any crystal designed for a lightsaber needs to be meditated on. Jedi and Sith spend days meditating with their crystals. Normally, it's to imbue it with the Force. In this case, though, it's already imbued with it but you could say that it hasn't been bound to you properly yet."

Harry looked down at his crystal wand before back up at Revan, a contemplative look on his face. "What about my phoenix wand? What would happen if I meditated on it the same way I should with the crystal one?"

Revan shrugged. "I don't know. No one has ever meditated with wands before. Even among those who use Sith sorcery I've encountered, none of them used sticks infused with animal parts in their arts. And the Jedi and Sith most definitely don't use wands when lightsabers and their own command of the Force serves them just as well. So, if you wish to meditate on both your crystal and phoenix wands, you are free to do so."

Grinning again, Harry rushed to his trunk and fished out his phoenix wand. Holding his first wand in one hand, he held out his other and pulled the crystal wand to him. He took a seat in the middle of his room, a wand in each hand. He then closed his eyes and controlled his breathing, entering the realm of meditation.

The wands slowly floated off his hands and started revolving around him. He reached out through the Force and towards his wands, touching the spark of the Force within them. Both wands reciprocated his bond and Harry, falling deeper into meditation, felt their warmth (befitting the materials they consisted of; one having a phoenix feather and the other being made of frozen flame) seep into his body.

When he woke up from his meditation, the sun was halfway through disappearing on the horizon. Harry looked down at his hands; his wands had returned to his grasp. He groaned as he stood up. Then, he let out a wince as feeling tried to return to his legs. "Ow ow ow," Harry groaned, putting a hand to his desk to support himself. "That wasn't comfortable at all."

"Welcome to the life of a Jedi, Harry," chuckled Meetra from his bed. "It's not always fun and glamours."

"You don't say," Harry murmured under his breath while he put his wands on his desk. He groaned again as he sat on the chair and reached towards the opened box. "Let's see these wand holsters that Mr. Ollivander made for me." He pulled out two small leather holsters from the box and smiled. "These things look quite nice," he appraised. "These look like it'll fit onto my belt."

"Good," Revan said. "They'll do nicely. I don't know why your school supplies list didn't include these holsters or why that wandmaker didn't offer it the first time you went there. Where do they expect you to store your wands during school term?"

"In their pockets?" asked Harry helpfully.

Revan scoffed. "You don't give someone a weapon, have them place it in their pocket, and expect them to be safe with it. There's a reason why ranged weapons have holsters. If those things go off, a lost limb would be the least of your problems."

Harry grimaced. "Yeah. That doesn't sound good at all." His grimace turned to a smile when he looked down at the holsters. "I should write Mr. Ollivander a thank you letter before I go back to drawing." He quickly wrote the letter and sent Hedwig off to deliver it before he turned his attention back to his lightsaber design with determined eyes. The birthday break he took and the meditation he just went through had given him clarity and with that clarity came ideas. And with those ideas, he would put them into paper until he had a design he was happy with.


The month of August went by quickly for Harry. Most of it was spent on meditating with his wands and drawing with intense focus. As Meetra suggested, he took breaks every now and then and he came back from them with his mind clearer than before. By the middle of the month, he had drawn and thrown out three garbage bins full of dismissed drawings.

When the last week of August came, Harry raised a piece of paper in the air and let out a whoop of joy. "I got it!" he exclaimed. "I got it done!" He turned around in his seat and grinned wide. "Revan! Meetra! I finished it!"

Both his masters smiled at him as he rushed to them with his drawing in hand.

Revan chuckled, "Congratulations, Harry. Why don't you tell us what you had in mind?"

Still grinning, Harry presented his drawing to them and started explaining. "...and this little slot here is where I'll put my crystal lightsaber to use as its primary crystal," he finished. "So it makes it easy for me to take it out when I want to use the wand and just as easy to put it in when I want to use the lightsaber."

Meetra put a hand to her chin and said, "Well, that's certainly a unique design, Harry, an interesting concept incorporating your crystal wand into your lightsaber."

Harry nodded cheerily. "Thanks, Meetra! I actually can't believe I got it done! Now, the next step is to have Uncle Vernon start building the parts!" He would have to wait until his uncle got home from work to get the chance to talk to him but that was fine. Harry could wait; he had plenty of things to do until then, like reading his school books.

Harry flipped through the pages of One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi with one hand while he stroked Hedwig's head with the other. His owl purred under his touch, not minding that his attention was split between her and his books. Idly, he heard the sound of a car door closing and he paused his reading to extend his senses: his uncle just got home.

Closing his book, Harry bid goodbye to his owl for the moment and left his room to head downstairs and to the kitchen, where his uncle tended to head to after work. Uncle Vernon was sitting at the kitchen table when Harry entered the kitchen.

