Harry Potter, The First Sorcerer Supreme

Making a new story, still working on Life of a Video Game Saiyan, just doing this for fun and before I forget about this idea.

Summary: Harry Potter is a weak boy who hasn't seen a movie in his life, abused by the Dursleys, and having no friends, Harry gets a chance encounter and notices a glimpse of a movie, and meets an old man who gives him something that'll help him further.

A bit of a crappy summary but I think it's ok.

P.S. This story is a bit in the future and not the regular timeline.

I Don't Own Harry Potter Or Marvel


There was once a baby who was left on a doorstep in one of the cold nights of October by an old man wearing purple robes, a strict looking lady, and a giant of a man. This baby's name was Harry Potter, he had jet black, messy hair, and a lightning bolt scar on his forehead.

In the morning, the baby was found by his aunt, who was there to grab the milk. He was left out there for almost two hours while the baby's aunt and uncle argued about throwing the baby to an orphanage,(quite literally in uncle's case) before finally taking him in and shoving him into a cupboard under the stairs.

The aunt and uncle's names were Aunt Petunia, and Uncle Vernon(They made Harry call them that). Uncle Vernon was a big, beefy man with hardly any neck, looking more like a tuskless walrus than an actual man, though he did have a very large mustache. Aunt Petunia was the opposite of Vernon, she was thin and had a long, long neck, almost looking like a horse or a giraffe, which came in very useful as she spent much of her time craning over garden fences, spying on her neighbors to find any dirt she could use on them. The Dursley's had a small son named Dudley and in their opinion, there was no finer boy anywhere.

Harry was rarely let out of the cupboard, only to get changed, get fed meager foods not suitable for babies, and only get a tiny bit of sun. This happened for 3 years before a house guest of the Dursleys' noticed Petunia changing Harry's diaper and asked who he was. Seeing a way to make themselves look better in their neighbor's eyes, she made a huge sob story about how Harry's parents were lazy drunks and died in a car crash and said how they took in Harry, but Harry was a mean, selfish child who kept getting in trouble and always tried to get her Dudley in trouble. The neighbor nodded and thought the Dursleys were good, almost perfect people.

When Harry was five years old, his aunt made him do chores around the house, and taught him how to cook. The Dursleys always called him names, hit him when he didn't do the chores perfectly, literally threw him into the cupboard under the stairs, or didn't give him food for a week.

When Harry was 6, he was sent to school. The Dursleys got him an old, worn backpack but they also got him new notebooks, so he was happy. The Dursleys told him his real name right before they slammed the door to their car and drove Dudley to school. Harry managed to arrive 5 minutes before class started. It always took him 30 minutes to get there, he started to count the time it took him, he found it easy to tell time after a bit. A bit into the year, Harry was being yelled at by his teacher because of something Dudley did but blamed Harry for it. Harry being the young kid he was, panicked and suddenly her wig turned blue! There must've been something in the air, right?


Harry was now eight years old and he was told to not go into the living room until he was done with breakfast and then to go outside.

Harry was making breakfast for the Dursleys, enough for an army, and heard some noises from the living room. Harry sneaked a peak and saw the Dursleys were watching a movie. It looked pretty cool.

There was a purple-pink alien wearing a golden gauntlet with four different colored stones in it, a red and gold machine, another machine with four robotic spider-like legs coming out of its back, a grey, well built man with some red markings on him, a big-eyed lady with antenna that were glowing a light, white color.

But the one that really caught his attention was the sixth man. He was wearing a red cape. He was flying, wearing blue robes, and had a golden necklace that was shaped like an eye. He was pulling the purple alien's arm toward him with thick, red, glowing ropes coming from his hand. He had a goatee and a bit of white in his hair.

They were all holding back the purple alien and trying to pull off his gauntlet. Harry quickly went back to breakfast before it burned, so Uncle Vernon wouldn't get angry at him again.

A bit after breakfast(A bit of stale bread and water), Harry wandered around the neighborhood, thinking about the small scene he watched before breakfast. The man with the glowing ropes. That guy looked human, but he was flying! It was so cool!

"Hey kid!" Harry jumped in surprise and turned towards the voice. It was an old man. He had a bushy, white beard, and shoulder length hair, "I'll give you 40 dollars to mow my lawn. I haven't mown it in a week since I got here and it's already out of control!"

Harry looked around to see if the old man was talking to anybody else.

"Um… M-me, sir?"

"Yes, you! I can't mow very well with all of my weak bones. It sucks to even walk up and down my stairs!"

"Oh, um… Ok sir. May I ask where your lawn mower is?"

The old man groaned a bit, "It's in the garage. It should be open, just go grab it."

After Harry got the lawn mower and got to work, the old man began talking to him, "So… What's your name kid? I'm new to the neighborhood and don't know anybody yet."

