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CHAPTER 2: Three Years Later



It was early in the morning as the sun rose over the city of Fuyuki, people began to wake up to start their day as children were getting ready for school. Others were returning after a long night shift while others were just heading out for work.

Among those people waking up was Shirou Kotomine as he hums inside the kitchen of the house both he and Akira lived in, it was a nice home with a mix of modern and traditional Japanese architecture. It was big with two floors, two bathrooms, a kitchen, living room, a basement, and upstairs was the main bedroom with three additional bedrooms but thanks to magic and mana Akira had managed to expand the insides of the bedrooms to suit their needs.

Right now though, Shirou was busy making breakfast with only a pair of black sleeping pants and grey slippers letting his muscular build show. He hums a smile on his face as he finished making the last batch of pancakes.

"I hope Akira likes the new recipe I'm trying, hm, maybe I should add in more berries?" Shirou said before shaking his head and putting the food on the plates he set out.

Shirou then blushed as he thought about his master, he couldn't help it! Over the last three years and a month if you add in his summoning he had grown close to Akira, first, it started out as simple friendship but his feelings slowly changed. Shirou bit his lip as he ran a hand through his hair, he remembered when he discovered these feelings of his after both he and Akira had gone after a rogue mage.

They had tracked the mage down who put up a tough fight but was badly injured by Shirou and so in a last-ditch effort the mage tried to blow both himself and Shirou up, the Ruler class servant was saved from being blow up by Akira who tackled his servant away from the rogue and covered him with his own body despite Shirou protest at the time.

When the rouge exploded it left the two of them almost covered in dirt and dust, Akira had recovered first and asked if Shirou was okay which got him an 'I'm fine' from the servant who had been very thankful that it was night time to hide how red his cheeks were.

Shirou at the time wondered why his heart felt like it would beat out of his chest when near Akira or when he got a strange but warm feeling around Akira, he had noticed it before but never put much thought into it until that little event thus leading him to ask Father Reisi why he felt so strange.

Shirou got a shock when Reisi informed him that he had fallen for Akira, this threw the Ruler for a loop and for a solid week he denied his feelings and avoided Akira the best he could until his master had enough and confronted him about his behavior.

This lead to Shirou breaking down and confessing to Akira, who instead of being disgusted with his servant like Shirou thought he would be, Akira surprised Shirou by embracing him and admitting he had fallen for Shirou as well. This lead to them becoming lovers, and Shirou did not regret it one bit.

Shirou shook his head before jumping as arms wrapped around his waist, he looked over his shoulder and saw Akira a bit groggy but awake. He had grown and developed into a fine man, he had on a pair of grey sleeping pants with a black tank top and shocks. His hair was a bit messy as he moved to nuzzle Shirou's neck making the servant chuckle.

"Morning Shirou," Akira said as he placed a kiss on Shirou's neck.

"Morning Akira, breakfast is done, blueberry pancakes," Shirou said as Akira pulled back and they moved to sit at the table.

"Smells lovely," Akira said as they began eating.

"I'm glad you like it," Shirou said as he took a sip of his tea.

"We're going to need our energy for today, it's getting closer to the time of summoning," Akira said as he glanced at Ruler who nods.

"Assassin has already been summoned by Kirei, the others will soon follow," Shirou said while wondering which heroic spirits would be summoned in this war, he then smiled a little devious smile.

Thanks to Akira, Shirou had developed his own sarcastic and protective side hidden behind his polite nature. He also gained a bit of an inner pervert when it came to Akira, and only Akira.

Let's just say he was accidentally introduced to some rather lewd manga comics by a female teacher in the mages association who decided to show Shirou the wonders of manga not knowing she was a bit of a yaoi fan and let's just say being 17-years-old when he died Shirou never got to fully experience his hormones and discover his preferences so this little event awoke his hormones into full gear which lead to a fun night between him and Akira.

He was also very kinky when the mood calls for it, Akira blames all the lewd manga he read from that teacher. Shaking his head Akira looked at Shirou as he spoke up.

"So, when will Kirei be joining us?" Shirou asked his devious smirk still in place.

Since coming to Fuyuki and studying under Tokiomi, Shirou had gotten to known Kirei. He had grown to like the male and he was the first to notice the signs of Kirei liking Akira more than a friend, so Shirou informed Akira and they both agreed to share plus it helped to solve one of Akira's problems that had cropped up recently.

You see, Akira a year back went to the goblins bank in Japan, Gringotts bank, and had a heritage test done. What he found shocked the young man, his family he thought was dead was actually alive and raising his little brother! His little brother was in fact, Jacob Potter the 'Boy-Who-Lived' or so they say. Akira had been hurt by this news but he did not let it get to him, he hired some investigators and had them gather as much information on his former family.

He was glad he had done it since any ideas of reuniting with the Potters would only bring him headaches, his parents had become fame loving and his brother was a spoiled brat.