"Hey, Uncle Vernon," greeted Harry.

His uncle raised his head and turned to him. "Oh, hello, Harry," he replied.

Harry joined his uncle on the kitchen table and said, "Do you remember what we talked about a few weeks ago? About the metal for my project?"

Uncle Vernon blinked. "I was wondering what happened to that. What did you have in mind, Harry?"

"I have the design ready," Harry explained. "All I need is to have the parts built. I was hoping you could help me with that."

"I'll do my best, Harry. I'm sure I can get some of my people onto your project without a problem. So what metal did you end up picking, Harry?"

"Well," Harry started, "I'm thinking of having the project be built with titanium and I need someone to make the parts."

"Titanium?" asked his uncle, his brows furrowing. "That won't be easy to get. It'll be mighty expensive."

Harry frowned before saying, "If it's a money issue, uncle, it'll be fine. I have two vaults to my name in Gringotts. I can convert the gold and stuff there to pounds and you can use that."

His uncle frowned as well and looked at his wife at the stove. She looked back at him in turn and shrugged.

"It's his money, Vernon," she replied. "Let him use it how he wants." She then raised a brow at Harry and asked, "As long as you know what you're doing with it?"

Harry smiled and nodded at her. "I do, Aunt Petunia. I've spent weeks thinking on this and I'm just as sure as I was back then."

"Then, go ahead and do as he asks, Vernon," she said, turning back to her husband. "Harry hasn't asked for anything for the past eleven years. We should indulge him his first request after so long."

"By the way, Harry," his uncle interjected, "why did you want my help with your project? Don't their kind have people that can do the work for you?"

He grimaced. "I don't know everything about the Wizarding world's metal business but I know of very few who can make the parts. The goblins, the ones from the bank, are one of those few. But, according to the book I read, goblins think that the stuff they make is strictly theirs and not the people who bought and paid for them. If they're going to think like that, I don't want them making the parts. Dwarves are another but they're far up north; I really don't want to go that far. Elves seemed like a good choice but most of them hid in the forests and away from the cities. No one has seen a full elf for years and the only elves that are properly documented are house-elves, which are more servants than smiths."

His uncle sniffed, muttering derisively, "Count on their lot to not even have a decent manufacturing business. It's no wonder they're stuck with no electricity. Well, thanks for trusting me, Harry. I'll get right on it. It might take a while but I'll guarantee that you get the best parts for your money. If not..." He let the threat hang, promising hell to those who wouldn't give him the results he asked for.

Harry smiled at him. "Thanks, Uncle Vernon! Just tell me how much titanium costs and I'll have the money ready for you as soon as I can!"


The goblins of Gringotts were starting to question whether Harry Potter was a mischief maker or was just forgetful because there was no logical reason as to why he had returned to Gringotts for the fourth bloody time! They kept quiet when he entered their halls and approached an open teller but they sneered in derision.

"Hello," Harry said to the goblin teller.

The goblin steepled his fingers and peered down at him. "I see you're back again, Mr. Potter. What can Gringotts do for you this time?"

Harry scratched his cheek sheepishly. "Yeah. I must be a weird customer, huh?" Harry then took out a piece of paper and put it on the teller's desk. "Really sorry about this but I need to withdraw this amount and have it converted to British pounds."

Raising a brow, the goblin read the paper before looking back at Harry. "Are you aware of how much you're going to withdraw, Mr. Potter?"

He nodded. "I am." He paused. "Ah...can you not tell anyone about this? I don't want anyone asking what I'm going to do with this much money."

The goblin's eyes narrowed and his nostrils flared subtly. "Gringotts respects client confidentiality, Mr. Potter. Unless you violate the law or you give your express permission, only you will know what you use with your gold."

Harry gulped. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound disrespectful."

The goblin snorted but didn't push the issue further. "How do you want this money transferred after withdrawal and conversion?"

"Transfer it to my Muggle bank account," Harry replied.

The goblin nodded and pulled out a piece of parchment. Handing it to Harry, he said, "Fill out this form."

Harry looked down at the form. It was to let Gringotts know the details of the Muggle banking institution that would receive the money transfer. He filled it out quickly and gave it back to the teller.

"Everything seems to be in order. Expect the transfer within three business days." The goblin peered down at Harry. "Is there anything else you'd like from Gringotts, Mr. Potter?"

Harry shook his head. "That's everything for now. Thank you." He thought to himself before grinning at the teller. "This will most likely be last visit for a while. You won't see me again for another year." Hopefully, he added in his head as he turned to leave the bank. He ignored the snort from the goblin as he left, understanding their skepticism.


