Welcome! This is a gonna be a different Fate/Harry crossover.

SUMMARY: All it takes is one thing for a person's destiny to change, for a little boy, his destiny was suppose to be written in stone but even the strongest of stones can crack and come tumbling down. For this is a story of a little boy's destiny that forged its own path and how it changed fate, for everyone.

Now, before we begin I have recently watched Fate/Apocrypha and it was a good show with a nice plot and I must admit I liked seeing Shiro Kotomine shirtless, those abs yummy, ahem!

Anyway, it got me thinking, what if Harry was found by the Church's enforcers after a vampire attacked and killed his relatives? What if Reisi takes Harry in and raises him to become an overseer for the next grail war? What if he summons the Ruler class to help him?

I'm also doing this as my first harem story and a yaoi one at that, it will be a first for me.

Right, here are the people who will be in the harem:

Shirou Kotomine/Amakusa (Ruler)

Gilgamesh (Archer)

Diarmuid (Lancer)

Kirei Kotomine (De-aged)

Emiya (Archer, maybe still in the air about him)

Now, onto the warnings!

WARNINGS: Messing with Timeline, ages, dates and years, swearing, bashing of certain characters, hints of sexual themes, blood, violence, some people being idiots, slash, yaoi, craziness, and some people being out of character.

The Bashing will be of Dumbledore, Voldemort, his followers, Umbridge, Molly, Ron, Ginny, and a few others including Alive Potters though they might receive minor bashing depending on my mood, we'll see how it goes.

I DO NOT own Harry Potter or the Fate Series, just my Oc's and story idea.

Off we go!

CHAPTER 1: Prologue


It was sunny in Torino as people enjoyed the weather or visited the popular tourist locations or went about their day, children played as teenagers messed about enjoying the summer sun.

But, our story starts inside an empty church. Inside the church, before the altar stood a young man, he looked to be 15-years-old with spiky black hair that reached the base of his neck at the back. His skin was fair as it almost glowed under the sunlight shining down upon him from the window, his body build was that of a runner with toned muscles hidden by a black suit with a white shirt and black shoes but the most eye-catching thing about him was emerald green eyes that could put even the gem to shame.

This was Akira Kanbara, a wizard mage, a person from the world of magic that hidden among the none-magic folk in plain sight. Though some more than others, Akira was a natural-born wizard who awoke his magic circuits at a young age. He was powerful for his age knowing various magic spells and runes, he was also training in martial arts and weapons to try and make up for any weakness he has.

Akira sighs closing his eyes, as memories of the past invaded his mind like a broken record.

"Master? Are you ready to depart? The meeting is about to start soon," A male voice said making Akira open his eyes and turn to the owner of the voice.

The voice belonged to a young man around 17-years-old with short white-spiky hair with golden eyes and tanned skin, he had on a priest uniform with silver earrings. This was Shirou Kotomine, or rather that was his cover name. (Look online for Fate Apocrypha Shirou Kotomine, he looks like that)

His real name was Shirou Amakusa, a ruler class servant summoned by Akira for the holy grail war that was about to happen. The holy grail war was an event that happened every 60 years in a battle royale over a device called the Holy Grail, it was not the grail from the legends but a powerful omnipotent wish-granting device. In this war seven servants are summoned each with a master, they will battle each other until one is left standing, last one standing gets the grail or at least that's what Akira was told.

He had been allowed to summon Ruler early since the servant would be helping Akira as the new Overseer, Akira sighs as he glanced back at the window before looking forward and walking over to Ruler or Shirou as Akira liked to call him he only called him by his servant title when on duty or if things got serious.

"I'm ready to go Shirou," Akira said making Shirou nod.

"The car is waiting outside," Shirou said as they walked side by side out of the church.

They went over and got into the black escort car, with a signal the driver set off.

"The meeting is with Tokiomi Tohsaka correct?" Akira asked as Shirou nods.

"Yes, along with Father Risei and Kirei Kotomine," Shirou said with a smile.