"I'm Harry, Harry Potter." Harry smiled a bit, he never usually got to say or hear his name unless the teachers were yelling at him for distracting the class. The old man's eyes flickered to his forehead for a split second.

"Harry eh? Well, I'm Limy Sneer… Mr. Limy Sneer. An awkward name, but I didn't name myself. You can call me Lin." The old man smiled softly, it was a kind smile.

They made small conversation while Harry mowed the lawn. After about an hour, ('Only 10 minutes more minutes and it would've been an hour,' Harry thought), Harry was finally done, the old man gave him the 35 pounds and was told to stay there for a bit. Harry put the lawn mower away and waited on the front porch. The old man came back holding something strange, it was like a thin, black box.

"Here you go Harry, this is a portable movie player and some headphones. It's perfect for car rides or watching a movie in the dark."

"B-but sir, you already gave me the money-"

"And, since you did such a good job, I'm giving you something extra, and I don't need it. It was my son's before he… left. I thought, why don't I give it to you? So, I am. Oh! But you need a movie to go with it. I'll be right back." He went back inside before Harry could even get another word out.

He came back quickly holding a movie.

"I think you'll like this movie. It has magic in it."

"My aunt and uncle always say that magic doesn't exist…" Harry looked down sadly.

"Oh really?" The old man raised an eyebrow, "Well, have you ever seen things that you couldn't explain? Like a toy appearing out of nowhere? Or maybe your shirt was shrunk in the wash, but it still fit quite comfortably?"

Harry thought for a moment. Didn't he turn his teacher's hair blue? And what about the time his aunt cut off all of his hair except for one bang? And the time she tried to put a horrendous, mothball covered, old shirt of Dudley's on him, it kept shrinking until it would fit better on a sock puppet!

Limy then pulled a 50 pence piece from behind Harry's ear, "There's always going to be magic, Harry. No matter what anybody tells you." He then gave Harry the quarter.

Harry was speechless.

"Oh, the movie is Doctor Strange. Almost forgot about that. Anyway, here you go Harry."

"Um… H-how can I pay you back sir?"

"It's a gift kid, you don't have to pay me back at all. But, if you want, I'd enjoy some company sometimes."

They each said goodbye and Harry went home.

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When Harry arrived at his aunt and uncle's house, he immediately went to his cupboard and hid the movie player under his pillow.

"BOY! COME IN HERE!" He heard his uncle bellow.

Harry quickly went into the living room.

"Listen closely, boy! Dudley, Petunia and I are going to the new neighbor's house, and then we are going to London to get food, then we'll be coming home. You are not to come out of your cupboard until we tell you to. Got it, boy."

The last part wasn't a question.

"Y-yes sir," Harry stammered out.

"Good, go grab some bread from the kitchen and go to your cupboard."

Harry immediately ran to the kitchen and grabbed two slices of bread, before going to his cupboard… Which his uncle locked the second Harry went in there, with three resounding clicks and shut the vent that showed most of the light. Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia then took about half an hour to get ready, Dudley was waiting by the door, whining that they were taking too long.

After his 'family' had left, he had waited twenty minutes before turning on the portable movie player and plugging in his headphones. And then he began his movie.

For about two hours(with credits), Harry had the best time of his life. He could barely believe all the things he saw. He loved it! All of it. He found the Cloak of Levitation to be the funniest part, and how useful it could be.

But the thing he loved the most about the movie(besides the magic), was the Eye of Agamotto, or the Time Stone! The ability to control time! Bring back the dead, as long as they died recently. It'd be awesome to have!

Harry took out his headphones and heard something a bit surprising. The front door knob was shaking and rattling. He heard muffled voices that did not sound like his relatives.

"Can you get that fucking door open or not? I want to raid that stupid walrus's house! This'll teach him for firing me!" A rough voice almost screamed out.

"Dude. Calm down, we're trying to be quiet. It'll only take a few more minutes," Another voice said calmly.

"Fine! Just hurry up. That fat walrus will deserve every bit of punishment we'll give him!"

Harry shot out of his cupboard and to the wall phone. He could've swore his cupboard was locked. He quickly called 999 and told them that burglars were invading his relative's home before telling them the address. They told him to arm himself and hide in a safe place and they'll only be 15 minutes at most. Harry thanked the officer and quickly grabbed a knife from the kitchen, a small one of course, then ran back into his cupboard. Unknown to him, the cupboard locked all three locks.

Harry stayed, huddled in his little spot as her heard the rattling continue for about 2 minutes and a half minutes(Harry counted them). Suddenly, the rattling stopped and a tiny click was heard.

"Finally! Took you long enough. Now we got to hurry. The valuables will either be in Dursley's room or somewhere around the house," The rough voice said.

"I know. Stop acting like I'm a dumbass. Let's hurry up. I don't know if anybody saw us."