After getting the money and paying his uncle, Harry let him deal with the business end of the manufacturing process. He trusted his uncle to get the job done. Or rather, he trusted the Force's influence over his uncle to get it done. So, that left him more time to read more of his books. While he read, Hedwig took flights in the night, returning later with a dead animal in her beak. Harry always praised her for hunting on her own before reminding her of her aunt's policy regarding cleanliness.

When September 1st came, Harry was giddy with anticipation. He forwent changing into his robes until he was on the train; it wouldn't do well to look out of place in a Muggle train station by dressing so formally (especially with school robes). While his uncle heaved his trunk into the car's boot, Harry decided to bring Hedwig with him in the car seat during their long trip to London.

When Uncle Vernon finally got into the car, Harry had neatly set Hedwig's cage on his lap, his owl quietly watching the humans preparing to leave.

"You all ready, Harry?" asked his uncle while he put on his seat belt.

"Yes, Uncle Vernon."

"Right, then. We have a long drive ahead of us. Let's not waste time!"

They arrived at King's Cross Station by ten. His uncle helped Harry heave his trunk onto a cart and push the cart into the station. As Harry expected, the sight of an owl in a cage atop his trunk drew some eyes but none evolved past curious looks. When they got to platforms nine and ten, they stopped in front of a wall, where the plastic numbers were placed indicating which platform was which. One had the number nine, the other had ten.

Harry tilted his head and pursed his lips. "You said I just need to run at the wall to get to Platform 9 3/4, right, Aunt Petunia?"

His aunt huffed, crossing her arms. "Yes. Your train to that school is through there." She pulled out the ticket from her purse and handed it to Harry. "Here's your ticket, Harry."

"Oh! Thanks, Aunt Petunia." Harry took the ticket and gave her a brief hug.

"Now, be careful while you're at that school, Harry," she reminded him. "I don't know what kind of freakishness goes on up there but it's certainly isn't safe."

Harry smiled at her, nodding. "I understand, Aunt Petunia. I'll be careful."

She sniffed and gestured to the wall with her chin. "Well...off with you, Harry. We'll see you at the end of the year."

Harry took the cart from his uncle's hands and positioned himself in front of the wall. Giving his aunt and uncle one final wave, he started running towards the wall. Instead of colliding with the hard surface, he phased through it, his vision filled with blackness, before coming out on the other side.

Much like his experience with Diagon Alley, Harry was suddenly blanketed by an abundance of life and energy, the Force brimming strongly around him. He exhaled deeply to recenter himself and refocused on his surroundings. It was just as chaotic as Diagon Alley, Harry mused.

A scarlet steam train was waiting by a platform while students boarded it with their trunks and waving goodbye to their parents behind them. People were pressed against each other, exclaiming one thing or the other to their children. Animals made raucous noises alongside their human owners. Owls hooted to each other; cats were hissing and snarling from their cages; and toads croaked deeply in their pens.

Curiously, Harry looked behind him. The solid wall barrier was still there, decorated by an iron archway and a sign overhead saying Platform Nine and Three-Quarters. He turned his gaze back forward and pursed his lips, pushing his cart towards the crowd. He glanced briefly at the first few carriages. It was already full of students, some even poking out the windows to continue their goodbyes. Unbidden, Harry continued his search for an emptier carriage.

He passed by a round-faced boy talking with his grandmother.

"I lost my toad again, Gran," the boy glumly said to her.

"Oh, Neville," she replied exasperatedly.

Further ahead, Harry saw a small crowd of students surrounding a young boy with dreadlocks, who was carrying a box.

One in the crowd exclaimed, "Give us a look, Lee! Come on!"

The boy lifted the lid off the box and some gave a shriek of terror when a hairy leg poked out. The boy then laughed boisterously, closing the box before whatever was inside could poke out more than its leg.

Harry finally found an empty carriage. He put Hedwig's cage in first before heaving his trunk onto it. He then went into the first empty compartment he found and put his stuff in. Away from prying eyes, Harry was free to use the Force to put the trunk away to a corner of the compartment. When it was done, he fell to the seat with a sigh. "That was tiring," he said. He turned to Hedwig and continued, "I think it'll be a tough fight, getting used to the amount of life and energy the Wizarding world has."

Hedwig hooted softly, making Harry smile.

Harry opened the cage and reached into it to stroke her head. "Thanks, girl," he said. Dimly, he could still hear the shouts and exclamations the students exchanged with their parents either as they boarded the train or after they boarded and found a compartment to settle into. Sighing again, Harry pulled back his hand and closed his eyes, falling into a brief meditation while the train was still stopped at the platform.

Half an hour later, Harry felt the train rumble and shudder. He opened his eyes and looked out the window; the train had started and was moving. At first, it was a slow crawl but it slowly gained speed as it turned a corner and left the station.

It's official, Harry thought to himself. I'm taking a train and on my way to a magic school. He grinned wide. I can't wait!


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