The soft hum of her laptop's fan was a sound Luffy became unusually fond of, having begun to associate it with her crew on One Piece. Like most other people today, Monkey D. Luffy was one of the millions of players in One Piece, an open world game that allowed you to become a pirate and sail the sea. She had just started up the game and it didn't take long for it to load. She was excited to see two of her crew were on and wasted no time typing a greeting into the chat,

Strawhat: Hey guys!

Cotton Candy: Hi

Mikan: you're on early today captain

Strawhat: Yeah! I'm still on vacation!

Cotton Candy: You've been on vacation forever now! When are you going home?

Strawhat: today shishishi

Mikan: eh?! shouldn't you be packing then?

Strawhat: probably


Strawhat: I wanna play one piece!

Cotton Candy: Maybe you can play after you pack? What if you miss your flight?

Strawhat: I won't miss the flight, they can wait, it's fine!

Mikan: they aren't going to wait idiot

Strawhat: why not? :( if they don't wait they're stupid!

Mikan: of all the people to call other people stupid…

Cotton Candy: how long until your flight?

Strawhat: dunno


Strawhat: mystery flight!

Mikan: i'm done.

Strawhat: shishishi don't worry my older brother will probably know

Mikan: ...probably?

Cotton Candy: ...anyway, shouldn't you ask Strawhat about what we were talking about earlier?

Mikan: Oh! Right!

Suddenly the screen went black just as she was about to type out a response and she was met face to face with her older brother. Luffy briefly wondered how Sabo had hit the power button on her laptop without her realising but just chalked it up to Sabo's secret ninja powers and promptly forgot about it.

"Sabo!" she exclaimed, "Why did you turn it off?"

"Come on Lu, you should be packed already," Sabo scolded, folding his arms as Luffy merely stuck out her tongue in response to her older brother, clearly not caring in the slightest.

"I'll pack later, I still have time!" she whined, puffing her cheeks up, "I was in the middle of talking with my crew!"

Sabo ruffled her hair affectionately and she swatted his hand away in protest causing him to sigh, "You can talk to them once we get home, the plane ride isn't that long. I'm sure they'll understand."

Luffy hummed, "Yeah, but why talk to them later if I can talk to them now?"

"Because," Sabo checked his watch, "We need to be at the airport in under an hour and you still aren't packed."

"Why can't you pack for me then?" Luffy countered childishly.

Sabo rolled his eyes good naturedly, "You're really impossible, huh?" He smiled.

"Yup! Shishishi!"

"I didn't want to do this for the sake of my wallet but, I'll buy you all the meat you can eat when we get home if you pack up and get ready to leave now," Sabo said reluctantly, he'd have to cut back on costs for at least a month, sometimes he wondered where the hell all that food went? His little sister really was a bottomless pit.

"Eh?!" He could practically see Luffy's eyes sparkling, her mouth watered, "Yay! All I can eat meat!"

"Yeah, yeah," Sabo murmured, already beginning to regret his decision.

The ride to the airport was short and they somehow managed to make it there on time for their flight back home, Dragon made it too, having appeared out of nowhere just as the plane was about to take off.

To Luffy the flight went by really quick because she was distracted by the excitement of finding out what Nami wanted to tell her when she got home. Finally, after some time they arrived back in their hometown of Baltigo.

"Luffy," Sabo groaned, knees buckling under the weight of both his and Luffy's luggage, "Please take at least one of your bags."

"This is revenge for turning off my laptop earlier! Shishishi!" Luffy stuck out her tongue and spun around, leaving Sabo shuffling behind her, only managing to carry all the bags with sheer willpower. Luffy laughed at him. Her phone dinged, it was a text from her grandpa!

Gramps: Tell Dragon to call me, I need to talk to that dumb brat about something and he never picks up my calls.

She turned around to look at Dragon who had, as per usual, disappeared off somewhere. Luffy then turned her attention back to Sabo who looked like he was about to collapse under the weight of all the bags and she giggled, "Maybe I should help him!"

It didn't take long for Luffy and Sabo to get home, their house being a short distance away from the airport. Upon arrival they both heard a voice that sent shivers down their spines.


"FIST OF LOVE!" Garp, their grandfather exclaimed bonking them both over the head, causing all the bags to fall to the ground with a loud thump.

"Where's the original brat?" Garp questioned, having done a headcount and only coming up with a total of two instead of the three he expected.

Sabo rubbed his head, wincing, "He disappeared as soon as we landed, no idea where he went."

Garp paused. "Ah. I guess when I find him I'll just have to give him an extra fist of love for the one he missed," he said casually, as if he were discussing the weather.

Luffy snickered, "Someones in trouble!"

The older man frowned, "I feel like I'm forgetting something. Oh...!"


He hit Luffy on the head causing her to groan, "What was that for idiot grandpa?!"

"You never responded to my text!" he exclaimed, "How are you supposed to become a good officer if you don't respond to any calls you get?! What if it was an emergency?"

"Shut up! I'm going to become a pirate!"

"You can't become a pirate in this day and age! You've been playing too much of that Two Peace game!"

"It's One Piece! Idiot!"

"That's what I said!"


Sabo thanked Enel that Garp had forgotten about him, but as he watched their interaction he smiled softly, he was glad to be apart of this family- no matter how crazy it was. He definitely could do without the fists of love though, that was for sure.