Date posted: 22nd October 2019


When you awake, it is now day. All three of you find yourselves in a corner of the bar, bandaged up, salves and herbs applied to your wounds. It is late afternoon and the town for the most part is empty save for the bartender and two eternal customers. You still have your gear but they are badly damaged, and the artefact of power is absent, much to the priestess' annoyance.

The old town doctor that lived aways away tends to your wounds. His doctor's bag with its medicine and tools are laid out on a table.

"Bless Pina, we aren't dead!" exclaims the priestess as she does the sign of the dragon.

"Ugh, well we'll be most fortunate," says Sino, sitting up on her cot.

The black swordsman tries to move but can't. His leathers were replaced by bandages giving him an apperance of a mummy. His sword hangs off by the side of the cot.

"Give me your best potion, medicine man. I will have my vengeance!"

The doctor shakes his head. "Well let's see here: the lady priestess have three broken ribs (-30 to Initiative), the lady dwarf has a split shoulder (-50% ranged/melee skill), and you, sir have almost died and are completely riddled with bullet wounds (-70% HP). It's almost as if fate willed you not to die."

"Fate has other destinies for us," Silica says sagely.

I just didn't want to redo this whole session with new characters.

"What do we do now?" asks Sino.

A stranger enters the tavern, clad in fine scale and mail. Mace and saber hang from his belt, a recurve on his hip, and a rifle across his back. He carries his helm under an armpit. From the silver star across his chest, you recognise this man instantly. He is one of the Emperor's Sipahi, a knight of the empire.

The newcomer nods at the stranger and the doctor leaves the room. He says to you in a tone that commands armies, "We received word of some peculiar incident that occurred last night. Can one of you tell me what in God's name happened?"

"I will tell him all about it," says the swordsman. "I do so in a way that impresses him, so maybe he gives some money for new gear, in my quest to destroy the capybara so I may offer its spine to the Guts God."

What makes you think you can just chat to a knight and expect him to just give you money?

"Who dares wins, GM."

Alright, roll a die plus your Fellowship attribute.

- d3 + 21

You explain the events of the night before in great detail. It's as if you retold the tale like a grand adventure of grit, wits, and steely might. A chosen of the Dark Gods, a priestess of the Dragon and a wayfarer dwarf banding together to fight evil for gold or glory.

What you actually espoused was something akin to a five year old in kindergarten regalling the story to their parents on how one of the kids in class bump into you, you both got into a fight, cried a lot, and the teacher had to deal with all of this. The last part began in the middle, the middle part began first, and the first didn't begin at all. It took you ten minutes to do this.

"Oh, and we all met at this tavern. Oh I forgot, but I should also mention that those two were with me while this all happened. So what I'm saying is, give me money and weapons and I will ask my god to spare your soul when we conquer the world, man of the empire."

The sipahi remains unimpressed at this tale. He turns to the others in the room. "Can one of you tell me what in God's name happened?"

It did not take long for both Silica and Sino to recount the tale. It took them two minutes.

"I see. So not only have you failed to solve the undead problem, you've stumbled onto another problem that may even be more dangerous?"

"What do you mean? And who you be, manling?" asks Sino.

"I am Knight Nasir of the Emperor's Sipahis, 4th Company, investigating reports of necromancy in the area. I was told that the Temple of Pina was dealing with this and thought to lend a hand. But it seems to me I was too late, and had to put down the rest of the cemetary's un-alive inhabitants."

"What are you talking about, sayyid? We solved the problem yesterday!" says Silica.

"Oh, and could you explain the twenty other undead I just finished putting to rest an hour ago?" he says patting his mace. "Your priests have not yet arrived to cleanse the area, so I had to do it myself."

"But we killed the micemen!"

"Were they behind the undead?"

"Yes!" you all say with conviction.

A moment passes. "Yes ….?" you all say with less conviction.

"Did you see anyone else in mausoleum besides the micemen?"

Sino answers, "No, other than shopkeeper that was captured. The manling that runs the general store."

"You mean the one that moved out of town three months ago?" says the bartender at the counter.

Another silence. Keiko breaks it again with the same curse.

The sipahi places a map onto the torso of the black swordsman, using him as an impromptu table.

"We believe that the man you encountered was the necromancer known as the Elusive One. He has been hunted for the last few years by the empire." He points to a few red X's marked on the map, most of which were cities. "We had him cornered at Anadakent a few weeks ago, only to have him slipped from our grasp. Imperial intelligence suspects he is making his way out west. Very far west. We believe his allies are there, plotting to do more harm."

"The Wastelands," says Sino. It is a harsh land filled with monsters, mutants, and worse.

"Yes, the accursed deserts of millenia of war. The perfect place for a practitioner of the dark arts. The Empire is strained, we have no manpower to hunt him ourselves. You three however ..."

The priestess objects. "Wait, you're not saying we're going to …"

The sharpshooter takes this in stride. "Well, a job worth doing is worth doing well. A dwarf is true to her word."

The swordsman wiggles in his cot. "Whathisface owes me money! I'll kill him for free! (But money would still be nice)"

The sipahi puts away his map. "Have any of you ever fought Orcs?"

So ends the first session of FTO.

Now I'm not so sure when the next session will start, but there will be another player. The three choices will be: Asuna, Argo, Klein.

I'm not 100% sure what their classes will be but I do have a rough idea. You can even suggest what classes they can be, as long as they make sense within this totally original and not ripped off universe, of course. So leave a review, and if you put in a convincing argument I might consider putting them in. Or you can choose to argue for the current three, whichever works. I'm going to be returning to my old stuff after this.

Thanks for the reviews, follows and favs. Until next time.