They quickly went up the stairs, Harry felt some sawdust land on his head.

Harry shivered lightly, 'I-I'm magic, right? I can't be afraid. Maybe I can make a shield like Doctor Strange!'

Harry crossed his hands, after putting the knife down, then brought them down and across his body… But nothing happened.

'M-Maybe I'm not magic… But I should keep trying, maybe I'm not trying hard enough!'

Harry tried again, and again. On the fourth try, he got some sparks, and was ecstatic! He could make magic!

'I'd probably need a sling ring to make portals and go into the mirror dimension, even if it does seem like a limit… maybe I can train myself to not need it after a while! But for now, I need to make a shield!'

After 3 minutes, Harry was finally able to make a shield on his right hand, it flickered a bit before disappearing. So he did it a couple more times before he was able to get a solid shield. However, his left arm's shield kept flickering and quickly disappeared. Harry knew he'd have to keep practicing, but he grabbed the knife in his left hand as he heard the burglars coming down the stairs.

"Alright, I got around 300 pound and some jewelry, what'd you get?" Harry heard the rough voice ask.

"I got some rings and some billing statements. I figure we could get some outrageously expensive items with their money."

"Heh, good job- Hey! What's that light coming from that cupboard? And why are there so many locks on it?"

Harry's eyes widened. His shield was creating an orange glow! It must've been showing under the door! He prepared himself as best as he could.

"I don't know. Must either be something very important, or something dirty they want kept under lock. Let's open it."

"Alright! We'll have some dirt on that stupid walrus!"

Harry heard them get close to the door and start unlocking the locks. He heard two unlock before one of them groaned.

"Shit! The third one needs a key. Got anymore lock picks? I broke the last one on the front door."

"Why would I have lock picks? Just kick the door down."

"That'll just cause unnecessary noise," the softer voice said, "We don't need to alert the neighbors."

"But we're leaving anyway, why not just do it? By the time we break it open, take what's in there, the neighbors will then be waking up from the noise. It'll take them a bit to call the cops, and by then, we'll be long gone!"

"... I'm surprised you thought that out. Fine, but you're kicking it down."

Harry quickly pressed himself and his shield against the cupboard door. Immediately he felt the door push hard against his malnourished body. But the shield held strong. It seemed to get bigger and fit in the tiny door frame. The door was slammed hard again. Harry was braced but nothing happened.

Harry blinked and looked at the shield, it seemed to block most, if not all, of the damage. He heard three more slamming sounds, but felt none of it.

"What the fuck is wrong with this door!? It should've broken by now!"

"Look at the cracks on the door. It'll break soon enough. Just keep kic- Wait, do you hear that!?"

Harry listened closely and he heard police sirens very close, less than a minute away. Harry started counting down from a minute.

"Do you think someone called the cops on us?" The soft voice asked quickly.

"No way, even if they did, it would be at the start of when we kicked the door."

"Maybe we should go…"

"No way! The door is already almost done, just a couple more kicks!"

"Fine, just hurry!"

Harry heard the door to his prison get kicked again and heard a loud crack! Harry backed away from the door and his shield shrunk. He prepared himself to jump at the burglars when the front door burst open. Harry sighed in relief as he heard two different footfalls and suspected, correctly, that there were two of them.

"Put your hands in the air!"

"What the fuck!? You said the cops wouldn't be coming for a while!"

"I thought they weren- GAHHH!"

Harry heard a shocking sound, not knowing what it was.

"I surrender!" The softer voice nearly shouted.

Harry smiled and willed his shield away, before sitting in front of his door and waiting for the police to open his cupboard. He heard the sound of cuffs being put on the burglars and then being taken away, while a couple of other cops looked over the house.

"God, those two really messed this place up. I hope the people who live here have insurance," A feminine voice remarked.

"Yeah, the smaller one told us everything on why they were here. Apparently, the man who lives here, Vernon Dursley, fired both of them, even though they were doing perfectly fine," A more masculine voice said.

"Jeez, he sounds like an asshole. Woah, they really did a number on this door." Harry grinned, they were in front of his door! He'd be let out any minute!

"Hm… Hey Jimmy, want me to repair this place, that way we don't have to deal with the Dursleys or do as much paperwork?" The feminine voice asked.

Harry was confused, 'Repair this place? What does she mean? Was she not curious about his door?'

"Eh, might as well. It'll be easier than what we usually do for some of the muggles. Go ahead and get out your wand, I'll start putting things away."

"Repairo!" The female stated loudly.

Harry watched in amazement as his door repaired itself. It went from a single hit from breaking to being perfect!

'This means there are more sorcerers! But why are they using wands? I was able to make a shield with just his hands and willpower! Maybe it's similar to the sling rings, they could use some of their power, but not all of it, and they needed these wands to access the rest of their powers! Well, I make it so I can overcome that weakness!'