'Kirei, it's been a while since we last saw each other' Akira thought thinking of his childhood friend.

Akira's past had not been a fun-filled one when he was a child he had been found by his Aunt abandoned in the park near where she lived. He had been near death when she rushed him to the hospital, it was there that he discovered thanks to a wizard who was from Japan working in the hospital that he had memory blocks and many other blocks forced on him.

His aunt had been furious and demanded they be dealt with, all the while cursing her sister for what she had done. While Petunia and her sister parted on a bad foot at least Petunia would never abandon her own child! (Yes, this is a good Dursley's story)

While Akira was being treated to, his aunt had called his Uncle and cousin in, his uncle was a businessman called Vernon and a good man despite being a bit overweight due to his underactive thyroid. His cousin 10-year-old Dudley had been a right gamer taking every chance to show Akira his games mostly pokemon.

After everything had been sorted Akira, called Harrison Potter at the time or nicknamed 'Harry' for short, went to live with his aunt and uncle. Everything was great until 3 months later when a vampire attacks his family yelling about 'revenge for his lord' but Akira could never remember the rest of it before the vampire was killed by four blades to the chest.

This lead to him meeting Father Reisi, the priest after finding him alive but needless to say deeply shaken by the events took him in and this lead to his first meeting with the man's son Kirei. One thing leads to another and he became Reisi's apprentice and given a new name and life.

Akira had just gotten his magical license and was currently on his way to completing his apprenticing with Resis, right now though he was on his way to a meeting regarding this Holy Grail War that Reisi was currently training him to watch over that was happening in 3 years.

Akira was shaken from his thoughts by Shirou who grabbed his shoulder, Akira looked at him as the Ruler servant smiles.

"We've arrived," Shirou said as Akira nods.

They got out of the car and Akira looked up at the building before bracing himself and heading inside with Shirou close behind, the two were greeted by Reisi and lead over to where Tokiomi explained to Kirei about his new command seals.

"A command seal?" Kirei asked confused.

"Yes, the mark identifies you as a participant in the Holy Grail war, stigmata, bestowing on you the power to command a servant, Kirei Kotomine," Tokiomi said before lifting his right hand to show his own command seals.

"He is correct, Kirei," Akira said making Kirei turn around his brown eyes widening slightly at seeing Akira who nods in greeting.

"Akira, you as well?" Kirei asked as Akira held up his right hand to show his command seals.

Kirei looked back at his own before saying "The Holy Grail War, the battle for an ancient relic that performs miracles, but why me?"

"Normally, those chosen by the grail as masters for the servants are experienced and accomplished mages it is highly unusual for someone like you, who has no connection to magic what so ever, to be chosen to participate," Tokiomi said as Kirei took the information in while the mage in the red suit poured himself a drink.

"Heroic servants, I still find it strange to command the summoned spirits of ancient heroes to fight as familiers," Kirei said as he Tokiomi nods.

Akira glanced at Shirou who looked at him as Akira asked down the mental link they shared as master and servant.

'Do you find it strange Shirou?' Akira asked as the Ruler servant shrugs.

'It feels strange at first but I got use to it' Shirou said as Akira hums before looking back at Kirei and Tokiomi.

"Of course, I know all of this can very difficult to believe but heroes from every age and nation will come back to life in the modern world killing one another for supremacy, that is the Holy Grail War," Tokiomi said. (Note: Not entirely sure what he said at the end there so I changed it to 'for supremacy')

"Also, there is an unspoken agreement among all involved, to keep this all secret, to ensure this rule is kept someone of the holy church is always sent as an observer," Risei said looking at his son making Kieri turn to him slightly.

Risei then sighs saying "But in light of recent events and due to my age my apprentice, Akira Kanbara, will be taking my place as Overseer,"

"I will be making sure everything runs smoothly," Akira said as he crossed his arms.

"Should one of us really be judging? A secret battle between godless magicians?" Kirei asked he turns to look at Akira and Risei.

