Debriefing at the GCPD

(Story Summary: While patrolling the city with the team, one night; Beast Boy is suddenly assaulted in an alley and goes missing for several months. After coming to dead end after dead end in their search, the Teen Titans receive assistance from an unlikely source; Batman and Batgirl. What will these heroes discover in their search to find the young changeling?)

It was a bleak and rainy night over at Gotham City; car horns were blaring, people were ranting loudly while stuck in traffic and people did their best to keep themselves from getting too wet. Now, one might think that for a place like this; such weather conditions would be seen as normal. But on this particular night, the rain carried with it the grim chill of death and sadness in the air.

Down below in the streets, a familiar blue and white car was seen driving by. Inside was a group of young heroes known by many worldwide as the Teen Titans. On any other day, these young teens would be playfully laughing or ribbing one another during the drive; after a mission was successfully completed. But today, there was something missing...or rather, someone!

In the back seat of the car; Raven, the team's resident empathy/sorceress, turned to her right at an empty space beside her. She looked at this space with a sullen look upon her face and sighed deeply. Normally, a certain green jokester would occupy this space; playfully antagonizing everyone around him with cheesy jokes and puns.

But on this night, everything was deathly quiet and not one of the Titans enjoyed it; not even Raven (much to her own surprise.) Finally, after what felt like ages of silence; Starfire suddenly erupted into a soft fit of tears. "Oh, Robin...must we go and speak about what happened" she cried, "I cannot bear to think about how we lost...him."

As the young Tamaranean continued to weep, Raven wrapped her cloak lightly around her; hoping she would find comfort in the gesture. "We're all hurtin', Star" Cyborg sighed glumly, "'s all part of the job; we have to inform the authorities on everything that went down." While she knew her friend spoke the truth, it didn't make Star feel any less unhappy.

"I just...I just miss him so much" she murmured with a sniffle, "this is one of the rare moments where I would happily welcome one of his ill-thought out jests." Upon hearing these words, Raven suddenly found herself caught in a fierce mental quandary. For most of her life, she would try to keep herself from feeling any kind of emotion that would attempt to overwhelm her; mostly to protect others from being accidentally hurt by her powers.

But in this case, she could not help but allow a few small tears to trickle down her pale grey cheek. Though she would never openly admit it, Raven was in full agreement with Starfire. In this moment; she would give up anything, even her own demonic powers or mental/emotional freedom, just to hear one last joke from a certain someone...but it never came.

"I know we're all hurting right now, Titans" Robin sighed, "but we have to do this, like Cyborg said." As much as it pained them to do so, the other three Titans nodded slightly in agreement with their leader. With that done, the T-Car continued on its drive until they arrived at their destination; the GCPD Building.

As Robin stared up at the police station, he suddenly felt a painful tug at his heart. Though it was his duty to report to Commissioner Gordon about what happened on their mission, it didn't make the former Boy Wonder feel any less distressed. "Shake it off, Richard...just shake it off" he said mentally while wiggling his head side-to-side, "the sooner you do this...the sooner you can grieve with the others."

(scene change: the GCPD Interview Room)

The moment they entered the room, the Titans were greeted by James Gordon; commissioner for the Gotham Police. At the same time, they (especially Robin) were surprised to discover another figure waiting to see their arrival. Standing before them was none other than the Dark Knight himself and Robin's former mentor, Batman.

Under other circumstances, the team would be both excited...yet nervous in the presence of such a legendary hero; especially one particular member of their team. But because of his obvious absence, they were far too emotionally distressed to care. So, each of them greeted the Caped Crusader with a simple yet stoic "hello" or a "greetings, Batman" (in Starfire's case.)

"Thank you all for coming, kids" murmured Gordon, "please...have a seat." With weary sighs aplenty, the team took their seats into some empty chairs. Then, Batman asked for Robin to come sit at the desk with the Commissioner; which he did without hesitation.

"I know you and your friends are still hurting, Robin" he said with a deep sigh, " know how it is with police protocol." After sharing a brief yet soft chuckle at Batman's attempt at a joke, Robin took a moment to steady himself. Meanwhile, Jim took out a small recording device and placed it upon the table; after pressing the play button.

"This is also for procedure's sake" he murmured, " best as you can, tell us how it all went down; especially what happened to Beast Boy." The moment his name was mentioned, each of the Titans felt a different set of emotions surge through them. Robin felt a tremendous wave of shame rush through him like a raging river.

Cyborg felt a sensation of regret clutch at his still human heart, Starfire struggled desperately with trying not to cry and Raven felt as though her insides would burst out from all the rage she was keeping bottled up inside. Then, after breathing deeply for almost ten minutes; Robin was ready to speak. "It started out as just a simple patrol mission through Jump City, at first" he murmured, "of course...that was before our friend was taken from us."

Upon saying this, Batman gasped when he saw a pair of tear streaks trickle down from Robin's mask and down his cheeks. "Why...Why Quinn" he growled, "WHY DID YOU HAVE TO TAKE GAR AWAY FROM US!?" Soon after shouting this; the former Boy Wonder, against every bit of restraint he had, slammed his fists upon the table.

No one dared to speak a word, after this for almost a minute due to their collective shock from Robin's behavior. Then, Commissioner Gordon lightly patted Robin's gloved hand with his own and smiled at him softly. "I know you're hurting, my boy; believe me...I understand what it's like to suffer from his actions" he muttered, "but talking things out is the first step towards recovering from loss."

In his heart, Robin knew Gordon spoke the truth...but it didn't make it any easier to deal with his pain. Still, he knew that he had to talk about what happened; no matter what. "Why not start at the beginning, everyone" Batman suggested, "tell us about the patrol first."

With a heavy heart, Robin volunteered to go first.

(AN: Man...things are feeling rather heavy here, aren't they? But what exactly happened to the team, why are they so down and...what happened with Beast Boy? Tune in next time, to find out.)