Chapter 2 - First Lesson

The next day at breakfast, the students got their schedules.

The Golden Trio noticed that on Tuesday, from 11:30 to 1:00, they would have the new elective.

By the time their first class in the new subject rolled around, on the fifth, the Golden Trio were excited to be some of the first to experience the new class. Everyone was speculating on what the new class would be about.

When the Gryffindors arrived in the previously unused classroom they noticed that the strange students were already there, sitting at a round table in the back. All of them, not just the four that were in the fifth year. The only one that was missing was the teacher.

At 11:36, in walked the new teacher.

"Hey ya class! I'm here to teach you the basics of what you would learn in Alfheim. Since there is a lot of stuff that isn't really all that relevant to you guys, a whole bunch of stuff got cut out. Normally you would have five classes; mathematics, reading and writing, history, geography, and weaponry. We start much earlier than you, so the magic doesn't come into play until later on. Y'all know how to read and write. Our geography and history is irrelevant to you. So that leaves math and weaponry. I'm going to assume that you lot know the basics of math, so I will just be giving ya a worksheet on each operation. Each worksheet will have 100 questions worth one point each. After that, we'll take a step into weaponry. Since y'all are older, you get to learn magic.

"This class will be mainly participation grades, so if you try, you'll do fine even if you suck. There will be one assignment a day and no homework. After you finish your work or assignment or I finish my lecture, you can do work from other classes. You can talk amongst yourselves as long as you're not too loud. If the volume in here gets to be too high, your talking privileges will be revoked. If you don't finish your work, or you're not in class, you'll be given the next class time to work until you are caught up with the rest of the class. If this happens, one of the students from Alfheim will tutor you for as long as you need them for. That's it for today! Enjoy your extra homework time!" He finished with a blinding grin. "Oh! And call me Tsuboi-Sensei."

The students quietly chatted among themselves so as to not irritate their new, and seemingly lenient, teacher.

"Hey guys! How ya doing on that work I assigned y'all?" Tsuboi-Sensei said in his loud voice after walking over to the Alfheim students. Everyone in the classroom heard every word he said.

"We got it done. You do realize that you just gave us the assignment, then walked out on us with barely a word of explanation, right?" Replied the elected spokesman of the group, the only boy, after he handed him a paper.

"Hehehe... oops?" The red head said sheepishly while rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment.

"Oh whatever," the orange haired girl cut in before excuses could start flowing from the redhead's mouth. "Just get on with it and tell us our next assignment, so we can start working on it."

The teacher glanced around shiftily, "Kirigaya, will you please?"

The black haired teen muttered something under his breath. A moment later, nothing could be heard from their corner of the room.

"Okay guys, this lesson plan is great. Now I need y'all to make the worksheets they are going to do. 100 questions each. Start with addition. Then I need subtraction, multiplication, and then division. I need the first ones," suddenly, they could be heard again, "by next week."

"Sure, we can do that," replied the spokesman.