Chapter 9 - Lessons and Disasters

The next week, in the extra class, Tsuboi-Sensei gave a short lesson on the order of operations, or PEMDAS. After the lesson, they had a mixed practice worksheet that covered addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

The week after that, the lesson was more of a review of different types of weapons, both in general terms, and more specific. This time, Tsuboi-Sensei used the first twenty minutes of class before releasing the students to their tutors. The tutors then made sure that their students remembered everything they had learned about their chosen weapon from the year before.

The following week, was the Magic review which went much the same as the week before had.

The week after the Magic review, they started to cover new weaponry skills. This time, instead of maintenance, proper grips, and stances, they began to learn how to wield their chosen weapon. To do this, they started learning something called 'Katas' which were a series of stances that you had to move through. At this point, accuracy was stresses over speed. The tutors said speed will come in time with practice.

On October 12th, the first Hogsmeade weekend of the new school year, disaster struck.

Argo was patrolling the town, picking up on random gossip that was going on around her, when it happened. A loud argument broke out between a couple, the girl insisting on going back to the castle to give Dumbledore a package.

Curious about the package for her employer, Argo moved closer to see what it was the girl seemed desperate to bring to Dumbledore. Suddenly, the package tore as the couple fought over it. The girl grabbed the contents which appeared to be a necklace. As the girl grabbed it, she started to float slightly and she screamed.

Argo instantly drew and threw a throwing pick. The pick connected and managed to break the connection between the necklace and the girl. Upon the separation, both collapsed to the ground. The two were on the ground for only a couple of moments before others from Alfheim began to converge on the scene.

They quickly took charge and ushered gathering bystanders away from the scene. They made sure to keep witnesses on hand to testify. Asuna cast a few spells on the girl to try to stabilize her. By the time the Aurors and Healers showed up, the scene was under control.

The Healers quickly took over care of the girl and transferred her to the hospital for further treatment. The Aurors took statements from the witnesses and took 5e necklace away as evidence, being careful not to touch it.

The rest of term pasted uneventfully.

In the extra class, after learning some more Katas, they transferred over to magic before reviewing at the end of term.

After returning from the break, the students reviewed some more before learning more advanced Katas. After that, they learned some more magic. Following that, they learned more of the more advanced weapon Katas. After that, they simply reviewed what they had learned for the rest of term.

Near the end of the school year, disaster struck again. This time, instead of a cursed object, it was Death Eaters. Although, it could be argued that the cursed object was a result of the Death Eaters as it's origin was unknown though suspected to be the work of Death Eaters.

Lisbeth was patrolling the upper halls of the castle when she heard cackling. Sending off a quick alert to the others, Lisbeth drew her mace and cautiously approached the noise.

Peaking around the corner, Lisbeth saw a group of people in black robes with their hoods up. They were making their way from her, towards the main staircase. The intruders, for they could be little else, were headed towards the students! But, how did they get into the castle, let alone the upper floors?

Lisbeth ducked back around the corner and sent another message to the others about the intruders. With the others now aware of the situation, Lisbeth went back around the corner to confront the intruders. Unsure of their intentions, and with backup on their way, she felt confident enough to call out for them to stop and identify themselves rather than just charge in, mace swinging. That, and it would be embarrassing if they were students dressed up in other clothes, not their uniforms.

Keeping her mace at the ready, Lisbeth cautiously approached the group and stated, "Stop! Identify yourselves!" loud enough for them to hear her from about seventy feet away. The group whirled around and started flinging spells at her. Knowing for sure that they were intruders, now, Lisbeth charged the intruders, using her mace to block their spells when she couldn't dodge. As she closed the gap, most of the intruders started to visibly panic. As she ran, a few spells hit Lisbeth's armor, denting and opening gashes on it.

Suddenly, as Lisbeth was just out of range to start bashing on the intruders, a pained cry came from the back of the group. Lisbeth grinned, looks like her backup had arrived. The Alfheim group made quick work of the group once they were among the intruders. They took their opponents down, so they wouldn't be getting back up without medical attention, or at least a while of rest. As soon as the last opponent went down, the Alfheim group secured them and then regrouped further down the hall.

"Seems like a bunch of low level lowlifes. I don't think their group leader was among them. That probably means there are more in the castle, pair up and search for more of them. Kari, Aya, stay here and guard these intruders until we get word on how to deal with them. Go!" Asuna instructed the rest of the group.