My Hero: Snappening. The battle for all Earths.

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I am going to be labeling class 1-B by their heroes names and 1-A by their real names.

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Be prepared for a once in fourteen million and six hundred and six event.

At the remains of Avengers Academy.

Thousands had emerged out of thin air, against the horde of enemies in front of them. The students all looked wide-eyed, just looking at the rest of the people around them.

Katsuki, and for that matter, all of the students, just looked in awe of the massive army that emerged from the portals around them

Katsuki stared down the monster in front of him. He was surrounded by the remainder of class 1-A and 1-B, all facing towards the monster at the center. Wong faced the same direction as the students, staring down the giant.

'This guy is probably 8 feet tall, easily!' Katsuki held back on attacking the guy.

Shoto was confused as to where they were, but he saw everyone ready for a fight.

'Damm my childish pride for now. I need to avenge those who have died… including my father.'

"Is he the one we have to take down?" Shoto asked, turning to look at Wong, the person next to them.

"Yes," he said. "Oh, and Mister Bakugou?"

"What?" Katsuki growled, clenching his fists in anger.

"Make sure to aim for the head," Wong smiled, sadistically, towards the mad titan.

That surprised Katsuki, but that shock was replaced by an evil looking grin, as his sadistic side took over.

"I like this guy," Katsuki clenched his fists, his anger seething from his body.

"That the bastard who took my parents away from me?" Ochako asked, snarling at the thing before them.

'Thank god we didn't piss her off.' All the students sweatdropped, before focusing on the task at hand.

Wong nodded in response. "Let's kill him." He said, with an evil grin on his face.

They noticed a guy dressed like an American flag. He made a hammer fly to his hand and yelled, "Avengers, Assemble!"

There was a yell from the crowd and everyone rushed forward, the heroes of UA following suit, with everyone united against these monsters.

Katsuki, deciding to take some advice from the ancient warrior Mario, jumped to the nearest enemy, and crushed it under his feet. "DIE YOU BASTARD!" He yelled out as he caused the beast and one of its friends to be blown to pieces. He then flew over to another one. "I'll kill you all!" He yelled.

"Hey Bakugou, ever played Skeet?" Uraraka asked, using her powers to send three of their opponents in the air and proceeding to throw them in the direction of the explosion-happy blonde. Katsuki laughed maniacally as he ripped them apart, not even bothering to answer her.

Tenya, playing support, used his speed to force his enemies onto the ground, pinning them on the battlefield.

"Hey, thanks for subduing them! Made my job a lot easier."

"No problem, Mr. Spiderman."

"No, it's just Spiderman."

Tenya grinned, nodding at the guy, watching him fling the people he subdued into spears.

Manga was helping a guy with a magic flying arrow by creating explosions, and making people around him clutch their ears with the sound.

"Thanks dude!" the weird skinny guy said a little too loudly. Eventually, his hearing went back to normal, and they continued to fight

Eijiro was using his unbreakable form to counter a pale man in what looked like a metal hood. He could feel him weakening his hard skin as each strike was being weakened by his quirk, but not nullified. The assassin was about to strike the ginger between the eyes, but was sent flying back by a kick from the giant man. Tetsutetsu backhanded him in his metal form, sending the assassin flying back.

"Alright. Looks like you guys won't be going anywhere." The blue-haired hero Welder made makeshift handcuffs out of the rocks in the vicinity, and as a bald lady stabbed the enemy in the torso.

The rock creature was clutched, and a guy with a Christmas tree skin tone managed to stab it in the back, with Spiral using his quirk to drill into it's leg.

Mudman put his hand on the ground to make traps for the beasts, and then the rocker of class 1-A used her powers to send them flying.

Nejire went flying and started to destroy the enemy air support. "I got this," she said. "You wreck them from below." Mirio nodded as she rushed forward.

Rocketti was going around using her horns to pin down the aliens. One of the beasts jumped to attack her from behind, but a man in furs with a Knobkerrie knocked it out of the air. "Watch your back," he said.

"Get down!" she shouted, and at once it was revealed one of the aliens was behind them, though it was soon grabbed. Two horns were sent, holding it down.

"I got this," Toru said as she used her quirk to blind some more of the enemy forces.

Meanwhile, Koji was ordering bugs to blind the enemies. "Good job, rocky," a talking duck said, using fung ku to kick a much bigger enemy upwards.

Phantom Thief was copying both Eijiro and Katsuki's quirks to ram into his opponents and explode through them at the same time.

Rikido saw a raccoon with a gun and what looked like a cyborg and decided to move some of the debris to help protect them from those attacking from behind.

Gevaudan saw a man in an armor suit being pushed around by a giant, so he grabbed the giant and threw it to the side, forcing him to be crushed by an even larger man.

The heroine managed to grab the blue-haired energy assassin by her weapon and shrink it down, forcing her to retreat.

Hitoshi was trying to use his quirk on the big purple guy who seemed to be the other side's leader. "Hey ugly," he said. He was instantly flung away by a weird flying man who looked like an albino Squidward and knocked out of the fight.