"A mages association member or even a member of the wizarding society would be too partial to one party to ensure fairness and so once again just as we did some 60 years ago we've recruited your father's apprentice to watch over and referee our battle," Tokiomi said as he took a sip of his drink.

"Akira will be coming to Fuyuki?" Kirei said in slight shock before he thought of something.

"But wait, how can this be considered fair? I've known Akira since we were young children, for him to be the overseer and me to participate it might cause a conflict of interest," Kieri said and he had a good point in Akira's opinion, they were childhood friends it might be used against him and Kirei.

Reisi then steps forward saying "Tokiomi?" This made the mage nod.

"Perhaps it's time we got to the point," Tokiomi said as he started to walk.

"Kirei, Akira, everything we've spoken of thus far is just the official background about the Holy Grail war, however, there is an additional reason I've introduced you to Mr. Tokiomi Tohsaka here today," Risei said as he began to walk as well so both Tokiomi and Risei began to circle Kirei making Akira tense up.

The ruler class servant took notice and tensed up himself, just in case something went wrong.

"And what would that be?" Akira asked feeling like he was missing something, but what?

"Actually, we found proof a long time ago that the holy grail that will appear in Fuyuki is not the sacred relic that belonged to the son of god," Tokiomi explained.

"So I gathered otherwise an order to retrieve it would have been given to us of the Eighth Sacramento Assembly," Kirei said as he looked between his father and Tokiomi.

"Be that as it may, Fuyuki's Holy Grail is far too powerful to ignore, it is an omnipotent wish-granting device who knows what disasters it could unleash if it happens to fall into the wrong hands," Risei said making Akira mentally groan in dismay.

'It's always the godly devices and greedy fools' Akira thought as Ruler hid a smile having sensed his master's thoughts for the briefest of moments as Tokiomi spoke up.

"In which case, the best course of action would be to ensure that the Fuyuki Grail falls into the right hands, hands that would not misuse it," Tokiomi said as he glanced at Kirei and Akira.

'So that's his plan, Tokiomi plans to use us to help him gain the grail' Akira thought keeping his guard up.

"The Tohsaka's are a family of mages but they are mages with a long history of friendship with the church we know what kind person Tokiomi is and more important than anything else the Tohsaka's ultimate intention for the grail are plain and honorable," Reisi said as Akira glanced at him.

"To reach the Root, that is the Tohsaka family's soul desire but the Einzbern's and Matou's have both forgotten the wish we once shared with them and have other less altruistic plans now," Tokiomi said as Akira glanced at Shirou.

'Is this true Shirou?' Akira asked making his servant nod.

'It's true from the information I have gathered' Shirou said down the mental link.

"It goes without saying that the plans of the other masters will be even worse, who knows what dark desire they may harbor for the power of the grail should they obtain it," Risei said a hint of worry tinting his words.

"With that being said, I assume that the goal of my participation is to ensure Tokiomi Tohsaka's victory rather than to prevail myself?" Kirei asked as Tokiomi nods.

"To achieve that goal we will conduct ourselves in a manner that will maintain the appearance of us being enemies, however, we will actually be working together in total secrecy to soundly defeat the other five masters and assure our victory in the end," Tokiomi said as he glanced at Akira.

"I hope this does not go against your morals, Akira?" Tokiomi asked as Akira thought about it before sighing.

"No it does not, you are simply doing your job ensuring that no-one with bad intent gets the grail or someone from using the grail to expose or destroy our world," Akira said and from what he read that almost happened.

60 years ago, one of the masters tried to use the grail to rid the world of magic since they hated it and all the pain it brought them growing up. The person was thankfully killed by an enemy master, Akira did not what a repeat thank you very much!

Tokiomi nods before saying "And so Kirei, you will officially be transferred from the church to the mage's association where you will become my student while Akira finishes his teaching in mage craft and is trained to take over the position,"

"The orders have already been issued," Risei said as he glanced over.

