My Hero Academia: The Snappening.

Summary: During an average day in Class 1-A before an announcement can be made half of the class turn to dust and it up to the remaining students to deal with the hand they deal.

Author notes: I do not know who the traitor is, so here no one in class 1-A is a traitor.

This is Basically what if Thanos snap in Infinity War effected the world of My hero Academia.

This take place a little before Episode 63. Warning major canon changing ahead, beware thee who enter.

Class 1-A.

It was a clear and sunny day in class 1-A, the students were all there. Katsuki was recently rescued from the League of Villains, thanks to Izuku, Tenya, Eijiro, Shot, and Momo not that the prideful to ever admit it, the five didn't do it for thanks anyways. Everyone got on their correct seat before the class has begun. Aizawa Shota aka Eraser Head came looking like he hasn't slept in days. Nothing unusual about today.

Izuku got everything ready when he suddenly hear what he could only describe as someone snapping their fingers. He looks to see who did it maybe one of his classmates or Eraser head himself but nothing. Shota actually comment on this, "Is there a problem Midoriya?" He asked.

The green hair user for One for All blush, "It nothing I just…" He held up his right hand only to notice some dust was coming from it? "What in the…" He couldn't even finish his sentence as disappeared into dust.

"Nobody cares shitty De…" Katsuki was totally caught off guard as his childhood friend disappeared right infront of him, could it be the villains.

"What in the world?" Minoru asked, he was totally caught off guard by this.

"Eraser Head, I think it is happening to me." Mina said as she disappeared leaving the class no chance to recover as the pink skin girl fade away.

Tsuyu notice this, "What?" She noticed this happening to her. The frog like girl try to use her tongue to stick to the ceiling, forgetting that they weren't allowed to use powers in class, wanting to live only to have every inch of her even her long tongue turn to dust.

Minoru was panicking at all this, "I don't want to go." He said as he disappeared like dust in the wind.

Mashirao the young blonde boy with a powerful tail disappear at the same time as the six arm giant Mezo disappear. Leaving two more empty seats in the class.

Kyoka was scared that she might be next only to feel some dust on her skin. She turned to see the angular face kid Hanta Sero totally missing.

The fabulous Yuga was terrified, "No no no, not like this." He said, but his prayers were ultimately for not, as his body disappear.

Fumikage went next, he was the only one to seemingly accepted his fate, along with his living quirk. Whatever happening was made by someone powerful.

"Oh no." Momo said her voice shrine with terror as the class vice representative was decimated as the nine other students before her.

Eraser Head look almost uncharacteristically horrified by what happened in the past minute, after Izuku disappeared he tries to use his quirk, hoping he could have found a way to stop whatever happen but to no avail. Where ten students once sat down was nothing more than ten empty seats and a little pile of dust.

The students were doing far worse worry that they would be next and or all their friends as well. Katsuki was the first to speak, "Say something you damn nerd." He said, as if he believes this was all a cruel prank that any second now Izuku would jump down to reveal how he did it. The explosive kid was not so lucky to get said answer.

Eraser Head went to call the principal but got no answer. The school suddenly went into lockdown mode did it finally notice the intruder who did it, or did other students disappear.

Ochaco spoke, "What is going on here?" She was not sure what could cause this. A quirk of some kind but why those students and not someone else. She was thinking this was the worst thing that ever happened to her, having both her best friend and her crush disappear was horrifying. The youngest Uraraka was unaware of the two gut punches that would be coming her way.

"Tsuyu, Fumikage where are you?" Koji asked wondering if his animal quirk could allow him to talk to his two animal like classmates.

Tenya got up looking around the room, silently. He wanted to tell the class to be calm that everything would be better if they could fix everything, but now wasn't the time for lies.

Eijiro turn to face Katsuki figuring if any of his classmates knew what to do it was him. Only to find the explosive kid was no better off than anyone else.

Kyoka was trying to get on the ground trying to find someone walking around who shouldn't be there, nothing but her teacher, herself and nine surviving classmates.

Toru, who was thinking this might just be a side effect to her quirk she never heard about, "Mezo Shoji I ordered you to appear again, please. I'll be your best friend."

Denki then was, "Stop this right now or I will shock you." He said, threatening the empty air. Eraserhead told him to not do that afraid he might hit someone he shouldn't.

Rikido had no idea what he could do.

Shoto was convinced that this must have been a plan from the League of Villain, he knew that hand guy could turn stuff into dust, and the black cloud could make people disappeared could either of them do it, or did they make a Nomu that could fuse them together, but why stop those ten. He went to the window trying to see if there were any cracks he could possibly look through.

