A Hero's Farewell

Over the next few days, a heavy cloud of sorrow seemed to loom over Jump City. After leaving Gotham, the Titans spent much of the remaining week preparing for something they never thought they'd put together, a funeral...Beast Boy's funeral. After Terra's sacrifice during her battle against Slade, the Titans hoped...they prayed that they would never have to witness such a tragedy again.

But Raven knew, Fate was often never fair towards others; especially when it came to the deaths of loved ones. In time, Robin sent out word of the upcoming event to every teen hero across the globe, Titan or otherwise. Many were understandably shocked by this, others believed it was all a lie; a sort of prank Beast Boy was setting up.

But in spite of however uncomfortable everyone felt about the matter, despite the sadness gripping at their hearts; the Titans knew their friend had to be put to rest. After putting in a call to the Justice League, Batman (while under the guise of Bruce Wayne) helped set up a service for Beast Boy and vowed that he would attend. But instead of having him be buried at the Jump City cemetery, Raven suggested another idea.

With a heavy heart, she asked if they could bury Beast Boy in the jungles of Africa where he grew up. Though her team thought it was unusual, at first; they knew that there was no place else more deserving for him to be put to rest. Some time after this decision was made, Robin began making calls to the city officials and all their colleagues within both the Titans and the Justice League.

At first, the news about Beast Boy's death was met with a little skepticism; many believing that it may be a sort of "twisted prank" he might be pulling. But after hearing from Batman for themselves what Beast Boy had endured and learning about the after effects from it, the truth finally hit them; he was truly gone.

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Weeks later, all sorts of ships and aircraft could be seen flying over a majestic jungle below them. Among these ships were both factions of the Titans' T-Ships, the Young Justice team's bio-ship, Batman's plane and others. After flying over the mysterious jungle for quite a few minutes, they all landed safely upon a patch of grass as best as each of them could.

As the heroes started leaving each of their respective vessels, they were immediately greeted by a group of tribal people. Among them was a middle-aged fellow dressed in orange robes; he sported a large gold necklace and on his head was what looked like a ceremonial headdress. At first, the heroes felt mildly apprehensive; thinking that this man and his people wanted to drive them all away.

But then, the leader looked upon them all and said only five words, "please...let me see him." For a moment, the Titans were prepared to ask who the "him" was that this fellow appeared so desperate to see. But then, Batman arrived and decided to help explain things for them.

"Titans, meet King Tawaba" he murmured, "he and his tribe were good friends of Beast Boy's parents, after his father helped heal his infected leg." To say that Robin and the team were shocked by this reveal would be putting it mildly. Yet again, they were surprised to hear another part of Beast Boy's life they seldom knew about and now, they've lost any chance to truly learn more about him.

Regardless, they still did the respectable thing and greeted the king accordingly. But once again, Tawaba only said the words "let me see him" to the young heroes. Rather than wait for the Titans' approval, the king's warriors slightly pushed them aside; allowing him to make his way onto the Titans West T-Ship.

When he saw the motionless form of Garfield Logan before him, he bellowed out such an anguished way that it caused several animals to bolt away. In time, the Young Justice heroes rushed to his side; hoping Tawaba was alright. "Your Highness, are you okay" questioned M'Gann M'orzz/Miss Martian, "we heard you scre..."

Before she could finish her sentence, the young Martian took a look at the body resting before Tawaba and squealed in horror. From the twisted grin upon his face to the large gash across his throat, this did not resemble the sweet boy she called "baby brother." With trembling hands and tears welling up in her eyes, M'Gann reached over and caressed Beast Boy's cheek lightly.

In that moment, she wanted nothing more than to just hold him close and release all her sorrow. But she restrained herself, surprisingly enough; not wishing to discourage those around her. That was when she felt Tawaba's hand rest lightly her own upon Gar's face.

"There is no shame in weeping, child of the stars" the king murmured sadly, "Master Logan was my family as well...and this loss weighs just as heavily upon me." No sooner had he said this, Tawaba closed his eyes and tears began to trickle lightly down his slightly wrinkled cheeks. Upon seeing this, M'Gann was finally able to let go and allow her own tears to flow freely.