"You will go to Japan and study the principles of magic and become a mage of sufficient strength and skill to command a servant in the Holy Grail war in three years' time when the battles begin," Tokiomi said before taking a sip of his drink.

"Now then," Tokiomi said as Risei spoke up.

"Do you have any questions for us Kirei? Akira?" The father asked his son and student.

"None, my curiosity has been satisfied for now," Akira said as he crossed his arms.

"Only one question for me, how does the Holy Grail go about selecting its masters? What kind of criteria does it use?" Kirei asked as he looked at Tokiomi.

"Hm, the exact criteria it uses are unknown but it chooses those masters who need it most," Tokiomi said as he stared at his drink.

"So all the participating masters have a reason for claiming the grail?" Kirei asked it made him wonder what his reason would be.

"Not necessarily, I'm told that in the past there were cases where command seals appeared on those whom you would never have expected," Tokiomi said before looking at Kirei a look of understanding passing through his eyes.

"Oh, I think I understand you're still puzzled at being chosen to be a master by the grail aren't you?" Tokiomi asked as Kirei stood in silence at his words.

Kirei soon gave his consent and the meeting moved on, Reist and Tokiomi went to talk while Kirei went over to Akira.

"Akira, it's been a while," Kirei said as he looked Akira over.

"Sure has, it's been what? A couple of years," Akira said with a small smirk as Kirei gave a small of his own before he looked at Shirou.

"Ah, right, this is my servant," Akira said as Shirou smiled giving a polite bow.

"I am Shirou Amakusa, Ruler Servent, but my cover name is Shirou Kotomine," Shirou said as Kirei looked confused as to why the servant would use his last name as a cover.

"I see you have met Ruler," Reisi said walking over.

"Yes, father," Kirei said before asking "But why does Shirou have our last name as a cover name? And isn't there suppose to be only 7 servants?" You could hear the slight confusion in his voice.

Akira would have chuckled but his friend looked honestly confused, he held back as Reisi explained.

"Yes there are but the Ruler class is sometimes summoned to oversee a holy grail war we have additional command seals that we can use on any of the servants," Shirou said with a smile.

"Shirou as a cover story will be your distant cousin coming home from his long travels and Akira offered him a place to stay, Ruler will be assisting Akira and his duties as Overseer," Reisi said as Kirei glanced at him before looking back at his 'cousin' who nods confirming his father's words.

"I see, that will take some time to get used to," Kirei said looking his new 'cousin' over, he felt a twinge in his chest when he saw how close Shirou was standing next to Akira but pushed it aside.

"Akira, why don't you go and help Kirei prepare for his trip to Japan? It will help since you know Fuyuki well," Reisi said making the green-eyed student nod.

"Sure, come on Kirei, let's get you home and packing," Akira said as his friend nods before following him and his servant out of the building.

The two friends soon began talking about their life up until now with Shirou chipping in every now and then, other than that they enjoyed the beautiful day while rebuilding old bonds and in Kirei's case get to know his new cousin and help Shirou with his cover story.

Akira glanced up at the sky, this holy grail war would turn out to be very interesting indeed, he smirks.

'I'm looking forward to it' Akira thought before looking forward.

Now, it was time to prepare for he had a war to oversee and manage. He just hoped no one would pull anything stupid in the war to come.


Now, to clear a few things. Kirei might be a bit out of character but that's mainly because of Akira, they grew up together from young children and so Akira became Kirei's 'grounding' so to speak. So, while he is not as lost as he is in the show he will still have his moments.

Shirou is also going to be a bit out of character, he will not be like he is in Fate/Apocrypha all 'saving humanity' thing right now he is quite happy to serve his master but be warned he will gain a 'sadistic' side to him later on in the story.

And yes, there are going to be lemons in this story. Hopefully, which is why this story is rated M. Wish me luck with it! I've never posted a lemon chapter on Fanfiction before so that will be a new experience.

Also, as for how Akira/Harry will look and his command seals please look at the cover for the story, he looks like that only with emerald green eyes.

In the next chapter, we have a three year time skip.

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