His godfather Sirius could be redeemable since he cut ties with James Potter after an argument over something and left with his husband Remus, next Akira discovered that while James was the current head of the Potter family he was not Lord Potter which was still his father Lord Vincent Potter. (I changed his name to Vincent so James Potter will be named after his grandfather, instead of his father, who will be called James, just go with it!)

His grandfather was holding onto the title of lord potter until he deemed his son or grandson worthy, or mature, enough to gain the title or until he stopped following Dumbledore's lead. Akira had chuckled when the investigators had told him that his grandfather had said 'I'd rather date a troll before I let my son become lord' before mumbling something else that the investigator didn't catch.

So, that made Akira, who was not officially banished from the family and still eligible, a potential candidate to become Lord Potter since he was the oldest child. Not to mention the other titles he discovered he owned.

He had also inherited the family titles of Ravenclaw, Black, Elymas, and Peverell. The goblins had then informed him that due to being the last heir of the families he was allowed to have up to five or so spouses to help 'build the families back up' as they say, Shirou had blushed a nice shade of red that day when he learned that Akira didn't have to marry just woman to help his lines since with a special potion or spell a male could have a child so it was not that uncommon for male wizards to have children, in fact, same-gender couples were common in the magical world.

So, back to Kirei helping Akira. With Shirou's consent being Akira's first lover and all, the young wizard or lord, in this case, was allowed to pursue Kirei. Akira and Shirou had been planning on how to confront Kirei, with the upcoming war they had decided to make a move today.

"Hopefully by the end of today, I'm surprised you didn't put up a fuss over the fact that I could have more than one spouse others would blow their tops in fury," Akira said as they finished eating.

"Oh, I don't mind since it means I'll have help in keep you in-line when you do something stupid or to help satisfy that beast of yours," Shirou said with a blush referring to Akira's stamina in bed.

"Right, well then, let's get ready for today, we're going to be very busy," Akira said quickly changing the subject before Shirou's mind could wander, they took the dishes to the sink and washed up before heading upstairs to get changed for the day.



Kirei sighs as he stood in the church after finishing his morning prayer, he looked down at his right hand where his command seals rested. He had recently summoned Assassin, thankfully the one he needed for this war and Tokiomi's plan.

He had sent Assassin out to search for potential masters and to make sure they were not being watched.

"Master," Speaking of Assassin, the servant appeared in a swirl of shadows making Kirei turn to him.

"What is it Assassin?" Kirei asked.

"The Overseer is here with his servant," Assassin said making Kirei nod and dismiss him.

Once the servant was gone did Kirei sigh and rub the back of his neck trying to force his emotions back under control, he always had a hard time controlling himself around Akira.

'I still remember the day we met' Kirei thought as his mind went back to his childhood.

He had been a young boy then, Akira had been found by his father and brought to the place they were staying at. Kirei being a young child himself had to stay behind in the safe house, so he had been shocked when his father arrived with a bloodied child.


A young Kirei was busy watching the news on the TV at night waiting for his father to return, he was using his time to try and understand English but so far it was slow going.

He sighs getting up and turning the TV off and was about to start his routine for bed when he heard a noise outside.

Looking at the front door he tensed up, even though he was young Kirei had some good instincts. He waited until he heard three knocks, a pause, then two knocks. This let him know it was his father, he relaxed and went to the front door and unlocked it.

He opened the door and looked outside only for his eyes to go wide in shock as he saw his father standing beside a young boy, his father's coat had some rips in it along with a bit of blood from the vampires he had killed no doubt. Kirei was use to seeing that with his father, it was the boy beside him that shocked Kirei.

The boy was a year younger than Kirei with currently matted black hair with dried blood in it, his skin was pale as blood covered his shoulders, neck, and a part of his cheek and chin. His emerald green eyes were dull and he looked to be in a daze, he had on a simple white shirt that was ripped up and blue pants with white shoes.

"Father?" Kirei asked shocked looking at his dad.

"Kirei I will explain later, right now I need you to help this young man here he's had a...bad night," Reisi said making Kirei nod and step forward.

"I need to take care of something, I will return shortly," Reisi said making Kirei nod as he father turned and left.

Kirei looked at the boy who had not said a word, Kirei frowns a bit looking him over before nodding he reached out and gently took the boys hand.

"Come this way, let's clean you up," Kirei said and lead the boy inside.

Later, inside the bathroom, Kirei stood before the boy cleaning his shirtless chest of blood. Kirei was being careful as he got a stubborn bit off, he sighs about to pull back when the boy spoke.

"Thank you," He said making Kirei jump slightly.

"Um, your welcome," Kirei said trying to hide his blush of embarrassment at jumping over someone talking suddenly.

Kirei waited for the boy to talk again but got nothing and went back to cleaning, it would be later when his father returned that he learned about the attack on the boys family and how his father saved him and had taken guardianship for the boy who later changed his name to Akira.


It took a while but thanks to Kirei and his father Akira slowly recovered from his trauma, he still missed his family and on the anniversary of the attack he visited England to pay his respects.