"Goodbye, Gar-Gar" she thought sorrowfully, "say hi to your parents up there for me...okay?" After a while, Miss Martian moved away from Gar's corpse and flung herself into the arms of Superboy/Connor Kent; her teammate and boyfriend. Though he didn't get to know Beast Boy as well as M'Gann did, he knew the lil' guy was still special to her and it hurt him to see her so distressed.

At that moment; Kaldur'ahm/Kaldur, leader of the Young Justice Titans and a soldier of Atlantis, politely urged his two friends to follow him. "Allow King Tawaba a moment more to grieve" he said sullenly, "then...we must do what must be done." M'Gann and Connor nodded in understanding, said their goodbyes to Gar one final time and left the T-Ship; leaving King Tawaba behind with his charge.

After what felt like ages, his soldiers politely urged Tawaba to follow them back outside and allow the Titans to bring Garfield's body to the burial site. Though it pained him to do so, the king knew they were right and answered their request. Before departing, he took hold of his tribal staff and waved it lightly over Beast Boy's body.

While performing this gesture, Tawaba recited a brief prayer unto him in native Swahili; "kupumzika rahisi, mtoto; mizimu itakuongoza kwa usalama kwa wazazi wako katika maisha ijayo." Afterwards, he followed his warriors out of the ship; leaving only the West Titans behind. "Friends...do any of you know what the king said to Beast Boy" questioned Starfire, "it all sounded...quite sad."

Almost immediately, Raven admitted that though she only knew a little Swahili; Tawaba sounded like he wished for Garfield's spirit to have a "safe voyage" into the next life. Truthfully, Star couldn't make heads or tails of the statement but it still sounded mildly comforting. "Come on, Titans" Robin murmured, "let's take our friend home."

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In time, everyone was gathered together at what looked like an old house. At first, some believed it was a dilapidated tribal home of some kind. But then, Tawaba explained that the building was actually Beast Boy's childhood home and where his parents spent their researching days.

"There's no better place than this for the kid to rest at, in my opinion" murmured Robotman, "well...let's do this already." With that said, he walked over and joined Cyborg in lifting up a casket off the ground. Then, Kid Flash used his speed to help dig up a hole near the house.

After this, the casket was placed inside of the hole; ready to be buried. But before that; everyone watched as Superman stood before them, moments away from giving his eulogy. "We are gathered her today...to bid farewell to one, Garfield Mark Logan; known to many as Beast Boy" he said sullenly, "who was taken from the world far too soon."

Though he hated to do so, especially after seeing how much his words were hurting everyone; Superman knew he had to keep going. "Though only some of us know him, Beast Boy's passing still affects us all" he murmured, "and to those who took him from us...know that the foulest pits of Hell now await you, ready to punish you for your actions." The moment this was said, Cyborg suddenly shot up from his seat and began roaring loudly with rage.

"I HOPE YOU'RE BURNING DOWN THERE, YOU ROTTEN CLOWN" he shouted loudly at the ground, "YOU EVIL PIECE OF SHIT...I HOPE YOU BURN DOWN THERE!" With all the restraint they could muster, Raven and Starfire did their best to calm their grieving friend. Though, at the same time; they couldn't help but empathize with him.

After Superman gave a few more comforting words, the floor was then offered to Robin; who appeared to be maskless (much to everyone's surprise.) "Since our team first formed; the team and...even myself at times called Beast Boy reckless, bothersome and proclaimed that his jokes were beyond cringe-worthy" he said with a light grimace towards the final words, "now, after everything that's happened...we'd give anything to hear him say one of those jokes right now." There was a light ironic chuckle from the crowd, which provided a brief yet welcomed relief from the sadness they all felt.

"If there was anything remotely positive my team and I gained from our encounter with Joker, it's this" he stated, "we got to learn what Beast Boy was really like." From here; he went on to explain how, thanks to some knowledge provided by Dr. Caulder, the team learned that the Beast Boy they knew was a sort of..."illusion" of sorts. "After all the tragedies he endured in life, including this one, Beast Boy he never wished to experience such sorrow again" Robin said while choking back a sob, "he wanted to lift the spirits of everyone around him...even himself."

This statement caused quite a few of the Titans to weep, many who once considered BB's aforementioned antics stressful. "He especially wanted my team and I to feel happier, whenever life got us down" Robin mumbled, "I just wish we appreciated it more, now." That did it, that last statement was enough to break Robin's walls down.