-A couple of hours later.-

The staff decided to send all students to their dorms they were still technically in lock down until the staff figure out what happen to half of the students.

All the teachers are there or all the reminding teachers. Eraser Head, No. 13, Power Loader, Cementoss, Ectoplasm, Lunch Rush and Vlad King.

Cementoss was the first to speak, "I think that we need to acknowledge what is going on. Around half of the teachers and staff are missing. Along with the students."

No. 13 audible sigh, "We need to decide I this the end of UA?"

Eraser Head said, "We have protocols in case any of the staff die." He pointed.

"But we never plan on having half the staff and students disappearing at once." No. 13 said.

"I think that we need to figure out what happened." Eraser Head said, was I a villain attack, a new quirk, what?

"I let my class watch the news during the lock-down, and this doesn't seem to be an isolated incident. There are reports of this happening in cities all over the world." There are plenty of world leaders, and people of powers both politically and with quirks. More pro heroes gone the world Over but the strange thing is so we're countless super villains and criminals. "All three of the Lurkers disappeared at once."

Ectoplasm thought on this before speaking, "Do we think that the League of Villain is responsible for this?" He asked, if so they needed to be public enemy number one.

Vlad King spoke up, "If they are they need to go down." Things have been worse since All Might identity been revealed, but removing All for One was something that needed to be done. "I say we called the warden to make sure All for One didn't use this confusion to escape."

"I will make the call myself." Cementoss said, "If there are no complaints." He said, to which none said anything against as he left the room.

"Is it even possible for All for One to have done it?" Power Loader asked, he knew that the son of a fun was powerful but couldn't conceive that something like this could be one quirk. He wasn't sure there be a fusion of quirks that could do this, if so he couldn't control it.

"I would find it illogical for them to manage to get the quirks for this, that no one would notice." These aren't minor quirks if any quirks could do something like this someone would notice. There is no way the League of Villains could know about it before someone in authority could.

"So, who are you saying did it?" Vlad King asked.

"Is it possible whatever did this might not be a person." Eraser Head asked.

Vald king then asked, "Whether or not it was a quirk, a natural disaster or even divide intervention what do we tell the public?" He asked.

"We did promise to make the school as possible." No. 13 said.

"We didn't purger ourselves if this is happening all over the world, then it doesn't matter if they were here or not." Eraser Head said.

"Are you saying the eleven students that went missing in my class were just doomed to die?" Vlad King asked clearly angry.

"I am saying this might be something larger than the League of Villains." Eraser Head said, they may see themselves as champions but even All for One isn't a god.

As they spoke Cementoss walk in with an upset look on his face.

No. 13 was the first to notice this, "Ken, what is wrong?"

"What I was informed of is either very good or very bad. I was informed by the warden." He wasn't gone, "That whatever happening to everyone also happen to All for One." He said, and with those few words the room was so silent you could see a pin drop.

"What?" Eraser Head asked, even he was unnerved by this. "How?"

"The same as everyone else." He said.

"So he either have nothing to do with this, or this is his plan." This worry all of them.

-At Class 1-A dorm, half an hour later.-

The remaining Class 1-A students (sans Ochaco) were arguing trying to figure out what happened around them. Tenya try to make them see reason, "Our classmates would not want us to do anything rash…"

"Shut up Four eyes." Katsuki said.

"Umm, Katsuki This isn't the time." Eijiro said. He did see still Katsuki as his friend but was scared and worry the explosive kid might do something stupid.

"Not know." He said, "Our friends have been taken, and we need to find the bastard.

Rikido spoke, "What exactly do you think we can do?" He asked, they were good but this is something else all the pros in Japan would have to work together to stop this.

Denki opened his mouth, "We have to do something." Even if he figured he might have to wait to be a pro hero to do this. He figured he should do so.

Tenya spoke, "We are not vigilantes." It sounds like Katsuki needed therapy.

"I think that we shouldn't risk our lives until we know what to do." Kyoka said.

Toru notice this, "Stop this your upsetting Koji." The animal voice hero in training is at a loss for words.

Shoto spoke, "As much as pain me to say this Bakugo isn't totally wrong. Someone needs to do something about what happen here."

"This isn't like what happen with Katsuki, we do not even know what happened. We can't do anything." Tenya said as the door open.

He was the first to see Ochaco who was crying her eyes out. Toru spoke, "Ochaco, what happened?" She asked, as her friend lay face down on the couch crying not caring what they thought of her.

This got everyone but Katsuki attention, who was upset they were so easily distracted.

"Are you okay?" Kyoka asked, as the brown hair girl got up still crying.