Kirei rubbed the back of his neck when he remembered discovering his new feelings for Akira, it had been during their mage training when he felt the strange warmth in his chest he only got around Akira. Confused he went to his father who told him about the warmth he felt.

It was love, he had fallen in love with Akira. It shocked him and made him question a lot of things until his father sat down with him and told him it was okay to love Akira, as long as he never strayed from his beliefs and stayed true to himself. His father supported him which put Kirei at ease.

After getting himself together he had planned to tell Akira how he felt but he learned that Akira and Shirou had become a couple, it hurt Kirei but he kept his silence and his feelings to himself. He didn't want to risk losing his friend over some silly jealousy, though lately, Shirou had been acting strange. He had been flirting with him and dropping hints that confused Kirei.

"I best see what he needs," Kirei said as he shook his head and went to meet Akira and Ruler.

He took a shortcut through a hallway that held guest rooms for those who need shelter or in times of need like storms for example, just as he passed one room however he missed the two pairs of eyes watching him.

Before Kirei could react a pair of hands reached out and grabbed him, one around his mouth and the other by his shoulder, he gave a muffled yell of shock before he was pulled into a dark room and the door was closed and locked.

Just as Kirei was about to put his mage training to good use a voice spoke up calming him.

"It's alright Kirei, it's just us," Akira said as he clicked his fingers making the lights turn on to show that Shirou was holding Kirei.

"What is going on here?" Kirei asked after pulling Shirou's hand away from his mouth.

"Oh? Well, Kirei, over the last year I have made some interesting discoveries," Akira said as he gestured to his bag that lay at the bottom of the queen-sized bed in the room.

A document floated out and flew over to hover in front of Kirei's eyes, the man looked between the piece of paper and Akira before reading it his eyes went wide a few minutes later.

"You're a lord?" Kirei asked in shock as Akira nods.

"Yes of some very influential families, one of them being a mage family the Elymas's," Akira said as Shirou smirked.

"The Elymas family was known for their elemental magic craft and reinforcement skills, they were said to be killed off 50 years ago but it seems that some survived," Shirou said as he gave a brief history of the mage clan.

"My grandmother on my mother's side was an Elymas but hid her heritage for good reasons lest she be hunted down," Akira said as he watched Kirei look between him and Shirou.

"So, why have you shown this to me?" Kirei asked as Akira reached up and grabbed the document and sent it back to his bag.

"Because Kirei, as the last of my line," Akira said walking closer as Shirou spoke up.

"He is allowed to have multiple spouses to repopulate his lines," Shirou said as he moved his arms to wrap around Kirei's waist.

Kirei gasped at the sudden move as Akira gently grabbed his chin.

"I've talked it over with Shirou, since he is my first lover, and he is alright with me perusing more lovers, he also told me that you like me, Kirei as in more than just a friend?" Akira asked making Kirei lose control and blush as he averted his eyes.

Deciding to be honest and bracing himself for the worst he said "Yes, it's true,"

He was shocked when he heard Akira chuckle as he felt something brush his lips, he looked back to see Akira's face very close to his own. A soft smile on his face as he felt Shirou's hands grip his hips.

"Good, because Kirei, I love you too," Akira said before he leans over taking Kirei's lips in a soft kiss.

Kirei's eyes widened before he relaxed kiss back as Shirou smirks moving he nuzzled Kirei's neck before kissing and nibbling the pale neck making Kirei groan into the kiss. The priest soon pulled back for air as Akira rested his forehead against Kirei's.

"Now, I believe the fun part starts now? I've been wanting to see what Kirei has hidden under these robes for a while now," Shirou said a smirk on his lips as his hands began to wonder making Kirei gasp.

"As have I," Akira said with a smirk of his own as he snapped his fingers making the door lock and silencing wards go up.

Kirei had only a short moment to give his servant an order, by an order he told Assassin he was not to be disturbed under any circumstance before he was swept away into a morning and afternoon of pleasure with his new lovers.

The assassin servant was confused by the sudden order but after getting a brief glimpse of what the master was feeling let's just say the kept themselves busy and made sure no-one went near that part of the church for the day.


Akira hums as he lay between Shirou and Kirei under the bed covers, both in light sleep and drained from their activities. He smiled as he felt his magic caress them and added Kirei's unique energy signature to it so if Kirei was ever in danger he would sense it and be able to help him.

It was like having a sixth sense for when someone was in danger only add in a tracking ability and you get the idea, Akira didn't know why his magic did that but he was glad it did since it had saved both him and Shirou more than once in the past.

Akira then glanced out the window of the room, he hums before saying "Soon, the Holy Grail War will be in full swing,"

He was silent for a few minutes before sighing and lay his head down.

"I hope things don't get too out of hand but knowing my luck something strange is always bound to happen," Akira muttered before sleep claimed him.

As Akira slept he missed seeing Assassin appearing in the room to check on Kirei, the female version of Assassin blushed a bit before leaving satisfied that their master was alright and by the looks of things was going to be very sore when he woke up.


Assassin is right, Kirei will be very sore when he wakes up.

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