After covering his eyes over with his arm, the former Boy Wonder decreed that he couldn't continue anymore and asked to be dismissed. When the time came for the Doom Patrol to speak, they didn't fare much better. In the end, Rita managed to summon just enough willpower to give her speech.

"After my the accident that gave me my powers; I was told that while I may have survived, I would never...never be able to have children" she said with a soft whimper near the end, "but then, Garfield came into my life and I swore to look after him no matter what." Rita then briefly went into detail on hers and Beast Boy's life together, after this. She spoke about how she helped properly encourage him during training, how he came to her whenever Mento gave him a vicious scolding and all the times she would read The Frog Prince to him (his favorite book.)

"On one or two of those occasions, Gar would turn into a frog and look up at me with pleading eyes; silently asking me to kiss him" Rita said with a light giggle, "the first time I did it was on his birthday." The crowd couldn't help but murmur out a soft "aww" in response to this adorable tale. The Titans themselves thought it was especially touching, some of them proclaiming he was lucky to have such moments in life.

But then, in the blink of an eye; Rita's pleasant demeanor completely gave way to sorrow. "And then. he was taken away from me not once...but twice" she choked out sadly, "I couldn't stop Mento from kicking him off the team...so, I wanted to try and save him this time...and I FAILED!" The moment she said this, Rita's tears came pouring out like geysers.

As a pair of pallbearers tried to help escort her back to her seat, everyone could now hear Rita wailing "I failed my baby" over and over under her breath. Once she was sat down, Robotman took his place at the podium and tried his best to come up with his own speech. When he finally found what he felt were the right words, he gave a light cough (despite not having lungs) and began.

"Back in the day, there were times where the lil' green bean used to drive me off the wall" murmured Robotman, "from his weird questions on 'who built me' right up to the one time where he actually managed to take me apart." This statement caused everyone to gasp, only for them to break out into light laughter after that. There were a few, however who wondered how Beast Boy was able to achieve this; considering his lack of construction/mechanic skills.

After a while, the atmosphere calmed down a little and Robotman resumed speaking. "As I said, the squirt knew just how to push my buttons; both figuratively and literally" he stated, "but...I couldn't help but love the little man in spite of all that." After this, he mentioned all the times he helped stand up for Beast Boy whenever Mento scolded him; much like Elasti-Girl.

"True, the kid's curiosities often got the better of him; on occasion" Robotman murmured, "but then again, when hasn't that happened with any of us?" The most heartwarming part of his speech came when Robotman mentioned how Gar never looked down on him or any of the team for how they looked. "Most people treated us like freaks, after our accidents" he said with a grimace, "but not Gar...he actually thought our powers were cool."

Before he said his final words, Robotman approached the side of Gar's open casket and patted the boy's hand lightly with his large one. "Goodbye, Gar" he whispered, "thanks for bein' such a good kid...we'll never...never forget you." After this, he stormed his way back to his seat; making sure nobody would see him cry.

When Negative Man came up to speak, his words were brief yet full of heart. "The lil' guy was always so accepting towards people, no matter what they were like" he began, "some of you know what I'm talkin' about...am I right?" There was a light murmur of agreement from the crowd before the hero decided to continue.

"He didn't care about my bandages, my weird powers...or even the fact that I'm gay" he stated, "he saw me as his friend and surrogate uncle...and it all meant the world to me." After taking a moment to let Negative Man's little bombshell sink in, everyone silently praised the fallen teen for his big heart...well, almost everyone. Before Negative Man could finish the remainder of his speech, Raven suddenly screamed in agony and stormed through the crowd.

"STOOOOOP" she cried in anguish while throwing herself onto Beast Boy's casket, "I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE, JUST...just bury me with him!" For a moment or two, everyone sounded off in outrage; proclaiming that the empath was making a scene and disturbing the funeral. But the Titans wished to be fair and questioned her on why she was acting like this.

"I just...I don't want him to leave me again" Raven wailed, "I loved him, alright...he was the only guy to ever want to get close to me and all I did was shoot him down." From her, she mentioned all the things she found the most appealing about Beast Boy; from his pointed ears right down to his voice. "I'll never forget how he smiled at me, after I inadvertently said he was funny and I saw the love in his eyes."