"Alright, that should take care of everything, it should all be back in place, as if no one was here," The masculine voice said, "Let's go before the Dursleys get back."

"Mhm, ok." She sounded uncertain.

"You alright?"

"Yeah, I just feel some magical power. Not much, but it's in the air."

"It's just us. You're just a bit nervous that we'll get found out, we're fine. Let's go."

"Ok. If you're sure."

Harry heard the two police walk off and the front door closed and locked.

With three silent clicks that he barely heard, he opened his door. Everything was normal, like nothing happened. He looked at the knife in his hand and put it back in the kitchen.

Harry looked at his hands and tried summoning his shields; one popped up on his right hand, while the left one was up for a second before flickering and disappearing. Harry got a determined look and tried again and again, getting his second shield up.

Harry lightly scratched them together, creating sparks that fell harmlessly to the floor and disappearing as if nothing happened. He thought about making them bigger, and they started to grow. He thought about them smaller, and they shrunk!

Harry was excited! He could control his shield!

"Hm… I wonder."

Harry made his shields fade away, and walked to where he put the knife. He concentrated hard, focusing hard on the knife. He started sweating, but noticed the knife shrinking. He stopped.

"I need a lot of practice. I'll practice more tomorrow after school." Harry then heard a car pulling into the driveway. He rushed into his cupboard and closed the door, locking it, mostly on purpose, with his magic. Harry quickly covered himself with his thin blanket and laid on his rotty, old mattress.

Just in time, the door was unlocked and opened.

"Pet, we better look around to make sure the Freak didn't do anything. Dudley, go to bed, you have school tomorrow."

"No, I don't. Tomorrow is a holiday. But we should let the freak go, make him think it's a school day."

"Good idea Dudley! We can get him out of the house for at least a day."

For a second, Harry was angry, then he realized, this could help him. He could train in his powers with no interruption. So, Harry decided that he'd play along and pretend it was a school day. With the thought of training his powers, Harry went to sleep.


Harry woke up to a sharp rapping against his door.

"Get up! Lazy boy! It's time for school!" He heard his Aunt rant, "You also have to make breakfast for us!"

Harry responded with, "Yes, Aunt Petunia," before getting ready, putting his money in his pocket, and cooking breakfast for everyone but himself. He then grabbed his old looking backpack.

"Alright Aunt Petunia, I'm gonna go to school now."

"Stop telling me, and just go already." His Aunt seemed a bit irritated that he was still there, so Harry left quickly.

Harry didn't immediately go to the park, or his school, he went to where he knew there were some stores. Using a bit of his money, he got some bread, and some other small foods. He just put them in his backpack.

As he was walking to the park, he noticed a comic shop which had something interesting in the window. It was a sling ring! Harry quickly went into the store and noticed there were quite a few versions of the sling rings that looked different. Some were really fake looking or made of plastic. He felt something pulling him to a more realistic looking one, it was 7 pounds more than the plastic ones, but there was this weird feeling, like a warmth, he got from it. He grabbed it and bought it, it did take the rest of his money, but he didn't care.

He made it to the park pretty quickly, it wasn't even 8 yet. He looked around and didn't see any other kids, which also meant no adults. It made sense to Harry; it was very early in the morning, and there was a better park not too far away, that parent would prefer to go anyway.

Harry put on the sling ring. And didn't feel anything. Harry frowned and pulled off the ring. He glared at it for a second before sighing.

"Maybe getting this ring was a bad idea… But, what was that feeling from before? That warmth…"

He closed his fist around the ring and closed his eyes, imagining that warmth. He felt it again! It felt good! Perfect for him. Maybe… meant for him? He suddenly felt the warmth in his hand, in the sling ring.

He opened his eyes and unclenched his fist. The sling ring looked the same, but something was different. He slowly put the Sling Ring on, and the moment he fully put it on, he felt his hair blow in the non-existent wind, he saw his body glow with a golden light, and he felt the strongest he ever had in a long time, this moment felt like it was frozen in time.

The moment end only after a few seconds, but to Harry, it felt like an eternity.

"W-well… Time to begin training!" Harry shouted happily.


Harry was currently in the forest, doing his best to make a portal. So far, the best he could do was make some sparks in the air, going in a slightly circular pattern. With the Sling Ring, he managed to make his shields stronger. He wouldn't rely on his Sling Ring all the time however. He made sure he could make his shields without his ring.

It took less than an hour for him to fix up his shields, then, after that he worked on using the energy wire things that could work like whips. He got that down pretty quickly, it was way easier than the shields. It barely took any effort to actually use it. But, he definitely felt tired and hungry, so he took a break and ate some of his snacks.

Afterwards, Harry worked on accessing the Mirror Dimension. He didn't fully know how to access it, so it took him around 2 hours.

