At the Great Rebellion's main camp Adora, Glimmer, Bow and several others were gathered around a large table covered in maps as they planned their next strike against the Horde. Just then Spritina and Sprag came rushing out of the foliage, their eyes wide with fear.

"Adora! Adora! The Horde are coming! They're in Whispering Woods!" Spritina cried.

"That's impossible. The magic keeps them out" Bow protested.

"There's some kind of huge plant monster with them. It's controlling the trees to let them in" Sprag explained.

"Sound the alarm" said Adora." As the warning gongs were sounded she took advantage of the confusion to slip away.

"If this plant monster is controlling the trees then if we destroy it the Horde will…" Bow began.

"No, we can't do that" Perfuma cried. "I'm sure I can convince it to be friends."

Bow sighed. "All right, but I'm coming too."

"Bow don't, it's too dangerous" said Glimmer. "We should wait for She-Ra."

"There's no time" he called back as he and Perfuma disappeared into the woods.

Adora had gone into the woods with her white horse Spirit. She took a final look around to make sure the coast was clear and then raised the Sword of Protection.

"For the Honour of Greyskull!"

In a flash of light she was transformed into She-Ra while Spirit was transformed into Swift Wind. They then returned to camp to find Glimmer looking worriedly into the trees.

"She-Ra? Am I glad to see you" she said, her eyes lighting up with hope.

"Adora told me what's happening. Where are Bow and Perfuma?"

"They ran off to confront the plant creature that's helping the Horde" Glimmer replied.

"Then we must help them but first we need to know more about this creature." She-Ra drew her sword and looked into the jewel set into it. "Light Hope, can you hear me?"

An image of a pillar of rainbow light appeared in the jewel and the voice of Light Hope issued from it.

"I am here She-Ra."

"Light Hope, I must know about this creature. What is it and how is it able to overcome the spell that protects Whispering Woods?"

"His name is Swamp Thing. He is the Guardian of the Green, the elemental force that governs all plant life in existence" Light Hope explained.

"But why would an elemental guardian aid the Horde?" She-Ra asked.

"Shadow Weaver has deceived him into believing that his beloved wife Abigail is in mortal danger."

"He thinks that the Rebellion captured her" said She-Ra as it became clear.

"Exactly. You must bring Abigail to Etheria. Only seeing her with his own eyes will convince Swamp Thing of the truth. She is on the planet Earth." With that his image faded from the jewel.

"Earth" She-Ra repeated in faint awe. The chance to meet a native of her mother's home world…

"Are you all right She-Ra?" Glimmer asked.

"I'm fine Glimmer" She-Ra replied as she came to her senses. "We need to get to Earth as quickly as we can."

"My mother can open a portal there" said Glimmer.

"Good idea" said She-Ra. She summoned Swift Wind with a whistle and he landed next to them.

"Take Swift Wind and go to Castle Bright Moon. I'll go and help our friends."

"Okay. Be careful She-Ra" said Glimmer as she climbed into Swift Wind's saddle.

"I will."

Swift Wind beat his wings, lifting him and Glimmer into the air. She-Ra watched as they flew away and then took off into the woods.

"There's the Horde" said Bow as he and Perfuma came across a convoy of Horde tanks and troopers. In front of them was the plant monster the Twiggets had described. With a broad smile on her face Perfuma walked right up to him.

"Hello there."

He glowered down at her and despite herself she couldn't help feeling uncharacteristically scared. Nonetheless she managed to keep smiling.

"Where is my wife?" he asked.

"Your wife? I'm afraid we don't have any others like you around here" she said as she scratched her head.

"Do not toy with me. Where is Abby?" His voice seethed with barely controlled fury.

"Please calm down. I'm sure some flowers will cheer you up" Perfuma said. She raised her hand, expecting flowers to sprout over the creature's body. To her surprise nothing happened.

Swamp Thing gestured and green vines burst up from the soil. She squealed in alarm as they coiled tightly around her, pinning her arms and legs.

"Perfuma!" Bow cried. He took aim but before he could fire an arrow more vines emerged from the ground and wrapped around him. Within a second he was immobilised. Both rebels struggled but the vines held them securely.

"Perfuma, get these vines off of us" Bow demanded.

"I can't." The normally perpetually bubbly rebel was afraid. Bow couldn't recall ever hearing her sound that way. "The plants aren't responding to me. My powers are nothing compared to his."

"My patience is wearing thin. Where are you holding Abby?" Swamp Thing asked menacingly.

"What are you talking about. There's no-one here name-MPPPH! MPPH!" Bow's words were cut off as a square of red light materialised around his mouth, gagging him. Perfuma was gagged the same way.

"Do not listen to their lies" Shadow Weaver said as she floated over. "We are close to their camp. That is where we will find her."

"Very well" said Swamp Thing. He resumed his trek through the woods.

Hordak pointed at the trapped rebels. "Bring them with us. I'll deal with them soon enough."

Bow and Perfuma squirmed helplessly as Horde Troopers bundled them into a tank.

"Thanks for the lift Swift Wind" said Glimmer as they touched down lightly in front of Castle Bright Moon.

"I'm glad to help" he replied.

Glimmer hurried to her mother's throne room. Queen Angella looked up from her throne as she ran in.

"Glimmer, what's wrong?" she asked concernedly as she saw her daughter's worried expression.

"Oh mother, something terrible has happened! The Horde has entered Whispering Woods!"

"How is that possible?" Queen Angella asked, her eyes widening in alarm.

Glimmer quickly explained to her what Light Hope had told them about Swamp Thing. When she had finished Queen Angella nodded.

"I see. Come, we must go to the Dimensional Gate. I will use my magic to open a portal to Earth."

Soon afterwards the two of them stood in front of a deceptively simple-looking square archway made of reddish bricks. This was the Dimensional Gate. Angella raised her hands and chanted a spell. A glowing portal appeared in the archway.

Queen Angella hugged Glimmer tightly. "Good luck my daughter and be careful."

"I will mother" she replied. She strode through the portal and seconds later it disappeared, leaving only the empty archway.

Queen Angella sighed, her heart heavy. She prayed that Glimmer would be all right.