"My parents are dead." She said.

"What?" Eijiro said, not believing her.

"Whatever happened to the rest of our class happen to them." She said, "I'm an orphan now." Her dream to help support her parents is over before it could even begins.

"I'm sorry." Tenya said, he knew what it was like to lose a family member and how it could make one do dangerous acts.

"I say we find out who did this, and put them down." He said, upset about Izuku going missing.

"Katsuki she is not interested in your talk revenge." Kyoka said.

"I'm very interested." Ochaco said, confusing everyone even Katsuki couldn't believe his ears.

The speaker turn on, "Will Koda Koji report to the principal's office." He was relieved to leave but got nervous at the thought of his mother getting decimated.

"So what exactly were you talking about?" Ochaco asked.

"I was talking about how we need to find out who did this and take him down." He said angry as usual.

"Go on." She said, she would probably come to regret this decision but right now the adrenaline from losing four of the most important people in her life was all that matters.

Rikido said what was on everyone's mind, "You have got to be kidding me, how can you think fighting them now is a good idea." Almost every time the League of Villains almost all of them died, but this time they only have half the class missing.

"Which I need to ask how are you going to deal with it Tenya?" Denki asked.

"I do not understand. What do you mean?" He asked confused.

"I mean Ojiro room is right need to yours how will you respond to it be empty?" He asked. It would affect all of them but might be closest to the class rep.

"I believe that this loss will affect all of us regardless of location." He said. Eijiro realize that Shoji old was right next to his.

Shoto wasn't that close to Hanta so he will probably be the first to coop with his missing neighbor.

"The entire second floor is now empty." Ochaco said. Izuku, Yuga, Tokoyami, even the annoying Minoru were all gone.

"I think we should give it a chance." Shoto said, "Or at least we should figure out what happened."

"How can you say that we can't take a law in your own hands."

"I'm not asking to use our powers for our own needs, I say we find out what happen and react accordingly. Izuku would do the same for any of us."

"He right." Katsuki said.

"Maybe be best if we went to bed." Denki said.

All but Shoto, Ochaco, and Katsuki took that advice but none of them knew how to really having a conversation with each other.

-Skip to a year later.-

(Ochaco POV)

After a month U.A. decided that having two heroes classes at once would be an unnecessary waste of manpower so class 1-A and 1-B, they also decided that Hitoshi Shinso from general department earn a spot in Class 1-A. It was hard accepting that half the class change so quickly. I wanted to alter my uniform so that it has a green highlights instead of pink but without Mei the Department of Support Students wasn't quite the same. Eraser Head said that it would be best if I try to move on. I was upset as she knew she had to use her parents money, but I feel dirty using it. They didn't have much money but she could go through all my years in high school.

I been getting closer to Shoto and Toru once the years. I try to talk Katsuki wanting to include him since that what Izuku would want but he doesn't seem to fully believe that what happen was real like he think it a dream. Shoto seem to be the only one okay with the idea of going to the League of Villain and beat them until they return of friends. Tenya seem to became more anti social than normal as if he didn't want to be involve with anyone else's life.

I at one point consider giving up the hero life but I knew my parents wouldn't want that, and she came so far might as well go the whole way.

I lost my parents house I couldn't possibly pay for that and my education so did what I knew my parents would want. I could maybe stomach it, if the buyer wasn't a loser, he clearly was an addict and would likely lose it again. When I make it big as a hero I will buy that home back in honor of my parents memory.

They made a new building called the hall of the heroes that never were. Inside was a little display for the missing students, containing their uniforms, a little figure of them, near there was a plaque with their real name, hero name, quirk and a brief summary of them and their accomplishments. They had a video playing of their best feats, none of which did any of them the justice they deserve. I would complain but whenever I feel lonely I walk over to the building and just look at the shrines, sometimes talk to them when alone.

Everyone in the school keep expecting an attack by the League of Villains but they never came. Some say that a bad thing that they are planning something, some say it is a good thing that they were decimated too. I have to believe the latter for my own sanity. The League of Villains seem to the the only people not attacking with several of the top ten heroes gone every other villain in Japan seems interested in crimes. There have been reports of the Yakuza reforming in the city but these have neither been confirmed or denied yet.

There isn't a day that goes by where I don't think about what happened, I barely saw Izuku as he disappeared, and remember the look of terror on Tsuyu face. I wonder if my parents went away quickly unaware of what happened until it was too late, or did they tell in horror as they disappeared. She do anything if it means she could see them again, and make the one who hurt them pay. The name Uravity will be fear far and wide.

To be continued…