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Deep within the industrial nightmare that was the Fright Zone Hordak sat upon his throne and brooded darkly on his latest defeat at the hands of the Great Rebellion. In particular his thoughts were on the Whispering Woods, the enchanted forest that provided his enemies with a safe haven and a base of operations. It galled him that for all of the technological and military might at his command he was continually thwarted by a few trees.

"Curse those wretched Whispering Woods" he snarled. "If it weren't for them I'd have defeated the Rebellion long ago."

"I believe I have a solution Hordak" said a familiar voice. He looked over to see Shadow Weaver glide silently into the throne room.

"What is it Shadow Weaver? This had better be good" he snapped.

"I have been scanning the dimensions in search of a means to defeat our enemies and I have made a remarkable discovery" she replied. "I have found a creature with the ability to control all forms of plant life. He can command the trees of Whispering Woods to allow our forces through."

"That sounds just like the rebel Perfuma" Hordak said. He scowled at the memory of the Fright Zone being covered in flowers.

"No, the creature I speak of is immensely more powerful. His name is Swamp Thing and he dwells on the planet Earth."

"Earth?" Hordak repeated. He vaguely recalled that the traitor Adora's mother, Queen Marlena, was originally from a planet by that name.

"Yes my lord. I can open a portal there and bring him to Etheria."

"Good work Shadow Weaver" said Hordak, his mood lifted. "Bring him to me at once."

"As you command" she hissed as she disappeared in a cloud of noxious black smoke.

Back in her main dwelling of Horror Hall, Shadow Weaver gazed into her scrying cauldron. An image appeared in the bubbling brew of a great humanoid figure formed of green moss-like material with two red eyes and a frame of brown roots running over his body. He stood in a lush green forest facing an array of large machines that, while primitive compared to Horde technology, were still highly imposing.

She watched in fascination as he raised his arms. Immediately thick green vines sprouted from the grass and wrapped around the machines to hold them in place. Doors opened on the machines and men wearing orange helmets clambered out of them as fast as they could before fleeing in fear.

"Yes, this is perfect" Shadow Weaver whispered. She raised her hands and began chanting the incantation to open a portal to Earth.

Swamp Thing watched with grim satisfaction as the men ran away with expressions of utter terror etched onto their faces. He had arrived just in time to stop an illegal logging operation in the Sierra Nevada forest of California. Fortunately he'd been able to frighten them away without harming anyone.

To make sure they got the message he slowly closed his fist. In response the vines tightened around the machines. Metal squealed and glass shattered as they were slowly crushed until only piles of scrap metal were left.

"I will never understand the greed of mankind" he mused as he studied his surroundings. "This region teems with life and those men would have destroyed it. Don't they realise they are ultimately harming themselves?"

"My thoughts exactly" said a low, wheezing voice.

Swamp Thing turned to see the speaker. In front of him stood a woman wearing a red robe with a pointed hood that kept her face in darkness so that only her glowing yellow eyes could be seen. Bony hands with pale green skin and sharp black nails poked out of her long flowing sleeves. Strangest of all she floated a foot above the ground.

A lesser being would have been intimidated but Swamp Thing did not scare easily. Nonetheless he was wary.

"Who are you and what do you want?"

"My name is Shadow Weaver. I wish to speak to you about a most important matter" she replied.

"And what would that be?"

Shadow Weaver raised her hand and began moving it in slow circles, white sparkles of light appearing in the air as she did so. The same white sparkles also appeared around Swamp Thing's face as she cast her spell, a spell she had meticulously prepared before leaving Etheria. It was powerful but subtle. Rather than controlling the target's mind it simply made them more inclined to believe what they were told without question, especially if it concerned something they felt strongly about. And she knew exactly what his strongest feelings were…

"Your wife is in great danger" she hissed.

"Abby!" Swamp Thing exclaimed, his eyes widening in fear.

"Yes" Shadow Weaver replied, feigning urgency in her voice. "She has been kidnapped by ruthless terrorists and taken to Etheria, another world far from here. They want to use her to control you. I have come here to warn you."

"Take me to this world immediately" said Swamp Thing firmly.

"Of course." She raised her hand and conjured a portal of orange light. "This way."

She floated through it and he followed without hesitation. The portal closed behind them.

Hordak looked down from his throne at the being Shadow Weaver had brought back from Earth. While appearances could be deceptive the plant creature certainly looked impressive.

"Greetings Swamp Thing. I am Hordak, the ruler of this world" he introduced himself. "Welcome to Etheria."

"I have no time for pleasantries" he replied brusquely. "Where is Abby?"

"Yes, of course. Your wife is being held in the Whispering Woods by a terrorist group led by a warrior named She-Ra" said Hordak ingratiatingly. "If you help my forces bring them to justice then we'll help you to rescue her."


"There is one problem however" Hordak added. "The trees in Whispering Woods have been put under an evil spell. They turn away anyone except She-Ra and her marauders."

"That will not be a problem" said Swamp Thing.

"Splendid! Then let's be on our way" said Hordak with a broad grin as he anticipated the imminent destruction of the rebellion.

A short time later an army of Horde Troopers were assembled outside of Whispering Woods. With them were Swamp Thing, Hordak, Shadow Weaver and Mantenna.

Swamp Thing studied the unfamiliar flora, mainly pink bushes and purple trees, curiously. Under normal circumstances he would have welcomed a chance to commune with the forest in greater depth, but there was no time for that now. He had to find Abby.

Hordak pointed at the tree line. "Mantenna, go into the woods."

"Y, yes Mighty Hordak" he stammered, knowing full well what would happen. He nervously walked towards the trees and sure enough a large branch pulled back then whipped forwards to hit him squarely in the chest. The force of the blow launched him backwards through the air. He hit the ground hard and groaned miserably as he pulled himself up.

"You see what I meant about the woods being under a spell?" Hordak asked.

"Yes. I will deal with it" Swamp Thing replied grimly. He strode towards the woods and reached out to them through the Green. He could indeed sense an enchantment of some kind upon the plant life of the woods but it did not matter. No spell could match the power of the Green.

Be still he told them. He felt the trees agree to do as he instructed.

"It is safe to pass" he said.

"You heard him Mantenna. Go in" Hordak ordered.

Mantenna whimpered quietly but obeyed, walking hesitantly towards the trees again. To his surprise nothing happened and he was able to enter the foliage without incident.

"It's okay master! We can enter the woods" he called.

"Yes, yes. Perfect" Hordak laughed. "Finally we will crush the rebellion! All troopers forwards!"

Hold on Abby. I'm coming for you Swamp Thing thought as he marched on through the woods, the Horde Troopers following him.