But once he accessed it, it was awesome! Everything looked weird and different, but the same. Like looking through broken glasses. Getting out of it was easier than getting in it. He tried going into the Mirror Dimension without the Sling Ring, but it was a lot harder! However, since he finally knew how to open it, it was gonna be a lot easier.

After an hour of that, he finally started on making a portal. It was increasingly difficult. Harry sighed after an hour of barely any process before looking into the sky and noticing the sun was getting close to setting.

"Woah! I lost track of time! That rarely happens! I better get back to the Dursleys before I get in trouble for not making dinner."


After a few days, Harry still hadn't gotten the portal down, but it had gotten much better. Harry trained in other powers, like the thick, red lasso's that he saw Doctor Strange create. After getting it down, he was able to break a sturdy looking tree in half! However, those drained him quite a bit after using them, so he practiced until they didn't drain him while using the Sling Ring. All of his powers drained him if didn't have his Sling Ring. He, however, trained them so it'd take less power.

He had been doing chores for Mr. Sneer for a couple of days and earning some money for food mostly, but he did get something else for himself, a new movie. Avengers Infinity War.

He both loved it, and was a bit confused as he didn't know who many of the characters were, but he didn't care, he mostly got the movie to learn more from Doctor Strange. He started working on small platforms and the weird energy sword that Strange made.

Nothing interesting ever really happened at school. Whenever recess or lunch started, Harry would get his snack or lunch, then hide in the Mirror Dimension to eat and train. Dudley kept getting angry whenever he couldn't find Harry for Harry Hunting. A game Harry could now get away from.

One day, Dudley caught him off guard. As Harry was beginning to leave the lunch room, Dudley tripped him.

"Where have you been, ya freak!? Me and my friends have been wanting to pound you for a while now." Harry noticed that Dudley had his friends surround him.

As Harry was getting up, Dudley, and his fat foot, kicked him in the gut, sucking air from Harry's gut. That's when the beat down started. The most Harry could do was curl up and take it. After a few minutes, they got bored because he wasn't moving.

Harry sighed in relief. They usually got bored after a few punches and kicks because he didn't respond to them. If he did, the beating would last longer. Harry had a black eye, quite a few bruises and a couple of cuts.

Harry dug into his backpack and took out some band-aids and disinfectant. He usually got some from the nurse, she was the only teacher that actually didn't buy into the lies the Dursleys had spread about Harry. After the first few "fights"(read as beatdowns), she just gave Harry a bottle of disinfectant and a box of band-aids, then resupplied him at the end of the month. Harry said he'd repay her someday.

Harry knew he had to do something about this, getting beat up with no way to defend himself would help no one. He needed to train in something other than magic. He decided that he'll work out and find someone to get him trained in self defence. For now though, he'd do simple exercises to get a bit stronger.

Harry heard the bell ring.

"Better get to class, before something ridiculous happens."


It took Harry 3 whole weeks to learn how to open portals. And another week before he figured out how to actually make the portals go somewhere. It took him a little while to actually go places, getting used to the portals, but it was fun and a lot easier now he knew what to do.

He had started exercising after Dudley had beat him up, at first, he could barely do 3 push ups, or sit ups, altogether. Now, however, he could do 20 push ups and 25 sit ups. Thanks to exercising, he grew a bit taller than he was. He still hasn't found a trainer in self-defense yet.

He had started doing chores around the neighborhood for some extra money, he didn't want to take Mr. Sneer's money. He still spent time with him though. Harry earned a lot of money thanks to all of these chores. He wanted to save up for an outfit like Doctor Strange's, but was gonna have his be a dark green mixed with blue, instead of just all blue. He also wanted the cape, but didn't know where he'd be able to find one similar to Strange's.

Harry was sitting in his cupboard, trying to read a book but, in reality, he was thinking on how to go into an astral form. He needed to learn how.

Suddenly, his door was jerked open, and his walrus of an uncle was standing there, looking a bit unhappy.

"Boy, get out of there. We're going to London. And you're coming with us," Uncle Vernon stated.

Harry got out of his cupboard quickly and stood in front of his uncle, "Why am I going, Uncle Vernon?"

"You're going because I don't trust you in the house alone and Ms. Figg is out of town. So you better not cause any trouble, got it?"

"Yes, Uncle Vernon."

Harry looked in his backpack and grabbed his money, stuffing it in his pocket, before getting in his uncle's car.

The trip was uneventful, even if Dudley was poking and lightly punching him the whole ride.

When they parked and Harry got out, Vernon looked at him.

"Boy, you are not coming with us to eat, you will go off somewhere on your own. Come back here at 5 o'clock. Got it? Not a second later!"

"Yes, Uncle Vernon."

"Good, now get."

And with that, Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, and Dudley went to a fancy looking restaurant, and Harry walked off.