Upon hearing the "L" word, everyone suddenly gasped in shock. "Rave...are you sayin' what I think you're sayin'" inquired Cyborg, "did you have a thing for B?" At first, Raven hesitated; wishing to keep up her usual deadpan demeanor for a bit longer. But overtime, everyone could plainly see the blush developing upon her cheeks.

Once she took notice of this, Raven heaved out a dejected sigh and decided to come clean. "I did love him...it's true" she murmured, "and now...and now...I'll never get the chance to tell him!" Once this was said, Raven threw herself back onto the coffin and openly sobbed atop Beast Boy's chest. For a while, the Justice League allowed her to unleash all this pent up anguish.

But then, the time came for the coffin to be lowered in and buried. "I know you don't want to say goodbye, dear" Rita murmured while stroking Raven's back tenderly, "but...I have a suspicion that he may already know how you feel. At first, Raven wanted to offer up some kind of retort.

But due to her current state, she couldn't think of anything more than a simple yet sad "whatever." After giving Raven a tender hug, Rita helped lead her back to her seat; allowing the funeral precession to lower the casket down. "Farewell, Master Logan" Tawaba decreed loudly, "may the spirits guide you home."

With that, the casket had reached the bottom of the hole and everyone began shoveling the dirt onto it. But before it got too coated, Raven wished to offer up one last thing to her fallen friend and crush; a white rose from one of the bouquets. She gently plucked it out of the vase, kissed the blossom and tossed it onto Gar's casket down below.

(Line Break)

An hour or so after the funeral, everyone had left the area; save for the Titans. While the rest of the team was busy prepping the ship, Raven remained standing at the burial site; staring down at the dirt pile before her. While the funeral service was beautiful and everyone had extended some truly loving final words, Raven still felt something was missing.

Then, as she looked around the area; she spotted a sort of flat rock and got an idea. Using her powers, she levitated the rock over to the burial and placed near the top end. On it; she wrote with her powers "here lies Garfield Logan, A True Beacon of Light in a Grim World; he will be missed."

Once that was finished, Raven was just about to meet up with her team at the ship. Then, all of a sudden; a light breeze blew by and lightly lifted up Raven's cloak. When she felt the feel of the wind envelop her body, the young empath couldn't help but smile.

Within seconds, Raven knew what this was but decided to keep it to herself...for now. With a light smile upon her face and a tear in her eye, Raven looked up at the sky above her and blew a light kiss farewell. "Goodbye, Garfield" she thought while walking towards the team, "finally...after so much pain, you can be happy again."

(First AN: And thus; the story has reached its end and our fallen hero has been put to rest, at last. Sorry if this felt shorter than the previous chapters, everyone. But that's the thing about epilogues, they often are pretty brief.

In any case, thanks for sticking with the story all this time, for your reviews, your follows and just spreading word about it. If you've enjoyed this, I recommend looking up my other fanfics as well. Some of them may not be Titans related but they're still good)

(Second AN: While they may not be affiliated with the Titans universe; I felt it necessary to include the likes of Kaldur, M'Gann and Connor among the funeral attendees; considering how M'Gann sees the Young Justice version of Gar her little brother)

(Third AN: I also felt it fitting that Beast Boy not only be buried in Africa but also near his childhood home as well, considering how big of a part of his life that place was)

(Fourth AN: King Tawaba and his tribe are all part of the DC continuity, even though they haven't been mentioned on the show before. They were dear friends of Gar's parents, after Mark Logan helped heal an affliction that the king had and after the Logans died; Tawaba and his queen briefly took him in as their son)

(Fifth AN: Some of the family moments the Doom Patrol mentioned are from the comics, either the original DC continuity, except for Negative Man being homosexual; that was from the DC Universe Online series)

(Sixth AN: The Swahili phrase that Tawaba says to Beast Boy's body translates to "rest easy, child; may the spirits lead you safely to your parents in the next life;" in case anyone felt curious or didn't understand)

(Final AN: Raven's lil' confession about loving Gar may seem sudden to some of you. But bear in mind, she's kept these sort of feelings bottled up since the team first formed. So, after witnessing what she saw; of course Raven would do something like this.

A pity that she made the confession too little too late)