"Don't worry, I got you," Denki said, deciding he needed to help by being on support. Besides, two of the people already here could shoot lighting far stronger than his.

A flying man in a cool mask was nearly grabbed, only for the beasts to be grabbed by Battle Fist. "I got this," she said. "Go."

Noticing a man with a quiver of arrows and a comically large glove, Mirio rushed forward, taking down the large person that was following behind him. The battlefield heard a horn playing La Cucaracha of all things, but the striped man seemed to be making a plan.

Shoto was confused. "What is going on?" He asked the one in a red suit honking the horn.

"We're going to take these stones away so he can't use them to hurt anyone," the woman in a yellow and black suit explained before going small.

"Got it," he said.

"We need to get those gloves, some of the heroes explained its importance," Tenya said, running up to the others.

Katsuki saw it go from one monster to another and then saw the guy in the black catsuit being attacked by some kind of telepath. He flew by, managing to dodge the suddenly reappearing giant. "I got this," he said. He saw the glove get separated due to the leader's weird double sword, only to be stopped by a woman glowing in red appearing and saying something until she started to make debris fly at the purple bastard's face. Katsuki silently thanked her.

Katsuki wanted to join but saw the glove and reached for it, grabbing it from the floating rock piles. "I CAN DO THIS!" he shouted aloud, running off to protect it.

Katsuki was sweating up a storm and decided to focus on speed, just using his explosions to keep himself airborne. As he was doing that, the witch managed to destroy the purple guy's sword.

She started to lift him up with her red energy, about to end it all right there and then. Their large opponent then gave the command to reign fire, and it was like he had unleashed the gates of hell. Most of the heroes had to hide under the safety of the wizards' spell or risk using their quirk alone to defend themselves.

A blast threw Katsuki down, nearly sending him to the ground. Ochako managed to slap him, sending him airborne like she had done for Deku all those years ago.

"Thanks, round face!" He yelled, heading for the white flying horse. "We need to get to that van now," he told the woman, not caring about status. She tried to fly, but the blasts kept getting in their way.

Shoto soon appeared. "Give it to me," he said. His ice walls would be able to slow it down and his speed would be enough. "Don't have to tell me twice, half and half," Katsuki said, tossing it his way. Shoto got down and made several ice walls, each of which barely lasted as long as it took to make them.

Tenya then noticed the aerial assault had stopped. "Why did they stop?" He questioned. They suddenly changed their target to the sky.

"Oh, yeah!" the raccoon said. Tenya realized it was a good thing when the enemy ship went down.

The glowing figure, now clearly a human woman, appeared before Shoto.

"Take it," he said, getting straight to the point.

"Nice meeting you," she said, accepting.

Several of the women warriors were together alongside Ochako. She rushed forward, sending as many enemies in the air and then back down again as she possibly could.

"Damn, that's tiring." She took a rest, before seeing everyone rushing past her, scars on their arms. "Come on, Ochako, you can't be tired yet. We've still got to bring back Deku…"

Wanda and Thanos each charged at each other. Scarlet witch tried to rush him, sending multiple of her attacks, but she was no match, as angry as she was. He simply threw his weapon to her, destroying the machine and leaving her injured. .

"You're not getting away." Shoto, cold as ice, froze a path towards the titan, but he merely punched through it, and grabbed shoto by the throat.

Shoto held intense eyes of hatred.

"You detest me, don't you? I've taken much from you."

Thanos, almost indifferent with that knowledge, tossed him aside like a doll, but Shoto didn't fall on his back, getting on his feet.

Several warriors fought him, the Scarlet witch, Shoto, Tenya, etc, despite being tired and overwhelmed, but they were knocked down when he grabbed a purple rock and sent everyone flying away.

"Is… this what you meant? Going for this bastard's head?"

Katsuki tightened his fist, concentrating his sweat into his fingertips, and sending himself flying.

Katsuki saw all of this and remembered what Wong said, sending himself flying trying to blow the bastard's face off. The man was distracted, allowing the iron man to grab the glove. They were then both sent flying off the man. Katsuki tried to rise, but failed, realizing his leg was broken.

"Come on, you bastard!" Katsuki looked at his leg, trying to force him to stand, but it was too late. His leg was fractured.

"God...damn it."

The purple leader then started to speak. "I am inevitable," he said, snapping his fingers.

Katsuki was about to run up and fight him, but then stopped for two reasons.

One, his leg hampered his movement.

Two... nothing had happened.

The iron man's right hand rose, revealing he had the stones. He took a painful breath, saying, "And I am...Iron man." He snapped his fingers, and with the snap, the forces of evil started to disappear.

Thanos looked around, as his entire army crumbled in front of him, and sat down, accepting his death.

Katsuki smiled. "We won."

He shakily stood, crawling until he found someplace to support him. He took a breath, and screeched.

A raw, joy filled scream fled out of the battlefield, coming from a young man who saw the murders of his friends… avenged.

To be continue?



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