As he walked around, he noticed an old pub, looking broken down, but a few people were going in. And they looked so strange. One man had on a ballerina skirt and some panties, while wearing a pancho. Another was wearing a robe with stars on it, it looked like something wizards would wear.

'... Wait, wizards?' Harry's eyes widened as he watched a couple more strange looking people walk in. He noticed that people near him looked at the strangely dressed people, but as soon as one of the people walked in, the others immediately looked away, as if it didn't just happen.

Harry let his curiosity get the better of him and went inside the pub. Inside, there weren't very many people, the bartender was talking to a slightly ugly looking woman, Harry heard a man nearby say that hags shouldn't be allowed in, while looking at her. Harry thought that was a bit rude, she was just a person.

Harry noticed a red headed family walk to the back and Harry followed them. He watched as the group of 6 stood by a brick wall. One looked like their mother, she was a short, plump woman, with a well worn dress.

The tallest one was a snobbish looking kid, he looked like he thought he was superior to the others, despite the fact he looked like he was 12 or 13.

There were a set of twins, they looked identical except for a small bit of freckles on the ears, the one on the left had more freckles on his right ear, and the exact opposite for the one on the right. They looked about 10 or 11. They seemed to be trading something, it looked a bit like a hand buzzer thing. Maybe they were pranksters?

The last boy looked about Harry's age, so, about 8, maybe 9. He was taller than Harry though, he was a bit thin, and had big feet and hands, and a slightly long nose. He looked annoyed that he was there.

The smallest one there was a girl, she was a bit small, maybe a year or two younger than Harry, she was a bit thin, but less thin than her brother. She looked pretty excited.

"Now, who remembers the password into Diagon Alley? Ginny? Ron?" The mother of the group asked the 5 kids.

"It's 5 taps mom, around that small indent," The small girl replied, excited. 'Her name must be Ginny,' Thought Harry.

"Very good Ginny!" 'Hah! Thought so!' "Someone was paying attention this morning."

"Hey mom!" One of the twins said.

"We paid," The other began before letting the other twin finish.


"Too!" They said together.

"Sure, sweeties," The mother said a bit dismissively, before turning to the wall.

'That was a bit rude.' Harry thought. The mother pulled out a thin stick, it was a light brown color and had a handle, but that was about it, 'Wait, is that a wand? Why would they need wands? My Sling Ring works perfectly fine. Maybe she needed something else?'

The mother tapped 5 bricks in a certain order, Harry watched and remembered the order, and before he could even blink, the bricks started moving and changing. They rearranged themselves into an archway, leading to a big market. Harry's eyes widened as he saw tons of people in robes, and some slightly funny hats, walking around, shopping or selling amazing things.

The little redheaded girl jumped for joy before the family started to walk into the alley. Harry quickly snapped out of his amazement and followed them in before the archway would close.

Harry looked around at the strange people and strange shops. He saw a shop with tons of owls and another shop that smelled terrible. He saw one selling brooms and another called Madam Malkin's Robes For Every Occasion, and made a note to go back there.

He then heard something a bit different.

"16 galleons for dragon leather! That's a ripoff! It was only 10 last week!"

'Galleons? What are those? It seems to be a type of currency,' Harry wondered, 'Where would I be able to get that type of currency?'

"Hey mom, don't we need to go to Gringotts first?" Harry heard the oldest redheaded kid ask his mom. Harry looked and saw the mother look a bit down.

"Yes, we do. We'll get some sickles and knuts there," the mother replied.

'Sickles? Knuts? Must be more money. Better follow them.'

Harry followed them into a great, white marble building. He then noticed a poem at the top.

'Enter, stranger, but take heed

Of what awaits but the sin of greed,

For those who take, but do not earn,

Must pay most dearly in their turn,

So if you seek beneath our floors

A treasure that was never yours,

Thief, you have been warned, beware

Of finding more than treasure there.'

'... Dangerous, I gotta be careful here.' Harry thought before noticing the guards. They weren't human, they were goblins! Harry remembered the poem, 'I better be respectful.'

Harry bowed to the two goblins, which definitely surprised them and some witches and wizards(not that Harry noticed), before he walked in. Harry was impressed by the inside and noticed the redheads talking to a goblin on a podium.

Harry walked to a free podium where a goblin was counting these strange gold coins.

"Hello, sir." Harry said politely.

The goblin looked at Harry and continued to count his coins. Harry waited patiently, he interrupted the goblin after all. After a minute and a half, the goblin finished counting the small pile and wrote something down before looking back at Harry.

"May I help you with something?"

"Yes sir. I was wondering what the currency here is. I'm new to this world."

The goblin raised an eyebrow, "Well, there are 3 types of coins we use for our money. The first are knuts," He pulled out a small bronze coin, a little bigger than a nickel.

