Chapter 10 - Wrapping Up

In the aftermath of the attack on Hogwarts, with Dumbledore dead, the Alfheim group was unsure of what to do next. They discussed their contract with Minerva McGonagall, Dumbledore's second in command. After the long explanation and the question and answer that followed, Minerva decided for the group that they would continue their assignment the next school year and continue to protect the school from Voldemort and his forces.

Some time after that school year ended, and before the next one began, the Alfheim group were sent a letter that was summed up by saying that they were neither expected or wanted to return for the following school year.

Confused as to the sudden change of heart, Argo was sent to investigate and find out what information they were missing, her specialty.

When she returned, she reported that the government had fallen to Voldemort and the school had fallen soon after. With Voldemort in control, there was no point in returning as they wouldn't be able to do much to help the resistance.