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A/N: This story is set in the 1920s

2. Explosion

(Good Omens)

Aziraphale could tell that the factory was going to explode.

He'd seen it before. It wasn't so long ago when the bloom of the industrial era had introduced the first industrial accidents and disasters. There had been a flour mill and a molasses accident…needless to say Aziraphale hadn't been sent to stop those, he'd just heard about the horrors afterward.

This one, however, had called to his angelic nature, and he flew toward the area as quickly as possible, hoping to save as many lives as he was able to.

When he got there he could hear the shouts of the workers inside. There was a fire, and they were trying to put it out. He swiftly changed his appearance to the rough clothing of a foreman, and rushed inside.

"Everyone out! This place is about to explode!" he cried.

The workers gallantly tried to keep fighting the fire, but Aziraphale urged them to leave, directing them out the front entrance.

As he was ushering another group to safety, he caught sight of a familiar figure through the smoke, doing the same thing. Aziraphale's eyes widened and his mouth dropped open despite himself.

"Crowley!" he exclaimed.

The demon spun around almost sheepishly as he saw the angel.

"Angel," Crowley stuttered.

"What on earth are you doing here?" Aziraphale asked as he watched Crowley wave several men forward. Aziraphale caught another who stumbled, doubling over with deep wracking coughs. The smoke was already getting bad in the building and Aziraphale quickly expelled it from the man's lungs, pushing him toward the exit.

"Well, er, was in here trying to do some tempting and all that, when the whole place went up in flames!"

Aziraphale frowned slightly at the story, but didn't have time to quiz the demon further. He just gave a small secret smile as he could imagine why the demon was actually here, though he would never embarrass his friend by letting him know he had caught on. "Oh, well, of course. Looks like the fire did my thwarting for me then, eh?"

"You could say that," Crowley muttered, then turned to the workers still trying to vainly douse the fire with water. "Come on, you idiots! Get out of here—whole bloody place is gonna blow!"

Aziraphale rushed forward to urge them on and out the door, stepping out himself, as he surveyed the coughing workers, taking a quick headcount to check it against the life forms he felt in the vicinity.

Crowley came to stand beside him, face smudged behind his tinted glasses. "Well? Is that all of them?"

"I think…"


Aziraphale was cut off by a weak cry for help somewhere deep in the factory. It was so quiet that only his angelic hearing picked up on it. He gasped, and turned back toward the door. "No, there's still someone in there!"

"Angel, wait! This place won't last two more minutes!" Crowley shouted but Aziraphale was already rushing back into the factory and fighting back the flames that licked at him.

The heat was overwhelming even for him and the smoke was even getting to his lungs. He coughed, thinking perhaps he had been inhabiting a human body for far too long.

"Help!" He heard the cry again, and was finally able to locate it.

It came from up on the catwalk that crossed over the factory so workers could get from one side to the other more quickly. Aziraphale looked around for stairs and rushed up them.

On top, he found two boys huddling together and coughing wretchedly in the smoke. Aziraphale gasped and ran to them, pulling them to their feet, instantly easing their breathing and healing any burns he could sense.

"There we are, I'll get you out of here soon enough," Aziraphale was saying to them. But all the same, he could feel his internal clock ticking. His senses telling him the explosion was only seconds away. He looked around desperately and saw a window at the end of the catwalk. He took the boys by their hands and rushed them over toward it.

"Crowley!" he shouted out the window.

The demon appeared below within seconds, skidding to a stop and looking up. "Aziraphale! What are you doing?" he demanded.

There was no time for explanation. Aziraphale picked one of the boys up.

"What are you doing?" the child croaked, eyes wide as he continued to cough.

"Please, just trust me, child," Aziraphale said gently as he turned to the demon below. "Crowley, catch him!"

"Catch…bloody hell!" The boy screamed as Aziraphale dropped him, unable to feel too bad about it at the moment. Crowley scrambled but caught the boy easily, setting him gently on the ground where he collapsed sobbing.

The second boy stared with wide eyes as Aziraphale grabbed him and did the same.

"Any more waifs up there you want to throw at me?" Crowley demanded from below, clutching the two boys close to him as they had latched onto his legs.

"No, that's all," Aziraphale told him.

"Good, then come down, angel!"

Aziraphale turned to do just that, when he felt it. The fire had finally reached the danger spot. He spun around.

"Crowley get them away from the building!" he shouted just as the explosion tore through the factory.

Aziraphale was thrown from the catwalk with a ball of fire and slammed into the ground below.

After that, it was just darkness.


The next thing Aziraphale became aware of was something wet and cold running over his face.

"Come on, Aziraphale, you stupid, stupid angel," came a desperate growl from above him. "Do not discorporate, you hear me?!"

Aziraphale parted cracked lips and moaned, eyes fluttering open. Yellow serpentine ones full of worry stared back, hovering only about a foot from him.

"Crowley?" Aziraphale murmured.

The demon rocked back on his heels, relief washing over his features as he ran a hand through his hair.

"You," he growled, "are an utter pillock!"

Aziraphale frowned slightly, but even that motion hurt. He glanced around, realizing he was lying on the sofa in the back of his bookshop. He didn't know how he had gotten there, but decided Crowley must have had something to do with it.

"You can't just go running into burning—no—exploding buildings! Do you want to do all the paperwork that comes with getting a new body?"

"There were children," Aziraphale said simply, still a little dazed. His whole body hurt, and even though he had been draped with a throw, he had the feeling he had quite a few burns. He didn't really want to investigate further at the moment though.

Crowley opened his mouth to protest some more, but simply ground his teeth together and sighed. "Fine. But next time have the courtesy of doing your heroic deeds around someone else. I had to dig through the rubble just to find you—didn't even know there was something to find." Crowley snapped his mouth shut and pressed his lips into a thin line. But Aziraphale could tell how badly his, admittedly stupid yet heroic, stunt had affected the demon.

He surprised Crowley by reaching out and laying a hand on his arm. "And thank you for doing so, my dear," he said with a small, tired smile.

Crowley still looked furious, but he deflated just a bit, setting his jaw and looking away. "S'nothing," he muttered.

But Aziraphale knew it had been a sign of their long friendship, that was only getting stronger by the millennia. And he also knew that he could rest easy and heal, knowing that the demon would likely be staying in the bookshop until he was back on his feet.

It was good to have friends like that, the angel decided.