"Next is a sickle." He put down the bronze coin and held up a silver coin, this coin was two times bigger than the knut,"There are 29 knuts in a sickle. So if you have 29 knuts, you have the equivalent of a sickle. Got it?"

Harry nodded.

"Good, now," He put down the sickle and held up a big golden coin,"This is a galleon. There are 17 sickles in a galleon. So you'll need 17 sickles, or 493 knuts for a single galleon."

"Thank you sir."

The goblin was a bit surprised at the thanks.

"Do you need anything else?"

"Oh! Yeah. I was wondering how much money from the non-magical side would I need for a galleon," Harry asked the goblin.

"It is 7 dollars in muggle money, or what you called, non-magical money, for a single galleon."

Harry paused at that,"Um… Sir? Are galleons made of gold?"

"Yes, they are made of pure gold, why?" The goblin asked confused.

"Well… In the non-magical world, a gram of gold is a lot more than 7 dollars. It's more like… 5 to 6 times that."

The goblin was silent,"... Really?"

"Yes sir. Gold is worth a lot in the non-magical world. If there was a smart person, they could get like, multiple galleons here, then sell the gold and probably get a lot of money, then just repeat the process."

"... How do you know all of this?"

"I asked my teacher how much a pound of gold would be worth."

"Well... We'll look into it. For now, do you want to make an exchange?"

"Yes, please." Harry handed the goblin enough for 20 galleons before thanking the goblin and leaving.

Harry walked to Madam Malkin's. Before he did, Harry reached into his bag and pulled out his Doctor Strange movie case.

"Hello dear," A kind older lady said to him," Do you need anything?"

"Yes ma'am. Are you able to make this outfit?" Harry asked as he showed her a full body picture on the back of the movie case. Madam Malkin looked closely at the picture.

"Do you want to make any changes to it? And do you want the cape as well?"

"Oh yes! Can you make it a dark green? With either blue or black? And yes, I'd like to keep the cape."

"Of course. That'll be around 17 galleons." Harry handed her the proper amount of money, before Madam Malkin showed him to a small platform and started measuring him. It only 20 minutes before Madam Malkin gave him his new suit.

"Oh, I gave your outfit a growing charm, so it'll grow with you. Your cape will also grow too."

"Thank you! I didn't even know you could do that! Thank you!" Harry knew he had a lot to learn, but this puts it in a whole new level.

Harry put his new clothes and movie in his bag before leaving. He noticed a small store, across the alley, it was a jewelry shop. Harry shrugged and went in.

Inside was very pretty, at the counter was a burly man, wearing a welding apron and covered in some burn marks.

"Hello there, young one. You looking for something?" His voice was rough.

"Um… No, I doubt the pendant I'm looking for is here." Harry looked around, nothing catching his eye.

"Don't be too sure. Tell me what you're looking for. I might be able to help."

Harry frowned and pulled out his movie again,"I'm looking for a pendant like this."

Harry showed him the movie and the man looked thoughtful.

"You know… I do have a necklace like that! An old man came in here about 2 months ago and asked for this pendant to be made. Said to give it to a kid who asked for it, he paid for it and everything. One second." The old man went into the back.

Harry was surprised. 'Someone asked to make the Eye of Agamotto? Weird, I wonder why, and who?'

"Aha! Here it is!" Harry heard the old man say. He came back holding a very pretty box, before handing it to Harry, "Here you go kid, since it was paid for, you can have it."

"W-wait, really!?" Harry was excited.

"Yeah, the old man told me to give it to any kid who asked about it, you're the first one who's done so in two months. Go on, take it. It took a lot of magic to make that thing possible. It's meant to hold something very powerful. By the way, the middle part can open, but it takes a couple of hand gestures to do so. Do you want me to show them to you?"

"I think I know what they are. Thank you, sir."

Harry put the beautiful box in his bag before leaving the shop.

When outside, he looked into the sky and noticed it was getting late, he'd have to get back to the Dursleys soon. So he walked into a dark alley and made a portal to a park bathroom near where the Dursleys parked.

The Dursleys didn't even acknowledge him as they came back, barely even looked at him. Harry just got in the car before the Dursleys took off. The ride back was fine, Harry didn't even notice Dudley lightly poking or punching him, he was too excited!

When they returned, Harry went straight to his cupboard, which Uncle Vernon locked behind him. Harry dug in his backpack and took out the Eye of Agamotto and put it on. He immediately felt the power of the pendant, even if it was muffled by the pendant itself.

Harry smiled and put the Eye back in the box, and back in his bag. He thought about the time. They got in the car at 5, it was around an hour drive back, with Dudley telling his dad to stop at the gas station for snacks. So it was 6 o'clock. It'd be an hour and a half before it'd be time for Harry to make dinner.

Harry sat in a meditative pose and closed his eyes.

'Gotta clear my head… Breathe in…' Light inhale, 'Breathe out…' Exhale.

Harry breathed in and out, slowly, trying to think about what it'd be like to be out of his body. After a couple of minutes, Harry opened his eyes... And saw the back of his own head.

"I did it… Holy cow! I did it! Yes!" Harry pumped his fists in the air. Then did a front flip, "My voice sounds a bit echoey. Heh!"

Harry floated around the Dursleys' house. He saw Aunt Petunia cooking dinner, so he knew he didn't have to make it, but he'd have to eat his own food. Uncle Vernon was watching the telly while drinking a beer, as long as he didn't have too much, he'd be fine. Dudley was playing a video game on his computer.

Harry noticed that time was a bit weird while in his astral form. If he moved faster than walking speed, time slowed down. And if he stayed still or slowed down, time went back to normal. Harry needed to fix that. He willed time to slow down to a crawl… It didn't work the first time, but after a couple of times, he was able to do it.

Harry went into Dudley's second room and looked at the books before reaching for one and grabbing it and pulling it back. Instead of the book itself being in his hand, an astral form of the book came out too. Harry was surprised. He didn't expect the book to come out as an astral form.

Harry began reading, it was a math book, must've been one of Dudley's presents, no way he'd actually want a book like this.

It was well into the night before Harry finished all the books, and went back into his body. Harry then ate and went to bed.


In the morning, after making breakfast for everyone, he opened a portal to the park in his cupboard and put his backpack in a tree, before walking to the park.

When Harry arrived, and grabbed his bag, he noticed a girl sitting on a bench, reading a book. It was a bit weird. No one was here this early. Except him, usually. So, he walked over to her.


She looked up. She had frizzy, brown hair, and dark brown eyes that showed intelligence, she was around his age.

"... Hi." She responded nervously. Harry noticed her teeth protruded a bit.

"I'm Harry Potter. What's your name?"

"I'm Hermione Granger…"

"Why are you out here all alone? Where are your parents?"

"I'm out here because my parents made me come here. They say I don't have many friends, but I don't think friends will be useful for studies."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bother you. I guess go then. I gotta go practice anyway."

"Practice? What do you practice?" Hermione looked interested.

"I'm practicing using my magic. It's a bit difficult at first, but I only get better and better!"

"Oh, I thought you were practicing something else. Like a sport or something. But you're doing something silly like magic."

"Hey, magic is not entirely silly. Mine is definitely not silly," Harry remembered turning his teacher's wig blue, "Well, mostly not silly."

"Show me then," Hermione demanded.

"Fine! Let me get dressed first." Harry dug into his bag and grabbed his outfit before walking behind the tree and going into the Mirror Dimension to get dressed.

He came out a couple of minutes later and walked over to Hermione.

"So, you wanna see magic?"


"Hm… Is there a place you've wanted to go to for a long time?"

"Yeah, I've been wanting to go to Mount Everest."

"Great!" Harry put on his Sling Ring and made a portal and in it was Mount Everest. Hermione was gaping and sputtering. g. She obviously couldn't believe it. Harry walked through the portal, and noticed that the cold was muffled by his suit. Must be cold resistant.

'Neat!' Harry looked at Hermione, "Well? You coming?"

"H-how did you do this?" Hermione walked through the portal.

"Magic, I said that already. Now do you believe me?" Harry asked.

"Y-yes!" Hermione started shivering, "C-can we go back n-now? I-its freezing!"

"Sure," Harry offered his hand and walked Hermione through.

"I-I wanna learn how you do that!"

"Make portals?"

"No! Well… Yes, but no. I wanna learn magic!" Hermione was excited, "Is there a book I can learn magic from? Is there a manual? Is there anyway I can-" Harry interrupted.

"You're ranting. But yes, I can teach you." Harry looked at Hermione, "You're gonna need a Sling Ring though, or maybe a magical item."

"Do I have to wear robes like yours?"

"Not if you don't want to. I got these because I like the person who wore something similar to this. It's pretty easy to move in though, I'd choose something you like to wear and be easy to move in. Also, what type of items do you think would be good for magic?"

"Books?" Hermione asked hopefully.

"You really like books, huh?"

"Well, yeah. Books are important, that's what my parents say."

"I'd say get a blank book. That way you can write in it and make magic from that."

"Yay! I'll get a book from my home, or maybe 3!"

"Alright. Come back tomorrow. Today, I'm trying to make a house in the forest."

"You can make a house?!"

"I don't know if I can, but I'm going to try. And if I can, then yay! If I can't, then, oh well, I'll try again later."

"That's cool! I'll see you tomorrow Harry!"

"Okay!" Harry smiled before making cracks in the air behind him and then walking through it, disappearing from her view.

Hermione grabbed her stuff and ran home, making a mental checklist of what she needed. Tomorrow is going to be fun!


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